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Sunday, April 29, 2012


This lineup sucks, but I doubt the answer is in Allentown. Galvis is Exh. A. Brown was Exh. A last year.

Yeah, so Herndon still sucks.

Damn. Herndon usually is good for just 1 run per inning.

I miss Phillies baseball being fun.

I feel like I'm watching the Astros. I feel like we've turned into the Astros, or the Cubs, or the Pirates, or the Mets. But the Mets hit better.

Well, if Herndon's going to suck in a game and give up multiple runs, might as well be a game that the Phillies weren't going to score in anyways.

This is a team to be booed based upon its performance. When you realize that virtually every player is making more money than a brain surgeon, if the latter was performing the way this team is performing they would be hip deep in dead patients.

This sample size indicates a team that sucks aardvark ballz.

Tuned in very late. Might as well have not tuned in at all. Contrary to r00b's brilliant plan, it's going to be extremely difficult to win any games in which the Phillies cannot manage to score a single f*cking run.

Fucking Matt Garza is looking like one of Cy Young's illegitimate children out there. I held a lead all week long on my fantasy team, and this guy starting 2 Cubs pitchers looks like a damn good idea... like how I used to bet against the Iggles.

Hey maybe, they'll hit a grand slam...and then find a way to score another run.

I mean it's not remotely likely, but hey...

Well, if Herndon's going to suck in a game and give up multiple runs, might as well be a game that the Phillies weren't going to score in anyways.

Posted by: Fatalotti | Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 03:45 PM

I find that I am reasoning the same way with myself.

Another inning where it requires the pitcher not being able to find the strike zone for us to score a run.

The fact that the Cubs have a lousy BP is why David Herndon should not be allowed to give up 2 more runs in relief. But then, I guess our BP isn't the best, either, not in middle relief.

"Well, if Herndon's going to suck in a game and give up multiple runs, might as well be a game that the Phillies weren't going to score in anyways."

If Vic singles here, then can we berate Herndon?

Who was I kidding? Only myself. That "rally" fell far short, and really was only due to Marmol's lack of control.


3.18 Runs/Game

≤2 Runs Scored in 12 of 22 Games Played

Two 3 Game Losing Streaks, Zero 3 Game Winning Streaks.

If -- if -- the Phillies manage a Win tomorrow, they'll have the following record vs.

Chicago (2-2)

Pittsburgh (1-2)

San Diego (2-2)

The combined record of those clubs in Games Played vs. all teams but the Phillies?

18-36 (.333)

BAP, in my book, you can berate Herndon whenever you'd like.

That's depressing, GTown.

Kevin Cooney: "PA playing the Cars "Drive" ... "Who's gonna drive you home tonight?" With this lineup -- nobody.


GTown, you could have said the same thing in a lot less words.

Bad team.

Fatalotti: I knew that coming into the season. It's just surprising to me how bad it has been. Besides, I like to inflate my superphan ego by reading a few stats, or some crap like that.

so...if blanton gives up 3 runs, "he's back." but if kk gives up 3 "he's a bum."

I thought KK did fine, but I'm glad I tuned into the Flyboys instead. Doesn't matter who was pitching because this game was over after the first two runs scored.

I would forbid Pierre from trying to steal any more bases, by the way.

Blanton didn't give up 3 runs. And there really wasn't much complaining about KK today.

This massive suckage on the part of the offense has to be wearing on the players at least a little. I think a big challenge has got to be staying positive and expecting to succeed, when they fail day after day.


The Phils are 0-3 in Lee's starts, & 0-2 in Kendrick's. And avg. of 1.8 Runs/Game in those 5 Games, & it's only that "high" because of the 5 Run/9th Inning outburst in Arizona. Without that Inning, 0.8 Runs/Game.

I think even Charlie Manuel is saying that this team sucks.

He just said "I don't know if we're keeping our head above water, but we're treading water."

The Phillies are 9-12, and the best team they've played (by current record( is the NY Mets.

Only the Mets and Giants are above .500, and we are 9-12 against these stiffs.

What a terrible start to the season against a pretty soft part of the schedule.

I don't think it's considered to be "treading water" anymore once the head is submerged.

That's called "drowning".

Don't worry about my height or my money, my d8ck is gigantic and your momma loves it.

