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Friday, April 13, 2012


Also, is it just me or does Polly seem to be shorting a bunch of his throws to 1B in the early going?

I think I have finally reached the point where I'd trade some "D" at 3B in favor of a player who can hit ... like, at all.

GTown- can I interest you in a Wes Helms or a Ty Wiggington? How about a Greg Dobbs?

I've faced facts: third base is just always going to be a problem for this team. Call it 'The Curse of David Bell.'

Pence has seen 6 pitches and swung at all six of them. Good God.

Time for Thome to, well, you know.

"third base is just always going to be a problem for this team. Call it 'The Curse of David Bell.'"

Sadly, David Bell would actually be a marked improvement over any of the 3rd basemen we've had since he left.

Great AB by Jimmy T.

Nice AB by Thome.

With all that throwing over to first, it was like the Mets were trying to induce some sort of repetitive-motion injury in Rolins.

That might be his first hit, but Thome is one of the few people on this team that can actually work a pitcher the way he just did. Kind of nice to see.

Mayberry has had a miserable night.

The limits of small ball are on full display tonight. The Phillies are hitting .333 for tonight's game. But even when you hit .333, you won't often string 3 hits together in the same inning.

At least the heart of our lineup is up with Galvis and Lee.

I love Harry but...everytime I see that plaque, I think of the Big Bopper's gravestone on the Simpsons.

Bat him 2nd.

Come on, let Lee hit here.

Nix, a pure fastball hitter, against a knuckleballer. I wonder what's gonna happen.

Galvis is up to a .685 OPS on the year.

Now why wouldn't you let Lee bat for himself? He gets a hit, PR.

If Galvis can keep a .685 OPS, he'll help this team a lot.

Well he didn't strike out.

F*cking worthless. Another case of Charlie using the book & not his damn brain.

2 year deal for Nix.

2 year deal.

What an absolute POS.

2 year deal.

what is tbag smokin?

not the 5th inning egg head

I wasn't kidding about letting Lee hit, either. He's had better swings than most of the team tonight, including our #2 and #4 hitters.

Whoa, someone finally called a penalty on Crosby. Voracek and Giroux made him pay.

How many men left on base now for the Phils tonight?

Galvis is hitting .385 at home with an 1.154 OPS.

Lee is a better option than Nix at the plate.

Bake: 6

how can tbag say that lee pitched well?

2 hrs
2 doubles

was that wheeler under that jason mask:

It's frustrating, because the Phillies really ought to be right in this game. They're just not.

Lee did pitch well. It was one of those weird nights when he made 3 or 4 bad pitches, and all of them got crushed. The rest of the game, he was unhittable.

"how can tbag say that lee pitched well?"

He got a LG: no walks, lots of Ks, and a good strike/ball ratio. But he threw a couple of meatballs that killed him. It was very reminiscent of many of his April outings from last season.

Flyers just tied it.

Giroux is good.

Placido Polanco...our #2 hitter, ladies and gentleman.

We still have the Mets BP to hit against...we're in this.

way to go polly,

3-1 & a ground out..

Polanco has nothing left.

Giroux is amazing.

Rollins is doing his part.

That lead didn't last long.

What in the world was that feeble-ass swing on 3-1 from Polanco? Absolutely awful.

Penguins just went up again.

Flyers defense is not very good tonight.

I know Pence is the least of our problems, but what the hell is his approach at the plate? He hacked at every pitch he saw from a knuckeballer and then lets Parnell bury him 0-2 with two straight fastballs. Then gets blown away with a pitch way out of the zone.

This offense is an abomination.

when they dont hit, they really dont hit [at least]

See ball, hit ball.

That's Pence's approach.

timely hitting]


Flyers tied it again. Great late goal.

WTF is Kendrick doing?! Not that it really matters at this point.

Not to absolve Kendrick, but the ground ball Jimmy booted was a dead double play ball.

How you know GTown is watching the Flyers game- Rollins makes a costly error and no snide comment.

About time Flyer's scored late in a period instead of giving up a late goal.

Is there a baseball game going on or something, too?

KK works better as a starter.

