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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


That was a terrible call. Not Kubel's night after getting called out on a pitch a foot outside and then making that nice play in short LF.

And Orr delivers!

Never a doubt with Pete Orr!!!

that'a boy Petey. The bullpen management just got a lot easier.

Dave - Yup. Normally I don't get on umps or care that much but Hernandez is a poor ump especially when he is behind the plate.

Yet year after year him and clown Joe West get to ump in the postseason.

Rollins is 3-33 (.091) on this road trip.

This just in...Jimmy still sucks.

Like we've been saying all season, Orr just needs some more AB's.

Meh. The Home Run Payoff Inning is over, anyway.

Just missed that.

Jroll just mailed in an AB with a man on 3rd/1out...he can thank Pete Orr for a big lead so it likely won't be a turning point in the game by stranding the runner on 3rd strictly because he's concentrating on breaking out of his slump instead of thinking like a real ballplayer and advancing the runner.

FS Dbacks broadcast crew: "7 runs, 10 hits, 0 eras"

Interesting accent.

It is crazy how hard Pence swings every AB with almost every swing. Never chokes up. Never shortens his swing.

Why he doesn't matchup well against guys who throw hard especially can hit 93+ with that high strike.

"Pete Orr has slipped into Iron Ore." - TBag

And with that, I mute the TV.

Big Truck is on the cusp of a nickname change. He keeps this up and he'll be Dump Truck in no time.

Preacher - You would think that using that line when Orr hits a triple and is flying around the bases isn't really a good fit.

Yet he used it 3 times. Haha.

My favorite tonight had be how Sarge kept mentioning repeatedly that Ransom couldn't handle the inside pitch. How did he know this? His days as a hitting coach in Chicago. Does he ever do any work before a broadcast to check on opposing players? Nope.


The 50yr old is not getting it done...

Truck might not be ready for back to back games yet

MG, it was very Jim Nance-esque. I effing hate Jim Nance.

Pitching Change. Now.

Dump Truck.

Yeah, were people actually pining for this cavemant o come back to help out this bullpen. 40 year old pitchers coming off surgeries that keep them out for over a year...usually signals poor results upon return*

*Jamie Moyer notwithstanding

The problem with pitching change now is that it means Bastardo now.

Get him the eff out of this gm

Contreras has nothing tonight. No control at all tonight.

Good pitch to get Hill. I have no idea though if Contreras meant for it to break like that.

I'm getting Brad Lidge flashbacks.

Garbage Truck.

Right call here by Cholly to go Bastardo vs. Montero.

Papelbon is probably psyched he gets a save chance now.

Who knows if Contreras would be pitching (or pitching poorly) if the Phillies didn't put up three runs in the top of the inning, but that blown call is looking big.

The Phillies are kidding themselves with Contreras. He's 41. He's coming off a major injury. He got bombed in spring training, bombed in the minors, and he has looked terrible in all 3 regular season appearances. His pitches have nothing on them and he has no idea where they're going. He'd been lucky until today, but this was inevitable and, if he stays on the team, many more outings like it are also inevitable.

Looks like - but hopefully won't - the runs the Rollins left on base tonight will matter

Same problem as last year. When the starter only goes 6, this team has real issues getting to the closer.

The problem with pitching change now is that it means Bastardo now.

Posted by: Phlipper (firing up the hibachi on the Benny Frank) | Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 11:48 PM

Nothing wrong with the Bastard against a lefty.

Arizona's 2 BP pitchers from last nite are history.

Orr's OPS-1.091


I was pining for Contreras and still hopes he shows something because the alternatives are Herndon/Stutes.

$180M roster with a bunch of limitations and holes.

Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez both pitching gems tonight.

I've tried posting how pist off i am at Jimmy for his total ahole move for the past 5 minutes but i guess it keeps getting flagged for curse words.

Basically, just last week i was defending rollins from people suggesting he may lose motivation and now he's doing just that.

Boo f'n hoo, he's struggling right now, and the Phils got a 6 run lead.. so our clubhouse leader goes up and tries to bust his slump with zero gdamn regard that theres a man on 3rd with 1 out. He can't get a pitch to hit off the wall, so he sulks like a little leaguer and just hacks at junk hoping to get lucky.

