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Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Fatigued? Dude, it's spring training. You're not supposed to be fatigued yet.

Scotty Pods creeping into the 25th man discussion...

Re: Sherrill. No MG, for the role he would be employed in I would not have spent any extra money on Sherrill, who has been wildly inconsistent in his career and went into camp with arm soreness.

Anyone that acts like there can be some sort of assurance of performance for such a low-cost with relievers are just kidding themselves. I'm sure the hindsight police will be out if Sherrill is lights-out this year, but the fact is that guaranteeing him money would be more of a risk than guaranteeing Dontrelle nothing, which is what Rube did.

Anyone else thinks it's high time for Willis to pull a Rick Ankiel and try his hand as a position player? He's a good hitter and a good enough athlete. One thing he's not is a major league pitcher.

I realize Spring Training is meaningless & all, but I'd sure appreciate even the slightest sign that acquiring every washed up reliever in MLB was a wise course of action.

GTown, if any consolation, RAJ did show restraint by not taking another flyer on El Pulpo...

I go for Pierre to get the other spot. If he doesnt get it he will sign with another team and certainly kill us. But seriously i think Pierre over whats his name. How is the D-train fatigued this is Spring training and its baseball. Im with you Gtown Rube seems to stockpile on these type of guys this year more so than ever. In hopes that one will be the diamond in the rough.

Even though he's about to turn 36, and essentially missed all of last year, I still think Podsednik has more left in the tank than Pierre. Pierre has been a .275 hitter the last 2 years, with no power whatsoever. Pods, on the other hand, has hit .297+ for 3 full seasons in a row, and actually has a little pop. He also draws a few more walks than Pierre & probably plays better overall defense.

Podsednik has outplayed Pierre so far for what it is worth in a whole whopping 4 games.

Surprised he is looks as fast as he does & that his ankle/foot issues appear healed.

If Willis is fatigued now,what will he be like 3-4 months into the season.Say good-nite Dontrelle.
If Pods is 25 does that mean Mini is 24? Hope it means he's 26.

***Pods, on the other hand, has hit .297+ for 3 full seasons in a row, and actually has a little pop. He also draws a few more walks than Pierre & probably plays better overall defense.***

The logical route would be to dump Pods and keep Pierre then, right?

NEPP - I think they will. Not like any of those guys has a tie to the organization or Cholly that will give him a possible inside edge.

Willis likely just has dead arm...a completely normal period in every pitcher's ST experience.

Whether that gives him a pass on making the roster or not is a completely different story.

4 games in I'm thinking Podsednick looks better. Pods had injury issues and Pierre just got old, right? Injuries heal. Age does not. But again, it's early and he's been facing a ton of shlubs so we'll see.
Also, why kept the Phillies from signing Derrek Lee? Is he in the $5mil a year or I retire mode? Was he earlier in the offseason when the Phillies moved for Thome? Do they just really want Thome around as a mentor?
Personaly, I'd like to see Lee go to Japan. They'd love him after what his father and uncle did over there.

Using the Spring Training Rule of Inverse Perfromance, Willis will be a killah out of the pen this year; and Pods should plan on retiring. Pierre will hit .330 and steal 75 bases.

I think the late, great Harry the K would refer to Podsednik's current .500 average as "lusty"

Wake me when these performances are actually meaningful in any way...

Chris, that's about 13 days away, when JW should be gracing us with pirate-clout in the header.

Can't remember a Phils' pitcher who wasn't coming off injury/had an injury feeling 'fatigued' in just his 2nd outing of the spring.

I like what Darvish showed today (at least, what I can see in this video). And, hell of a fielder, which is a part of a pitcher's game that I really appreciate.

I think I may have to this year, because I want to catch a fair glimpse of Darvish and some of the other West Coast aces.

Why should Darvish have to field his position? Working on fielding is just a big waste of time if you're a pitcher. They should have a guy out there standing next to him at all times as a 'designated fielder' to improve the quality of the product for fans.

Some people might complain with some manufactured sentiment about the purity of the game, but for those of you perched in your purist ivory towers, I submit Jon Lieber.

