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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Welcome back, Big Truck.

Stutes, count your lucky stars...

Qualls still in the setup role.

Might as well re-post in this thread:


Fata says: "and in no way could he have possibly done something like get injured, take a line drive off the face, or throw a considerable amount of pitches, thus possibly limiting his availability in the coming days."

True. And he might have gotten struck by lightning while sitting in the bullpen, whereas he would have been safe on the mound.

He already threw pitches in the bullpen. Is it possible that the extra pitches he thew in the game might limit Charlie's options going forward? Sure, it's possible. But it is far from a sure thing. It won't make him ineligible to pitch tomorrow night, and maybe even the night after. If he isn't needed tomorrow night or the next night, all this pearl clutching is for naught.

And again, the one thing that all those who suffer fainting spells when Charlie uses top relievers when the team is well ahead always seem to forget is that: (1) there's a greater possibility (although small) that not bringing in the top reliever could result in a loss or, (2) there's a possibility that bringing in a crappy reliever will result in bringing in the top reliever anyway.

Maybe someone could save the pearl-clutching for a situation where Charlie bringing in a reliever in such a situation ACTUALLY HAS A MEANINGFUL IMPACT ON A SUBSEQUENT GAME?

As far as can tell, such a situation hasn't occurred in the entire time Charlie has been managing the Phillies. Name one game they lost because a top reliever was unavailable due to being used when the Phillies were well up in a previous game.

From the last thread:

I think Papelbon was in there not because he was simply 'warmed up,' but because of the length of the inning and how long he warmed up. It was a save situation for a majority of the inning, and he threw a lot of warm-up pitches. I'm not a medical professional, but I get the sense that the coaches felt that since he'd warmed up for so long, his availability for two games down the line (yeah, he's not going to be unavailable tomorrow night...that's just ridiculous) would be compromised whether or not he threw in-game pitches. Plus, no one else was warming. So, there you go.

I can see both sides on this one, but I really don't get Fata's righteous indignation on this issue. I was on board with the outrage of keeping Papelbon out of the last two games of the Pittsburgh series, because that probably cost them the final game in the series. But I'm not sure today's circumstance was so black-and-white. It's not like he started warming up when it was 8-2.

Who is that Ibanez? Maybe the Phils could use him?

Ra-old just hit another HR.

I could hit 20 HR in yankee stadium if I was left handed. And I'm old and suck at baseball.

Yeah Phlipper, I back out my driveway without looking all the time. I haven't gotten into an accident yet, so obviously you can't claim that backing out blindly is a bad decision. Name me one time that I've been in an accident, otherwise stop criticizing the way I back out of my driveway.

As someone who has been vehemently opposed to practically every moment of Terry Francona's career in baseball, it pains me to admit this:

He's really good in the broadcast booth. Candid w/out being long-winded, which is a definite rarity.

Would that solve our offensive woes? Play our games in Yankee Stadium?

Not a very good analogy, fata.

I assume that you backing out of your driveway without looking would put you at significant risk.

If you lived in a rural road with hardly any traffic ever, and backed out of your driveway without looking, hundreds of times, and you didn't get into an accident even once, then we could assume that it's a pretty low-risk maneuver, and so it probably wouldn't make a difference if you looked or not. Give me an example where this move that Charlie makes that causes so many fainting spells has actually come back to cost the Phillies in terms of game outcomes in subsequent games.

And your analogy assumes no possibility of a downside from the alternative you prefer. That's like assuming that there's no downside to *not* bringing in a top reliever when the team is well ahead (increase chance of a loss, possibility of needing to bring him in regardless).

Further, your analogy fails to account for a legit reason for bringing in Paps - like that he wanted to get in some more work because he felt it would make him more effective going forward, or that he wanted to get some time to work on a couple of things in game conditions where of a low leverage situation.

On bringing Papelbon in for the 6 run save, I liked this from GBrett on the last thread: "Wouldn't Charlie be thinking that since the team is headed on the road next, there won't be a save opportunity for a while?"

The "he's warmed up" thing is real. The flip side is, nobody else is warmed up. Can't fault Manuel for assuming this would be a 3-2 game in the 9th. Just makes sense to have him pitch when he's hte only guy prepared to do so. There is a middle ground, though, between the idealized moves advocated. Once you're putting the guy in, get another guy up in case he throws more than 15 pitches. Arbitrarily yank him after the first hit to avoid burning him.

