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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Going to be lots o' remote controlling tonight what with the Flyers playing too.

Why am I hearing from my Mets fan buddy that Howard's wound isn't healing and he has to go see a specialist???

Is this reported somewhere?

Willard- I think he's having a bit of fun with you. Last I saw he just went off antibiotics.

Great graphic JW especially the Pence face.

Apparently bitching about this team makes you not a "real fan" according Facebook afficianados.

So, I'll put on the rose colored glasses and say 5-1 Phils tonight.

There was a daily news article about it. He is off antibiotics but cannot resume "baseball activities" until wound is clear. He drove down to Baltimore to see the doc who cleaned out the first infection.
The good thing is he can do cardiovascular stuff to help him stay in shape. And I assume he can use his tractor to pull trees and stuff if his family calls.

GM Carson, if you're relying on Facebook to tell you what fandom criteria is, I'd offer that you reconsider your sources....

Everyone on BL knows that negativity rules the day and we're all real fans here.

6-0 Miami (in a 2 hitter by JJ).

RG, thanks. Not as dire as a Met fan would lead me to believe. Wonder why they'd want to rile me up like that????

Great pic of Pence in the header (and a great byline, too). Nice work JW.

The Pence head makes it clear that he really should have starred in some 50s family sitcom, wherein he is often besieged by dilemmas such as how to take Betty Sue to the hop on a night when he's scheduled to work slinging ice-cream sodas at the soda fountain.

@Bake I'd watch that SO hard

I remember when Pence first arrived last year he said something to the effect of "it's nice to be just another guy in the lineup instead of the one everyone is relying on to make things happen".

Pence, we are all relying on you to make the offense happen.

The good thing is he can do cardiovascular stuff to help him stay in shape. And I assume he can use his tractor to pull trees and stuff if his family calls.
Posted by: Raul's grandpa | Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 05:33 PM

No, actually (according to Ryno himself) he's been watching Desperate Housewives to stay in shape.

Following the other thread--having Pierre in the lineup again shows why it would have been preferable to have Pods make the team, even though Pierre outperformed him towards the end of ST. Pods doesn't have a mythical fascination for Cholly the way Pierre does ("he had umpty-ump major league at bats last year, blah blah blah blah).

Bake: He looks like Eddie Haskell in a Phillies cap. "That's a swell suit you're wearing, Mr. Amaro!"

Amaro's description of the how the wound was is pretty sick.

In other medical news from around the league, Buster Posey is out due to a vaginal infection.

Scott: If you wanna really be sickened, read tonight's Phillies starting lineup.

You know what's difficult? Catching up on BL when you haven't read it in 24 mid-season. Not even going to try.

Alright, prediction for tonight:

2-1 Marlins. Doc is terrific, but is hurt by one mistake pitch he makes to Hanley with a man on 2nd.

Johnson is a stud, and departs after 7 innings of shutout ball. We plate one against Dunn in the 8th, then Bell comes in and shuts the door in the 9th.

I say we win with 8+ hits. At least 3 of them for extra bases.

Just a crazy feeling. These can't all be < 3 run pitchers duels.

3-1 Fish. Search for offense continues.

Hitler's gonna unleash the full power of the German war machine on tonight's episode of "Apocalypse: Second World War" -- right now, on Smithsonian Channel!

I'm going with 4-1, Phils... not enough to get people feeling better about the offense, but enough to stop the slide.

I'll save my bitching about Charlie's lineups another day. If you want to argue that Laynce Nix should be the one facing Josh Johnson besides really dont much of an argument.

1-0 Phillies on a Galvis solo shot.

Doc's gotta get through the first inning cleanly for the Phils to have a shot tonight.

Marlins are +130 with the o/u at 6 - all you geniuses should become rich!

Is that o/u of 6 for runs or hits?

Bats come alive tonight

I wonder how much the Mets are going to get out of Santana this year. He struck out 8 in 5 IP today, and 5 in 5 IP in his first start, so it appears, he still has his strikeout stuff (his 4 seamer is down to 88 mph, but his changeup is still sitting at 78), but he's not gone deep into either game.

I'm not a fan of Santana the person, but he was a terrific pitcher not too long ago, and it'll be interesting to see if he can return to form.

I have learned my lesson. It was wrong of me to discuss Fidel Castro. For now on I will only discuss my love and admiration of George Zimmerman.


Jamie Moyer makes that play.


Jamie Moyer would have bellyflop glove flipped that with ease!

I'm no lawyer but if my understanding of FL statutes is correct, he should have likely been charged with Aggravated Manslaughter, not 2nd Degree Murder.

Seems like an over charge that might be difficult to prove in the long-run...I wonder if they're pushing for a plea negotiation.

"Jamie Moyer makes that play."

One thing I am not looking forward to this year if the Phils' do struggle is the usual level of apology/a$$-kissing from Wheels and the 'ultimate company man' TMac.

Don't bury guys. Just be a bit more frank.

