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Saturday, April 28, 2012


This game feels like the Phillies will score about 5 runs, but Blanton will give up 6.

Nice to see a guy, at the end of April, hitting .118 hitting cleanup.

Nelson Figueroa facing iron pigs tonight. Pods leads off with a hit.

Feeling good about this game. For whatever reason. Maybe because it's hard to suck more than last night's.

Did anyone notice Zolecki's blog this morning?

He posted:

"My first inclination is return Rollins to the leadoff spot, where he has made his career, and have Pence hit third."

Then posted this suggested lineup:
That lineup would look something like this:

Victorino (.861 career OPS hitting fifth: second best spot in the lineup)

* * *
Charlie didn't go exactly this route, but I find it prescient - or lucky - of Zolecki to have suggested this lineup earlier today, only to see a similar lineup in place tonight!

Good news about Howard & Utley - finally taking steps forward.

Any help they can provide this season will be a welcome relief, a breath of fresh air...but we still need the other regulars to contribute. I'm hoping Rollins comes out of his slump tonight - Pence, too. And, oh, yes, Thome.

(Even if it is cold, as opposed to "hittin' weather".)

And I hope Blanton is better than mediocre. Hoping for 6IP and no more than 3 runs - in other words, a "quality start". That's reasonable, right?

I hate it when teams wear their batting practice jerseys in a game.

So glad Blanton's healthy this year.

(Not so) suddenly, this game . . . feels like a loss.

Another Great Moment In MLB Umpiring.

It's uncanny how these other teams actually manage to knock home the runners who get on base.

All Jimmy does is make weak contact anymore. It's hard to get hits if you never hit the ball ahrd.

At least he looked awake during that AB.

It's hard to stay awake when you're apart of this lineup. Hard to stay awake watching them, too.

I keep missing the Dawkins pitch. Was it anywhere near the plate?

Classy guy, that Brian Dawkins.

Maybe the singular best Philadelphia athlete of the last quarter century.

Bak, not even close. He bounced it about 15 feet short.

I was really counting on Dawk hauling off & killing CSN Philly's in-the-stands idiot. No such luck.

Fata, thanks. It somehow seems fitting that Rollins was involved in a pitch like that.

Howie-esque swing-and-a-miss there by Nix.

A walk. Shocker.

Another shocker: a man left on.

This is just pitiful watching this lineup fail to hit the complete slop being thrown out there by Randy Wells.

What was that about rearranging chairs on the Titanic?

Meanwhile, Blanton gives up a hit to their pitcher....

Ok, nice job with the DP, Blanton.

Ok, nice job with the DP, Blanton.

Orr, Blanton, Rollins. Think I'll go grab dinner.

And I was just thinking, "If only Joe could get hit by a pitch here. That'd be something, at least."

So predictable.

Is Rollins capable of anything other than pop-ups and weakly dribbled groundouts?

Corey Seidman: "There have been 876 runs scored in the first 3 innings of major-league games this season. The Phillies have scored 16 of those runs, or 1.8%"

It's so bad that now I'm just rooting for outs that are hard hit...and we can't even get that.

Is Rollins capable of anything other than pop-ups and weakly dribbled groundouts?


The most entertaining portion of the WGN Broadcast is them focusing on two guys eat steaks for 4-5 pitches.

I have no choice but to post it again because it really, really should be Rollins' "I'm a-comin' to the plate" song:

The last time Rollins made solid contact w/ anything was when he held a pen to his new contract.

Rollins is as defensively consistent as they come, but he has very little range anymore. If the ball is hit 3 feet to his side, it's a hit. Of course, I realize that he's not in the lineup for defense; he's in there for his prodigious bat.

A hit! An extra-base hit! Celebrate good times, whoohoo!

Man, I was yearning for a New York Life promotion.

Thank you, Mr. Pence.

"A hit! An extra-base hit! Celebrate good times, whoohoo!"

Yeah, but you know what's coming now.

Of all the ABs to laud Thome's patience, this is not the one. Wells hasn't thrown a pitch within 2 feet of home plate yet.

By the way, you all just got a picture of the treatment Howard is going to get whenever he returns. Why pitch to the guy in the lineup who can actually hurt you.

Great freeze-cam on the TV just now showed that bad call by the ump on the Cubs' CS-called-SB.

Well, at least he didn't hit into a DP.

Jim Thome: 21 PA, 3 BB

Juan Pierre: 65 PA, 2 BB

"Of all the ABs to laud Thome's patience, this is not the one. Wells hasn't thrown a pitch within 2 feet of home plate yet."

But he didn't swing at 4 of them -- which makes him more patient than anyone else on the team.

That's true, Fata.