Stop hanging out with J-Roll, Chooch.

I don't think it's considered to be "treading water" anymore once the head is submerged.

That's called "drowning".

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 04:55 PM


And I think even our manager, who likes to keep a positive attitude, knows it.

If you forbid JP from playing you forbid him from stealing.

J Barfield has been released yet again. This is the moment Rube has been waiting for.

Has the team won any games where they had to score more than 5 runs? I didnt bother watching todays game seems like its my mantra even at the bar people are wanting to switch the channel. On to Chooch i think he is great in many ways. Already mentioned in the article. I like most that he technically isnt a superstar. However he plays like one most of the time. While the supposed Stars(Rollins, Pence, Shane, Victorino, Polly) are wondering if they left the stove on at the plate. Even if this guy does regress to .260 i really wont complain about him because thats what most of us originally hoped out of him. Its the under achievers that warrant frustration.

On Ruiz: Gotta disagree with JW. I believe he is reaching. A few things:
a) being the best hitter on this team is not saying much.
b)He attained that distinction not through becoming a stud, but more because the others either left the team or became crippled.
c) In his 6 or so years in the show, his first three were all glove and no bat, mostly. Only in the last few has he found his swing. He is only a career .267/.356/.398 hitter.
d) He will be on the wall. Not for his batting prowess, but because we will be pining nostalgically for the '08 team. I fear that the "window" is being slammed shut and we are about to enter another 90s where the talent leaves for greener pastures.

Has the team won any games where they had to score more than 5 runs?

The Phillies are 1-9 in games in which their opponent has scored at least 5 Runs, & 1-10 in games in which their opponent has scored at least 4 Runs. No offense = no comebacks.

Thanks for the answer G-town i was thinking it was something along those lines...

Very glad I sold off my tickets for May (business and personal travel). I am foolish enough to watch (DVR)what I missed and I have to agree with those who say Nix is a big f-ing mistake. Wiggington is mediocre at best but he blows Nix away with his useful at bats this season.
Two sports med docs told me not to count on Utley for anything (one said he can only look forward to pain and knee replacements, the other said he prays Chase tries some sort of European experimental procedures).
Just hope May looks good for Big Piece's ankle.

Shane not disagreeing with your post. However look at Dutch Daulton. He was even worse with the bat( except more HR's) and it took him 6 years before he had a decent year. Daulton is a career .245 hitter.

Daulton is a career .245 hitter

... & that thanks only to his absorbing a truly astounding amount of PEDs. I sat through too many years of watching the guy suck out loud to buy into his late career "resurgence". To each his/her own, but I am not a fan.

After seeing Volstad tomorrow, the Phils will get Beachy, Hanson and Delgado in the ATL and then Strasburg, Gonzalez and Zimmermann in DC.

Not much offense coming this week either. Hell, they can't hit Paul Maholm or Anthony Bass. How are they going to hit good starters?

Maybe it will rain. A big ole Biblical rain.

What would happen if Chase Utley was caught laced to the gills with HGH? Personally, I believe that in the case of severe personal injury, MLB should allow for a medically supervised variance from the PED guidelines.

It really breaks my heart not to see any activity at all from Chase. I could give a crap how he scuffled at times last year. It was just awesome to see how he played smart baseball every pitch, every inning. Nuts.

The sad part of the situation is that Utley could probably relieve a high percentage of the pain if he dropped his weight to about 160.

The Phils are going to lose out the week.

The Orioles are going to win the World Series anyway.

cut: Chase will in be in Fla resuming baseball activities late next week.

I was pretty much ready to join the rest of the Beerleaguer posters and throw in the towel on this season until I looked at the team's record for the past 7 Aprils.

I went to the game and almost fell asleep. No lie. Next game I'll bring a book and some Red Bull.

clout: "I was pretty much ready to join the rest of the Beerleaguer posters and throw in the towel on this season until I looked at the team's record for the past 7 Aprils."

I'm not throwing in the towel either, but you picked an odd set of data to make your case.

Last 7 seasons: April results; Full season record and results:

2011: 18-8, 102-60, Won NL East
2010: 12-10, 97-65, Won NL East
2009: 11-9, 93-69, Won NL East & NLCS
2008: 15-13, 92-70, Won NL East & WS
2007: 11-14, 89-73, Won NL East
2006: 10-14, 85-72, Missed WC by 3 games
2005: 10-14, 88-74, Missed WC by 1 game.

