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Thursday, April 12, 2012


That blown call, on the other hand, I WILL complain about.

Stanton was more fair than Briere was offside

Polly should be on base. That's a terrible call. Just terrible.

And to speak to the point about fastest guy in the majors: it's easily Peter Bourjos.

Stanton is Dom Brown esque.

That looked fair to me when it deflected off his glove.

That was a fair ball, but I'll take the called 3rd strike that wasn't really a strike in exchange.

Brutal call.

LA: "I'm not one to get on the umpires."
Franzke; "Rarely."

Yeah, Stanton was about 4 feet inside the line, so unless one of his arms is 5 feet long, that ball was clearly in fair territory.

stanton is still po-ed about that K... & dropped it

might have been fair ball.. but that last pitch to stanton was not a strike...

so it evens out...

Not to fall prey to the fallacy of predetermined conclusions, but if Polly had been on 2nd base after that botched play by Stanton, those two ground balls would have likely scored Polly.

Man, it's times like these I wish the the Phils had been more frugal and paid a mediocre reliever less money on a shorter contract.

Holy Sh8t
Ozzie Guillen was sitting on the bench near Paps....what gives?

JP's first blown save coming up?

That's the same ump from last night (2nd base).

Oh Hunter, what a cheesy, cheesy commercial. You can do better.

Yeah, shut up Wheels. Paps has actually pitched better in his career in non-save situations. Awesome pitchers are awesome pitchers, no matter the situation.

"Man, it's times like these I wish the the Phils had been more frugal and paid a mediocre reliever less money on a shorter contract."

Do you ever shut it off?

What is PB's li'l entrance music?

$50mm man. Go Get 'em Jon!!

I don't want to hear this Cinco Ocho sh8t. Please spare us the zaniness. Just let him save the game. Turn the mic off for 5 minutes.

"JP's," that is.

92 mph?


Wait, wait, wait...the Phillies won 102 games last year with 4 different closers?

How is that possible?

Cant stand watching Papelbon work...takes forever.

"Do you ever shut it off? "


Man, I can't believe that RAJ couldn't put together a better offense this year. If he only hadn't wasted so much money on so many long contracts to so many players, maybe he could have.

Oh, and this feels like a loss.

Was that better?

1 down.


I just get an entirely unpleasant Billy Wagner vibe from the guy for some reason.


"I just get an entirely unpleasant Billy Wagner vibe from the guy for some reason."

As opposed to which other player, as an example?



Lidge-tastic! Er, I mean Papelbon-tastic!

Pap's good. Freddy's amazing!!!!!


Blanton would be my player of the game. He just seemed dominant tonight. Allowing baserunners in 7 innings is pretty good.


HOW bout joey b.?

I never thought I'd hear "Joe Blanton" and "Pitcher's Duel" in the same sentence.

Allowing 4 baserunners in 7 innings is pretty good.**

Amazingly enough, Wigginton would probably be the "2nd Star". Can't say I saw that one coming.

How many more starts like that before we can sell high and unload Blanton?


(He comes out to "Man in a Box" by Alice in Chains)

I've heard a lot that it should be easy to transition from SS to 2B (although I don't really believe that), but something that impresses me is Freddy's ability to turn the DB, which is not a natural thing to do after being a SS your whole life.

***Freddy's ability to turn the DB, which is not a natural thing to do after being a SS your whole life.***

Some recognition should probably go to Jimmy who is likely working with him big time on extra fielding around the bag.

And he just seems to be a ridiculous natural at 2B.

If RAJ did not spend $$$$$ on replenishing the IF after all the injuries -- but Freddy continues to astonish -- all is forgiven. Thank God Mr. Galvis was never "packaged".

Omar InFarte. that was funny

On the ESPN broadcast last night, Nomar said that he tried & hated 2nd base because you've got to turn and make the DP pivot without being able to see the runner who's bearing down on you.

Don't get too high, knuckleballer tomorrow. My Phils schedule has Sat. at 4:05, but XM radio has it as 1:05?

I love Galvis's glove, but if the OPS stays under .500, he'll have to stand in front of the batter and catch the ball right off his bat.

Let's hope the offense comes around.

***I love Galvis's glove, but if the OPS stays under .500, he'll have to stand in front of the batter and catch the ball right off his bat.***

3 game hitting streak.

goody: Everything I have, inc. my tickets, indicates a 4.05PM game on Sat.

Good interview w/ Dickey the other night on Terry Gross. Actually seems like a pretty interesting guy (still hope we destroy him and all he stands for)

R.A. Dickey's a nut -- he can be rattled.

