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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I definitely expect an offensive outburst today. Seeing that lineup gives me zero confidence, so that's my rationale. Hamels gives up 4, Phillies score 9. Book it.

Phlipper asks why this team is worse offensively than last year.

Is that a joke? No Utley and Howard--they've been replaced by Galvis and Wigginton/Nix/Pierre, who all kind of suck. Victorino had a career year last year and is unlikely to repeat it. Same with Pence. Rollins is another year older. As is Ruiz, although his skills don't seem to be declining and he has played a lot fewer games in his career than Rollins, who came up at 21.

The team has no power and has shown no ability to take a walk--and as Clout has pointed out, it's not a matter of small sample size. None of the guys in the lineup has ever walked much, except Chooch. Simply put, a lineup of .270 singles hitters without patience is an AWFUL offense.

You can make all the excuses you want, but either the offensive personnel changes (Utley, Howard, call up Dom, trade for someone, etc.), or this team won't make the playoffs. Do you really think this current 25-man roster would make the playoffs if they were active all season?

Poll should also include "Huh?? Did you say something??"

JW: They are missing Howard, but it's not just Howard. In 2007, Rowand, Rollins, Utley and Burrell all hit over 20 HRs in addition to Howard. The next year Werth emerged as a power threat, and in 09 Raul hit 34. Before that, Thome and Abreu were good for HRs.

Howard hit 33 HRs last year and that was it for power. He's declined, but the rest of the roster has simply changed or declined as well in terms of power. It's a sad state of affairs right now.

Why is it a "special day in Philly" when they honor Jackie Robinson? He never played for the Phillies, and in fact, the Phillies may have been the most racist team in baseball at the time. They were savage to him, and were I think, the last team to have a black player on the roster.

There is nothing the Phillies organization should do to honor Jackie Robinson, other than to have all the executives stand on the infield and apologize for previous executives, and hang their heads in representative shame for the late executives' behavior.

Oh, then they should play a baseball game, if that's what you call what this team is doing these days.

Love baseball. Love the Phillies.

Hate this offense.

Hopefully, the Phillies can just read water until reinforcements come from their own disabled, from a trade or from a combination of both.

Today is an important game; the pitching match ups in SF don't look favorable.

My previous post should have read "tread" water, not read water

Amaro better no keep waiting things out. Swing a trade if one is to be made. Screw the luxury tax. This is team is going to be a huge overpaid disappointment unless offense is added. Waiting for Utley & Howard guarantees nothing. Need help now!


That's a good one, GTown.

That full season at AAA for Brown is looking more like 6 weeks, max.

Once again, Brown will have to play the "savior" role.

Not a hockey fan, and I know the Flyers will tease everyone for awhile before bowing out anyway.

But.......this Phil's O could make me convert to hockey fan or even MLS soccer.

Rollins in the 3 hole is a disaster and Mayberry better pick it up. This lineup isn't as bad as the results, unless we're just deceived by the reputations of these declining guys, i.e Polly, J Roll.

A win today would feel really good. A win with more than 3 runs would feel better.

I'm curious to see how/if Hamels bounces back, but it's a shame he has to face the Mets. Cole has never been a Mets-killer.

msb: Stay away from MLS. If it's possible for a professional sports team to have an offense even more pathetic than that of the Phillies, the Union have achieved it.

I'll keep my expectations modest today: I hope the score is still 0-0 by the 2nd inning.

The only reason I'm so in tune to what he's doing is because he's on my fantasy team, but Omar Infante is on a tear so far this year. Pretty crazy. Another HR today, and he came in today with an .833 SLG. 'Roids? :)

Well, that's the game.

b_a_p: So much for that.

Game over. Damn bloop single by Wright.

Oh, #%$@^*()&%^$#!

Yeah, soccer isn't your sport if you like offense.

Apparently Wheels thinks the Mets scored because they've tapped into the mystical quality of being "hot". Nothing to do with randomness of a bloop single, followed by a home run. If they were "cold", such things can't happen, unless of course that event is what flips you from "cold" to "hot".

Hamels sucks.

If the Phillies got a 2-out bloop single, the chances of the next hitter being able to back it up with a home run is close to zero.

Season over.

Met announcers have yapped all series about how their manager wanted their hitters to be less patient, and we say ours should be more patient.


My actually froze right after Wright's hit; it came back right as Hairston was flying out to end the inning. Until I read Beerleaguer, I was under the blissfully ignorant belief that the Mets had a scoreless 1st inning.

I shoulda known benching the hot-hitting (.103) Ike Davis on my fantasy team would result in a dinger against the Phillies!

Oh, look, the Phillies are losing.

Corey Seidman (via Twitter): "Phils are 29th in baseball in runs, 29th in extra-base hits, 28th in total bases, 26th in slugging pct. And for good measure, 29th in walks."

When the pitching (0ur supposed only advantage ) goes south -- this year's phillies are in big trouble

Over Hamels last 12 starts (including today), he's given up 13 homeruns in 70.1 IP, for a rate of 1.66 HR/9.

Let's hope Hamels HR struggles don't return. It's only 70 IP, so let's just hope it's a fluke.

GTown - the interesting thing is that they're 14th in BA. It's the other parts of their offense that are killing them.

Wheels is a treasure trove of worthless or stupid information


I have to be interest in watching is not as high as when Galvis is playing. BOO PETE ORR!!!

"You can make all the excuses you want, but either the offensive personnel changes (Utley, Howard, call up Dom, trade for someone, etc.),"

Wow. Jack's ahead of schedule with his "We're all doomed if they don't call up Dom" rant.

The last two years he waited until close to the All Star break to wet his pants.

Is it me, or does Pierre look slow to anyone? Doesn't look nearly as fast as in year's past.

