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Sunday, April 08, 2012


That's the best game graphic ever. It made me crack-up. So good.

From the previous thread, if Rollins cared as much as Chase maybe he'd be rehabbing instead of playing.

Do we get to two runs today?

Vegas pushed the o/u to 7.5, i think they're on to the drop off in pitching and defense on the field today compared to first two games, and trying to lure the public to go hard at the under.

Phils are 20-5 with Worley on the mound and average 5.62 runs - I'm feeling some runs despite the ugly lineup card.

also, Pierre PH'ing vs RHP last night and now starting vs RHP today - WTF someone needs to tell them his splits!

"Pierre PH'ing vs RHP last night and now starting vs RHP today - WTF someone needs to tell them his splits!"

Splits? Don't give me that sabermetrics stuff from Ed Wade's Google or something. The Pirates' starter is right-handed. Pierre is left-handed. That's why he's starting.

Juan Pierre has OBPs of .324 and .296 the last two seasons against RHP.

Let's have him hit leadoff!

Good Morning!

This may make me sound (even) stupid(er than usual), but what's up with Cole Hamels? Is he injured or something? I am surprised that he would not pitch today.

Two runs today would be awesome. Baby steps.

Ah, never mind- Home Opener.

This is from an article on Fangraphs from a few days ago. Truer words were never written:

"If the team can play Thome more often without risking injury and use Mayberry and Nix more often than Pierre and Wigginton, they can make do with the lineup until Howard and/or Utley returns.

But it’s more likely that the team thinks of Pierre as the 2002-05 version of himself and Wigginton as the decent power hitter from several years ago. The Phillies have pieces to perform adequately on offense without Howard and Utley, but could be their own worst enemy in terms of maximizing the utility of their rostered players."

Its pretty clear that after only a couple of games that Manuel's luck is running out. Over the past few seasons the teams he managed fielded a current, future, or previous all star at seven to eight positions on the field. Now he is going to be forced to manage a team with much less talent and it appears his coaching abilities or lack of are going to be exposed.

Its one thing to adhere to a philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but the car's wheels are falling off the chassie and Manuel continues to think like a 3-run homer is just around the corner. Or if he recognizes the problem he just doesn't pull the right levers, viz., pinch hitters and bullpen.

If the 2012 Phillies expect to win 90 games this year Manuel had better start rethinking his philosophy because he is going to have to out-think his opposite number now that the on-field competition is equal to his team in talent.

btw for a team that is supposed to become a "small-ball" team its basepath speed and intelligence is atrocious... and Davy Lopes is laughing.

I will repost what I wrote on Charlie from the last thread:

The backlash against Charlie is going to be a dominant storyline this year.

The simple fact is that Charlie is a fantastic manager when it comes to handling his players and getting the best out of those guys. He's not a very good manager at tactical moves that maximize marginal advantages. This year, we really need the latter, and he's going to be criticized for the fact that he's not very good at it.

Textbook example of why Pierre can't hit RHP. You can't slap a pitch that is in on your hands.

bap: Well, you can. You just ground out weakly every time.


Victorino on base and Pence driving him in is our best chance at scoring runs this season.

It's one reason why I actually like Shane not hitting leadoff, despite him being our best leadoff hitter. Getting him on in front of Pence is going to be key.

So it's the score-once-in-the-first-and-never-score-again model today . . .

Classic Worley called strike K. If he keeps getting those, he will be just fine.

If you're the Pirates, why wouldn't you drag bunt down the first base line and test Thome out?

However, if Worley can't throw strikes, he won't be just fine.

Whoa, Galvis made it to first.

MLB Gameday 2012 -- where's my BADGES? Ma BADGES!

Worley's AB next inning will be the 6th by a Phillies pitcher this season. It will be the 5th time that pitcher's AB has led off the inning.

the phillies need to work out some ad tie-in with "1-2-3 goes the phillies,"

this team has the 1st inning figured out.

How long will the Phillies go before scoring more than 1 run in a game?

Where are all the people who kept telling us the offense would be totally fine because they were 2nd in the league last year once they got Utley and Pence?