Dickey dealt with a ton of personal sh8t.
I am not into the born-again and telling the world stuff myself but whatever works I guess. I actually found myself liking Dickey the person after reading the book. I can still hate Dickey the Met who will most likely shut down the offense for the next week with his knuckleballer crap.

No slight to Freddy but Kentucky Joe continues to be the most pleasant surprise of the team so far carrying over from spring training.

Yeah he didn't pitch well out of the bullpen in the Pirates series but how well do you expect a starter in that spot who had been stretched out would respond?

Given that this team is going to be 'offensively-challenged' for the forseeable future, they need as stellar as starting pitching as they can get.

Getting anything from Blanton resembling the '09 season would be a huge lift for this team. Basically would enable the Phils for the time being to trot out a starter who has a solid chance of giving them a quality start every time out with even more possible upside.

Very few teams in MLB baseball can make that claim right now.

Almost equally as important is that it limits the number of innings they have to get out of mediocre relievers like Stutes and Herndon who frankly are pretty mediocre as a whole.

100 more wins to go

Who is a worse defensive LF, Dom Brown or Logan Morrison?

Didn't catch the game tonight except for the tail-end on the radio at the gym.

Stunned to see on Brooks Baseball that Blanton threw 25 fastballs tonight (more than any other pitch) and that maxed out at 92.3 MPH.

Harder than he threw all spring. Topping out at 89-90 all spring. I would also be willing to bet that Blanton didn't throw many more than 25 fastballs the entire spring.

I thought Blanton was going to be a junkballer like he was in the spring using primarily using his sinker while mixing in his cutter & his arsenal of offspeed stuff.

When Blanton can command it (I guess he did tonight because he didn't walk anyone and used it a bunch) with near pinpoint control he can at times, it is a really effective pitch.

When he doesn't have that level of command though, it has a tendency to get crushed especially when he throws it to RH hitters that catches too much of the inner part of the plate.

Fascinated to see if Blanton is feeling his fastball as much in his next start & flashing that velocity regularly at 90-91 tonight.

Did get a kick of the Moyer highlights tonight on ESPN Baseball Tonight in black-and-white.

Age difference between the starters (Bumgarner and Moyer) tonight was the 3rd greatest in MLB history.

Melting faces:

Pence had another multi-hit game tonight. 3rd of the year already. 1 guy who is going to be a constant in the lineup all year.

It's only a matter of time before Pence melts a pitcher's face. If I was a terrible fielding pitcher I would walk him.

Moyer still unable to get that first win of the year. Why couldn't the Rockies score 17 runs for him tonight?

I would play Orr tomorrow at 2B against a knuckleballer. He could mess up any young kid for weeks. Even the vets get messed up for days.

Was at game. Great galvis plays. He can stick it on D. All you people who wanted Ryan back? How's he doing. And those who wanted that fraud Nathan? How's he doing? Rube Got paps so enough bitching and moaning about it. That song is done playing.

Another good game to watch. Happy to see Galvis continuing to flash the leather, Wigginton getting his first homer, Kentucky Joe dealing, and Papelbon getting his job done again.

I know everyone wants them to win, but I've had this sense that there has not been a lot of love for this team this year, and that some folks are waiting for them to fail. Nice to see them turning it around early with contributions from a variety of players, and hoping they can keep it up.

I think there is still plenty of love Bob. I do think the casual fans are starting to drop off some. No Utley and no Howard probably contributes to that as well. Galvis looks good on the feel but how much value we he have if he doesnt at least hit .220, that seems to be the acceptable cut off line. Only time will tell...

The Marlins can hit a little and they can pitch a little, but defensively they look like a bunch of circus clowns trying to put out a fire. Every ball hit was an adventure.

Saw on the highlights that both KK and Herndon started to warn after Papelbon gave up the hit to Morrison? Any reason why they started to warm up?

From Salisbury's Post Game Wrapup "Chase Utley continues to work with a physical therapist in Arizona. Amaro said he could check in with the club when it travels to Phoenix later this month, but there’s no timetable for his return."

Well we'll be in the area so might as well see how he's doing. The hell is that...this dude won't be back this year will he?

MG - I think they were warming up just to keep the arms warm, having not pitched in a few days.

KK last pitched the final Pirates game.
Herndon last pitched the first Miami game.

Psyched to see these guys coming next week, big 4 game series too. Shame that people are jerking the prices up for them, didn't really notice it the past few seasons.

Utley will not play baseball this season.

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