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Friday, April 27, 2012


Rollins, Pence, Vic: 0-12, 7 LOB

Galvis: 1-3, 1 LOB

Fred-dy! Fred-dy! Fred-dy!

These games are starting to get depressing

Focus more on the "Beer" & less on the "leaguer".

Last thread:

It has nothing to do with bringing in players from other organizations who 'don't know how to win.'

This is just a bad lineup filled with that filled with a ton of singles hitters who lack power and patience.

Stay at .500. That's what you can hope for right now.

Stay at .500. That's what you can hope for right now.

First get to .500, then try to stay there. But yeah, basically I'm in agreement.

Ricky Bottalico said he talked to Charlie about moving Rollins out of the 3-hole. BAP was apparently correct in his prediction, because according to Ricky Bo, Charlie said Jimmy is his 3-hole hitter.

Repost because I love myself.

A bit of the problem is that there are too many veterans hailing from points other than our farm system. Too many guys who did not come up with Jimmy Rollins and later Utley setting the tone. These guys did not grow up with the role models and leadership that let them know what smart baseball is about. The Phillies have in many respects been a clean and smart team since 2001. Now as the class of 2001-2004 ages and is replaced by people who came up in places like NY, Pittsburg, pre-good years Texas, Florida, Houston and the like, we see how special the attitude of guys who came up in the Phillies organization was.

GBrettFan: Fuuuuuuuuu ...

Its not that they don't know how to win, but how to play to win.

I'm actually starting to miss Ibanez. For all his flaws, he would have got some of these runs home.

i'm still cutting pence a lot of slack simply because of his hustle and th wieght of the offense on his shoulders. jimmy? his head is so far up his you know what! he literally makes me sick to my stomach with his lousey ab's! i watch him and he looks like he's just going through the motions, he doesn't swing at good pitches! example first inning 2 on no outs all we need is a ground ball or a fly ball, he;s up in the count then fouls a ball to the left side. the ball was down and in a slider! he doesn't recognize it and swings over it to produce the foul now the count is even. the next pitch is down also what's he do? it's ball three he tries to jack it out with an uppercut and pops it up! what a moron. you would thing at this stage of his career he'd not only be selective but smart even to know that even if he walks it bases loaded still no outs. whew over and over he does this crap! get him out of the three hole he's killin us. then pence pops up being over enthusiastic. they went into their hitting coma and cost doc another win! once they were down by 2 runs i had to leave the room my tv cost me too much to throw a coffee cup at it!

How to play to win? Nah. Just aren't very good offensively.

When they don't get nearly flawless pitching & defense, they don't have a strong chance to win.

Why is it that when Pence, Utley and Thome stuggle it is because they are feeling the wieght of the offense, injured or too old but when Rollins, Howard or Brown struggle it is because they have their head up thier you know what, are too dumb to adjust or have a poor approach to the game?
Swinging at balls over one's head doesn't make you sick to your stomach? Making the dumbest play on defense every time out doesn't? Come the eff on.

This team is a 75 win team.

Posted by: NEPP | Friday, April 27, 2012 at 09:49 PM

Got me beat. I called 78 wins.

Someone else also commented in the earlier post that dissension is on the way. Thank goodness Jimmy loves this team so much he's yelling at everyone in the dugout.

Huh? Wha?

Kevin Cooney: Rollins slump is now at 3-for-37 (.081) since beginning of West Coast trip. Manuel doesn't seem to feel he has other options for 3 hole.

Stuff like this is why I'm done w/ Charlie. What in the hell is he talking about?

If Chase, who can't be found, was to yell at people in the dugout it would show leadership.

A lot of empty seats at our "sell-out streak continues" ballpark, and a lot of "head not in the game" play by our beloved Phils.Without the Cubs base-running blunders it would have been worse.

Can anybody here play this game?
Does this team even care?

Losing streaks happen, but they like they lost their give-a-s**t.

Rollins is in an awful slump. He needs to be moved from the 3 spot. But it isn't because he is feeling the weight of the offense it is because he is selfish and trying to hit homeruns or is a dumb player. Pence is the one feeling the weight of the offense. His slump is excused.

You know who's feeling the weight of this damned offense? Me.

Also, I have a hard time thinking of the Phils' having won two games in a row in Arizona as a winning "streak."

Has Pence been properly booed yet? This needs to happen.

Bobby Abreu was just released by the Angles. As Redman would say "pick it up. Pick it up."

gobaystars! -
The offense doesn't weigh much tonight.

