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Friday, April 27, 2012


mentioned in last thread - Phils are monster favorites tonight, -250ish(o/u 7). Lock it up baby.

I like the under more than I like the Phils ML with that kind of a line.

Mayberry does look sad in that pic, but not nearly as sad as Sardinha looks in his notorious pic.

BTW, shout out to Hugh, or whomever it was, that recommended the Green Flash IPA. I grabbed one on the recommendation and was not let down.

Proving, yet again, I spend way too much time on this site.

Posted by: Willard Preacher

DUDE! Green Flash is great, but there are better if you like IPAs. Here are some of my favs since we're talking IPA/DIPA (I excluded seasonal IPA/DIPAs):

Ithaca - Flower Power IPA
Russian River - Pliny the Elder
Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid, Maximus, IPA
Southern Tier - 2XIPA
Three Floyds - Dreadnaught and Arctic Panzer Wolf

Beware, I like beers with in your face hops.

For my money Stone IPA is the best IPA out there, though I do have a soft spot for Dogfish 90 Minute.

Just caught up with the last couple of threads, and as someone who usually sympathizes more with the optimists on BL, that display of illogic (well dismantled by everyone else) by Phlipper was sad to read.

There's no dishonor in admitting when you're wrong, buddy.

As for tonight, I see the good guys putting up a few runs - not as many as they should, but more than enough for Doc, who logs a CG...

Anything from Stone, 3 Floyds or Dogfish Head is worth drinking. Yet to have a beer from any of those breweries where i hated it. Some are better than others of course but always satisfied with those 3

Paul Maholm with his 8.36 ERA is going to look like Ferguson Jenkins out there tonight. You heard it here first. IT'S A TRAP!

Blasphemer but I don't think at all of 90 or 120 Minute Dogfish Head IPA. Crappy finish especially on the 90. I do like some of their specialty brews though an awful lot.

Never, ever bet on a -250 line. Reward is not worth the risk.

Its not a huge surprise that a reliever hasn't logged a win. They've blown all the tie games. And the Offense hasn't shown its capable for a late inning comeback.

Flying Fish in Cherry Hill puts out a lot of good brews.

Yeah, I'm not typically an IPA lover (a bit too hoppy for my taste), but the Green Flash wasn't too over-the-top in that regard. I don't typically crave them, but I'm a fan of Dogfish and Stone.

I guess I'm more of an ale/lager kind of guy. The local San Diego/LA craft brews have been growing on me (Abita, Karl Strauss, Craftsman).

Beer talk. I was looking for a beer with a baseball theme when I found Fleur De Lehigh, an ale from Philadelphia Brewing Co, with a picture of Shibe Park on the label. I enjoyed the brew.

Bryce Harper called up...

St. peter's IPA is superb.

Reading starks article, it seems the consensus is the Phils streak of division titles end this year.

This line was surprising .. "the Braves just scored almost as many runs in a week (62) as the Phillies have scored all season (63)."

Anyboy notice Harper makes his debut tomorrow for the Nats? The Nats will be good for years to come.

I'm more of a pilsener/ lager guy than an IPA. I liked the Green Flash IPA. I am absolutely in love with Green Flash's Palate Wrecker. If you had it near the tap in SD, Preacher, I'm green with envy.

Halladay vs. Maholm at -250?

It's a trap!

Harper is no doubt a monster prospect, but he hasn't really produced so far above A if stat lines are what we're going by. Excited to see him play.

Bottalico has become more of a blowhard and tried to be more of a 'personality' as time has gone on.

Calm down Ricky.

Interesting that Manuel isn't giving Mayberry a start against the Cubs' lefty. Tells me he wants a win tonight badly. Wigginton is the tepid hand.


He's riding an 8 game hitting streak where he's hit .357 with an .848 OPS.

Gotta go with what's working right now.

***Harper is no doubt a monster prospect, but he hasn't really produced so far above A if stat lines are what we're going by. Excited to see him play. ***

If I were a fan of a non-NL East team, I'd be very excited about what's going on in a Phils fan, they terrify me. They were supposed to be a couple of years off and they're just destroying the competition right now.

Did anyone ever post this on Clifton?