People are being intentionally dense on this Papelbon issue. If the score would have been 8-2 after 7 he would not have been used. The game broke open in the 8th. They probably wouldn't have had a lot of time to even get someone else up. Also, Herndon and Stutes were both used Saturday, and Papelbon hadn't pitched since Thursday.

What will Cholly choose to remember from this game, Pierre's 3 hits, or his baserunning blunder?

Pierre's hits won't save him. He made the third out at 3d. Manuel should remember that. Plus, by May, he'll remember how much he likes home runs and, Pierre will never hit one.

Pierre's extra base hits are likely to resemble Mayberry's RBI single tonight. Score a guy from second on a dribbler that rolls foul then fair = line drive in teh box score.

bap: Going to any of the games this week? Be sure to wear your Pete Orr shirt so we recognize you:)

It makes no sense to allow Papelbon to enter a game w/ a 6 run lead -- not a Save situation -- when your stated reason for refusing to pitch Papelbon in a tied Road game -- also a not a Save situation -- is that Papelbon should be preserved for use in Save situations. The whole theory is faulty, & should be discarded in favor of using your best reliever in late & close situations only, regardless of whether a "Save" is at stake or not.

I think b_a_p should buy himself a customized BATUSHANSKY Phils jersey. That's undoubtedly the mark of a true Beerleaguer.

Hopefully this means Cholly doesn't feel that his starter has to go at least 7 IP so he has a strong chance to win.

If Big Truck is healthy & effective, Cholly should be able to mix & match with Herndon/Stutes/Bastardo in the middle frames to get a positive result most times.

Just has to realize that Herndon gets hit pretty hard vs. LH hitters & minimize his exposure to them.

Dave - it's a practical result of the save mentality. When there's a save situation, you get your closer up in the pen while your team is at bat. You should get a couple guys up, but, you don't. Tonight, our team scratched 2 runs in the 7th to take a one run lead and trigger the closer rule, then scored a bunch of runs with 2 outs in the 8th, after the manager got his closer up in teh pen. Who are you going to bring in when the stiffs masquerading as pennant contenders surprise you with a few doubles? Irish Mike Ryan?

We'll recognize BAP by his "This feels like a loss" T-shirt.

I dislike that Cholly uses Papelbon in a spot like today but this a bit different when he is just mysteriously using one of his best relievers despite having a 4- or 5-run lead for a few innings to needlessly pitch the 9th.

Papelbon was warming up for a 3-2 game. Qualls had already pitched & it is clear that Cholly has little/no faith in anyone in the pen right now.

The main issue though is that I don't know if there was enough time to warm somebody else up to pitch the 9th after Wigginton's doubled with 2 outs.

That's why I didn't think it was a big deal Papelbon pitched the 9th today. If Wigginton makes an out (a good chance) to end the inning, it is a 4-2 games with Papelbon coming in to close it out.

Did anyone see if Cholly commented on Pierre getting thrown out? That looked like a called play from the dug out because Pierre/Vic both broke as soon as the ball left Pelfrey's hand.

You never make the 3rd out at 3rd. As LA said, you better be positive you can make it before you go. How would the bench know that?

Maybe someone could save the pearl-clutching for a situation where Charlie bringing in a reliever in such a situation ACTUALLY HAS A MEANINGFUL IMPACT ON A SUBSEQUENT GAME?

Actually, I remember last year where Cholly brought Madson into a blow-out because he hadn't pitched in a while. He was needed for save situations the next two games and blew the second save opportunity on a Ryan Zimmerman grand slam.

Aug 17 PHI ARI W,9-2 9-GF
Aug 18 PHI ARI W,4-1 9-GF S(23)
Aug 19 PHI @ WSN L,4-8 9-GF BL(3-2)


"bap: Going to any of the games this week?"

I will undoubtedly see a Giants game this year, but wasn't planning to go to any in the upcoming series. I have too many other things going on. Plus, I think the last 3 or 4 Phillies games I've attended were all ugly losses.

me lovee big twucks.

Personal request to those of you, unlike b_a p, who might buy tickets to watch teh Phillies in your home in the vast Phils diaspora - respect your hosts and tip your ushers.

