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Monday, April 23, 2012


That's a horrible call worthy of how piss poor of an umpire Angel Hernandez has proven to be.

Don't worry Aaron Hill, you'll score this inning eventually.

Kyle looks sharp tonight.

The ability to strike hitters out would be a fairly useful trait here.

Told you Aaron.

Cliff Lee- 10 shutout innings.

Kyle Kendrick- 2 runs in less than 5 minutes.

It didn't take long to feel the effects of that downgrade.

Well, 2-0. See everyone back here tomorrow.

Well-said, Iceman.

Doesn't throw hard. Can't locate. Not a viable MLB pitcher.

What do you want for just a measly $3M?

I remember seasons when there were entire months like this

At this point, I only have myself to blame for staying up for these west coast games, so I don't get upset about it anymore.

Still, I wonder why I continue doing it. It's the same thing every year.

Ball Game.

So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that KK doesn't last long enough to get the requisite 5 innings to record the win.

He'll also not get the requisite run support, either, but that's beside the point.

Wow, when things go bad, they go really bad. Can Cholly just forfeit this game so we don't blow out the bullpen? Looks like Savery will get a couple innings tonight. This is going to be bad, but for some reason I can't look away.

"I remember seasons when there were entire months like this

Posted by: Marc H | Monday, April 23, 2012 at 09:53 PM"

There have been entire months like this the last few years, 2010 most notably.

The problem is, the team usually shows in the months preceding a dreadful slump that it's better than this. There are no such experiences to draw back on this year.

Hope Utley watching this sh8t show in person doesn't prompt him to just retire.

On the other hand, Kendrick makes Blanton look pretty friggin' awesome ...

So if Kyle is yanked after 2-3 innings, who the heck can cover for all of the remaining innings?

My allergy medication says "Do not take and watch David Herndon after 10 PM," so I have a decision to make tonight.

Our run differential is going to suffer tonight. It was already at -2. Oy...

Haha, Miley hit the ball harder than any of our hitters will hit one all night.

Thank you, Lyle Overbay

My contempt for Kendrick has been in remission for about the last year. Tonight I fell off the wagon. This is the most disgraceful performance by any Phillie player in the entire 2012 season -- and that is truly a monumental accomplishment.

Good night.

Since Kk just fixed the Snakes' hitting problems, maybe he can pitch
the Phil's BP to help them out of their skid...

Btw -- Charlie just sits there doing nothing behind the Lone Butte casino sign.

Why are there boos coming in from the crowd? Don't the fans know they just won the game in the 1st?

Quick look at the Nats - Werth hitting .322, Gonzalez 1-0 and Lidge looking like crap. It'd been nice to have the first two here. Roob spending all that money on pitching but nothing on hitting - Howard's contract is the debacle many on here predicted.

Miley is looking forward to at least 4 plate appearances tonight.

BAP, good night?

Isn't it like 7pm where you are?

"(cough concealing a giggle) You know, Scott, the sooner you get behind, the more time you have to comeback."

LA is a post-modern genius.

Iceman--I was going back a little further than 2010. Think Nick Leyva, if you will.

Those were some teams. And remember, this was after Nylon Brothers lost the concession contract, so you didn't have those good hot dogs anymore.

haha, jokes on arizona. they only need 1 run to win this game, but they're wasting effort getting extra ones.

This is why Rube wanted Cliff Lee AND Doc to go along with Cole Hamels.

But speaking philosophically, since we can't seem to win regularly with only a 2-run deficit, and really, that's about as well as we can expect our aces to pitch many times, does it matter? 2 runs, 4 runs...No one expected a shutout from KK...So unless the offense decides to make one of its weekly appearances, we weren't going to win tonight anyway.

Miley will throw a complete game of 88 pitches at this pace. Pitchers have no fear against this lineup - throw it down the middle and laugh at the feable attempts ot hit it.

Yeah Vic, that pitch right down the middle sure looked like a ball, huh?

No need to swing at that with 2 strikes.

"Isn't it like 7pm where you are?"

I meant good night to Beerleaguer. I'm going to eat dinner. Normally I'd take my laptop with me to watch, but I won't be able to keep my food down if I do.