Iceman: Nope. Watching the Phillies, & following the Flyers online. I saw the Error, but I don't usually get on J-Roll for his defense. Besides which, he actually managed to get on base tonight.

An erratic rookie pitcher entering the game with the bases loaded and only one out. Something tells me this score is about to change from depressing to ugly.

b_a_p: The depressing part of this score is the 1, not the 5.

Pence is following a time-honored formula for hitting against knuckle ballers. Take your cuts and sit down. You don't want to mess up your swing.

Maybe the Flyers should start batting for the Phillies.

"b_a_p: The depressing part of this score is the 1, not the 5."

Words right out of my mouth.

I missed a lot while reading to my kids. Bases loaded for KK?

I groaned to hear that Savery was coming in, but I suppose the kid has to get his feet wet sometime, and we're not exactly lighting up the scoreboard offensively...write the game off, let Savery try his hand.

Kinda feel bad for Savery here...terrible situation to be in.

Some inspired heckling tonight from behind home plate. Some guy has been on Turner (of all people) the whole game.

Rally cap time.

Savery looks like another in the long line of Phillies bullpen prospects who is pretty good at inducing AAA hitters to swing at his pitches that are 3 feet outside the strike zone, but cannot do the same to major league hitters.

The worst part is not just the 1, but the 10 behind the 1. It's pretty tough to get 10 hits in 8 innings and plate just one run (on a solo HR, no less), but these guys have done it.

"It's pretty tough to get 10 hits in 8 innings and plate just one run"

I don't know, isn't that kind of a Phillies specialty?

8 singles, 2 extra base hits.

This offense really sucks
This offense really sucks
Yo! Where'd the small ball go?
This offense really sucks

10 hits and 1 run come on guys. Nice job Galvis.

The silver lining to this is that the PHils weren't no hit, which is always a distinct possibility when they face Dickey.

Maybe Galvis will hit a 2-runHR, followed by two quick outs. You know, just to make this extra painful.

Also, Pierre really does have an astonishingly small head.

5-4 Penguins.

Sh_t, 5-5 now! And all while I briefly switched back to watch Pierre's tiny head at bat!

Oh boy...if Vic gets on, Polanco can tie it with one swing.

Unfortunately it would take him two swings to hit the ball 300 feet.

Murphy is a defensive nightmare at every position.

If they ever have a ground-the-ball-to-2nd-base contest, I'm going all in on Juan Pierre.

At least this was a game in April and not an NLDS game.

Was hoping for a rally for a minute there.

BAP- I call, and raise you Raul Ibanez.

***Murphy is a defensive nightmare at every position.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Friday, April 13, 2012 at 09:39 PM

That said, I'd kill to have him as a utility bat over our options.

He'd look a lot nicer than Wigginton.

"BAP- I call, and raise you Raul Ibanez."

If I weren't already all in, I would raise you again -- so long as a RHP is on the mound.

Jekyll and Hyde so far with RISP

- Pirates' series they went 4-21 (.190), scored 7 runs, and struggled to win a single game.

- Fish' series they went 8-23 (.349), scored 12 runs, and won 2 games.

Tonight they went 0-8 with RISP with eight different hitters not getting a hit. That's really hard to do.

With the relative lack of XHB power on this team, if they don't at least 2-3 hits a game with RISP they aren't going to win unless the pitching is nothing short of spectacular.

Now that the baseball game is over...

Bryz is an extremely talented goalie. I don't care if he's a headcase (which he is, he's a lunatic). I'll take a million Bryzgalovs over a single Michael Leighton or Garth Snow any day of the week. If he keeps his head on straight, this team could mow through anybody.

I meant I'd take one Bryzgalov over a million of Leighton or Snow. Drinks have been flowing tonight.

They got hits but couldnt string them.

Polly will hit give him a chance...i have Phaith

I like that Bryz is kind of bonkers. It makes me root for him that much more.

Couturier hat trick!

Flyers offense > Phillies offense

Giroux hat trick.

"And manager Charlie Manuel said Friday he not only trusts middle relievers Michael Stutes, Antonio Bastardo and Chad Qualls as setup guys, he wouldn’t hesitate to use any of the three to close when Jonathan Papelbon is unavailable."