If any of you sat in Section 24 of PNC Park last weekend, I am informed that you were "as arrogant as Yankees fans" and exceedingly "cheap". Assuming no one here is an offender, I'll just report that the usher claims that two groups of Philadelphia fans declined help in finding their seats and, then, climbed the steps from their sweet roost to borrow his rag so they could wipe their seats.

Hugh: We Pennsylvania Dutch are very frugal. He/she should be glad they didn't ask them to fetch some funnel cakes and red birch beer.

I'm of the more practical dutch persuasion - I told him to rent the rag for a fin. He looked at me like he never thought of it.

Pierre shouldnt run unless Schneider is catching, Lidge is throwing or possibly in certain cases...I think he has some speed but not the same speed...This had to be a called play i think..

Don't you mean, 62 year old right-hander Jose Contreras?

Tip your ushers? At a baseball game? When will this tipping madness end?

We're supposed to tip ushers? It never occurred to me, including at the theatre.

What if you don't need their help to find your seats?

Tip an usher?

Yeah, good luck with that.

People that get tips:

Barber/Hair Stylist
Maid at a hotel
Guy in bathroom with colognes/soaps,etc (what are they called?)

Usher ain't on that list...maybe an usher at something like an Opera or Broadway show (though I've never tipped them either so...)

Why should I tip an usher after I spend $400 to watch one baseball game with my family?

NEPP: Concierge? That are already getting kickbacks from
restaurants where they make you reservations.

Dickie Thong -

What would be clear is if you came up with a situation where Charlie couldn't bring in a reliever because he was unavailable because he had been brought into a game with a large lead previously.

Obviously, your example could be a loss due to Madson having been used in such a situation, or it could just be a blown save. Madson has certainly blown saves when he hadn't been used in a blowout in preceding games.

And I don't doubt that we could come up with examples where people speculated that a reliever blew a game because they were out of rhythm due to a lack of use.

If it has rained the day before and the seats or wet, or covered in pollen and the usher comes down and wipes my seat off I tip him/her. Definitely. It never crossed my mind NOT to tip in that situation, really. Seems like a no-brainer.

My last post was a spelling/grammatical nightmare. Let me try again.

If it rained before the game and the seats are wet and/or covered in pollen/dirt/food/spilled drink, and the usher comes down and wipes my seat off, I tip him/her. Definitely. It never crossed my mind NOT to tip in that situation, really. Seems like a no-brainer.

***NEPP: Concierge? That are already getting kickbacks from
restaurants where they make you reservations.***

Its one of those borderline ones where you might want to occasionally grease the wheels if you didnt make a reservation or if you want a better table. Personally, I just always make a reservation and request the table I want in advance so I make sure to get it.

RBills: How much?

***If it has rained the day before and the seats or wet, or covered in pollen and the usher comes down and wipes my seat off I tip him/her***

I've never had that happen...I always just got a bunch of napkisn from the concessions stand and wiped it off.

BIG TRUCK time baby - the bullpen is lockdown.

Is it too early to ask what it would take to pry Will Middlebrooks form the Red Sox Nation?
He seems just about ready or is he going to be slotted into Youkilis position by next spring.

lorecore: Just a buck or two.

NEPP: I usually do that too. But, if I don't and they make the trip down on their own (I never ask them to do that for me) and wipe the seats off, I think they deserve a little extra for the effort. I assumed that's what the situation was. I don't tip them for looking at my tickets and saying "yup, left side, Row 5."

Other tipworthy jobs

Cabby (if he's actually good and doesnt screw you)
Bellhop (though this falls under porter too I guess)

*** usually do that too. But, if I don't and they make the trip down on their own (I never ask them to do that for me) and wipe the seats off, I think they deserve a little extra for the effort***

No argument from me. I would tip in that scenario.

NEPP - To you list of people who get tips you need to add Twitchy Guys Hanging Near the OTB Parlor.

They get tips all the time.

Everyone ought to over tip the motel cleaning ladies. They are ridiculously underpaid. I'm serious about this one. Read "Nickel and Dimed."

So listen. How smart is it to send down the second lefty to LV, where they have, like, a gazillion LHRPs already incidentally, and keep up Stutes, who is off to a pedestrian verging on lousy start. Since they're probably a push talent-wise but Joe is the LOOGY, I'd keep Savery, personally. What about y'all?

