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Monday, April 30, 2012


"Chin up: The Phillies have arguably less problems offensively than the Nationals, who have a worse OPS than the Phillies, have lost four straight and lead by only four games in the division."

Bryce Harper!!!!

Serious question; the over under on no-hitters pitched against the Phillies this year is .5. Do you go over or under?

The rule of thumb for the upcoming Nats series should be to get to the bullpen. A serious issue on that team.

A familiar face in Volstad should be a welcome sight for the Phils. Key word being SHOULD.

What, & May promises to be any better?

Chin up: The Phillies have arguably less problems offensively than the Nationals, who have a worse OPS than the Phillies, have lost four straight and lead by only four games in the division.

The Nationals have a brighter near future than the Phillies.

donc: Anything can happen, but I'd take the Under. I think the Phils will continue to get hits, just not runs.

Its too early for a 'must-win' but several times this club has been 2 games below .500 this month and managed to win the following game:

1-3 April 9
3-5 April 14
5-7 April 18
7-9 April 22
8-10 April 24
9-11 April 27

Last time they got to .500 was April 20th (7-7).

Given they have 9 games coming up against Braves/Nats/Mets and with a clear pitching advantage, the Phils need a win tonight.

Gtown: I guess I agree with you. Statistically it is hard to actually predict that a team will be no-hit, but damn this team looks like a good candidate. At least as currently constructed. Hitless Wonders Part II?

Gtown: I guess I agree with you. Statistically it is hard to actually predict that a team will get no-hit, but damn this team looks like a great candidate. Hitless Wonders Part II?

donc: "Nobody Hits! Boooooo! Booooooooo!"

Sorry for the double. Slight delay tonight.

I expect that the odds are greater that the Phillies will actually toss a no-hitter than they are that they'll be not hit.

However, I have no level of confidence that they'd actually win a game in which they toss a no-hitter, anyway.

Preacher: But for Cameron Maybin ...

Whoever coined the phrase "great pitching beats great hitting every time," had at least a mediocre offense, or was playing by some funky rules where you score runs via pitching.

I'll go under on the no hitter but I wouldn't be shocked to see it happen this season at all. To rub it in, it'll be Barry Zito.

Scotch, for the ultimate insult, it would be Jamie Moyer.

Worth a watch featuring David Freese and a 'journalist' from St. Louis. Good for a few yucks.

If things do go downhill a bit this season, I wonder if the Phils move Greg Murphy back behind the camera in the studio & instead hire some eye candy instead.

Imagine the possibility of fake laughter between TMac, Wheels, and said eye candy reporter who interviews people during the game.

MG, if they really want to improve ratings during a down year, jettisoning TMac would result in a significant boost. They could replace him with a hand puppet and it would be better.

Lee not coming off the DL on Friday. Improving, but needs to throw 2 BP's first. None scheduled as of yet. Per Zolecki.

I'd bet the over and I'll even take a stab at the pitcher: Ricky Romero.

I dunno. At this point Moyer is starting to feel like a pretty solid bet ...

If we get no-hit I predict it will be by Cole Hamels. Sorry. Gallows humor seems appropriate these days.

Touche Willard. Touche.

MG - My favorite from deadspin:

(apologies if this has been posted before)

And yes, that is from an actual broadcast from an actual Cardinals' spring training game.

Nats' offense has more problems than the Phils and they lead by 4 games. How is that encouraging??? Also, the Phils have played mostly bottom feeders. Real encouraging!

""Chin up: The Phillies have arguably less problems offensively than the Nationals, who have a worse OPS than the Phillies, have lost four straight and lead by only four games in the division.""

Ah the good ol days of bitching while being in 1st place.

I wish we lost four straight and only lead the division by four games right now.

MG is right. If they lose this game, they will completely spiral out of control.

When we look back at the 100 loss season, many will say "You know, it was that April 30th game where they lost to Chris Volstad that set the table for all this."

Pence must have read Beerleaguer today.

Quite honestly, he looked easily safe to me.

Yep. He was safe.