I buy Qualls. Cholly has pretty much anointed him as the setup man.

Cholly hasn't used Bastardo as a setup guy all year yet. Cholly's actions with Bastardo say something different. Still don't buy he has that much confidence in him after how he tailed off last year & has looked so far this year.

Confidence that Cholly & Dubee have in Stutes is the most baffling thing. Imagine it is largely by default because they simply don't really have a better option in pen (compared to Herndon/Savery).

If there was only room for one Philly team to get a win tonight I'm glad it wound up being the Flyers. Pittsburgh is infuriating.

Tonight was a classic case of why Halladay is simply a better pitcher (and I would arguably notably better than Lee).

It is simply when Halladay doesn't have his 'A' game the downside to him having a bad game is notably less than Lee.

When Lee doesn't have good control on his fastball (like tonight), he's going to get hit because he really needs that to be able to spot that pitch to get ahead in counts.

If Lee's fastball control is good/great (there will be his share of starts this year where that is the case), then's he one of the best starters in baseball.

Halladay can get by even if he isn't having that great a night with his cutter like the other night vs. Fish.

What makes Lee a very good pitcher & Halladay a great pitcher.

Contreras throw 1 IP tonight and it was a clean frame with a K. More importantly, it was the first time he has pitched consecutive games during his rehab.

Now has 7 K and only given up a run in his last 4 rehab appearances.

Eligible to come off the DL & imagine he will be back to join them for the Giants' series.

MG- Lee threw 4 bad pitches all night, and one of them was a hanging curveball. Had nothing to do with him not having control of his fastball. The few mistakes he made were crushed.

I do agree with your overall point, though, of Halladay being notably better than Lee for pretty much the reasons you stated. Only that wasn't on display tonight.

Iceman - Agree somewhat but Lee wasn't really feeling any of his pitchers tonight including his offspeed stuff. He usually has a good curve or changeup. Some nights both.

Didn't have either tonight and hardly threw either one (only 5 each according to Pitch f/x).

Nothing saying he was terrible or even that bad. He wasn't. Just not quite at 'full tilt.'

Werth with the game winning hit for the Nats.

I would rate Cliff Lee above just a "very good pitcher" as was posted above. I read the article on the Mets blog "Amazin' Avenue" tonight that says he has the best FIP in baseball over the last four years. That's pretty lofty. However Lee's first inning tonight was disastrous and the Phillies weren't going to dig out of that hole against a pitcher like Dickey.

In one respect, I do agree with that poster who wrote that Lee is only a very good pitcher. He does need to have great control of all his many pitches to pitch in the highest stratosphere that we have seen him pitch in. Halladay has better natural pitching talent than Lee. Lee has to compensate with guile and placement. When he does and he very often has in the last four years, he can really deal.

JW- I always enjoy your graphics and know you do your research wit the best of them, BUT I refuse to believe that Pat Burrell has a Drexel MBA.

(Master Batsman of them All,maybe)

Kind of bummed I missed the Fontenot decision show on ESPN where he was greeted by the dream team of utility infielders set up on a stage with lasers and fog machines.

Claude Giroux is a really good hockey player. Almost as good as Cindy Crosby. Evgeni Malkin and his line have not been very good or consistent No. 14 in Orange is both.

Top of the 1st was teh entire contest for the Phils tonight.

Lee is obviously not as good as Halladay, but you want to know why? It's because Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball, and has been for 5 years running. So, when you make the proclamation that Lee isn't as good as Halladay, you're pretty much making a trivial proclamation.

Also, it gets said a lot about Lee that he needs great control of his pitches to succeed. Yeah, well, so what?? It just so happens that Lee has his pinpoint control far more often than not. So if I have a pitcher who needs pinpoint control to be a top 5 pitcher in baseball, and he just so happens to have that pinpoint control in about 90% of his innings pitched, well then, he's a top 5 pitcher.

I very much hate this lineup. Disgusted that this is what we have to deal with for the foreseeable future. 2nd highest payroll in baseball, but nothing on the offense side to show for it.

Everyone still loving the Howard contract?

Hey Carson - have you had your yearly meltdown about Hamels yet?

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