***Everyone ought to over tip the motel cleaning ladies. They are ridiculously underpaid.***

That was on the above list...minimum of a dollar a day per my stay...typically given on the last day of the visit. Though if I'm there a week for business, I usually just leave a $10 or $20 depending on what I have in my wallet so that adds up to more than my above calculation.

***What about y'all?***

UC doesnt understand or even bother to use a LOOGY as a LOOGY so all Savery would see is garbage time innings where he'll face both LH and RH batters. Right now, its pretty clear that the bullpen order is Papelbon in the 9th, Qualls in the 8th, a mix/match of Herndon/KK/Bastardo/Stutes in the 6th/7th where Bastardo is treated as the de facto LOOGY. Savery will see maybe 1 inning a week right now so its not a big deal.

If we had Tony LaRussa for a manager, it would make sense.

Any interest in Youkilis? Looks like Bobby V. is doing his Bowa impression and trying to force out a player.

I have never seen anyone tip an usher at a baseball game or any sporting event for that manner.

Even if it was something that you could do, I wouldn't. Sorry. That's like tipping for carry-out food.

Am I supposed to tip the person who bags my groceries in the check-out lane, if it isn't the cashier? I actually prefer bagging myself, but sometimes there's someone there already.

Andy, I read "Nickeled And Dimed". It was good. You're right, housekeeping is not paid well.

I know wages are often tied to perceived skills and education/training required, but I sometimes think the people doing jobs I would absolutely hate to do - like say, an orderly cleaning up bodily fluids in a hospital, should be well-compensated.

I tip for carryout at 1-2 places where I go all the time and where they hook me up with free/extra food.

Otherwise, I always hate seeing that receipt with the tip line on places that are predominantly carryout food (hoagie shop, chinese take out place, etc)...just 1 more line I have to fill out with zeros.

***Am I supposed to tip the person who bags my groceries in the check-out lane, if it isn't the cashier? I actually prefer bagging myself, but sometimes there's someone there already.***

Not unless its a military commissary...and then you literally have to fight with the korean wives that predominantly do that job that you do not want their help taking the bags to your car.

For some reason that completely baffles me, Cholly/Dubee seem to have some kind of unwarranted confidence in Stutes.

My bet is that most of that stems from last season when he came up at a critical juncture, pitched well, and pitched well again in Sept mostly in meaningless games.

Imagine that he and Herndon will both stick almost all this season unless they really are awful for a prolonged stretch.

Never read 'Nickel and Dimed', but agree with NEPP: At least $1/day for the cleaning ladies, and more if I ask for extra things like towels and they're generous with them. At higher-end hotels I'll leave more.

Rule of thumb on when and when not to tip:

If the service performed was something you never asked for, and something which you were perfectly willing and capable of doing yourself, then no tip is warranted. Helping someone find his clearly marked seat at a baseball game falls squarely under this rule.

Where did they grow you people? I guess the guy in section 24 is right - Philly fans are cheap. For future reference, if an usher at a ballgame (including a football game) shows you to and then wipes down your seat, you tip the guy. That's why he's doing it. It's been that way for a hundred years.

MG, one thing to keep in mind is that Dubee has access to info that we do not have. Most importantly, Dubee watches these guys when they throw their side sessions before games, and gets reports from the bullpen coach as to how they're throwing in the pen before an appearance (or hears later on how they we throwing).

Now, that's not to say that the eventual results are not the most important thing - they are - but the coaching staff may see something in a pitcher or be aware of a mechanical flaw that needs to be worked out - info to which we don't have access.

As such, they may feel that they can fix the flaw and improve the results - easier than calling up an unproven or shaky guy in the minors.

I'm not saying I agree, just saying that it's a possibility.

I'm not a scout & have only seen Savery pitch a few innings. But his stuff hasn't impressed me and his command has been worse still. Also, I don't know how to find minor league lefty-righty splits but, just looking at the guy's pitching motion, he doesn't strike me as someone who would be especially tough on left-handed hitters. If you're a lefty reliever without great stuff, it's kind of important that you be murder on LH hitters because that's basically your only calling card to the majors.

(For what it's worth Diekman looks like he WOULD be murder on lefties if only for that nettlesome little problem of getting the ball over the plate).

Pierre should have been released immediately after the game yesterday...his baseball IQ stinks. Play Wiggs and Nix (somewhere) regularly as both are "ballers" - capable of providing pop and intensity. We need more of both.

Intensity is a quality that is a must in all ball players.