0-3? 6.14 ERA? 87-92 MPH?

Oh yeah. This guy is gonna slaughter the Phillies.

Rollins ought to bunt for a hit 25 times a year. He's the best bunter on the team. It works almost every time he does it.

Where is everyone?

I'm not a huge KK fan, but if there ever was a player that I'd take KK over, it's this guy. Volstad is a garbage pitcher, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's full time relief by the end of this year, if not out of baseball by next year.

Just a garbage pitcher.

b_a_p: The "Positive" faction is certain everyone else is a whiner w/out cause, but they're also often notably absent while games are being played. Interesting.

I have to say, I am not a fan of emaciated woman but that reporter appears too wide in the hips. St.Louis is definitely not lower down market than Phila. She would never make it in a top 10 market.
That being said, I am sure some Phillies scored with the media and Hazel Mae (now of the MLB network) certainly appears to have gotten around. Hazel looks like the proverbial "ridden hard and put away wet" sideliner.

BAP: I was just thinking the same things in regards to both of your last 2 posts.

Pence is awful. Worst trade EVER.

I said that wrong. St.Louis is definitely down lower market wise than Philly.

Choooooooooooo ... !

Nice seeing these guys scorching the ball for a change.


I'll never understand the Orr hate on this blog. All he does is knock in extremely valuable runs.

Wow, we're getting runs! How refreshing!


Fatalotti: Chooch had a great AB. Orr got lucky.

I was in the car when Pence made that play and the "out" at 2B with his throw. Radio also said Cubbie was safe, but I am curious for those who saw it - Did Pence look better in the field than he has of late?

The Phillies just played baseball. That was cool.

GTown, the entire team got lucky the second Chris Volstad stepped on the mound.

GBrett: Pence made a good play off the wall & a great throw. But the runner was clearly safe. It was a bad call.

Fatalotti: Not to knock the 4 runs we have, but I'll really be excited if the Phils manage to score in multiple innings. In recent years they have guilty of grossly misunderstanding the term "shut down offense".

With Lannan in AAA, Volstad is the last true Phillies whipping boy in MLB. Glad to see them taking advantage.

Can you imagine T-Mac ever characterizing a Phillies contract as "a disaster," as he just did with the Soriano contract?

BAP, he just may have the opportunity in a couple years.

Fat: He's already had a few opportunities.

Zolecki: "INF Michael Martinez seen tonight by Dr. Ciccotti. He is out of walking boot and headed to CLW to continue rehabbing his right foot."


Victorino swung at what would have been...3 feet outside the zone.


Zolecki just gave Gtown nightmares with that tweet.

BAP - Thanks.

WP - You said one could replace TMac with a hand puppet...reminded me of Harry Potter Puppet Pals. Ever seen 'em on YouTube? Hilarious. - - And it could be funny if someone clever did make a hand puppet show of the Phillies announcers.

Oh no, when Martinez comes back do we see him alternate playing days with Galvis? Please say no.

Placido Polanco is good at defense.

GBrett, you could just glue a bad toupee and a headset onto a sock and, voila, a Chris "Muffin" Wheeler sock puppet.

I'll share the royalties with you.

I haven't yet figured out how to put man-boobs on a sock puppet. Not like anyone would buy a TMac puppet, anyway.

Why not just send Mini-Mart to Reading, where he should ultimately wind up anyway?

They aren't SERIOUSLY going to bring him back for the big league squad, right??? I mean, really???

Wigginton looks to actually be decent at first.

Is there any plausible way that the Phillies could justify putting Martinez on the active roster? He's not only worse than Galvis; he's also worse than Orr, Fontenot or, for that matter, Luna.

One thing that desrves to be said is that, by and large, the Phillies defense continues to be pretty good (with some notable exceptions like when Wiggy & Pence have botched plays at 3B & RF) - their offensive troubles notwithstanding.

Chris Volstad - Phils' slump buster.

Mini Mart is a veteran. He'll be back on the 25 man as soon as he's 100%.