Damn if that doesn't look like a powerful correlation between a winning Phillies April and a trip to the post-season, over these last 7 years.

Orr >> out Fontenot >> in

Herndon >> out Diekman >> In`

Thome on dl - Darin Ruff In

Just thinkin

Luis: "Daulton is a career .245 hitter."

If this were 1950, that would be a pretty damning statistic.

Daulton's career OPS+ was 114, far superior to most catchers of his era. His career CS% was 29%, about average. He averaged 6 errors a year, which is better than average.

In sum, Daulton, when he wasn't hurt, was one of the better all-around catchers in the NL.

wat's derrick lee be up to in the past month?

if not as a 1b maybe than the hitting coach

BAP: You mean that dazzling 15-13 record that led to a championship as opposed to the 18-6 and one-and-done?

re: daulton - even better than Tuffy?


I was pretty much ready to join the rest of the Beerleaguer posters and throw in the towel on this season until I looked at the team's record for the past 7 Aprils.

According to my research the Phillies only had a losing April in 3 of those 7 seasons ('05, '06, '07). In '05 & '06 the Phillies missed the playoffs, & it took a torrid September (Phillies) plus the worst collapse in the history of Major League Baseball (Mets) to make them Postseason eligible in '07.

I believe it's still too early for towel throwing, but the situation is decidedly bleak. Maybe keep the towel w/in arm's reach, just in case.

Thoughts from the game today"

- Left a game early for the first time in a long time after the bottom of the 8th. Would have stuck around if Herndon had given up 2 runs. Think others would have too because people streamed to the gates after that.

- Pierre's BB today elicited loud cheers in the bottom of the 7th. That was officially the low point of the season offensively so far.

Fans didn't boo today but what was there really to boo?

- There was plenty of complaining about KK's start around me but if Pence didn't do his 'Hammer-time' impression in RF (shimmy in a few stops & stop in place while the ball flies by his head) he gives up 2 R over 6 IP.

Still would have lost. Actually thought KK pitched fairly given that his was his 2nd start & really settled in after the Mather HR which just clear the fence into the flower beds.

His cutter though is still MIA. He's going to need that pitch if LH hitters aren't going to hammer him.

- I would like to coin the term 'ROOGY' and apply it to Herndon. Against LHP, he doesn't have a pitch that works because his sinker is to easy to pick up coming out of his hand. When he tries to throw harder than 90 MPH, he loses control & his fastball control is good but not great.

Ridiculous career line of .342/.439/.605 (1.044 OPS) in 182 PAs vs LH hitters. Sadly that went up today with the Cubs' lefties going 2-4 and the 2 outs were rockets by Stewart to LF and DeJesus to 3B.

Really hope that Cholly/Dubee realize at some point that he just can't get out LH hitters at the MLB level.

Friend summed it up best - Herndon is the 'White Flag' guy and they should play 'Taps' when he comes out of the pen.

- Galvis had 2 of the worst ABs you will ever see at the MLB today vs Garza. Literally had no clue or game plan up there.

He's great defensively but I really wish he would learn to cut down his swing when he is behind in the count especially with 2 strikes. He's also a sucker for any high fastball behind in the count too.

- No idea if Pence's shoulder is 100% since he ran into that brick wall in SF. His had a few lazer beam throws but looks awkward at the plate & isn't hitting stuff hard even when he makes contact.

My bet is that Pence isn't 100% and playing with a dinged up shoulder.

- Schneider is cooked. He has been for 1+ years now. He did have a good AB in the 6th working the count & just getting under a Garza fastball. That was the highlight of the day. Lowlight was bouncing a pitch out throw on an attempted steal.

Cubs ran on him run, he didn't have a great block at the plate, and the only way he can possibly hurt an opposing pitcher is he gets ahead in the count & gets a fastball he can handle or a hanging offspeed pitch.

No way Kratz isn't an upgrade over him at this point. Probably Tuffy too.

- Kübler-Ross & David Kessler have 5 Stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

After the Cubs' win today (and really they have outplayed the Phils this series), the Phils sound like they are somewhere in between 'Bargaining' and 'Depression' including Cholly in his post-game show.

