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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


No way having an all LH bench burns us.

3rd DP Moyer has induced now.

5 IP, 0 ER.

Jamie's thrown 57 pitches through 5 and hasn't reached 80 mph yet.

I believe Jiwan James is the Readiing Phillies player JW mentioned as having won the Phillies Minor League Player of the Week award.

This feels like a loss.

b_a_p: Agreed. Bumgarner's exactly the sort of blah pitcher to make the Phillies look as bad as they are. Plus Blanton's bound to return to being Blanton. r00b should've traded Kentucky Fried this past week when Joe's perceived value almost matched his weight.

6 IP, 0 ER, 70 pitches.

On pace for a CG shutout.

Moyer through 6 scoreless. Only 69 pitches. I'd love to see him get the CG.

Ok, a bunch of money for MLB on directtv, no phils broadcast again. To be fair, the Giants broadcasters are pretty decent for local guys, but jeez MLB, stop being cheap.

Yes - thanks, limo.

Watching Jamie hurl some scoreless innings in the thin air of Colorado reminds me of the long summer of 2009 when for months BAP and others assured everyone that he was completely cooked.

"Bumgarner's exactly the sort of blah pitcher to make the Phillies look as bad as they are."

You sure know your baseball. Bumgarner's a real 'blah' pitcher all right.

"Ok, a bunch of money for MLB on directtv, no phils broadcast again."

You're complaining about NOT getting the Phillies' broadcasters? You should considerable yourself lucky that didn't charge extra for that.

Watching Greg Murphy's hard-hitting interview with Greg Gross.

I know Gross doesn't construct the lineup, but if I were Murphy, every single question would be some variation of "Why are you guys still batting Polanco in the #2 spot?"

Iceman: Already talking up the opponent to make the loss seem less sad? I gotta say, that's pretty damn negative. Glad to see I'm finally making some headway w/ you people.

Or "Does Charlie the faintest clue how batting splits work? If not, do you have any intention of filling him in?"

I'm not sure that should be a hit. That looked like it could have been fielded.

Allow me to bicth about this penthouse suite in midtown Atlanta - the f'ing Braves aren't on TV (Winning 8-3 when I left Charlie G's on 11th) and no MLB network for the Phils game. Should invest in the thing but, wary of the delivery.


3 or 4 more fielding blunders and we can get a run here.

So what will the Red Sox give us for Pods?

As long as you've got decent broadband, is worth every single penny.

There's an article about Roy Halladay on Fangraphs, and this line is awesome:

"Indeed, Roy Halladay posted the league’s best WAR (8.2) among pitchers last season. By WAR, he’s been the best pitcher over the last two years, as well. And last three years. And four years. And five. And six. And seven."

This SF defense is really solid.

As long as you've got decent broadband, is worth every single penny.

Posted by: NEPP | Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 10:18 PM

A lesson I've learned this year. A lesson I'm glad I've learned. Love this Giants defense, by the way.

Only plus to visiting Atlanta - Yuengling king cans (Master Cylinder?) are $1.95 at Mac's Liquors in mid-town.

For what it's worth, I have MLB Extra Innings on TW, and on slow nights, they'll broadcast Home and Away feeds, but tonight is one of those nights where every team is in action, and only having 12 slots means that you're likely to get the Home feed only.

The SF crew isn't too bad, actually. We pretty much have our own amateur MLB Fan Cave, and I don't much like the Texas crew, as they're just dumb and every single player is done on a first name basis only, and she absolutely hates the ChiSox guys, because of their dumb cliches, _always_ referring to the away team as "the bad guys."

Why bunt?

Stop bunting

Elephant - as long as its not bobby v

This is another great element of small ball: rely on the other team to kick the ball around the field in order to get baserunners. That's why Polanco is a great #2 hitter.

Fatalotti: Because the runners won't be able to advance on a pop-out to the 2B?

***That's why Polanco is a great #2 hitter. ***

Professional Hitter.

Yup. That was a lot better than a bunt.

The SF crew is one of the better in baseball.

That play at first wasn't as close I would have thought.

Worse fake laugh, Tom Cruise or T-bag?

Jimmy, I know the Giants defense isn't great, but if you keep hitting ground balls to them, eventually they will turn the double play.

Way to take advantage...

Just when I thought the bunting thing was going to fade away, the #3 hitter squares up yet again. Baffling.

Though it would've turned out better if he did lay one down.

Tulo just fvcked Jamie Moyer really hard on an easy DP ball.

And that's how you turn 2 on w/ 0 out into no runs! Tune in next inning for another exciting episode of "These Phillies Can't Hit For %#*&!".

This article is amazing. Just yet another reminder of how freakishly awesome Roy Halladay actually is.

For the record I still have zero confidence in Blanton and expect him to get shelled tonight.

If he can put together two starts in a row, then I might start gaining some hope.

Rollins is a great hitter with men on base. OPS around .950 or higher in three of the last four years. The results of that AB aside, a bunt is a dumb play.

They. Should have had at least 1 or 2 runs in the 1st inning

Bad ab by Rollins a & Pence

"Tulo just fvcked Jamie Moyer really hard"

commentary like this is why I really wish I could see th games. This image is indelible.

Red Wings are getting fried by the Predators, btw.

Two teams have given up on Pagan, so he can't be that good. Yet every time he plays the Phils he is like GD Ted Williams at the plate.

Kentucky Fried.

Blanton being Blanton again..

Angel Pagan is a 1st ballot HOF when he sees Phillies red.

