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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Freddy The Menace

Regarding the Alfredo Simon Phils banter in the last thread, any time I see the word "Simon" in reference to the Phils, I can't help but think of the huge black mark in the team's history - the Randall Simon sausage incident. What a dark, dark day....

This pic reminds me of the Midnight Mauraders album.

Free agent: Derrek Lee or Gload?

I believe the proper TV booth nomenclature for "RBI" is "steaks". Continued success.

This is not something I expect to say very often this year, but I am less than thrilled about tonight's starting pitching matchup.

WP: If you're referring to the incident where he hit the sausage person with a bat, that happened well before he played for the Phillies. However, if you were referring to his 23-PA Phillies career as a "black mark in team history," I am right there with you.

I thought it was Cliff Lee's turn to pitch?

Yeah, what's up with the rotation now?

Who can I expect to see in a couple weeks on Saturday and Sunday in San Diego?

Halladay, Blanton?

In fairness to Randall Simon, he made better contact w/ that sausage than the Phillies have w/ anything all season.

BAP, wow, I must have some revisionist history then. Thought it was shortly after he was acquired by the Phils.

In that case, we are probably safe deeming his entire stint with the Phillies as a black mark in the team history. Extremely forgettable (to the point where we create our own memories, evidently).

Cyclic, I believe it sets up as below. The off days between the Season Opener and the Home Opener create some change, but largely it follows as such. I'm going to the same games, and I'm anticipating Hamels Friday and Halladay Saturday. I'll be keeping a close eye out though and let you know if that changes (Murphy has been doing a good job of projection pitching match-ups).

Blanton (skipped on off day)

Cyclic, hope this helps:

Following the rotation he's outlined, you'd expect Worley on Thursday vs SD, then Hamels Friday, Halladay Saturday and Blanton Sunday

That's what I thought. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

I expect both teams to score 4 or more tonight.

Phils pull it out. Save #2 for Paps and he doesn't make it interesting.

looking forward to this game. hopefully the optimism engendered by last night will continue tonight. 5-3 Phillies?

I forgot Blanton hasn't had a start yet.

I take it that the Sunny/Philadelphia show is an official sponsor of BL these days?

I switch over to the radio audio overlay just in time to hear a TMac hhgregg commercial. I can't get away from this guy.

Wait. Why the hell are they breaking up Lee and Halladay in the rotation?

To give Blanton regular work...

A 1-2-3 1st is a welcome sight from Blanton. Same goes for 91 and 92 MPH fastballs. I don't think he was throwing more than 89 or 90 in spring training.

JW/BAP/MG: Do I at least get credit for tonights headline?

Our team should eat up a LHP...lets see how we do against crafty Mark Buerhle.

Any truth to the rumor that they’re looking to do away with the “McDonald’s Home Run Jackpot” and replace it with the “Burger King Bunt for a Base Hit Bonanza?”

I see that Freddy's lusty .118 AVG has JW, EFF and numerous other posters saying the scouts were wrong about Galvis's bat.

Could be, but I'll wait a few more weeks before leaping to BL-style short-attention span conclusions.

sneed: Only if the Phillies win and Galvis drives in a run.

Galvis is an .857 OPS hitter in worries tonight.

I like this lineup. Would be nice to see it produce.

well, at least he had to throw a lot of pitches

Hey - Galvis is tied for second in RBI production (a meaningless stat, of course).

When do we begin to see nubile lovelies wearing "Future Mrs.Galvis" shirts?

Has Pat Burrell been added to the 40-man roster?

Maybe it's because it was so long ago, but I actually don't remember my first Tastykake. Or it could be that that first Tastykake jammed a big enough glob of cholesterol in just the right blood vessel to kill the brain cell that would have otherwise retained that memory.

It would be ironic if the player who carried the team early while Howard and Utley were out was...Joe Blanton.

Blanton looking slick

Dare I say, Blanton's stuff looks good tonight

It would be ironic if the player who carried the team early while Howard and Utley were out was ... Joe Blanton.

He is only 1 HR off of the team lead ...

RAJ should see if he can trade Blanton before the 6th inning fatigue/meltdown. Sell high.

I'm curious to see if Blanton's conditioning has improved, or if he still hits an 80-85 pitch wall.

Blanton's delivery always looks as if it's going to result in his arm tearing off to fly through the air and punch the batter in the face.

At which point we discover that he's a zombie and Rick Grimes runs onto the field to bust a cap in his ass . . . that is, in his head.

Did Buehrle steal the Junkyard Dog's chain? That thing is huge.