It doesn't weigh much at all. I was more ripping on ryan durren there. bye the bye.

Angels Release Abreu

Another team that's not hitting.

Abreu isn't the answer.

Rollins in the 3-hole isn't either.

Abreu isn't the answer.

awh- Maybe Burrell will un-retire?

Abreu has a slash line of .208/.259/.333 (.593 OPS)

This OPS is better or same right now the #2, #3, and #8 hitters in the lineup tonight who are all regulars for the Phils.

Hittin' season has been canceled until further notice.

Cholly though can't do much at all with Pence/Vic not hitting. If it frustrating though to continue to watch him trot out Pierre-Polanco-JRoll with no apparent rationale for it except that 'JRoll is #3' hitter. Ugh.

Obviously Bobby A isn't the answer.

with all the issues on offense people need to come off this Juan Pierre hate.

gobay, I don't hate Pierre. I just don't think he's the best option all the time.

J-roll is the worst #3 hitter in the majors.

JRoll is not a no. 3 hitter. He just plays one on TV.

gist of the game thread, courtesy of Raold's Grandpa: "I, Paul Gurner Maholm, am beating Roy Halladay. I am winning. I am winning. I am no longer a Pirate."

The effing Dodgers are all thumbs.

I had the feeling, pre-season, that CM would wear Thome out with the Big Piece missing.(meaning aprox. 3 starts/week)
But Jim really hasn't seen much action , even as a PH.
CM saving him for the right moment, but the right moment never comes?
Or is Thome on a retirement lap around MLB?
Maybe both.

Not surprising when you face a great pitcher like Paul Maholm that your team gets shut down.

Wait, that doesn't sounds right. Let me try again.

Not surprising when you have the Phillies lineup that youonly score 1 run.

Yeah, that's better.

I love pitching, I love watching great pitchers and Clayton Kershaw is a GREAT pitcher.

But I do not like to watch him pitch. His delivery is so herky-jerky. It is not smooth at all. Guys like Lee, Doc, Verlander, Weaver and the like are just fun to watch. Kershaw is not, in my opinion.

Kershaw annoys me just the same as Dan Haren does, with a pause halfway through their pitching motion.

Trout and Harper showings this weekend. Should be interesting, perhaps the Phillies will too.

If not, can we send Cholly to AAA?

Howard to begin "baseball activities" Sunday in Clearwater.

Hairston hit for the cycle tonite, but 6 errors by his teammates led to a 18-9 loss.

Howard to begin "baseball activities" Sunday in Clearwater.

Baseball Activities:

- Drink Beer

- Eat Peanuts

- Criticize Charlie's Moronic Lineup Decisions

GTown, reminds me of this classic Simpsons line:

Okay, let's go over the ground rules.
You can't leave first until you chug a beer.
Any man scoring has to chug a beer.
You have to chug a beer at the top of all odd-numbered innings.
Oh, and the fourth inning is the beer inning.

Chief Wiggum:
Hey, we know how to play softball!

Im watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The World Series Defense episode...Good times..How the team has fallen...Something is wrong here folks and goes beyond Utley and Howard not present...Rollins is suppose to be the leader in Chase absence..Whats up with that? I didnt watch this game..

It was a nice run folks seriously just think about that...We all knew it would come to a end soon..didnt think it would be this year but hey...Maybe they will turn it around at the All-Star break

Against a RHP tomorrow, the suddenly hot Nix will be at 1B because Cholly won't pull Pierre. The suddenly hot Polly will be at 3B. That means our hottest hitter, Wiggy, will make his debut at 2B. And as long as Cholly is throwing defense to the wind, might as well start 114 OPS+ Orr at SS.

Fatalotti: I'm thinking this would be a good season for me to play a lot of softball.

Not getting to Maholm early tonight really hurt. It was sadder though to see Dolis come in, come right at them with fastball after fastball, and the Phils go meekly in the 8th & 9th.

If you had a wild reliever who threw just fastballs against this lineup the past few years, I would have loved the chances of this team to come back or at least make a solid attempt.

Dolis just smoked them tonight & got a lot of weak out from weak hitters.

Isnt it funny the only people doing squat are the new comers? Years of bad habits taught by the hitting guru, coupled with the league figuring out the guru's tactics and each player older and slower.

