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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Moyer vs. these Phillies? CGSO.

From the last thread: Youkilis is an aging, broken-down shell of his former self.

Sure, bring him on board! He'll fit right in!

AWH - Thanks for the Mike Marshall article. I know he can be a bit prickly to get along with, but it is really insane that some GM hasn't given him a guy who keeps blowing out his arm with traditional mechanics. What he teaches is almost the opposite of what most pitchers do. And for good reason.

Good for Jamie Moyer. I have always respected what he has done. When he's finished playing games and decides to settle down, I'd like to see him coaching in the Phillies organization.

I can see Moyer getting into the HoF as a Veterans Committee guy in 25 years...assuming he's not still active.

Moyer made three starts against the 1986 Mets. He went 1-0 with a 3.74 ERA in 21 2/3 innings.

Polly after 11 games in 2008:


Just sayin'

Not that I wouldn't rather have who the Phillies have now, but I really enjoyed watching Moyers pitch when he was here.

Speaking as one who will never see an age which starts with a 3 again, he doesn't seem that old.

Yo, new thread

How long does a guy have to be around until people can spell his name right?

I get up early during the week so I miss the games this week (though I managed to grind it out for Lincecum/Halladay). First thing I checked though this morning was Jamie Moyer. He became a pitcher I always root for and I do feel it's inevitable that he faces the Phillies and throws 9 innings of shut out ball. I have to be honest, if he does it, I'll still be happy for him. He made it and he made it by sticking it to all the know it alls. The scouts, the sabermetricians, the beat writers etc...He laughs at these guys. I'm proud of the fact that he grew up ten minutes from where I live. I'm proud he's still winning.


Funny. I think I did that because he was here when Miers was here

Unbelievable. Moyer truly is an ageless wonder. Always liked him. Congratulations on his accomplishment.

Here's the factoid I just looked up that really got me: Moyer started in the bigs before Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar, who are already in the HOF!

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