Moyer: 7 IP, 2 R, 0 ER, in line for the win as his night is over.

Jimmy Rollins IS NOT a 3-hole hitter.

Maybe someday Charlie will wake up and realize this.

Oh well, when you don't capitalize on 2 errors to start the game it definitely feels like a loss.

The Rangers have 6 HRs tonight in Boston.

The Phillies have 5 HRs all season.

I obviously want Huff to hit into a DP here, but if he doesn't, I'd almost rather he put one into the cove so I can at least get a head start on sleep.

***Maybe someday Charlie will wake up and realize this.***

Baby steps. It took him a good half decade to realize he wasn't a leadoff hitter.

Maybe someday Charlie will wake up and realize this.

Posted by: awh | Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 10:30 PM


I doubt it -- Dementia. He's going to pinch hit Juan Samuels for Blanton in the 5th, you can take it to the bank.

Could have been worse.

The Rangers' lineup is ridiculous. They are doing this in what is basically the dead-ball era.

They would even bludgeon the '06-'08 Phils.

Papelbon is brutal to watch.

Fatalotti: Agreed. One of the myriad reasons I've had for my intense dislike of Papelbon is that he manages to throw 10 pitches in the time it would take any other reliever to throw 30. It's extremely tedious, & serves no purpose.

It's early for Wheeler's "eliminate half of home plate" trope.

He must be worried about the offense.

Alright Mayberry, it's high time you figured out where your swing went. Just has not looked good at all this year.

There's a very strong possibility that Mayberry's 2nd half in 2011 was just a fluke.


breaks up the no-hitter.

Fata- that is my second-favorite Wheel-ism. My favorite is still "You don't have to give in to him here!" which is a lock for him to say late in a game when there is a base open.

They are gifting outs to the Giants

According to Gameday, Jamie is still pitching, headed into the 8th.

Well that sucked.

Moyer was lifted for a PH last inning.

Never mind. Gameday changed info to say someone else is pitching. Hope he holds the lead for Moyer.

The guy pitching for Colorado now has a 97 mph fastball. That's got to be a tough adjustment after dealing with Moyer's 76 mph fastball.

Gotta give Mayberry time. Mike Morse's end to 2010 looked flukeish to start 2011. His OPS was around .615 until late May. He hit .314/.377/.594 in the season's last 114 games. Mayberry may be a fluke, but no reason not to be patient.

Thanks, NEPP.

My favorite wheel ism is when the 4th inning starts --or -- the game ends

It's hard to believe that Moyer is doing decently with a 76 mph fastball. I mean, I might be able to hit 76 on the gun, and I have zero illusions that I could even record one out in the majors, even if I were facing a team of Michael Martinez's.

Again, a fantastic story. Now don't blow the lead Rockies bullpen.

1-6-3 DP to end the inning in the 9th.

Sophist, I agree with you that patience is warranted, but at the same time, this team needs him to be swinging a productive bat. He is one of their few power threats, and without him driving the ball, this lineup is really devoid of power.

My apologies but, I need to vent. I'm about to go Keith Moon on this hotel room. BL is one of about 3 websites that will load on this connection. The pakistani bartender can't find a hockey game or a Braves game (doesn't know who the Braves are) either.

Anyway, Blanton falling behind 2-0 is ominous.

Colorado is a tough place for a SP to collect wins when he can't go deep into the game given the video game nature of that park and all the lead changes that may occur late.

Angel Pagan is the greatest Phillies killer in the history of baseball.

Why don't the Giants have Babe Ruth hitting in the middle of the order?

Oh that's Angel Pagan? Nevermind.

You're right -- mickey mantle & Ted williams = angel pagan

NEPP, Tulo made a great off-balance throw to turn that DP. Best SS in the game, in my opinion.

Fatalotti, No question. I was just speaking about what these first few games say about the sustainability of his previous season.

Nepp - behind Rod Barajas

***NEPP, Tulo made a great off-balance throw to turn that DP. Best SS in the game, in my opinion.***

I agree...though he's had a very rough start to the year with 6 errors already and one very brutal one in tonight's game that cost them 2 runs.

Vic really swinging well. Really could use his bat in the middle of the order.

50/50 Shane gets thrown out at 3rd base

Yeah NEPP, I guess I wouldn't classify him as the best defensive shortstop, but I definitely think he's above average, and he has a monster arm. But when you put it all together with the offense, I'd take him on my team over any SS in the game.

C'mon, Polly! Drive this run ...

Oh, hell. No one's gonna buy that, not even Polanco.

Polly 2nd in order

Wtf was he swinging out?

I don't have Twitter. But I am considering making an account simply to spam beat reporters to ask Manuel WHY HE CONTINUES TO HIT POLANCO #2.

Stop bunting

***Yeah NEPP, I guess I wouldn't classify him as the best defensive shortstop, but I definitely think he's above average, and he has a monster arm. But when you put it all together with the offense, I'd take him on my team over any SS in the game***

I would, he's just had a rough start to the year. He's a fantastic defender.

WTF is with this bunting nonsense, J-Roll?

You're not Brett Butler!


He was swinging to protect Vic, who decided it would be a bright idea to attempt a steal on a 2 strike count.

This is a stupid, stupid team.

Coming into the year, Polanco struck out in less than 9% of his career ABs. In addition to his plummeting power numbers, strike outs is another sign that this gentleman may no longer be a force at the plate.

Pretty crappy AB right there

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