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Thursday, April 05, 2012


Valverde blows the save, Boston ties it on a 2-out triple. Verlander misses out on the win.

Galvis will be fine...he showed he could hit in ST and he'll figure it out. Lots of pressure and adrenaline going in his MLB debut.

His fielding was silky smooth as always.

GTown, I understand your point RE: Closer, and totally disagree. Moneyball gave the idea of closer a bad name, but things have come a long way since then, and the idea we have now about leverage wasn't in vogue at that time.

Though we can argue about how long to leave a pitcher like Halladay in, I contend that if you are up by 1 or 2 in the 9th, you simply do not want your best reliever sitting on the bench. The leverage is higher in that position than any other, and you have to have the ace of the relief corps in there.

***Valverde blows the save, Boston ties it on a 2-out triple. Verlander misses out on the win.***

Well, Verlander was at 105 pitches through 8...pretty defensible to pull him with a 2 run lead to be honest. Sometimes the correct decision doesn't work doesn't make that decision wrong.

Don't mind at all Cholly bringing in Papelbon today or let Halladay pitch the 9th. Either would have been strong and defensible choices.

I agree with The hook about Galvis. And I also thought it was fun to see Papelbon out there throwing hard. Jimmy had a bunt single, Vic had a stolen base, Halladay was Halladay, Mayberry made some nice grabs in the OF.

It's a sunny afternoon and baseball is back. The Phillies won. Happy day!

Now you guys can read the gem I linked.

Right on cue, I guess this is only 1/2 win, since it wasn't against a good team.

Only been one game, but Bedard may have been a nice little pickup for the Pirates.

The move was definitely not because Doc was gassed. And it should be good for Paps to secure a 1 run save out of the gate, even if against an anemic lineup like that, when I'm sure he's also a bit nervous to perform for his new squad. In hindsight, it was a good move. Trust the gut.

MG, put another way, either decision could have been torn apart if it didn't work out. Managin' is tough sometimes.

Under rated star of the game was easily Mayberry. Key double and he made two catches that easily would have been extra base hits. No way Pierre makes either of those plays and certainly Ibanez last year.

Dan: And my point would be that your best reliever for any given situation is not necessarily the guy who has been named "Closer". I think the absolute freak (& I mean that in a complimentary way) that is Mariano Rivera created an illusion which GMs & field managers are obsessed w/ duplicating, even though it's impossible to do so.

JW's "new era of small ball" post the other day came to fruition. Aside from that ball that Mayberry caught over his head, I don't think one was hit hard enough all day to even think a HR was a chance.

Was that not the most lifeless opening day crowd anyone has ever witnessed? I thought someone died and there was a game-long moment of silence.

The best part of the game was how the middle innings took about 15 minutes including commercials, and Gary Matthews was in and out of my consciousness like a Tastykake jingle.

This team and fan base is very, very lucky to have the likes of Roy Halliday around.

NL East teams are averaging 0.6 runs per game so far this season.

it was nice that chollie gave paps the opportunity to experience some of the joy in his firt game as a phillie.

And now the dreaded off day...

Dan - wrong. Either could have been defended and would have been sound moves. I wouldn't have criticized either one even if the Pirates have scored.

I think the Phils are going to be involved in a lot of 1-0, 2-1, and 3-2 games this year. They're going to have to take advantage of all they can. Hoping for a 3-run homer is going to be like waiting on your lotto ticket to pay the rent.

Ever since I graduated from college I have missed the opening day game. Glad to see they won and that Doc is still ridiculous. 2 hits give up in the 1st and zero the rest of the game...simply incredible.

Leaving Doc in to finish the game or bringing Papelbon in...both are good decisions. It was a no-lose situation for UC.

Preacher: You mean you're not going to fire up the ol' DVR & relive the thrills & chills of the '12 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship Game? Woooooo! Lay-ups!

Play of the game too was that slick DP that JRoll and Galvis made in the 1st. Changed the entire complexion of the game and Halladay continued his domination of this lineup especially the bottom half.

Weird note of the afternoon: Wiggy and RFD, both of whom had terrible spring trainings, got the key base hits of the game, while Vic, Pence, Galvis, and Polanco--who all did much better in ST--were much less impressive. Ruiz, on the other hand, was good in ST and on Opening Day--why is he in the 7-hole again?

GTown, shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

***Ruiz, on the other hand, was good in ST and on Opening Day--why is he in the 7-hole again***

He's a catcher...we're already paying a fine every time we bat him in the 7 hole. That fine goes up exponentially for each spot higher in the lineup you go.

GTown, like I said, I understand your point and I'm familiar with the argument, but disagree.

Anyway, loved the game, and I hope we never take a single Halladay start for granted. Awesome!

how often will we see a pinch hitter for Galvis this year? 8th inning 2 men on 2 out, I'd rather have Thome hit and Orr finish out the game at 2nd then see Galvis bat there.

Also note the Braves lost 1-0 today to the team which gave up the most runs in the NL last season.

