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Friday, April 13, 2012


What a tease with the Pat the Bat graphic.


Prediction: Galvis tries to rename Utley Corner, but comes short

i forgot we are home. dumb.

Didn't read the entire last thread, but isn't one possible positive outcome of the Fontenot signing that Mini Mart may not make it back to the team any time soon?

Metsoloft (for Mets' fans)

Gave me a laugh and fitting especially with Wright out for this series.

"This is to replace Orr... which is fine... but again like @bap says... WHY another Left Handed bat???"

I guess the simple answer to my own question is: he was the best utility infielder available on the waiver wire & he's slightly less terrible than Orr. If the options presented are a left-hander who is absolutely terrible and another left-hander who is slightly less terrible, you go with the slightly less terrible option -- even if he's decidedly sub-optimal.

Just heard on DNL that the Phils lead the league in steals with 8, and haven't been caught once. Is that true?

When it comes to 'small ball,' stealing I can get on board with. Rollins and Vic should be going every time they're on first base as far as I'm concerned. It's the bunting that I can't stand.

Murphy had this earlier today (with an accompanying chart). Kinda interesting. (And he added the caveat that it's still early.)
* * *
The seven players who were membes of last year's roster have combined to hit .300 with a .333 on base percentage and .400 slugging percentage. They have accounted for three of the team's four home runs, and for seven of their 10 extra base hits. They have 11 of the Phillies' 18 RBI, and 13 of their 18 runs scored.

The five new additions to the roster -- rookie Freddy Galvis and offseason acquisitions Wigginton, Laynce Nix, Jim Thome and Juan Pierre -- have combined to hit .143/.183/.232.

If it means anything, Luna really isn't hitting that well and Podsednik/Montanez aren't hitting a lick the first week at Lehigh:

Luna is 7-23 (.261) with 1 2B
Podsednik is 2-12 (.167)
Montanez is 2-13 (.154)

Blanco (3-19), Thurson (3-14), and Frandsen (2-23) all haven't hit either the first week.

I think Podsednik lost the will to live after being dumped in favor of Juan Pierre.

Iceman, those SB stats are, indeed, accurate (with Vic accounting for half of them). All that without Davey Lopes. Who knew?

Phillies sign Fontenot: Thirty-two-year-old infielder Mark Fontenot has signed a minor league deal with the Phillies

Is Fontenot getting all Giancarlo with us? I refuse to call him Mark. He was known as Mike and that's what I'm gonna call him dangit.

'Small ball' works when you are getting guys on base and seeing pitches.

Phils are dead last in P/PA in the NL (3.67)
13th in OBP (.278)
9th in AVG (.240)

RSB said it the other day and he was spot on. There simply aren't any hitters in this lineup who really work counts consistently and take their share of BBs.

14th in % BBs (5.1%)

Hopefully it is just a one day contract to retire with the Phils also.

There simply aren't any hitters in this lineup who really work counts consistently and take their share of BBs.

Two-Pitch Jimmy!

Bye Pete...Good signing as long as he isnt the 2B starter.

6 pitches, 2 doubles, 1 run.

Well, this is an ugly start.

Serious lack of tilt.

Nice pitch.

MG- you're right, and that's another reason what they're trying to do is foolish.

I keep bristling at Rollins hitting third and Vic leading off, because I feel Vic should be in the middle of the lineup. But Rollins isn't a lead-off hitter either (though he's masqueraded as one for years). This team just flat-out does not have one single hitter that they can put at the top of the lineup with a high-OBP. They haven't for a long time. That would help with the 'manufacturing runs' thing.

The only thing they have that's close to a prototypical lead-off hitter, oddly enough, would be Pierre against LHP. But that will never happen.


Better luck tomorrow.

Well...this sucks.

Feels like a win.

3 pitches=2 outs.

Make him work.

Good hustle from ol' Two-Pitch. First XBH of the year.

Not that it matters. 6 f*cking pitches, total.

There you go guys...not counting J-Roll, 3 batters, three outs on four pitches. Way to play small ball.

6 pitches, 2 DBLs, 1 R, 0 outs for the Mets
6 pitches, 1 DBL, 0 runs, 3 outs for the Phils.

I hope Cliff had time to find his good stuff in that quick half-inning.

(Good to see the dbl from J-Roll.)

In honor of Pat's accomplishments, this Monday, Selig has announced the MLB will have the most promiscuous member of each team wear a black leather 5 on their uniform, a lead weight attached to one ankle and bare-assed chaps. The ceremonial playing of "Dirty Laundry" will take the place of the national anthem and Celine Dion will perform "Holy Diver" during the 7th inning stretch.