"You mean that dazzling 15-13 record that led to a championship as opposed to the 18-6 and one-and-done?"

I mean the 4 winning Aprils which foreshadowed division titles and the 2 losing Aprils which foreshadowed Octobers on the golf course.

Clout - You don't give up the season but this team as constituted right now (even with Lee back) is no better than .500.

You don't give up the season but this team as constituted right now (even with Lee back) is no better than .500

I agree w/ this statement completely, & it causes me to weep bitter tears.

let's eat - This middle relief is shaky but if the Phils called up Diekman, sent down Savery, and used pitchers as they probably should be used (Diekman and to a lesser degree Bastardo vs LHP; Herndon & Schwimer vs RHP) they would be better off.

That requires micromanagement though and a deft hand with the bullpen. Not Cholly's style of forte..

What is killing this offense isn't the guys Amaro brought in. Hell, Pierre/Nix/Wigginton are all giving the Phils more than they should honestly expect at this point out o them going ahead forward.

Its been the regular who have been odious including JRoll who is on pace to have the worst month of his career, Pence who has been poor offensively and brutal defensively, and Polanco who really at this point should be a bench player.

Last ramble:

Iron Pigs have at least 2 positional players who are better than their counterparts on the current Phils' roster (Kratz over Schneider; Fontenot over Orr).

My bet is Fontenot gets called up very soon. Maybe even this week.

"My bet is Fontenot gets called up very soon. Maybe even this week."

I know the early-season results don't bear this out, but I still think Podsednik is better than Pierre. I also think Brian Sanches is better than at least 3 present members of our bullpen

Oops. Selected and copied the wrong part of MG's post. Meant to select the part about 2 players at AAA being better than their major league counterparts.

Unfortunately clout, this April isn't the case of a team underachieving. This is the case of a poor team playing poorly. Yes Jimmy is not playing as well as many would hope, but how much do we hope for Jimmy to give us? Jimmy is a 7/8 hole hitter at this point in his career. Unfortunately, the Phillies have multiple 7/8 hole hitters in the lineup, with Galvis and Polly maybe even being 10 hole hitters. Nix is a good role player, but here he's being asked to be a starter and put up starter's numbers. Same with Wiggy. These guys have been fine, so it hasn't hurt us yet, but eventually their numbers will come down.

Pierre may still have a batting average at .318, but he also still refuses to take a walk, and he still can't hit for power to save his life. He's about as empty a .318 as you can possibly have. He's a bad fit for this team, and I don't care if he hits .318 all season. I'll stand by that. Not to mention that he is notably slower on the bases than in years past, and he was never an efficient base stealer to begin with. He's now been caught stealing and/or picked off more times than he's stolen a base. Factor in his poor defense and pitiful arm, and I'll bet he's been more of a negative value to the Phillies than a positive. All this out of the leadoff spot/2 hole, which again is a player who should be 7/8 in an order. Unfortunately, can't stick them all there.

No point in throwing the towel since it's still early in the season, and what would be the point. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be watching pretty much every game all season. But you act like there's nothing to worry about. There clearly is.

"The sad part of the situation is that Utley could probably relieve a high percentage of the pain if he dropped his weight to about 160."

Chase is listed at 6'1" 200lbs. I'm about an inch shorter than that and usually weigh about 155 and if Chase got down to my size he would be the skinniest man in baseball by a lot. He'd be 15lbs lighter than Juan Pierre. I don't think a scrawny chase would be much help.

"I was pretty much ready to join the rest of the Beerleaguer posters and throw in the towel on this season until I looked at the team's record for the past 7 Aprils."

I don't think the Phils played as many bad teams in those April's as they have this year.

The Phils have played the Pirates, Padres, Marlins and Cubs. Just wait until they start playing some decent teams, let alone good ones. And they have faced some very average (to be kind) starting pitchers during that period too. Unless you think Anthony Bass, Jeff Karstens, Eric Bedard, James MacDonald, Cory Luebke, Anabel Sanchez, RA Dickey, Josh Collmenter, Paul Maholm, Randy Wells and the 2012 version of Josh Johnson are world-beaters.

They have had about as soft a April schedule as you could have hoped for, and have done nothing with it.