Another F#!@in' game that's over in the first inning. This is getting to be a disturbing trend. I haven't seen a Phillies' team this non-competitive since 1988.

Kendrick threw 29 pitches in the 1st inning. The Phillies have seen 19 pitches through 2 innings.

I mean, at this point the only thing you can do with this team is take the long view and hope they aren't ~10 games under .500 at the end of May. They are garbage right now in every facet of the game. They've gone through slumps like this before, and it certainly can't get any worse.

But Jesus, this is unwatchable.

The saddest thing? When they make contact, it never even SOUNDS like hard contact. Just weak contact after weak contact. Just pathetic on top of pathetic.

You think they would be embarrassed - or show some heart..

Every pitcher against them looks like Cy Young..

Every batter - the 27 Yankees..


On this date in 1913, Christy Matthewson beat teh Phils 3-1 on 67 pitches. I don't think Miley will top that. But, if he does, I can catch up on Game of Thrones.

This just keeps getting more and more pathetic with each at bat.

How long are the owners of this club going to let the quality of their product slide into oblivion before they step in and do something? This is a AAAA team with three All-Star pitchers with nothing else.

This is about the third time this year I tuned in a few minutes late and the game was essentially over. Anyone with any sense would just keep moving, but these guys wearing our uni inspires a morbid curiosity, if nothing else.

"I haven't seen a Phillies' team this non-competitive since 1988."

Were you in a coma from 1994-2002?

R When does Rube pull the plug on this mess?

Hugh: The Postseason Is Not Coming

Update: don't drink Green Flash's Palate Wrecker unless you want to crave this beer for the rest of your life.

When does Rube push down the plunger connected to the dynamite that makes CBP go boom?

KK is pitching for sh!t tonight.

Aramark concessions at the Vet - worthy of a food shelter. Undercooked, overcooked, tasteless, and full of salt.

No reason to stay up for this game.

Finally, a Phillies player making solid contact! Of course it's Kendrick's pitches w/ every Arizona bat, but still ...

I'ts good to see Kyle getting his work in this Spring and, I look forward to Stutes, Herndon and some other kids getting some work in.

They'll be fine when the season starts.

So KK is basically pitching BP right now.

KK, try your gyro ball.

KK, try pitching it under-hand.

KK, try pitching left-handed.

KK, try another profession.

Very true, Iceman. 1994-1999 had some truly beautiful teams. At least there were no lines at the concession stands. And the Christmas Parties for the season ticket holders were great--free food, meet and greet with the players, a press conference with questions for the manager.

KK, see my last post.


I hope Jamie Moyer gets to face the Phillies this year. I'm curious to see him get a CGSO.

The poor performance is one thing. Having to empty out the entire bullpen in the series opener because your starter doesn't even make it out of the 2nd really hurts.

Kill-Me Kendrick.

Marc H: Damn skippy! And you got to hang out on the field & in the dugouts. Now the losses come with nothing but more losses.

Cole and Cliff are just fidgeting around trying not to make eye contact with KK from the dugout.

Bright side is some laugh-out-loud BL posts tonight, including GTown and Hugh back-to-back at 10:14.

I'm just glad Arizona missed the extra point. Go in at half time, regroup. We're right back in this game.

We may have 4 pitchers with 10+ ERAs before this game is over.

they know these games count, right?

Iceman; No, I've had season tickets for 34 years. I was just alluding to my least favorite Phillies team of all-time.

It always baffles me how at people somehow fondly remember the Vet for baseball. It was an utter dump. Terrible food, bad sightlines, upper level seats were bad, etc. Worst was in summer when it became a Burmese sweatbox where you would see the heat lines radiate off the turf.

I went to a lot of games at the Vet growing up. Don't remember that stadium for baseball fondly at all.

b_a_p - I don't give a bleep if Chollie lets KK get pounded for 10 runs. If you recall, back in the day, Kendrick was a pretty good starting pitcher. Until he was called upon to make up for the 25-man mistakes of RAJ.

You and I both know 11 over .500 as a starter -- and a knack for getting ground outs -- is not the role of a high-leverage reliever. I'm not aware of any long-term success for a pitcher who has been jerked around as KK has been.

You say that you are a litigator. As a matter of contrast, let's see how you do as a corporate attorney with no prep-time.

