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Friday, April 13, 2012


Phils on a minor league deal.

Phillies signed Fontenot.....DPat should be happy since this guy was the key to our offense.

Phils got him (and though a minor league deal, I suspect he's promised a shot). Reading between the lines tells you that Galvis may be able to give Brown some defensive pointers very soon - in Lehigh.

"Stay tuned."

I'm not sure that I care enough to...

Fontenot is Theriot-lite. DPat will be ecstatic.

So what exactly is the point of Fontenot? I'm sure Galvis can find a way to hit .227

Well, the Missing Link Ryan Theriot beat this guy out for a roster spot on the Giants. When you're competing against a guy of Theriot's stature, you don't have much of a chance.

Seems kinda weird to think they're sending the starting 2bman down, especially since Pete Orr hasn't even appeared in a game yet.

Willard - Fontenot has more time spent at short than Orr. Purely a depth move.

I don't think the Phaithful is going to love Fontenot, but not necessarily because he's a bad dude. It will be mostly because:

- it signals that Utley is out of the picture for a good long time
- it means less playing time (and likely demotion) for Galvis, a fan fav already
- he can't hit his way out of a wet paper bag

To retread my thoughts from the prior thread, I have no issue w/ a guy like Fontenot providing depth at 2B & SS, positions for which he's undoubtedly more qualified than Pete friggin' Orr. However, I fear Charlie's fetish for veteran mediocrity will relegate Freddy to the bench or Lehigh ... which, for a team that desperately needs to get younger but has very few opportunities in which to do so, would be a damn shame.

Willard - you are looking way too far into this signing. Fontenot > Orr. That's it. End of story.

" it signals that Utley is out of the picture for a good long time"

Eh, I'm not sure about that, but maybe. When I hear the Phils are "talking to X team about X player", then I think the Utley situation is a doomsday scenario.

I hope you're right, but given Cholly's loyalty to vets, and Rube's track record of promising a spot to make a signing (CHoP?), I'm just a bit paranoid.

He's an upgrade from Orr, probably, but I think it at least shortens Freddy's offensive leash.

Just a depth move and an ok one. Rather have Fontenot on the bench than Orr. It is a slight upgrade.

Given Mini Mart won't be back until at least Memorial Day and Utley isn't going to be back for at least a month, I would rather see Fontenot on the bench for the next 4 weeks than Orr.

I don't think this signals anything about Utley. They needed a utility IF before Utley got hurt. If/when Utley comes back, Freddy will be sent down because they want him to get ABs somewhere.

Willard - If Ruben had promised him a spot, it wouldn't have been a minor league signing.

Galvis is going to remain the everyday starter at 2nd as long as Utley is out if Cholly has his way. Clearly is a strong proponent of it and clearly likes Galvis a lot & thinks highly of him.

MG is making perfect sense. The team has faith in Galvis.

Orr can't play short or 3rd, correct?

Would like to view this guy as the back-up in the event Rollins or Galvis is hurt and nothing more.

Galvis career OPS+: 23
Mini-Mart career OPS+: 48
Orr career OPS+: 60
Valdez career OPS+: 67
Theriot career OPS+: 83
Fontenot career OPS+: 92

We're moving in the right direction as far as guys we're targetting.

But alas,

Utley career OPS+: 127

This is the Phillies we're discussing. Either r00b &/or Charlie will find a way to transform this seemingly sensible move a hellish nightmare.

Yeah that hellish nightmare of winning a sixth straight division championship. I shudder at the thought.

I expect Fontenot to end up on the Phils bench shortly. He hits left handed and, your reserves must all hit left handed.

Given the Phillies' emphasis on defense, I don't see Fontenot relegating Galvis to either the bench or AAA. I do see him relegating Orr to AAA.

My only problem with this move is a problem I've been harping on for awhile: do the Phillies really think it's ok to have an all left-handed bench? It isn't. In fact, it's absolutely zany & has already hurt them once this season.

"Where is there a better chance an old decrepit loser never-was can ingratiate myself with the hillbilly manager and get regular starts with the big time squad? Whereever that is, I want to sign there."


It is really much ado about nothing. Amaro was going to wait for Theriot/Fontenot to shake loose & sign them on a minor league deal.

Either one is a slight upgrade over Orr. Fontenot isn't a good offensive player anymore but his slash line .247/.310/.376 with .686 OPS over the past 3 years (837 ABs) is notably better than what I think Orr is capable of at this point (.220 AVG/.550 OPS. max).

This is to replace Orr... which is fine... but again like @bap says... WHY another Left Handed bat???

If you are going to use Pierre as your Lefthanded bench/platoon outfielder... you can't also have Nix...

At least with Martinez... you have a switch hitter (both equally awful)...

just doesn't make sense...

Murphy had this earlier today (with an accompanying chart). Kinda interesting. (And he added the caveat that it's still early.)
* * *
The seven players who were membes of last year's roster have combined to hit .300 with a .333 on base percentage and .400 slugging percentage. They have accounted for three of the team's four home runs, and for seven of their 10 extra base hits. They have 11 of the Phillies' 18 RBI, and 13 of their 18 runs scored.

The five new additions to the roster -- rookie Freddy Galvis and offseason acquisitions Wigginton, Laynce Nix, Jim Thome and Juan Pierre -- have combined to hit .143/.183/.232.

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