100% genuine ahole move and i hope Charlie notices what a gutless effort that was.

keep in mind people we hit against they worst relief pitcher last night to get them few runs and this is their worst starter. good win tonight but we'll see tomorrow. sorry i cant get all excited about their 2 worst pitchers.

Wash 2 SD 0
Atl 3 LA 2

Against Zags, we ought to reclaim 1, if not all, of those 3 runs the Truck just gave up.

Vic should crush Zags

If Mike Zagurski can't make this lineup look good, no one can!

Glad to see Zags is really "rounding" into form.

I am the prophet tonight.

It's good to know Zagurski is still Zagurski.

Woohoo! Nice to see Zagurski's still a useless sack o' crap!

Zagurski is 29. He's no kid. He throws hard and has little/no command with a crummy slider.

Vic should bat RHP all the time going off his last few seasons.

I love RH Vic. You just knew that HR was coming. That early leg kick and everything -- it was as if he knew that meatball was coming. Against LHP, he's just sick.

"Vic should bat RHP all the time going off his last few seasons."

Was about to post the same thing. What's the harm in trying?

Someone asked this before but why a Bob Cat. Whilst i can understand not having a menacing looking Diamondback because of the kiddies they could of come up with some cute snake or a lizard of some sort..Big truck sucked i certainly understand bringing him in this situation..

haha, the MG special - Chooch finishes game for Schiender

Cue MG's rant on Ruiz finishing games

Just think if we never traded Gio away -- Gio as the 5th starter

Zagurksi is a classic guy who throws hard and has a good enough fastball to put up solid numbers at AAA.

More disciplined MLB hitters will lay off is stuff and every MLB hitter (almost everyone) can drive a 92-93 fastball over the plate.

In a game up 8-4. Chooch is on pace to appear in 144 games with tonight's appearance and the only reason Chooch missed too games is because his hand was too swollen to hold a bat properly.

Chooch is either a twit or a sadistic task manager. Going former.

i still see us losing the series. i mean this is their absolute worst pitchers. it wont be the same tomorrow. we'll see what we do then.

I don't usually share MG's consternation about Ruiz subbing in for Schneider late in the game. Most of the times it has happened, it has been in close games, where the upgrade on both offense & defense could conceivably affect the outcome. In a 4-run game, though, it does seem kind of stupid.

Do we get Kennedy tomorrow?

I'd like to see Chooch "lose" his glove on his off days. Like taking away the helmet of the NFL dudes who get concussed.



Qualls is going to give up his share of HRs. Just hope they are solo shots like that.

Cue Paps.

That's pretty much exactly what I've been waiting for from Qualls. When I picture him, I picture him giving up that HR.

Look at all of those substitutions. Cholly doing his best imitation of a real manager?

I can see it now in July - 'Chooch to 15-day DL for physical exhaustion after he appears in a record 32 consecutive games for a catcher'

Papelbon slipped Qualls a little cash & told him to throw a meatball so the 9th inning would be a save situation.

Finally, Qualls decided to being some strikeouts to the party. Something head only done once so far this season.

After that bomb, Grim Reaper Qualls SLAMS THE DOOR SHUT!

god our bullpen blows

Polanco hit that about as hard as he can. Doesn't even have warning track power

Vic is a .296/.370/.510 hitter right handed and .274/.336/.412 left handed for his career.

And its gotten more and more drastic as the years have gone on.

Career OPS difference: .132
2009 OPS difference: .057
2010 OPS difference: .240
2011 OPS difference: .255
2012 OPS difference: .471**

**yea yea small sample size

Getting blown away by Zagurski? Ugh. Thome now 0-8 with 6 Ks as a PH. Brutal start.

MG, it's because he's not Jewish...

thank god for their worst starter starting tonight or we'd lost again. our bullpen is just brutal...

If Billmeyer didn't get a new pair of binoculars for his b'day today, then this bullpen has no sense of humor.

Jim Thomeberg

I really don't understand what Thome's supposed to accomplish PH vs. a LHP. It's like when Charlie used to run Romero out there to face consecutive RH batters.

At any rate the Phils survived the Crap, now it's time for Pap ...