Holy crap, a home run!

"How long will the Phillies go before scoring more than 1 run in a game?"

By my clock, 8 minutes.

Ok, I was just going to wonder out loud how many games it would be until the Phillies hit a home run. Now both streaks are over. Thank you, Hunter Pence.

thanks philwynk. blrj. took just 8 mins.

I had heard rumors there was a number greater than 1, but I personally didn't believe it existed. Now somebody's probably going to tell me there's a number greater than 2 out there....

For all the recent discussion of small ball, it's difficult for even a team full of .300 hitters to score runs on three straight singles. For a lineup like today's, comprised of 7 average to below average OBP hitters, it's virtually impossible to score by small ball. It takes extra base hits -- like the 2 that Pence has delivered.

This just in: Chase Utley still has chondromalacia.

MLB Network Tonight at 11:30: Bob Costas talks about his sock drawer.

Absolutely no reason why Phils' hitter (4 of them through the first 4 IP and another 2 who swung) are swinging at McDonald's first pitch. Giving him a huge lift because McDonald is struggling to get much over.

You can have a 'small ball' lineup if you have hitters who work BBs, have decent OBP, and have good speed. The Phils' lineup doesn't really have any of those today.

Listening to Franzke & L.A. sarcastically celebrate the Phillies' offensive explosion is hilarious.

"Joe Gaines (sp?) back in the studio can hardly keep up w/ piecing together the highlights!"

Worley's doing a nice job of pounding that inner part of the strike zone today especially against RH hitters with lots of fastballs.

Only 50 pitches through 4 IP. Hopefully get 7 out of him today.

Did Brian Schneider really just try to bunt for a hit?

Why is Schneider attempting to bunt on the first pitch with nobody on?

At least Galvis gives you good defense and speed on the basepaths. Schneider gives you neither.

Today's lineup is almost as good as that 2005 lineup. I would take Pratt over Schneider.

r00b signed Schneider to a 2-year deal ... & then signed him again.

- Reason RAJ Is A Jackass, #847

Worley hung Alvarez a changeup. Still a pitch he really needs to work on yet. Weakest offspeed pitch by far.

Niese is no-hitting the Braves through 6. At 88 pitches, though, it doesn't seem too likely it's going to last.

Pierre just bought himself more starts.

Now he'll get thrown out trying to steal 3rd.


Need to get Pierre home this inning after a little charity.

Man Alvarez stinks defensively. Wonder how long the Pirates insist in futilely keeping him at 3B.

WTF is with this insane sac stuff with the 2nd best hitter in the lineup? Ugh.

Cholly's a blithering idiot. Bunting with Vic, when you've already got a fast runner in scoring position = small ball extremism.

It's bunt-o-rama year.

Rollins is awesome.

better chance to score on a ss. rollins looked clueless.

Alright, Jimmy Rollins strikes out with 1 out and a man on third? That's just wretched. He HAS to make contact.

What are we paying the man for???

Make them pay, Thome. Make them pay.

Should have fired Greg Gross this offseason and named Brett Butler as the hitting coach.

Not watching the game, but did Charlie just bunt Victorino with a speedy runner on 2nd and NO OUTS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The bunting is getting ridiculous, and it's only the third game of the year...

Time for an old-timey three-runner.

Inevitably, there will be those who defend it. But bunting with Vic, to get to Rollins, when a very fast runner is already in scoring position & there's no risk of a DP, might just be the single dumbest move that Cholly has made in his entire Phillies career. For sure, it is a worthy challenger.

Dave - 'Spirit is willing, body is not able' seems be an apt description for JRoll.

Solid player but he is a guy that should be hitting 6th-7th in a lineup. Not 1st or 3rd.

Sigh...I guess I get to have another year of the Phils failing to score with a man on third and less than 2 outs....

Or an old-timey look-at-strike-three-and-leave-two-men-on.


Well, that worked out great. I'm sure glad they gave up an out with their best player at the plate.

Terrible. Piss poor managerial decision and poor execution.