Everybody hits (singles) woo hoo!

limoguy: A lineup full of light hitters who will get their share of singles. Problem is, there's as notable lack of guys who can drive the ball, & drive in runs. If they can't string those singles together they'll struggle mightily.

I can't believe my eyes. If Vic gets in I'll eat my hat.

How did Vic NOT get to 3rd on that Rollins single?

That was a very nice throw by the Duda-meister, though. Very nice one-hopper into the baseline.

Pence is too d** anxious


Love the double steal.

watched moneyball last night. I think rube should try this whole OBP thing. also, D Brown's ISO is .034 thus far in the season. He has reverted to a singles hitter as well. His strikeout rate is 25%

3-0 and wiggity gets out. Here is a weak gb out for Nix.

The phrase, "That'll leave it to Laynce Nix", does not inspire confidence.

GTown - or work some walks, sacrifice some guys over, steal some bases, etc. They've only got 3 SAC's and 8 SB's so far (4 by Victorino). Vic is actually having a very good season so far.

shutting out in the TOP of the first...of course they're shutting them out T-Mac

A WALK!!! Maybe this offense isn't so bad after all...

"Mets playing infield back. They are conceding the run." our offense sucks so much we don't even get the conceded runs to cross home!

Hmm, maybe we should play Nix more.


The Phillies are the only team in baseball who can get 3 hits & 2 SB & a BB in an inning, & only manage to score 1 f*cking run.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati has 2 hits, & 4 runs.


How inspiring

Hard to get multiple runs when every f@#king hit is a groundball.

That inning was

small and smaller

And, yet again in this series, we see the problems with small ball on full display. It works great if you can string 6 singles together. Far more often, you wind up scoring 1 run and leaving bushels of runners on base.

Gameday says Pelfrey getting 'generous strike zone.'

BL assured me during the offseason that we'd never see Wiggy and Nix together in the middle of the order. So much for that. Unfortunately, that's not even the worst thing about this lineup...

Pence is just not delivering --- too anxious---

Chris wheeler delivers again with werthen-less info

Hunter Pence is the absolute least of the Phillies offensive problems right now.

1. Rollins miscast as three-hole hitter
2. Wiggy getting significant PAs
3. Nix getting significant PAs
4. JMJ reminding us why he was a AAAA player for so many years
5. Pierre batting leadoff, as opposed to 7th or 8th
6. Ruiz batting 7th, when he should be higher.
7. Polly batting high in the order when he is clearly no longer a 2-hole hitter.
8, Freedy Galvis being our starting 2nd baseman.

I could go on...

It really felt like we should have more than one run out of that.

If Pence reverts from his .871 2011 OPS to his .828 career average, the problem with our lineup will not be Hunter Pence. The problem will be that Hunter Pence is the best guy in our lineup.

that statue doesn't even resemble jackie.

cole hamels has more hits than Laynce Nix and Pete Orr this season...

Is it just me, or has Pierre not been too bad at the plate?

Is anyone complaining about Pierre today?

Extra base hits would be nice huh guys?

Also add -- that

when your # hitter is a better hitter then your number 8 hitter

Our last 11 hits have been singles.

No wonder we can't score.

When Harry was in the booth, this unprofessional lambasting of Pelfrey wouldn't be happening. I'm not a Pelfrey fan, but TMac and Wheels are about 2 seconds away from calling him a moron and the worst pitcher to ever step on the mound.

# 9 hitter ( correction)

Jimmy's avg is .353, his OBP is also .353. ISO is .030. Where does he belong in the line-up? Probably 2.

More balls on the ground.

A line drive, a line drive, my kingdom for a line drive.

1st and 2nd nobody out and they don't score?

noname, you are using extreme small sample sizes to justify your opinion. Kinda dumb to do after 8 games.

"When Harry was in the booth, this unprofessional lambasting of Pelfrey wouldn't be happening."

In fairness, it WAS a really stupid play. It would very likely have been a DP if he had thrown to 2nd.

Optimum Line-up (IMO):

1.) Pierre (LF)
2.) Rollins (SS)
3.) Ruiz (C)
4.) Pence (RF)
5.) Victorino (CF)
6.) Mayberry/Thome (1B)
7.) Wiggington (3b)
8.) Polanco (2b)
9.) Pitcher


Sorry, 1st and 2nd with one out and they didn't score.

5 hits, 1 run. The 2012 Phillies! Phils are 14th in MLB in team batting average, but 29th in runs.

You guys remember when the Phils led the league in offense but everyone said we needed to rely less on the home runs and play more small ball? Man, those were the days. No, seriously. Those were the good days when we actually scored.

This team is soooo frustrating to watch..

Why isn't Luna up? 0rr down.?

Whyis this conversation with pitchers hitting competition ?

In fairness, it WAS a really stupid play. It would very likely have been a DP if he had thrown to 2nd.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 02:17 PM

Yeah, but for TMac afterwards to say, "After he bobbled the ball, I expected Pelfrey to throw the ball into CF or RF or..."

Just extremely unprofessional.

yes redburb. small sample size. It is the problem with every person's opinion right now. so, either we have fun and chat, or JW should take down the site until 1/4 way into the season.

The upside is that we are hitting Pelfrey and Pelfrey should be gone in 5 innings max.

The Home Run Payoff Inning is now an obscene mockery.

Speaking of small sample sizes:

2B WAR (
Cano: 0.2
Galvis: 0.3

Does anyone have, or know where one might find, a comparison of Ground Ball/Fly Ball percentage by team?

That was Nix's finest offensive contribution of the season.

Does that count toward his OBP?

The Phillies team GB/FB ratio is 0.97.


I want Nix to attempt a steal SO BADLY, just for the entertainment value.

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