Pissed as I am at Pence and Vic now, let's not forget that they both had some key hits in the Diamondbacks series. The biggest problem right now is our Team Leader (TM) and our manager, who apparently thinks he'll "lose the clubhouse" if he puts Jimmy in a less vital spot in the lineup. It makes me sick as hell to hear Cholly saying "he has no other options for that spot." Really? Why not put Pence or Vic there, and bat Ruiz (hitting over 300) or Wiggy (ditto) clean-up for now? Why not, you know, VARY the lineup depending on who's hot and who's not? If Pence suddenly starts hitting for power more, he can go back to clean-up, but right now he looks almost as miscast in that spot as J-Roll does in the 3-hole. And all of Ruiz's hits are being wasted with Galvis and the pitcher the only players behind him. Repeat: this team is messed up, but wouldn't be this messed up if its manager could chew gum and strategize at the same time.

As disgusted as I was after Lee's 10 inning shutout loss, I think I am even more disgusted after this one. The Cubs are DOA after 20 games and they looked like the better team last night when the pitching match-up heavily favored the home team. That speaks volumes about how bad this team actually is right now.

I think it was awh who said it in the last thread, and I echo what he said: I have lost more respect for Cholly in these first few weeks of the season than I ever thought was possible. He was a good manager behind talented teams and was often ripped unnecessarily by people who just flat-out don't like him. He helped those teams and the criticism of him was more often than not undeserved.

This year, he deserves every bit of criticism that comes his way, because as lacking as this team is in a number of areas offensively, he still is in a position to optimize what he has, and so far, he has performed miserably as far as that is concerned. You can start with leaving J-Roll in the 3-hole. Stupid. Just stupid. He didn't belong there in the first place and "I don't know who else I would put there" is a BS excuse in the middle of a 3-37 slump. Rollins is killing this team in the middle of the lineup, but Manuel has the power to control where he hits and the importance of his ABs as he tries to get out of the slump. He has chosen to put him front-and-center and the team as suffered badly for it.

Then you have Pierre- I'm not getting into the argument about him hitting for a high average. The guy hits a pop-gun single 1/3 of the time and the rest of the time (when he's not running himself into outs or getting picked off), he's hurting the team. Unlike 1st and 2nd base, this is a void (LF) that Cholly actually has control over what type of hitter he wants to put in the lineup, and again, he's made the worst decision possible. There aren't many options for him and 2nd and 1st so he gets a bit of a pass there- but there are two platoon guys on the bench that hit for power, and one or both of them are sitting on the bench most nights for a singles hitter that can't draw a walk (hitting in the leadoff spot).

I think the moment I realized that Cholly had no idea what he was doing with this kind of a team (offensively-challenged) was his rambling explanation of hitting Thome instead of Polanco, and then Mayberry instead of Pierre in the Giants extra-inning disaster. Go back and listen to that clip and tell me it doesn't scare the hell out of you that we have to count on this guy to actually make rational decisions for the lineup this year.

I never thought I'd jump on the anti-Cholly bandwagon so fast, but I'm pretty much on-board until and unless he fixes some of the mistakes he is currently making on a nightly basis.

Gobaystars, way to out yourself as having no idea what you're talking about. This team is not performing because they have zero payroll flexibility to fix problems that have arisen. This has nothing to with outside players not having the Philles winning mentality. This is a team with a great pitching staff, middling bullpen and horrendous lineup. They are a. 500 team who can only hope to catch lightning in bottle later. However, if Howard is still not right (which is a 50/50) and Utley can't play ( which in my mind is likely) then the best they can hope for is a WC and a likely first round exit. Unless they get creative, this is the new reality for the next few years.

And further more, many would argue that Rollins, an organization guy, and Victorino, another org guy, are among the main culprits for this debacle. The only outside the org guy you can really point a finger at is Pence. I think its time for all the optimists and apologists to start accepting that the franchise is declining. It won't get better until its restocked with good young affordable position talent.

The Nationals are talking out of both sides of their mouths right now.

Rizzo has said that no matter what position the team is in, Strasburg is getting shut down at his innings limit. Conclusion: the future is more important than this season, and although we want to compete for the division title this year, we're not going to risk the long-term benefit of Strasburg's health to fight for it this year.

Now, Zimmerman is down, and they are bringing up Harper, but it has already been declared that once Zimmerman returns, they will send Harper back down. But if the future is so much more important than this season, why bring up the 19 year old kid as a temporary fix? Why not wait until you're sure he's ready to come up for good, and just bring him up? Now, they are purposely planning to jerk him around, which may stall his development.

It just seems inconsistent.

New thread.

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