Wow, got my first cloutian strawmanization of the season!

RFD will homer tonight.

At least Wiggy is minimizing the time frame with which we can b8tch about him.

6 up, 6 down against a soft-tossing lefty. Who would have ever guessed?

Yo, what's with the massive Pepsi-can pop-up?

Blanton's off speed stuff looks really, really good tonight.

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it 100 more times - I wish I had the same passion about anything in life that TMac has about the Phillie Phanatic.

I'm actually surprised the Phanatic doesn't have a TRO against him yet.

That's it. Blanton's gassed.

Holy defense!!!

Looks like ol' Joe got distracted a bit by all that hot-dog tossin'.

Dare I say, no way Utley gets to that ball.

Fred-dy, Fred-dy ...


There's no way in the world Utley makes that play.

Somebody was arguing with me as to whether Galvis had better range than Utley?

I present Exhibit A. Utley is 5 ft away from best

Essentially, Galvis saved us from a 1-0 deficit. I tip my cap to the kid.

Nice bit of false hustle from Pence to end the frame.

When you start calculating Galvis' WAR... let's all remember that run he single-handedly saved.

Notwithstanding the happy ending, it's uncanny how Blanton can easily mow down the first 7 batters, then give up a cheap hit, then immediately and completely fall apart.

It's too bad a BRef slash line can't measure a defensive play that saves a run.

Does Blanton pitch because it's Dollar Dog Night, or is it Dollar Dog Night because Blanton is pitching? Kind of a "chicken or the egg" type of situation.

Either way, let's keep the hot dog canon aimed away from the Phil's dugout to be safe.

Galvis literally created a net run there. How many points of OBP is that worth? Serious question.

Wonder if Utley is frantically trying to get Tonya Harding on the line.

Bake, I heard he's on the phone with Kobe's doctor in Dusseldorf, but Giloolly is next on his call list.

holy crap this defense

Galvis is just a vacuum cleaner with the leather.

(insert joke about how he sucks with the bat, too)

Good job by Blanton covering on that play. It really annoys me when pitchers just stand there & watch.

That was a nice recovery by Galvis & a nice job to get to 1st quickly by Blanton. It was not such a nice job by Wigginton, on what was a fairly routine play.



Vic coming through in the Daily News Home Run Payoff Inning!

I really like Victorino.

Hooray for the HR!




How did that ball not go out? That was absolutely CRUSHED.

Nice baserunning, Jimmy

That was really exciting - until Jimmy got thrown out at home.

I'm actually OK w/ Jimmy taking a shot there. Generally speaking, I'd rather the Phils play aggressive.

ah! Omar Infante again! I hate that guy.

Shane Patrick Victorino, from Wailuku, HI, is a talented outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball.

I think it was the right call to try to score there. Just a good recovery/relay/tag.

I think Jimmy had a reasonable expectation of scoring there.

Of course, had he just waited, he'd have scored on JMJ's hit.

Mistake by J-Roll... can't make the 2nd out at home.

I get being aggressive right now because of the offense... and it took a really good play to get him... but I'd rather take my chances 2nd and 3rd and 1 out.

Yeah, don't mind Rollins trying to score there, especially after Mayberry proved that maybe there's still some hits in the od dogs yet . . . Well, except for WIggly.

Just had to get through the lineup once, apparently.

Inning Ending Ty Wigginton.

One. F*cking. Pitch.

2 runs is all we need with Blanton on the mound.

Just kidding. Although you never know...He did once face Johann Santana and win 1-0.

Wiggy is basically cooked. How long will it take Charlie to play Pierre vs. lefties?

Ty Wigginton is a model of out-making efficiency.

GTown, 2nd AB in a row he's out on the first pitch. WTF with this guy???

I really hate these see-what-a-bunch-of-laid-back-beachgoing-Americans-just-livin'-life-we-are Corona ads.

Wigginton is we all pretty much feared he would be.

I dont blame Jimmy for trying to score there.

I guess New York Life decided against sponsoring "Safe and Secure" this year because they didn't think they'd get their money's worth.

That was a good aggressive play by Rollins and an even better play by Infante to get to it and get him at the plate. No problem there with what happened.

So if we had a lineup of Ty Wiggintons, Buerhle could pitch a CGSO with only 27 pitches?

Blanton is on like Donkey Kong

@Bake McBride: Thought the same thing about the first Tastykake. I think it's that I ate too many. Everybody from philly probably eats their first tastykake at like 2 years old.

Cannot stand Infante.

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