Life is good.

jbird: I envision Thome hitting for wigginton often as well. Thome can either stay in at 1B if its late, or Nix can play 1B - or even Pierre subs in to LF and Mayberry to 1B.

***Ruiz, on the other hand, was good in ST and on Opening Day--why is he in the 7-hole again***

He's a catcher...we're already paying a fine every time we bat him in the 7 hole. That fine goes up exponentially for each spot higher in the lineup you go.

Posted by: NEPP | Thursday, April 05, 2012 at 04:13 PM

Is this why the Braves are so strapped for cash, since McCann has been batting 4th for the last half decade there?

"8th inning 2 men on 2 out, I'd rather have Thome hit and Orr finish out the game at 2nd then see Galvis bat there."

Depends on the situation. If we're leading, even by a single run, I want Galvis out there for defense. Orr is an absolute butcher in the field.

pumped with a W today, but won't kick in until I get to watch on TV this weekend.

For you guys watching on TV on Saturday, I'll be somewhere behind home plate in my Howard jersey. Maybe I'll fashion a homemade sign!

CJ - Make a sign that says "This feels like a loss"

We are so spoiled to get to watch Halladay spend the best years of his career in a Phillies uniform. I hope all of you take a break from your 9-inning b*tch fests to actually appreciate that fact.

"CJ - Make a sign that says "'This feels like a loss'"

Oh man I totally second that request!

Also, my buddy and I took the day off to watch this opening game like we do every year, and both of us had the same reaction in the 8th- we would've been fine if Doc was kept in, and we were fine if Papelbon was brought in to do what he was brought here and paid handsomely to do. MG and NEPP are right. Either is completely defensible.

You people complaining about taking Halladay out of a game on April 5th are the same people complaining in August or September that the pitchers have been pushed too much. The Phillies now have a world-class pitcher in the ninth that can make the decision to pull a pitcher out instead of pushing him to a complete game an absolute no-brainer. I was stunned at the amount of people complaining about this.

My guess is you all saw Halladay put the jacket on and decided to reflexively argue against what Manuel had decided, which is commonplace on BL.

Bedard deserves credit too today. He was particularly sharp I thought with one of the better curves you will see.

Threw a bunch of curves today and maybe 1-2 of them hung a bit. Otherwise his curveballs were below the belt, had good vertical drop on them, and were catching enough of the strike zone to be called at times so Phils' hitters simply couldn't sit on that pitch.

Also did a nice job of throwing first-pitch strikes to get ahead to set up his curve/changeup.

Pitches anywhere close to what he did today for the Pirates this year, Bedard will win at least 11-12 games and end up a great bargain for them.


This feels like a loss. Done.

As much criticism as the Phils' lineup has taken this spring (and rightly so because it is a power deficient and doesn't have a ton of speed or high OBP guys) at least you can put your hat on Howard/Utley returning at some point this year to give them a boost.

This Pirates' lineup is just a bad one. They don't have any younger positional players either coming up this year who can be counted on to give them a lift. Just have to hope that some of their younger guys continue to show improvement (eg Tabata) or that they aren't total busts (eg Alvarez).

Has to be hard realizing they are guaranteed to have a 20th consecutive losing season with a max win total around 75-76.

So does Mayberry bat 5th on Saturday?

I'm happy to bet NEPP on how much Galvis will hit this season (I guarantee an OPS below .600) but in fairness to the kid he should not be hitting at the MLB level at this stage of his development.

Most scouts think his bat won't be good enough to play everyday even when he has enough experience to stick in The Show. He needs at least a full year of Triple A before he's ready to face MLB pitching.

His glove is more than good enough, though, and should get even better. But with the bat he is what he is and bashing him on BL every game isn't going to change that.

Cut the kid some slack.

Oh, and for the members of the Moronocracy who were glowing about Galvis ST stats and pissing all over Mayberry because of his ST stats, you never learn do you?

Brad Lidge with the easy save... or something like that.

With a 1-run lead, he gives up a fly ball that nearly left the park and was misplayed by Jayson Werth into a triple.

A hard groundball to third and the runner was out at the plate. A strike out looking ended it.

Pretty jarring watching Lidge close it out for the Nats.

It's also pretty funny how the two ninth innings by Papelbon and Lidge could not have possibly taken any more different paths, yet got the same result.

I really respect Lidge for doing what he does the way he does it, but my blood pressure is happy Papelbon is here.

Brad Lidge gets the post-game interview on MASN for the Nats.

What a bizarre game this is.

Taking 1 game splits is a little brave, clout.

Galvis will be better than he was today and Mayberry will be worse. Hopefully both help us win because we desperately need some guys to step up.

clout - Don't think anybody was questioning that Mayberry can hit LHP pitching. I absolutely want him out there starting vs every LHP pitcher. Just a question of how he will hit vs. RHP.

The strike out victim for Lidge? Former Phillie Marlon Byrd, of course.

Whats a 9 inning bitchfest...Its it like Bitchpalooza?

Can you put a 'yo, new thread' on that sign??

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