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Friday, April 13, 2012


How much are we paying Cliff Lee to the beat the Mets?

At a certain point, Charlie has to drop Polanco from the 2-hole. He simply isn't a good offensive player any more. I know its hard because there aren't many hitters in the lineup that Charlie knows and trusts, but he isn't good enough to justify up there. I'd rather have Ruiz there.

So Galvis can field and now he can even hit. How about that.
Now maybe just maybe they can bringup Brown to give this lineup a little more punch and speed.
By my calculation if Brown is at left Mayberry at first and Galvis at 2nd this team is competitive and the dynamic trio of Nix, Pierre and Wig sit out.

Michael Cuddyer so far this year:
Absolutely tearing it up.

Jonathan Pabelbon so far this year: Completely useless without a lead in the 9th inning

Where's that $50mm better spent? How many 9th inning leads are anticipated this season?

And don't go giving me that horse bleep Cuddyer would not come to Philadelphia because he could not get the playing time. Guess what -- Utley's cooked. What, you say? How could RAJ have known that? It's his go88damm job to know that -- he's the GM of one of the top 3 clubs in the big leagues! If RAJ does his proper due diligence on his injured second basemen, Cuddyer could have been assured 550 ABs at 3rd and in left, and Polanco could play out the string at second, being spelled by Galvis or somebody else of they wanted Galvis in LHV to work on his hitting.

Instead, of Michal Cuddyer anchoring the 3, 4, 5 spots, we get what we saw last night. Just wait until the pitching staff starts dropping hints that it’s a chore to pitch on this team, as there’s absolutely no support; no margin for error. That’s when Chollie’s “player’s manager” style becomes useless as [name obscene metaphor here] and he loses the clubhouse.

Right now, 78 wins appears optimistic.

freddy's got some pop. that HR went well up in the seats. and the swing looked effortless. imagine if he ate a few more cheesesteaks.

"of they wanted" = "if they wanted"


$500 on the over. Are you game? We can put the money in an escrow account with a third party here.

Buddy R. -- that post wasn't an invitation to gamble. I listened to practically the entire game on the radio and it felt like getting a tooth pulled. When you get smacked around by the Mets, you write angry? funny? desperate? things.

Regardless, how do you see this as a .500 or greater team? A 2-run deficit in any game appears to be a death sentence. I'll bet a metaphorical pizza that this team will struggle to win 85 games.

Agree on the no-betting here but I am willing "to bet" that now that Fontenot has been signed it won't be long when Galvis will be sent down for further "batting practice" and Fontenot will take his spot.
Its precisely the kind of move RAJ and CM are known for. How else to explain the lefty oldsters RAJ has collected to which he has now added yet another lefty in Fontenot.

It would be good stuff on Deadspin, except Thole said the Phillies didn't do anything, and he just had a brain cramp.

Typical Met behavior, refusing to credit the opposition.

Vic (CF), Polanco (3B), Rollins (SS), Pence (RF), Mayberry (LF), Wigginton (1B), Galvis (2B), Schneider (C), Worley (P).

It's gonna be a long afternoon.

I have to believe cut_fastball is trolling.

Maybe I should bookmark this thread for the end of the year. Or for when it's early September and we surpass 78 wins.

Wright playing today?

My nomination for most idiotic post of the day:

"Michael Cuddyer so far this year:
Absolutely tearing it up."

Let me add to the stupidity:

_______________ so far this year:
Absolutely tearing it up."

Gee, I guess we can expect both of these players, who've had exactly 30 and 23 PA, respectively, to continue to hit that well for the rest of the season, no?

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