And if that double steal was a call from the dugout, that's not Pierre's IQ. That's a lack of speed from Pierre and a misplaced faith in that speed from the manager.

The elephant in the room....Thome.

I'm sure the intangibles he brings to the clubhouse can't be measured, but while everyone rags on Pierre, Nixington, and even Orr, at least they bring some measure of usefulness to the game.

Yes, Thome provides a professional at-bat, even though his results haven't been there. Can we promote him to hitting coach and free up another bench spot (Pods?)

On a day he had three hits, Pierre should be released for being thrown out on a play called from the dugout. Brilliant.

awh - That's certainly possible but there is no indication this spring or this year so far that Stutes' slider has really improved though.

There is a nice article on Aumont, some of the adjustments Nichols' has help him make since the spring, and how well the Iron Pigs bullpen has pitched so far.,0,941510.story

I'd say we give Thome a little more than two weeks to see if he's finished. Just an idea.

Orr brings nothing useful to the game.

Orr brings nothing useful to the game.

Posted by:Iceman | Monday, April 16, 2012 at 10:53 AM

Don't worry. Mini-Mart shouldn't be out too much longer.

Iceman - Agreed on Orr. He's here simply because the minor league system is so bereft of talent. If Frandsen had shown anything in spring training, he would be here right now.

I think from the comments I heard this morning that it was Pierre's decision to steal that bag at 3B and Cholly was none too pleased about it.

MG- if that's the case, then yeah, Cholly should be furious. But does Pierre really have the authority to call a double steal?

Pods isn't exactly lighting the world on fire at LV btw. And having Pods on the team is redundant with Pierre.

Good discussion points today: Intensity and Intangibles.

Iceman - I wouldn't think so. It strikes me as odd because of the way they broke on the pitch including Vic as soon as it was released.

In all my years, I have never seen someone tipped for wiping down a seat, in any city, stadium or event. Frankly, if it rained before game time, those seats probably should be wiped down (at least the "nicer" seats.

MG - Where are those comments from? I haven't read anything about UC's take on the play. If Pierre did that on his own, with a 2-2 count and a lefty at the plate, I can definitely see the manager being furious about it.

Release Pierre? Why? He's been the only guy who really has hit in LF.

Nix hasn't hit (granted he has had almost no PT). The real issue is Mayberry.

Mayberry isn't hitting at all & looks really lost at the plate just as he did much of spring training.

Taking called strikes early in the count, chasing too much offspeed stuff especially away & out of the zone, and hitting a ton of weak grounders to the left side of the INF.

They really need hit to start hitting & getting some power production out of his bat.

“You got to make it there,” Manuel said of Pierre’s decision to steal. “I can take the green light off there. But that’s a play where you’ve got to know what you’re doing. (Mets’ pitcher Mike Pelfrey) was throwing Jimmy a lot of changeups and off-speed stuff. I bet Juan was trying to time him down. If you don’t make it, that’s not a good play.”

Even if Pierre called it himself, it's still on the manager. This gets back to the issue of: "Should guys always have the green light?" Clearly, they should not. The manager is there to manage. If you give guys an unqualified green light in all situations, experience tells us that they'll sometimes use that green light stupidly. Just as I don't want Ryan Howard swinging on a 3-0 pitch with the bases empty and 0 outs in the 5th inning, I don't want any of our runners trying to steal 3rd with 2 outs.

So, a decent pitching match-up tonight, huh? What the over/under on inning in which the first run crosses the plate?

Some of you have never seen anyone tip an usher at a baseball game? That's surprising.

Other than the "mandatory tipping" jobs (waiter, bellhop, etc.), my rule of thumb is that if someone goes out of their way to make my experience better/easier and it's not necessarily "their job," I tip. An usher who wipes down my seat without asking fits the bill, in my opinion. It might be in their job description to wipe seats down, but their main job is to help people find seats, keep aisles clear, report misconduct, attend to anyone injured in the stands, and things like that. Wiping my seat down if it's wet or dirty is a bonus.

Timmy has struggled his first two outings. Something tells me he'll pull it together against this powerhouse lineup.

I remember a game at the Bank last year where Timmy clearly had nothing (not sure if he was hurt or sick or what), and threw a ton of pitches, but the lineup didn't plate any baserunners.

I'm looking for that type of performance again tonight.