GTown was right, when he said a week or so ago: The "Homerun Payoff Inning" HAS become a cruel joke.

AWH~ Never said you could replace Howard at all. Never. But he didn't try.

so, time to trade all of our pitchers and start the rebuilding process, right?

Mayberry made good contact. Progress!

It's the little victories when the team is in the throes of a slump.

KK is already at 49 pitches. I can't see him going more than 2 IP regardless since he isn't stretched out as a starter.

Just hope he can do that and the likes of Herndon/Stutes can give up multiple innings tonight. Wouldn't be bad to give Bastardo an entire inning either.

If I'm Charlie, I punish this team by making the players play different positions on the field.

Polly in CF
Vic at 1B
Pierre at C
Mayberry at SS
Wiggy in RF
Jimmy in LF
Galvis can stay at second because he's so silky there
And I make Nix pitch

That'll teach 'em to suck.

Oh, and toss KK out of the stadium, like a I'm a bouncer.

This is over. Give Kendrick the CG if it takes all night.

At least they won't get no-hit

With all the talk about the offense, I and my two buds here watching the game with me just want to say a collective - We miss Cliff Lee! We need you Cliff ... come back to us soon ... very soon!

Go, Galvis! SOMEONE who's fun to watch!

I'm glad KK is still going to pitch. No sense in burning through the BP for a blowout.

The Vet wasn't bad from 1971-1984. It really changed after they added the luxury boxes for the Eagles and changed the seats to blue. The turf was lousy towards the end and the place seemed dark and dreary, especially in the outfield. CBP is much brighter and cheerful.

Have no fear, sports fans, Freddie is on the job.

Is Galvis the only Phillie to record a cycle for the season? Or, does he lack a triple?

KK was really tough to watch tonight early. Its one thing to give up hits to the top of this lineup but to get be able to get out the likes of Ransom/Overbay/McDonald?!/Miley. Ugh.

How many innings of shutout ball does Miley toss tonight?


Galvis hits one hard and gets himself into scoring position...and Kendrick stays in the game. Dang, mailing it in already? Can Herndon and Savery be that much worse? Did I just ask that? Suppose we'll find out anyway in the fourth inning.

AWH~ Never said you could replace Howard at all. Never. But he didn't try.
Posted by: DPatrone | Monday, April 23, 2012 at 10:21 PM

Not that I want to get in the middle of your argument, but I'd have to say that Rube did try: Mayberry, Wigginton, Thome, and Nix...not that they're the most desirable replacements but I don't think it was a total leap of faith to think that the combination of those four might be adequate enough until Howard gets back.

OMG! A hit. Freddie's a stud. Seriously, he'll become a better hitter with time. And the way he's plays defense, that'll keep him in the lineup.

I'm thinking of converting to Debby Downerism.

Don't worry. Tyson Gillies will save the franchise. As long as he's not too cokef up when he gets the call.

Well the good news is that only 1 of our first 5 batters will be back next year. Unfortunately, that would be Jimmy, not Vic.

Fat - I don't know but this is getting tough to watch offensively.

If the Phils' offensive funk continues this series & they average under 2 runs/game this series, I would wonder where there average of ~2.0/game on the first 13 road games would sit in franchise history. Got to be among the worst to start a season since '69.

Utley's lawn chair catches that lead off "hit" playing 1B.

Anyone here know anything about stocks?

I'd like to figure out how to short KK. I think there's some money to be made.

Juan Pierre is the living embodiment of a special education student controlling Vince Coleman from RBI Baseball on the Nintendo: zero power, can't field, and has a tendency to run himself right out of an inning. All that's missing is the jagged, harsh sound effect that's played every time he slides.

I feel bad for Franzke. He could be calling Rangers games but is instead stuck pretending that there is even a little bit of drama surrounding the Home Run payoff inning.

Is this indicative of how all KK's starts are going to go? Because I think he's forgotten the meaning of pitching a scoreless inning, let alone a 1-2-3 inning. (If he needs a reminder, he can just watch his teammates at bat.)

The clubhouse guy needs to change the name on the back of Kendrick's jersey to "In Play, No Out(s)"

Cole: You can overpay me and I won't sign here.

3rd inning and every Diamondback has been on base. All but Overbay have hits.

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