1-24 with 13 Ks and 0 BBs from the bench so far PH.

Thome 0fer (0-8 with 6 Ks)
Mayberry Ofer (0-6 with 3 Ks)
Nix Ofer (0-3 with 1 K)

Only PH is Pierre's bloop single.

philytime, just curious what you make of us beating up on crappy AZ pitching...

We get it. However, even beating up on crappy pitching is a step in the right direction for this team. Baby steps...

Did the Diamindbacks just play "Enter Sandman" as the opposing closer entered?

"I really don't understand what Thome's supposed to accomplish PH vs. a LHP. It's like when Charlie used to run Romero out there to face consecutive RH batters."

There are no right-handers on the bench. Funny, that the issue has gotten so little attention on Beerleaguer because, in my mind, it is negligence of the highest order by our GM. And it has already hurt us 4 or 5 times in just the first few weeks of the season.

Papelbon really can throw his fastball wherever Chooch calls it. Damn, I may not have been happy with the signing (I loved Madson), but Paps is damn good.

Pap - 8 pitch save. Very nice.

Wins a win. Nice to see some power and Orr to get that huge hit.

Hamels better be lights out tomorrow because I don't see this lineup doing much against Cahill. Nice to see a series win and even up the road trip at 5-5.

Compared to Phillytime, I am a bundle of positive energy.

The Phillies have finally cracked the 3 Runs/Game mark: 3.11 Runs/Game!

Only the second time this season the Phillies have scored ≥4 Runs in Consecutive Games.

First 3 HR game of the season.

I haven't become a huge Orr advocate but it wouldn't be the worst idea to give Orr the spot start vs. a finesse RHP like today.

Good time to give JRoll a rest too and slide Galvis over to SS. I bet JRoll thinks he is an Iron Man who can play everyday but he simply isn't that player anymore. He could use a day off any every 10-14 days.

We had 3 RH on the bench tonite. They were all used properly before Thome entered.

Was pullling for Zags actually i dont think the Phils gave him a proper chance. Despite what the MLB pitching on Bl'er think. Sit Rollins down for a game put Galvis at SS give Orr another start

I should clarify my remark: it was not meant to be a cut on Charlie, despite the comparison I made w/ his use of Romero. My point was that it's unreasonable to expect Thome to hit a LHP, period, & as such not esp. surprising that he'd fail to get a hit tonight. b_a_p is absolutely correct in his assessment of the GM's failure to provide RH bats, which lead to not only the Thome issue, but Chooch coming back into the game on his supposed "off" day as well.

Schneider has started 3 games now on Chooch's off-days and in every one of those games Cholly pulled Schneider late and put in Chooch.

Only 2 games where Schneider started and finished a game because Chooch was not available in SD because of the swollen hand.

That's insane. Never seen a manager constantly take out his backup catcher and insert his starting catcher on his off-days.

Kevin Cooney: "Mike Stutes was placed on the DL (right shoulder inflammation). RHP Mike Schwimer was recalled from Lehigh Valley to take his place."

This is ridiculous. I'm beginning to worry about my own shoulders now.

Dave - Why? Doesn't surprise me. Stutes had that bum shoulder in spring training & it doesn't benefit him or the team to have him on the roster.

Surprised Sanches didn't get the call up. Schwimer is going to take root in the bullpen because he is going to be the last guy Cholly goes to besides Savery.

MG: Not about Stutes in particular, but shoulders in general (Pence & Zimmerman, too).

cahill will more than likely crush us. nationals are about to win tonight and so are the braves. we seriously gotta start doing something against good pitching. we cant just win against the worst starter of every series or we can just forget it. win tomorrow and then im impressed.

Nevermind on Sanches. Schwimmer has the better numbers in the early going.

Mitch Williams speaks as if everything he says is incredibly urgent: "I'm EATING a FRENCH fry RIGHT now. And then YOU KNOW I'm gonna WASH IT DOWN with a GLASS of ICED tea. LATER I should PROBABLY meander OUT FRONT and GET the MAIL. I'll also HEAD OUT and PUT some gas IN the TRUCK. NO kiddin'. There's NO CHANCE I'm gonna let the gauge go below a half tank. I mean, NO WAY."

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