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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Is there a regular season version of Clout Day? Because I feel like it might be time to actually start worrying.

June 20th.

Lee looks PISSED

Cant imagine why. He's given up 5 runs in 3 starts and has an 0-1 record.

The title of this thread says it all. 4 hits, 0 runs in 10 innings. Our pitchers deserve better. Amaro really screwed up by not upgrading the offense. And he must be held accountable. Can't say it enough. It is time to start worrying.

I'd be pissed too if my manager acted the way Manuel did in the top of the 11th with the winning run on third.

DPat - Your boy Theriot would've definitely upgraded this lineup. C'mon dude.

I'll wait until we have a third of the season under our belt before I start to worry. We simply need to play .500 ball until Howard/Utley comes back.

Of course, if the Nats continue to win at a .769% pace, all of that is moot.

The odds of that happening are pretty slim though.

3rock: What exactly is going to happen when Howard/Utley get back?

Howard is coming off an injury that by all accounts takes a year to be fully recovered from. And Utley has a condition that he'll never recover from, and is playing on 1/2 a knee.

Good question, Steve. And don't forget that it's only April, so trends aren't really trends (??). You're witnessing some classic whistling through the graveyard.

Steve - The offense won't be relying on the guys it currently is.

First of all, and most people probably skipped over it, but I apologize for using a word last night I don't think I've ever used on BL. Pretty crushing loss but it was still unacceptable.

Secondly, I still think people who say the return of Utley and Howard won't make a difference are clueless. Of course it will make a difference.

Thirdly, and I've never even come close to being in this, but after 3 or 4 games already in the first two weeks of the season, it is already time to start heaping this as much on the manager as it is on the players. Some of the decisions Manuel has made in individual situations, as well as decisions he continues to make on a daily basis (Pierre playing AND LEADING OFF, Polanco in the 2-hole, and now what will obviously be a season-long misuse of Thome and Papelbon), are doing more than actively hurting the team. They are going to result in digging a hole that even Utley and Howard can't save them from.

I have always been a Charlie defender, but so far this season, he is actively hurting the team.

being in this camp*

So they'll be relying on guys that are chronically injured and/or sapped of power due to major injury to their back leg.

The bench will still be the same.

Pierre is on pace to swipe 40 bags and bat .300.

Clearly not the problem.


Steve are you being intentionally obtuse? The bench guys are starters right now.

With Howard/Utley back, Wigginton/Nix/Thome will go from a platoon at 1B to full time bench and Galvis will be sent to the minors

So what am i missing? The only change to the bench is that all 3 of Wigginton/Nix/Thome will be on the bench instead of 2 of them at any given time.

***Galvis will be sent to the minors***

Pete Orr will be sent to the minors.

Having all three on the bench is better than having 2 of them start, like last night.

Charlie's strength is keeping his clubhouse on the right track for the next 150 games after losses like this.

Charlie's weakness is losses like this.

Wouldn't Galvis be better served getting starts in AAA?

re: Papelbon not used

In this instance, Phils had their whole pen at their disposal, so I'm completely fine with using Bastardo, or Qualls for the 11th.

Im not pretending that David Herndon wouldn't have pitched the 14th before Papelbon would have, so I'm not excusing it completely, but for what its worth, Bastardo in the 11th didnt bother me at all.

Here's a pretty insightful quote from Manuel, on his PH decisions in the 11th.

“Thome is 2 for 11 off the guy with three strikeouts. That means he put the ball in play eight times. If he hits a ball, as big and strong as he is, we have a chance to score a run. Also, I figured he was definitely going to walk Mayberry. Juan Pierre hits .300 off lefties, but he still has to face a sidearm lefty. I thought Mayberry was a stronger guy who could move the ball better. That was the best chance for us to get the run.”

First off, we have the first confirmed evidence that Manuel actually does know that Pierre hits LHP better than RHP. So we can no longer make the joke that Manuel simply doesn't know what splits are or whatever. He knows, and he simply refuses to use it to the team's advantage.

Secondly, the reasoning for Thome is truly baffling. He acknowledges that Thome is hitting under .200 against this guy with more strikeouts than hits. But because he ONLY has three strikeouts in 11 PA, that is reasoning enough to send him up there against a guy who historically murders lefties? Are you kidding me?

If there is an situation that Polanco is fit for, it's that one. I do have at least have a good bit of faith that Polanco can still put the ball in play against a slow-throwing lefty. Certainly more faith than I do in one of them most prolific K artists in the history of the game.

Just a complete travesty, all around. Both the use of Thome, AND pinch-hitting for Pierre. I used to find this kind of stuff funny when the team was good enough to overcome Cholly's blunders, but now that the lineup is gutted, it isn't funny anymore.

"Pierre hits .300 off lefties....but he was facing a lefty"


Bingo Iceman. Great post. 1 run was winning that game last night. As a manager you need to make sure you have every advantage to get that run home. Manuel simply didn't do that. Instead he relied on friendship and a gut feeling. Baffling.

I think the general consensus in the offseason was that Mayberry was big question mark on whether the offense could survive enough to at least take advantage of gems like Lee last night, its held true so far.

Mayberry still deserves another month in my opinion as a full time player. It might hurt short term, but you need to find out what you have when evaluating the future, both his and your franchise.

Sink or swim with Polanco. Not just relative to last night.

***Wouldn't Galvis be better served getting starts in AAA?***

That depends on how long Chase is out and what is going on at 3B and SS. If Utley is out until late June and Freddy already has 300 PA and is still hitting well (.650ish OPS), there is no reason to send him down to "get starts" as he's producing at an acceptable level and will likely still get regular playing time as Chase will need very regular rest.

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