Speaking of Moyer, does he get off the schneid tomorrow night. It's been 20 months since his last win!

***Jamie Moyer would have bellyflop glove flipped that with ease!***

That play he made (but got screwed by the 1B Ump) is up there with Elway's leap towards the endzone in his 1st SB win for ultimate "bad arse he wants it more than anything on earth" plays.

Nice job to track that down Vic.

Remember kids, Matt Kemp is a Gold Glover now but Shane isn't.

Ooooh, Vic... that was nice.

Broken Bat BABIPtastic.

Glad the Phillies coaching staff is talking to the players about getting to the ball faster in the outfield.

What I wonder is, is there a coaching staff out there who DOESN'T teach that??

BABip normalized pretty quickly after Hanley's ball is caught.

I love Victorino.

I can't believe they didn't charge an error to Halladay for that throw.

I still think 1-0 Marlins.

I dont particularly care for 1st inning Halladay.

Halladay has nothing here in the 1st except his cutter.

Odd how he has struggled now in the 1st since last year.

I hate when Doc relies on his offspeed stuff in the first inning. So much more valuable when he can buzz them down with cutters and sinkers and then move to the offspeed stuff later in the game which makes him basically unhittable at that point.

1st Inning Halladay is ugly, like the Marlins uniforms, or a Phillies Ball Girl.

I love Vic, and he is a Gold Glove-caliber fielder, but damn is that GIF hilarious...

GBrett, an error? He wouldn't have gotten Bonifacio with a perfect throw most likely, and Bonifacio didn't advance on the throw. No need for an error on anyone.

Fish didn't score but they really made Halladay work (23 pitches).

Think they take that tradeoff.

Pierre/Polanco/Rollins is probably the worst Top 3 of any lineup in the Majors.

Pierre/Polanco/Rollins is probably the worst Top 3 of any lineup in the Majors.

The technology of yesterday, today!

nepp: you may be right

Big Roy will shrug that inning off and spin 6 more scoreless.

Fatalotti: That is one of those those things announcers say that sounds stupid and like common sense but does actually happen. There are coaches that teach about getting to a spot than finding the ball...some coach the other way. A lot of that goes into the routes players take to balls.

One way is better

there goes my 7 pitch 1st inning prediction...I was way off.


You go, 2-pitch Jimmy!

9 pitches total. "New approach", my ass.

Ok..I just went to the restroom and now I am ready for the Phils to bat. Oh wait, they already did?

That inning reminds me of opening day when I went to the bathroom two times after the Marlins hit and returned to find the Marlins back up at bat.

7 pitches. Seriously?

6 extra base hits for Infante now, Phils still stuck at 4.

TTI, I wasn't aware of that. Doesn't make sense, but whatever.

Disconcerting that Doc is battling himself tonight

Uh oh. Could this lead to that one insurmountable Marlins run?

Infante with the sound fundamentals getting to third.

Conceding the run here could pretty much be the game...with our offense.

Fatalotti: I can't explain it. It always was ridiculous to me too.

Ball game.

Johnson just singlehandedly got himself the win.

Knock in the run, pitch 9 innings of shutout ball, all in a day's work.

Oh, are you guys paying attention to the game? I was looking at the grass and thinking about the Winter Classic...

I'm all over the place tonight. Sixers, Flyers and Phillies are all playing tonight. My remote batteries are going to die tonight.




I said "tonight" a lot in that last post.

What was all that about Kentucky bluegrass anyway? I missed most of it.

Clearly the right move here is to bunt him over.

dodged the no-hitter. moral victory!

Always love the interview with some Phils' FO official that takes up most of the inning.

Blah blah blah.

Clearly the right move here is to bunt him over.

Posted by: NEPP | Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 07:38 PM

Only if he was already on second base.

Two questionable strikes to Victorino.

Fatalotti: Channeling Phil Collins?


How the FVCK is that interference?!? Infante smashed into Pence.


Glad Infante got decked, because he could have charged that ball and gone to second base with the ball, easily.

Infante is sitting in the basepath...what is Pence supposed to do there?

I'd complain, but let's face it: the Phillies weren't gonna score anyway.

Halladay needs to hit Infante now

Nice tackle, Infante...

Bad call there by Welke.

That's just a terrible terrible terrible terrible. Clearly Infante is trying to make a play to tag Hunter and get a double play. He is clearly trying to obstruct Hunter's path. Hunter clearly tries to get out of the way... as he makes a move to get around him, whereupon Infante moves into Hunter...

Bull Bleep.

Yeah, Infante could have just charge that onto the grass, and then turned and threw to second, and probably would've gotten Pence out. Or he could have gotten Vic at 1st without putting himself or Pence in any danger.

And Pence comes around to score!!!

Oh wait.

Sure would have been nice to have someone on second there...

Just pitch around Ruiz, inning over.

Can anyone explain why the 4 best hitters are hitting 4 through 7?

Inning over.

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