Which is why Vic needed to step up with at least a single that advanced all runners.

At least he didn't GIDP.

Yep, looked like Thome came up grimacing after that slide. In fact, he looked hurt right as he finished sliding.

End of April. Little earlier than I thought, but figured he's eventually get hurt.

Please, Chooch, for the love of baseball, do NOT hit into a DP.
We need to capitalize on this opportunity.




Well-placed, Chooch! Thank you!

Crowd is hungry for something to cheer about. Sitting out in the chilly rain, for this offense and a Blanton outing - they deserve a reason to cheer.

Looks like Ruiz took offense at all those Phlipper posts which said that he's worse than Galvis at driving in runs.

It only took Randy Wells completely forgetting how to throw strikes, but at least we took advantage of it.

I love that chooch gave himself five.

We didn't really expect anything more, did we? Whether or not the pitcher is struggling, when it's Orr, then Blanton, you know the scoring is almost surely over.

That's why Pete Orr is a garbage hitter. How in the hell did he hit a fly ball on a pitch THAT low? It was half way down his shin, and he somehow popped it up.

Wow, he walked Blanton. He IS struggling.

Jimmy, please do NOT pop up!

Time to not be a useless sack o' crap, Jimmy.

Wells hasn't thrown a strike since 1975, and Charlie, the lovely country bumpkin that he is, gave Blanton, a friggin pitcher, the green light.

Even if Blanton didn't swing, as the pitch was predictably way out of the zone, why in the hell would you give an undisciplined hitter the green light against a pitcher who is visibly unable to throw a strike?

I don't get Manuel sometimes...or most of the time.

Can't imagine Rollins not ending the inning.

Jimmy! Finally!

POW!!! Luck on our side!!! JROLL

YES! Earn that money, baby!

Now that's the leadoff hitter we know and love.

Thank goodness for Randy Wells.

Wow, huge hit by jimmy

You were saying, G-Town.

The Rollins Redemption!

Cholly liked those RBIs so much, he's going to move Rollins back to the 3-hole.

BAP, mid-game?

Fat: For tomorrow's game -- although, if he could do it mid-game, he probably would.

... why in the hell would you give an undisciplined hitter the green light against a pitcher who is visibly unable to throw a strike?

Charlie Logic: Joe Blanton hit a HR in the World Series. Joe Blanton is Harmon Killebrew ... & he can pitch, too!

"Left Lower Back Tightness" for Thome.

Pleasantly surprised with the outing by Blanton so far tonight. Offspeed stuff has been pretty good.

C'mon, we need 2 more Outs here ...

Man, our hitters must have been watching tape of Freddy Galvis and his magical 5 RBIs before the game today.

Right, Phlipper?

Alright. Let it rain.

Cholly: "I've got an aging 1Bman with a bad back. Should I start him in Arizona when it's 98 degrees, or wait for a cold, rainy nite in Philly?"

Funnily enough, I find myself pleased with Nix for taking that borderline strike 3 pitch. It resulted in a scoreless inning, but it also demonstrated a selectivity I didn't think he had.

Thome should just retire.

A total waste of a roster spot. Plus Cholly has to start him once a week, just because he's his buddy.

The only place Thome should be playing is the Retirement League, known as the American League. Where he can DH occasionally. Why he was brought here made no sense in the winter and makes even less sense now.

And here's the cloud that comes w/ every silver lining. Schneider time.

Man. The way Chooch went down I thought he must be dead. Toughest guy on the team to walk that off. Sit, Schneider, sit.

denny b.- word

Chooch toughs it out with the best of them.


Adios pelota!

5 minutes ago, we thought he was dead. Then he killed that pitch.

And now he hits a HR! Chooch sez "Pain don't hurt!"

Pete Orr: Not Chooch.

Word is Aumont has left the Piggies game w/ "some sort of injury" after walking the first 2 batters he faced.

Gee, thanks for the detailed info, Jeff Schuler.

Blanton still dealing after 7 is a pleasant sight.

If Blanton can pitch like this all year, he'll be incredibly more valuable than I figured he would be. I'm not expecting 1 ER and 7IP every night, but a solid 2-3 ER and 7 IP would be huge for a team that has crap hitting like us (at the moment.).

Thats all we can ask for Greg..

its just unsettling looking at the inning and seeing blanton still on the mound...

love it...

but unsettling.

Blanton hasn't started a game & completed 8 IP since 20 August '09. 7.1 IP tonight. I'll gladly take it.

I'm applauding Blanton. He did his job well.

Qualls in now, with a mess to clean up. If he can get out of it with only one run, I'll be happy--but I hope we see Pap, not Schwimmer, in the 9th, and I hope Pap is sharp.

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