And in May, besides a soft middle 7 game stretch (Pads, Astros and at Cubs), there are no slouches the rest of the month. Especially on the mound.

I wouldn't be afraid to insert Scrawny Chase into the 2-hole of this feared lineup.

Found these 2 articles as to why our farm system lost alot in the past 2 yrs due to poor planning OR poor trading by RAJ;

& 1 Gillick move for the ages

Let’s see how RAJ Has f-up this team

"Washington POST 7/30/10 Phillies obtained Roy Oswalt from the Astros. In exchange for Oswalt, the Phillies gave up 27-year-old lefty J.A. Happ and two prospects -- Class A outfielder Anthony Gose and Class A shortstop Jonathan Villar.
The Phillies probably wouldn't have needed to make this deal if they had held on to Lee, a stalwart of their 2009 playoff run, this season. Instead, on the heels of their blockbuster trade for Halladay in December, they turned around and dealt Lee to the Seattle Mariners for a trio of prospects, a move that was widely criticized at the time. "
"Astros Blog& 7/30/11— The main story on the Astros’ trading Hunter Pence and $2 million to the Phillies for four prospects and a player to be named later led off with the fact that the trade said something about the timeline for when the Astros feel they can be good again, and it likely wasn’t any time before Pence was still under team control.
Righthander Jarred Cosart, first baseman Jonathan Singleton and outfielder Domingo Santana were the main pieces. All three were on Baseball America's top-10 list of Phillies prospects. The Astros also got righty Josh Zeid as a throw-in."


LAST THING is to thank Pat Gillick for this debacle: - PhILLIESFLOW BLOG 12/2007

"The Phillies pulled the trigger on a deal last night, trading Gavin Floyd and a player to be named later to the White Sox for right-handed pitcher Freddy Garcia. The player to be named later is Gio Gonzalez, who cannot be traded until after the Rule 5 draft today.

Certainly nobody is excited to see Gonzalez go, but the Phillies seem to have done a nice job of capitalizing on the success he had in the Arizona Fall League. Floyd could still pan out but he sure has struggled in his multiple chances with the Phils. If you want to criticize Gillick for emptying the farm system you can, but sooner or later you have to try to win. If you're going to pick a time you can't go wrong with now.

On the down side, Garcia will make $10 million this season before becoming a free agent in '08. So here's hoping that now thing works out or we'll be hearing more about how Gillick leaves an organization in tatters."

Clout is right about one thing:

13-9. That is the 2nd WC right now. It is the powerhouse NY Mets who on the year have a -19 run differential.

Because of the 2nd WC, it is going to be really tough for most NL teams to 'really be out' of it even by the trading deadline at the end of July.

I look around the NL and see a sea of mediocrity with the Phils in that mix. With the Big 3 (along with Blanton/Worley), the Phils are some where right in the middle of the group.

With Lee out though and KK in, they have already lost 2 games (I know they haven't scored any runs for him) but the dropoff is pronounced. Lee has a decent shot to hold an opposing team to 2 or less runs. KK doesn't.

I won't be ready to pass judgment until the end of next month. But as things stand, it's my belief that this team will at least get a WC and will contend for the division. I don't think you can declare a season a lost cause having played less than 20% of it and not being in a huge hole recordwise. If the team is still under .500 in June, then I'll start thinking it's most likely time to accept the season as a failure and move towards breaking up the team to some extent, but as of now? Nah. We need to get a better sense of what kind of play the other teams in the division can sustain, see whether we can expect anything meaningful from Utley and Howard, and listen to the front office's dog whistles about their trade deadline plans. At this point the only legit thing to do as a fan is pull hard for Dom Brown, Galvis, May, Biddle etc. to develop, and appreciate the good baseball qua baseball where it happens (e.g. Doc's starts, Galvis's defense, Chooch in general).

we cant even win a series against bum teams. and not that the diamondbacks are bad cause they not, but we also didnt face their best 2 pitchers. only reason we won that. at best we split with the god-awful cubs tomorrow. now we gotta go play REAL TEAMS on the road with WINNING RECORDS. i wouldnt be surprised if the braves and nationals just rip us to no end. must be nice to be an atlanta fan today. the braves moved into first and their hawks stomped boston in playoff game 1.

