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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Mr. Met, like the rest of the fans of that ball're a dick!

Ouch, to be quoted from several years ago by awh. It really sucks to have what you did say in writing and not be able to claim someone misinterpreted what you meant.

I felt that way (disgusted) then, and I am pretty disgusted now as well, to be honest. But this year I'm of the opinion that the Phils will bounce back. I think things will likely get worse before they get better. Thus far, most of our worst fears have been realized, but I'm anticipating a turnaround. Sticking with my approximate 93 win prediction for the long haul.

I'm sure it's refreshing for Mr. Met to finally have something to get behind, as he's become so used to taking it from behind.



The choice is clear.

Also, this offense sucks. It bears repeating.

This offense sucks.

Phils are very similar to the A's right now in the AL.

Among the league leaders in most pitching categories but almost dead last in almost every offensive category.

Curious to see how the Phils do at CBP. Scored 22 runs there in 6 games so far this year (3.67 R/G). Just 21 runs in 10 games on the road (2.1 R/G).

Allowed 20 runs at CBP (3.33 R/G) and 26 runs in 10 games on the road (2.6 R/G).

Hysteria, pessimism and surrender-monkeys never won anything.

More putrid offense in PA:

McCutchen is out to a solid start with the Pirates although he hasn't hit for much power:

.351/.403/.404 with 0 HRs in 57 ABs.

Rest of the Pirates' team is hitting:

.182/.221/.262 (.483 OPS) with 7 HRs in 397 ABs going into today.

Is it too early to change the graphic to the dead batter?

I have to believe Pence and Shane will at least hit. Chooch should be good for a .275 ish average and J-Roll i will predict will be around .260 if he can come around and stop been so dejected. Its the rest of them im worried about. Is Polly really done or is this just some fluke he is in. The way he is hitting the ball isnt to encouraging. I still like Pierre, but when Pierre of today is your biggest offensive threat we in trouble. I also think if Thome doesnt start at least hitting by the end of May i think he should just retire. I didnt think he would hit .270 but i thought he would be at least good for a .240 BA with a Homer every 30 at bats or around there.

awh, for the 2012 team, I used 2009-2011 3 year averages. For the 2010 team, I used 2007-2009 3 year averages.

The point was that the 2010 team gave a LOT more reason for optimism about overcoming any offensive ineptitude than do the the 2012 Phillies.

Players who have been suboptimal:

Schneider (who should be released because it doesn't look like he can even play anymore)

Posted by: awh | Monday, April 23, 2012 at 12:51 AM

-You're right, Mayberry's been sub-optimal. But you have to admit that we're dealing with a huge question mark. Years of mediocrity in the minors, and a 295 PA of awesomeness last year. Hard to know just how sub-optimal he's been relative to what he actually is.
-Rollins will definitely improve. I'll give you this, but again, he's a 7-hole hitter in most lineups, not a 3-hole hitter
-Polly won't post a 22 OPS+ this year, but he's got to prove that he's anything more than a 80-85 OPS+ hitter
-Blanton: WYSIWYG. I don't see him being much better than what he's been so far. He's got a 92 ERA+ over the last 3 years, and an 85 OPS+ this year, coming off an injury, with a pitching delivery that could easily lead to a reinjury, and has never been a fitness guy, who projects to age well
-Pence: true
-Thome: easily could be done. Even if he's not, he need to be a DH on an AL team to get regular ABs, and shouldn't be playing the field. This is a terrible situation for him.
-Nix will NOT get used correctly here. Against RHP, he should start almost every time and play LF. He's a better defensive LF than Pierre, hits RHP better than Pierre and Mayberry. But obviously Manuel doesn't give a crap about this.

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