Team isn't good enough right now to let those kind of charitable gifts pass them by.

"'Spirit is willing, body is not able' seems be an apt description for JRoll."

And most of the lineup.

WHEN the opposing team gives you an extra out, good teams take advantage of it.

Hopefully Amaro insists a 'Stupid Bunt Decision' jar after this game and makes Cholly contribute $250 for each and every stupid bunt decision.

All proceeds go to a charity of Amaro's choice.

$500 so far and counting.

will we pay for that now?

Pirates have had some back luck the last 2 games. Hit a couple of balls hard today but right at Phils' hitters. Did the same thing last night too.

Worley continues to impress. 78 pitches, 52 strikes, 1 run, 5 k, 1 bb. Nice job, young'n.

"All proceeds go to a charity of Amaro's choice."

AKA the Phillies offense. "Here's a contract old timer. Now sit back and enjoy your golden years."

Nice job by Worley to get Jones there. 1 more IP out him and then mix-and-match in the 8th with Papelbon in the 9th.

Yeah, so our offense is weak and not made any better by bunting when it's not advisable. There is something between bunting and hitting HRs - Charlie knows that, right? Thank goodness for Pence and capable starting pitching.

RHP? Makes total sense to start Pierre and bat him leadoff.

UC is a moron.

The better lineup today would have been:

SS JRoll
CF Vic
RF Pence
1B Thome
LF Nix
3B Wigginton
2B Galvis
C Schneider

Not that it matter all that much because you still have Schneider in there and Polanco needed to sit.

Place your bets on whether Galvis and Wig will be left stranded now.

Thank you walker.

In other baseball news, I just read that Ozzie Guillen is quoted in Times magazine as saying he has love and respect for Fidel Castro. He works in Miami, for Pete's sake, in a stadium in Little Havana, no less.

Does he try to provoke, or is he clueless, or does he not care whether he angers the fan base (such as it is)?

fly ball --- pls Schneider....

wittington can not the basepaths

Pirates are doing as much as they can to help this Phils' offense.

This is pathetic..

this is frickin PITIFUL

Weak effort by Nix.

Why not Thome there?

Nix makes me nostalgic for Gload. Was such a thing imaginable?

Schneider and Nix with 2 RISP and 0 out and no one DIDN'T expect that result.

P. Air!!!!!

I don't believe it. He actually got a 2-run single! Wow.

YES -- JUAN!!!!

JP with a big "eff you" for Scotty Pods apologists, like me. I'll take it.

Pierre is a beast!!!

Especially against RHP!!!

Indeed. Nice job Pierre though!

Somebody finally delivered although Schneider did hit the ball hard just right at McGehee.

Pretty hard not to score a run with 1st and 3rd and nobody out.

I dont mind starting Pierre...just not at the expense of Mayberry.

WIGGY AND NIX - HOW MUCH were their contracts?

Cuddyer would have looked so much better in a phillies uniform

I have no idea where Cholly got the idea that this team can't score around the HR ball and, hence, needs to play small ball (to an extreme degree, no less). To be sure, our best homerun hitter is out. But Pence is a 25-homerun hitter. Vic is a 20-homerun hitter. Mayberry obviously has homerun power. Then RAJ spent the off-season acquiring a bunch of low-average hitters like Nix, Wigginton, and Thome precisely because they have homerun power. For all 3 of these guys, their homerun power is literally the only reason they still have major league jobs.

The Phillies may not have Ryan Howard, but a team full of slow, one-dimensional, low-average hitters with some pop is precisely the kind of team that SHOULD be "sitting around waiting for a 3-run homer," instead of trying to eke out a run here and a run there by getting on base and bunting.

Looks like Worley's twin sister (wearing Phillies garb) is sitting in the first few rows on the first-base side, near the plate.

Anyone know Thome's HR per AB last year or career? How much longer we looking at?

rollins shows he is worth every penny of his new contract...

Laynce Nix...2 year deal.

Just let it sink in.

I think that the term small ball is not simply bunting and hit and running, it is the process of forcing the opposition's defense to execute under pressure.

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