I don't usually get frustrated at swinging first-pitch if the hitter believes he knows what's coming. That will usually result in hitting the ball hard. The two first-pitch swings that inning elicited a hump-back line drive and a weak ground ball.

Just stupid to go up there hacking with no plan whatsoever.

grandpa: Any truth to the rumor Pat will arrive at the ballpark on 19 May riding a selection of former teammates' wives & girlfriends?


That, on the other hand, was one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen.

That was bizarre. What a moron.

Fundamentals...basic fundamentals.


That was odd and hilarious.


That's your classic 3-1-6-4 DP, by the way.

There's a whole lotta stupid going on at the ballpark tonight.

Talk about a perfect bounce off the wall...knew he was dead meat as soon as it kicked out like that.

Ouch. Tough bounce

That was 2 absolutely horrible breaks in the same AB.

You are mistaken. That ceremony will be used when Werth gets into the 500 Homer Club.

And, Flyers time. Let me know if we start whacking Dickey around.

They were going to have a Pat Burrell Promotion where any woman living in Philadelphia that had slept with Pat got in free but CBP simply doesnt have that level of seating capacity.

Was RFd safe? Look like he missed the tag

lee - looked he was doing his impression of pitching v. st louis last fall

Lee looks to be settling in. Unfortunately, Dickey has a Strike-Ball ratio of 17-1.

Galvis don't need no steenking Fontenot.

Way to go, Freddy!!!

It's really easy to cheer for this kid.

Now, I've seen it all.

Adios Chase, your Philadelphia days are over.

We've found someone who can hit Dickey!


Thats why JFK had 100,000+ seats.

4 game hitting streak and he absolutely obliterated that ball.

If only Charlie had listened to, you know, everyone & batted Lee ahead of Galvis ...


Thats why JFK had 100,000+ seats.

I'm calling it early. Raul's grandpa wins the thread.

Galvis is quickly redeeming himself and quickly making his way to sainthood.

Also, how was patented early goal against the Flyers scored?

Bake: Carle lost Crosby on a bad 2 on 2.

You'd think the Flyers could get a legit goalie...but they haven't had one since Pelle Lindbergh.

It's a shame the first inning had to happen, because the last three have been vintage Lee.


The goalie is not the issue. Bryz is a very very good goalie, whether he played like it for the first 45 games or not.

He is...when he wants to be. Too damn mental when he gets in a funk though.

Pence sees 3 pitches in two ABs, swings at all of them- a whiff and two weak GBs.

2-0 Penguins. This is just getting ridiculous.

Whenever the Penguins score I just assume it's because Crosby burst into tears & Bettman awarded Pittsburgh a Goal to console him.

we better get a lil more patient at the plate.. if dickey is ahead of the count.. dont swing- because its a knuckler...

Thome would have been out by 30 ft, T-Mac...he's Jim Thome, not Victorino.

"You'd think the Flyers could get a legit goalie...but they haven't had one since Pelle Lindbergh."

A sentiment long expressed in my family. Lindbergh's death still hangs heavily over my brother.

WTF? Every time I switch to the Phils game there's a commercial break.

This is not Cliff Lee's night.

So, at this point, do you trade Lee and sign Cole long term?

This is why Joe Blanton is ahead of him in the rotation.

what the f*** is this?

is this st louis...

I've never seen someone hit Lee's curve hard, let alone THAT hard.

Phils: feels like a loss.

Flyers: feels like a loss.

Bake, if 2-0 feels like a loss, what did 3-0 feel like?

phils - feels like a loss

A save for the ages by Bryzgalov!

Cyclic, 3-0 felt like a 3-0 loss . . . until the Flyers decided to pay attention, like Giroux and Talbot just did in this game.

Well that made no damn sense whatsoever.

At least Lee is 2-2 at the plate.

Well, you can't fault Lee's offense.

Then let's hope the Flyers and Phils start paying attention more.

All I'm asking for is one run out of this.

I love watching Cliff Lee hit and run the bases.

Just wish he could pitch.

Cliff Lee knows what time it is.

Lee knows what he's doing on the basepaths, too.

We're only down 3 runs. Shouldn't be that hard to overcome. Emphasis on "shouldn't".

Need to put some men on for Galvis the RBI machine.

Polanco is literally the last guy I want to see at the plate, at any time, including Galvis and the pitcher. And he's getting the second most ABs on the team hitting second.

I found myself expecting Polanco to make an out. I don't think he's much of a hitter anymore.

Those of us who predicted that Polanco would be this year's Raul Ibanez are, unfortunately, looking all too prescient.

Next year, they need to sign Cody Ross and all the Hairston family members who are still active.

I wish Polly actually was a professional hitter.

I know I'll look silly when he goes on a ridiculous hot streak but he appears to have nothing left in the tank at the plate.

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