Lee had an MRI Thursday which revealed that he has a grade 1 external oblique strain, the least-severe type, reports.
"It's exactly what we thought it was," general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "We thought it was a good idea since we did put him on the DL to make sure and confirm this." Lee is eligible to come off the disabled list on May 4 which Amaro said is "still possible." Amaro also said the Phillies will be cautious. "I don't want to have this thing blow out and lose him for a longer period of time," Amaro said.

Might as well get it out of the way: feels like a loss.

Also, how can nobody have mentioned Victory's Hop Devil IPA? It's the most.

St. Peter's Old-Style Porter isn't half bad either.

If you're all in on Wiggy, NEPP, go crazy. Tepid was intended to highlight the relative 'hotness' of our hottest hitter posting that OPS over a week. Maholm looks like another Cubs bust. No Fergie Jenkins there.

That's a prime of example of why Pierre has such a high average against left-handers. He had some huge number of infield hits against LHP last year. But a hit's a hit. I won't complain -- at least not until he gets thrown out trying to steal.

I'm waiting for more of a reaction to Pierre's "base hit."

Hard to hate on Pierre when he's batting .350.

Rollins. Pop foul. Predictable.

Where's Gtown?

Red light player.

Great situational hitting, Jimmy. If they don't get a run out of this, I may turn violent.

Wow. Our #3 hitter has 3 RBIs.

Jimmy Rollins didn't get on base. Shocker.

It's 55 degree right now at CBP Wheels. Little ridiculous to keep making the cold references.

Jimmy is the worst #3 hitter in baseball.

Left him at third. Good grief.

That sucked.

Some scattered boos to to end the inning. Going to be booing this offense a lot at this rate then.

I hate when our offense does crap like that.

Silver linings:

1. Pierre continues to get on base.
2. Polly got another hit.

Rediculous. You have to go out of your way to not score there. But I'm pretty sure Jimmy didn't write himself into the 3 hole. He's filling in for an injured player last I checked.


Bake: Breaking things. Four more years of this crap ...

I'm starting to have the feeling that Rollins batting third is going to be this year's version of "Lidge is my closer." Cholly's made his decision & no amount of evidence is going to get him to change his mind.

Is it just me, or is Pierre's skull so freakishly small that he looks like an alien in a mansuit from Men In Black?

Kevin Cooney: "One Chicago scribe: "It's like watching the Cubs play the Cubs""

Would it be so crazy to go with the following lineup?



Hugh, it's not just you.

Is there anything that Soriano wont swing at?

NEPP: Nope and nope.

"Also, how can nobody have mentioned Victory's Hop Devil IPA?"

not have mentioned . . .

Doc looks really good...location and velocity both top notch tonight.

This Cubs' team is even worse than the Padres.

Mayberry squeezed out of picture?

I now understand why those who cxriticize Charlie have done so. Foolish move, for a team that needs power.

I just saw that Pop Gun Pierre reached second and didn't score in the first. Not surprised, especially with Rollins miscast in the 3-hole.

When I watch Alfonso Soriano in his present form, my immediate thought is: add 5 years to Hunter Pence, and he'll be the exact same player.

Maybe Chooch should hit higher in the order...just maybe.

Chooch could be hitting in the top half of the order, except for Charlie being a dumbass.

Wheels is dead on about the wind at CBP. It is hard to tell which way the wind is actually blowing if you are sitting behind home & looking at the flags.

Pierre-Polanco-JRoll. Low OBP, No power. Its a poor 1-2-3 even given this current roster.

Nice job to advance the runner by April Team MVP Freddy Galvis.

Professional Hitter.

Moving the runner from 2nd to 3rd is great if you're the No. 9 hitter. It's pretty useless if you're the No. 8 hitter.

Pierre actually leads the team in OBP right now.

Galvis now below the Mendoza line and creeping down to Mini-Mart OPS level (sub .550 or 'dreg' level).

NEPP - Leave Pierre there and put Chooch 2 and Vic 3.

Roy was hitting .273 on the season... almost got it that time.

For the beer snobs, Stone is great, but if you can find Ale Smith IPA, you'll never look back. Both of which are 15 minutes from me, so when the Phillies drive me to drink, at least it's going to be good.