I agree with most of you on the Pierre thing. If for no other reason than, Pierre is fast enough to score on a single Even if he makes it, he gains little advantage, other than putting another man in scoring position. At that point in the ballgame, it's a huge risk with very little reward.

"15. Philadelphia Phillies 4-5 (RS 28, RA 27) (Last week: 14)

Only the Pirates have scored fewer runs than Philly, in what figures to be a major problem right up until the moment that Ryan Howard and Chase Utley return at 100 percent this season — assuming that happens at all. Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee have been predictably good-to-excellent. It's almost as if the Phillies have set up an elaborate sociological experiment to see if three Cy Young–caliber starters and a handful of solid supporting players are enough to overcome one of the league's worst offenses."

This is about right except the Phils also have potentially very good starters in the 4/5 spots that are well above average too.

Phils' pitching stats right now in NL

ERA - 2.55 (3rd)
xFIP - 3.30 (3rd)
SIERA - 3.36 (3rd)
WHIP - 1.05 (3rd)
BAA - .223 (5th)
BABIP - .254 (5th)
K/BB - 3.47 (2nd)
K/9 - 7.3 (9th)
BB/9 - 2.1 (2nd)

Phils' offense ranks:

AVG - .260 (3rd)
OBP - .297 (13rd)
OPS - .643 (13rd)
ISO - .086 (15th)
wOBA - .287 (12th)
% BB - 5.2% (15th)
% K - 17.1% (4th)
BB/K - 0.30 (15th)
% LD - 19.3% (12th)
% HR/FB - 6.8% (13th)
SB - 10th (1st)

People who always harped about 'productive outs' and less Ks have got their wish this season.

This is an offense that makes contact and makes a ton of weak outs.

Brown: how bad does the production in LF have to get to accept his sub-par defense? In LF so far, Mayberry and Pierre have over 70 innings and a UZR of a combined -26.
Even if like me you don't buy UZR, consider this: In LF there have been a grand total of 13 putouts (10 by Mayberry and 3 by Pierre). Let's say Brown's defense was so bad he missed a third of them. That means a whopping 4 outs are now considered hits.

On the other hand, those two gentlement have managed to generate 34 outs in 48 ABs between the two of them, with a grand total of 1 extra base hit (a double). That's an OBP of .291, again with no power at all.

Brown is projected by ZIPS to have an OBP of .330 with good power (.465 SLG). Even if he's a total butcher in LF, the extra outs he costs in the field are made up for by better production at bat.

MG, are those their NL ranks or MLB?

Sorry, the dude who hangs out in the bathroom with ancient cologne and mints. No f-ing way he gets a tip. Nobody tipped me when I changed tires on people's cars.
Old dude wipes the sink in a bathroom, that is called a custodian not a valet or whatever. And when they try to give me a towel, I get it myself.

I hear you, but the person you should be rude to is not the guy with the towel, but the person who hired him.

Raul's: Yeah, I hate that guy.

I always hate seeing that guy in the bathroom. I don't need or want his help with anything and yet feel compelled to give him a buck.

you gotta feel bad for the guy, smelling the urinal cakes all day. and the job was probably handed down to him by his father.

I am never rude to the "little people" I come from little people stock. I give a complementary Gatorade to all who do lawn work at the Grandpa Compound.
My mom told me to always wipe the sink area when I am finished washing hands and I also hate walking up to a sink and getting a wet line across the pants. That's some rude sh9t.
I don't need the help and I don't leave a mess for others. I just get a towel myself if I am in a casino or "fine dining" establishment, I am germ freak when it comes down to opening the door or whatever, so I take the towel with me and through it in the trash as I hold the door open.
The real kicker to me is the sheer amount of "big shots" who clean the sink and counter themselves.I have covered business conferences all over Europe and Japan and I am amazed at how many times a dude in a crazy expensive suit wipes the sink (inside too) at a McD. Yet I walk out of a stall at the big bank building HQ in NYC and Randall Duke throws the towel on the floor.

NEPP - NL ranks.

I think the point of the guy in the bathroom isn't just that he hands you a towel. I think the point is that he keeps the place clean as well. And have a heart people The guy LIVES IN A BATHROOM. And I think the official name for him (someone asked before) is Reno Mahe.

maybe Eric Bruntlett?

Forget the bathrooms, what about Dan in Philly's post, why is this logic so difficult to grasp by the FO?

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