MG, that' a good point. But while I see a sea of mediocrity in the NL, most of it doesn't matter as far as the Phillies are concerned. The Phillies really concerned with 4 teams right now (since someone has to win the West, likely the Dodgers). The Cardinals, Reds, Braves and Nationals

The Phillies have to finish better than one of them to make the playoffs. If Utley and Howard get healthy sooner rather than after the AS break, and Lee bounces back from this oblique strain with no ill effects, they'll be able to fight one, if not a couple of them off.

It's my opinion that both the Reds and the Cardinals are playoff teams. The Cardinals might be the best NL team, and the Reds as poor as they've been, still face the Cubs, Pirates and Astros a lot the rest of this season. They are a strong offensive team with middle of the road pitching. That should get them near 90 wins. Which means the Phillies have to beat out the Braves or the Nationals. The Nats have slipped a little since their hot start, so I think we can do it.

But it's going to be really tough unless Howard and Utley come back and approach something like last year's performance. Also Jimmy is going to have to get going.

I still think they make the playoffs, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.

no fatalotti. the cards have played the marlins. the cubs twice. the pirates. the brewers. we see what they do once they play teams with WINNING records besides the reds. who actually are just .500

they haven't proved anything except they beat teams they should. unlike us. but yes, they look amazing compared to us.

the braves and the dodgers are the best in NL. and i give the braves the edge since they took the series OUT IN LA against the dodgers.

Bud's extra WC spot is essentially useless so far as this team is concerned. I wouldn't pick these Phillies to win a single game vs. any team in the league, regardless of the starting pitchers involved.

Of course none of that matters if the Phutiles can't even drag themselves back to .500, which is a dubious proposition in & of itself.

phillyphan, have some consistency in your arguments. The Dodgers have played the Padres 7 times already, the Pirate, Astros and Milwaukee 9 times, and the Braves (of which they lost 2 of 3) and the Nationals. They are a pretty good team, but they don't have good pitching behind Kershaw, and beyond Kemp and Ethier (who can't hit lefties to save his life), they really don't have much on offense. I'll believe it with them when they sustain over a long period of time. 1/3 of their lineup is Uribe, Rivera and Loney. Sprinkle in a little pop-gun Gordon, and support that with a below average staff, and I'm not sold on them. The NL West is looking pretty mediocre this year.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, have a very good offense. They have the highest OPS+ by a GOOD margin in the NL, and that's with Matt Holliday still sporting a .660 OPS (you know he's going to pick it up). Add to that a rotation that has Garcia, Lynn and Wainwright, and may eventually get bolstered by Carpenter, and I'd say they have a pretty easy claim to best NL team right now. Things can change, but I don't see much of an argument. Maybe the Braves, but I still think the Cards are a better team.

Concerned about the Dodgers? They may have the best positional player right now (Kemp) in the NL but he will come back to earth. Ditto the best potential starter in the NL (Kershaw).

Take a look at the rest of that lineup. Besides Ethier, its garbage. Dodgers are going to struggle to score runs most of the year.

What is interesting is to see how good there pitching is & what they can expect out of Harang-Lilly-Capuano going ahead forward and if Billingsley's start is for real.

Dodgers are the most top-heavy team in the NL and while their best players are very, very good, they have a ton of crappy aging vets in the field and on their pitching staff.

I think the Dodgers have some competition for most top-heave team, MG, don't you think?

I'm just not watching them right now. That's the only way I can deal with it.

Fat - No not if you look at positional players and pitching separately. Kemp is the best positional player on this team by a wide margin. Ditto Kershaw.

Dee Gordon is so overrated. He's a poor defensive SS, lightning fast but get's thrown out to much (career ~75% success rate in majors/minors), has zero power, and hardly BBs.

Sounds a lot like Pierre to me and no one talks glowingly of Pierre anymore because he is at the tail-end of his career.

Yet Mattingly keeps sending him out there in the leaoff spot trying to pound a square peg into a round hole and the amount of hype/talk he has gotten on ESPN broadcasts is really unjustified.

102 wins seems like a long time ago, the way this team is playing this month.

We even miss Ibanez , not to mention Uts and Howard.

If you were a quality opposing pitcher, who in this lineup would you really fear?

Phlipper's team MVP Freddy Galvis now hitting a monstrous .194/.229/.299 on the season.