I really would have loved it if RAJ signed Dontrelle, Juan P and Ty W....6 years ago for a fantasy baseball team.
These reaches are a waste of time and spots now. I still think the D-Train rumbles out of town well before May.

Thats kind of general injuries heal. What power thus Podsednik have? Too early too tell but my money is on Pierre.

Fatigued? What choo taklin' 'bout Willis?

"Phillies officials are on the lookout for a second lefty to pair with Antonio Bastardo in their bullpen. In addition to Willis, the Phils have several other lefty relievers in camp, including Joe Savery, Jeremy Horst, David Purcey and Jake Diekman"

I even forgot Purcey was in camp. With Willis' sore forearm and his next outing in question, door is wide open now especially for Savery and Diekman to make the first cut next week.

Good article on 49 years young Jamie Moyer.

From MLBTradeRumors:

Jon Heyman of asked three agents what Cole Hamels would obtain as a free agent after the season and heard guesses in the $150-175MM range. C.C. Sabathia’s seven-year, $161MM deal remains the record for pitchers, but Hamels could challenge it if he hits free agency after 2012.

Not exactly what you want to hear to be honest. I dont know that the Phillies would go that high.

I think I just got a dead arm simply by thinking about Willis.

Moyer throw 2 scoreless IP today vs. Giants with 1 H and 1 K.

If Moyer ever faces the Phillies this year, he'll become the oldest pitcher to ever throw a perfect game.

Now why would an agent say he expects a player to command a huge contract in free agency?

True dat, b_a_p. Take it to the bank.

Whats the percentage that Podsednik makes this team over Pierre?

Posednik's paying 7:5 on my book, Horton.

Who would've thought: Jamie Moyer competing for a spot in the rotation. In 2012. In Colorado. Versus, among others, Josh Outman.

Jamie's saga is truly an epic one. He is one of the reason's I love baseball, and why I'm elated that it's back.

Good for the ageless Jamie, I think I need to look up Rockies games on the schedule.

I love Jamie Moyer. Good for him!

And BAP is exactly right, he'll own us if we face him.

"If Moyer ever faces the Phillies this year, he'll become the oldest pitcher to ever throw a perfect game."

BAP- Maybe 101 wins will have to do it this year.

It would be impossible to root against the Phils or against Moyer. Would it be un-Philadelphian to cheer for everything? Sounds like a mid-west kinda thing.

Moyer topped out at 82 today. He's already up to full velocity. I hope Howard is back by the time we face him, that will be must-see TV.

yo goody, any chance you want tix to the game on Easter?

Just give Cole 5 years 100 million and 5% ownership in the team..Ger er done...

Hugh: Thanks, but too many health issues for traveling.

Goody: I didn't know a three pitch swinging strikeout was must see TV.

I keep reading about how the Cubs are going to sign Soler and not the Phillies. It's making me grumpy this morning.

re: Cole getting Sabathia money. It's important to note, I think, that both Matt Cain and Zack Geinke will both be free agents as well. If memory serves, Sabathia was able to hold the Yankees over a barrel b/c there wasn't a comparable pitcher on the market. If Hamels is demanding $23m per, why not try to get Matt Cain for $17-18m? I could see Greinke signing with a team like the Cubs or Dodgers and taking another big market club off the table for Hamels.

The only way Cole gets Sabathia money is if he waits to play the FA market. There's no way you pay him that kind of money a year before he hits free agency. Why take on all that risk?

You sign Cole now to a deal that is less than what he'd get on the FA market, and it mitigates injury and performance risk for both sides. If he wants absolute top dollar, than Cole will have to bear that risk himself, and pitch on a one year deal this year, and hope he makes it free agency healthy, and still an elite pitcher. He absolutely should, but you just don't pay top dollar for a player before they hit free agency. I mean, unless the player in question is Ryan Howard. :)

Given his injury issues last season, it would be a foolhardy move for Hamels to not take a 5 yr/$90-100M if the Phils offered it this spring.

Yo, new thread

The D-Train has been D-Railed! Phils would be better served promoting some of their young talent to fill the needed bullpen positions!

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