"Pierre-Polanco-JRoll. Low OBP, No power. Its a poor 1-2-3 even given this current roster."

Yeah, MG, but because the blind squirrel found a nut a couple times Charlie is going to keep sending him out in the yard to find food.

Hey! Lidge to the DL! Even if he does find a way to pitch well again -- which is dubious enough -- Lidge's injury history means I'd never take a chance on signing him.

Halladay is going to absolutely mow through these 'jabronis.' A couple of runs off Maholm should do it.

A lot easier than it sounds, I know, when facing Cy Maholm.

If the cubs are worse then the padres-- does that mean we only win 1 game of the series?

The risp - ESP in the 1st inning -- was embarrassing

MG- what of Dogfish do you like then? I agree that the 120 is a little heavy-handed with alcohol but the 90 goes down pretty smooth. The Raison would probably be next on my list.

Iceman - Possible no-hit bid against a bad lineup on a cool night? I think Halladay takes it into the 6th tonight.

"Nice job to advance the runner by April Team MVP Freddy Galvis.

Professional Hitter."


Get 'em next inning.


Has anyone mentioned yet tonight that our offense sucks?

Boy. who would have predicted Galvis-hating if he didn't get a hit. From rhe same crew that definitively pronounced Polly washed up after 13 games.

Well, the haters just gotta hate.

Iceman - I just don't really like any of their IPA. Prefer Stouts myself. I do really like Reason and Chateau Jiahu which is one of the smoothest beers around. Doesn't hurt that I love sake and got hooked on it because of the excellent sake available in SF when I lived out there.

Bucknor eh? I look forward to the strikezone randomly changing in the later innings because FU, that's why.

"Has anyone mentioned yet tonight that our offense sucks?"

No. I did not comment on the fact that the sky was blue today, either.

That ball was absolutely scalded by Pierre. But when you hit the ball that hard, sometimes you're going to just hit them right at someone.

Fun fact- when Dustin Pedroia was talking about "the laser show," he was actually describing Juan Pierre.

Rollins couldn't possibly be making less of an effort. At this point I'd pay him just to stay the f*ck home.

"Boy. who would have predicted Galvis-hating if he didn't get a hit. From rhe same crew that definitively pronounced Polly washed up after 13 games."

Below .200 AVG and .550 OPS is just bad even for a backup utility infielder.

Great approach by Jimmy there.

Game Over

Wow --- this is really bad -- so much for bringing the revigorated offense back home with us ...

***No. I did not comment on the fact that the sky was blue today, either.***

One of my drill sergeants used to have the best expression along those lines...

"Water's wet, rocks are hard."

Busted me up every time he said it.

Cubs will flail away at Halladay. Still working and now Sarge. Its radio time.

Brad Lidge's season: 7 IP, 7 walks, 2 saves, 2 blown saves, 2.00 WHIP, 1 DL trip.

Who could have possibly foreseen it? Sometimes these things just happen out of the blue, with no forewarning at all.

I've been drinking a lot of stout recently - there's a diner up here with a really good selection (Trolley Car) for takeout. Been trying out a couple of milk stouts with good success.

awesome line, NEPP.

MG, if he gets through this inning clean I bet there's a good chance he enters the 6th or even the 7th with no hits. This lineup after Castro is a joke, and his command tonight is great.

Generous called third strikes like that don't hurt.

"Has anyone mentioned yet tonight that our offense sucks?"

No. I did not comment on the fact that the sky was blue today, either.

Posted by: Hugh Mulcahy | Friday, April 27, 2012 at 07:51 PM

Good point, Hugh. Although I'd mention that the sky was blue if it was something that either thrilled or frustrated me each time I observed it.

As, for example, Doc's a good pitcher. Worth commenting on even though redundant. :)

(And thank goodness our pitching is something to feel good about.)

Jimmy now at .222 for the season.

He now has a lower OPS than Brian Schneider.

Halladay got away with one. That's been called a ball all night.

I think Bucknor pulled something there.

Stout is always good.

Big fan of Murphys myself.

Water's wet. Rocks are hard. Doc Halladay is the best right handed pitcher in baseball.

I knew as soon as I hit 'post' that it was a mistake. Sorry guys.

Maybe they left the offense in phx with Chase

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