I think for league MVP so far it probably comes down to Galvis or Kemp. Basically a toss-up right now--too close to call.

Jack, it's just ridiculous how you continue to misunderstand how to utilize statistics. .194/.229/.299 may tell us what to expect about Galvis going forward, but it tells us nothing about what he's done so far.

His contributions can't be measured through things like his batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging. You have to look at what he's done relative to other players on the team.

But don't worry, I'm a patient man.

--takes Phlipper hat off--

i dont know... you just see what the braves and nationals have done. they went out and got young players. the braves have the best closer in baseball with craig kimbrell. not to mention they got one of the best up and coming 1st basemen ever. they dropped that bum alex gonzalez and went out and got this impressive kid pastornicky. not to mention the guys they have that are barely 30+ like uggla is just bad ass as it gets. then they have the best relief catcher in baseball with ross. and did i mention chipper jones is their oldest player and he is going out like a ace while our old guys go out in wheelchairs. it's just sad... the braves dont spend money insanely yet they always produce. maybe we need new owner or something. i just know we need something, and a lot of it.

I keep reading on these pages that it's too early to throw in the towel or "give up" on the team. So it occurs to me to ask: how exactly does someone actually go about the task of giving up on the team? I figure I should ask because "giving up on the team" too early seems to be viewed as some sort of international crime. Hence, I need to know what it entails, so I can make sure I don't do it.

An RBI! An RBI! My kingdom for an RBI!

2 hits for the mighty Phils! First losing April in 5 years!

Beginning of the end for the Phils but I am sure Amaro er Minaya has a plan. Haha!

I would take Pierre's dink hits anytime over a pop up, strike out, shallow fly. Remember Pierre is a 4/5 OF'er he wasnt bought on this team to be the hero or a RBI machine of the sort. He has been getting on base. He has been pretty much doing what has been doing for his whole career till this point for 7.6 million less. Theres seems to be a unfounded hate for this dude on this Bl'er maybe it was all those years he use to kill us....I dunno...He has never taking many walks but he hasnt be K artist neither..Theres been plenty of times one out man stranded on 3rd and we couldnt even get a ground out to get the runner home...PS...i had a few shots of Brandy..

Normally I wouldn't be that bummed if the Phils were 10-12 and had a good chance to end up the month at 12-11. I thought they would only go 13-10 and that I would be happy with anything over .500.

The Phils though have played 2 of the worst teams in baseball the past 2 weekends and they have been found wanting. Not being able to win one of thes series speaks volumes about the current state of this team.

MG do you think and i know this is the kool aid talking but maybe they have been playing down to there opponents ? Perhaps playing a better team might wake them up

Alright, I feel stupid. It took me way longer than it should have to realize that "phillyphan" is a Braves fan. I will no longer be responding to him.

Also Luis, there is no unfounded hate for Pierre. There is a well founded reason for not liking Pierre. He's been garbage the last 2 years offensively. Coming into yesterday, he had a 99 OPS+. Since he went 0-3 with a BB yesterday, that's going to go down. So he's been a below average offensive player so far. This doesn't even account for two things, either. He's now been picked off or caught stealing more times than he's successfully stolen a base, so that discount the puny offensive contributions he's had thus far. Then factor it in that's playing LF, a position that garners most of its value from offense and having some power, and you realize just how much of a terrible fit Pierre has been.

You don't get the "unfounded hate". I don't get the constant defense of this player here. He's not been the worst player on the offense, but unlike Rollins, Galvis and Polanco, who all at least bring defensive value, and have very little in the way of replacement, Pierre is a guy who should be sitting on the bench and allowing Mayberry/Nix to sink or swim. The Phillies need Nixberry to be good offensive. Pierre isn't going to help this team. Mayberry and Nix actually can.

There was "unfounded hate" for Nix, Qualls and Wigginton in the offseason.

On Pierre: Yes, when you compare him to the rest of the baseball he's not that good. However, when you compare him to THIS team he's one of few that are actually hitting this season. (0-fer and he's still leading the team in hits with fewer AB) We can argue about how singles/slap hitters do or do not belong in baseball in this day and age, but when he's getting hits and being comparatively successful Charlie is right to play him.

the advanced technology.

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