GBrettFan: Freddy & Useless are both ostensibly switch hitters, & Galvis is undoubtedly the better fielder. I can't think of a single reasonable explanation for why they should split time.

So yeah, that's probably what's gonna happen.


Phillies record with Martinez on the roster: 102-60

Phillies record w/out Martinez on the roster: 10-12


Volstad entered this game w/ a 7.43 post-1st Inning ERA.

Good stuff, Phils batters.

I could actually see them sending Galvis down and keeping Orr up instead when Mini Mart comes back.

They are aware that they don't HAVE to put Martinez on the 25 man roster, right???

Is he out of options?

Sarge is goblin and TBag is a hermaphrodite.

Somehow, I think Mini Mart would clear waivers.

Only you, GTown Dave, could see 4 runs in 3 innings, and mentally break it into an irrelevant 4 runs in 1 inning and a deplorable 0 runs in 2 innings.

Crazy that a 1B like Nix can take to LF like that.

Polanco's still got an arm, anyway. Nice play.

Placido Polanco is very good at defense.

I'm not sure if there's another 3B who makes that play.

That reminds me of watching Schmidt when I was a kid. He would run up, make barehanded grabs on absolutely wicked hops off of the Vet turf & throw, all in one beautifully fluid motion. Best I ever saw.

Vance Worley has been a pleasant surprise the last year and a half now.

Phew. Things got dicey there for a moment.

Sarge and TBag are actively hurting my enjoyment of this game. I'm fantasizing about jamming an ice pick in my ear.

Rollins: 5 Pitches, 2 Outs, 1 Hit (because the pitcher fell down).

I wouldn't use the term "disaster", but it's a not going to prove a good contract by any stretch.

While the 4 run inning was certainly nice, even with that, they've still yet to drive a ball toward the gap. Everything has been a grounder, or a soft liner that found a hole. Sometimes, a few grounders in a row will find a hole, and you can, with the help of a well timed walk, put together a nice inning.

But when you have players who can actually drive the ball, you don't have to wait around and hope for those strung together hits like you do with this team now.

I'll take the runs when I get them, but the offense this game isn't much different than it's been in past games.

"Vance Worley has been a pleasant surprise the last year and a half now."

In the last year and a half, Worley has progressed from "not as good as he has looked so far, but a solid No. 5" to "not as good as he has looked so far, but a solid No. 4" to "not as good as he has looked so far, but a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter." If he can keep pitching as he has for about another 10 or 12 years, we'll eventually look upon him as "not as good as he has looked so far, but a solid Hall of Famer."

I haven't seen a start work out of the stretch even with no runners on base in a long time. Darvish is doing it in TOR tonight and he's absolutely dismantling this Blue Jays lineup. 3.1 IP, 7 K, 0 H, 0 BB

Should have read "starter", not "start"

What was that? Fireplugs on the corners? Lamp posts? Morons?

The thing I love most about Worley is that I don't think I've ever seen him phased by any situation, be it his own struggles, or mistakes by teammates, or a tight umpire. He just takes the ball & keeps on truckin'.

Hard to believe that its April 30th and Jimmy doesnt have a single HR.

Again, Volstad entered tonight's game w/ a 7.43 post-1st Inning ERA. The Phillies have gone 2-14 w/ a BB in the 2nd-5th Innings, & had no more than a single base runner in any of those innings.

4 runs or not, this is yet another absolutely ghastly display of purported offense.

NEPP: Not so hard to believe, watching him swing the bat.

hopefully we can get 7 outta vance

That 3rd Strike pitch was nasty. Great movement on the Fastball.

Have to be happy with what Vance has done for this Phillies team for basically no money. In terms of value to the team per dollar, nobody on the team holds a candle to Worley.

Worley: 6 IP, 1 BB, 0 R, 85 Pitches (55 Strikes, 30 Balls). A really nice outing so far.

Finally got to see Orr actually put that speed to use.

Pitching against the Phillies is like day 2 of Spring Training. Nothing but fielding ground balls and bunts.

the legend of bagger vance (worley).

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