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Monday, March 26, 2012


FTA: Utley said he has chrondomalacia, which is an irritation underneath the surface of the knee cap. It is something that isn’t bad enough for microfracture surgery, but it’s also causing enough pain that Utley cannot play effectively.

Am I the only one seeing the disconnect here? Its not bad enough for surgery but bad enough that he can't play? Wouldn't that imply surgery might allow him to play at some point?

I'll be pleasantly surprised if we get 80 starts out of him this year.

Really is baffling how this occurs just as training camp opens. He had no idea all winter? Did Ruben actually have an idea and didn't act on it? I guess these are questions we'll never get an answer to. We better hope Galvis can hit major league pitching.

I could believe that he aggravated it at the beginning of camp and that it was fine all Winter.

I can also believe that he basically took an easy all winter rather than going through a top notch physical therapy guy like Fischer for a new set of exercises.

I'm no pro athlete, but when I was about 35, I developed severe pain in my feet. I started a program of routine stretches and in a few months everything came back to normal and I haven't had problems since then. Based on this one personal experience I can believe that Uts has a problem which might be treatable through a change in his routine care of his joints.

Here's hoping.

And to fill out what I said, my own problem was so bad I could hardly walk, and when I stayed off my feet it got better, but when I started walking again it came back. It was only through stretching and other excercising of the muscles around the tendons that I was able to overcome it once and for all.

So yes, I can believe Uts stayed off his feet (knees) thinking that would help, but when the grind of spring training began he realized it wouldn't, and that it's possible, maybe likely, that physical therapy will help when other things failed.

I've had tendon problems with my left leg a few years back that was cured through physical therapy. I'm willing to give Utley the benefit of the doubt right now. I hope his new plan works.

The Gelb article in the Inquirer today is somewhat damning, in that it reveals that Charlie was left out of the loop re: Utley and that he and Amaro often seem to be on different pages when it comes to the status of players.

I'm skeptical of the argument that Amaro is a bad GM because he isn't transparent to the fans, but it seems to me like you would want all the key people in the organization (including the manager) to be on the same wavelength.

It strikes me that a hallmark of a good organization, in any business or industry, is that upper management is on the same page and there is a working process in place for the sharing of information. If that isn't happening with the Phillies, that's not a great sign.

Jack, I understand your point about everyone being on the same page, and it's a good one.

Could you provide a link to the article? Thank you in advance.

awh: Here's the link to the article. The stuff about the front office and Charlie is towards the end.

I'm skeptical of the argument that Amaro is a bad GM because he isn't transparent to the fans, but it seems to me like you would want all the key people in the organization (including the manager) to be on the same wavelength.

Posted by: Jack

Compared to the GM of that "other" sports Juggernaut in Philly, Amaro is pretty darned transparent. And even when he's not, the Phillies organization takes the fans concerns/interests into account and at least acknowledges we exist.

Jack, after reading the article I'm not sure we should be "concerned".

Sounds to me like it's a somewhat sematical argument. Charlie uses "setback" and then gets 'clarified" by other people in the organization. Seems a little, silly to be honest.

I was a little surprised by Charlie's comment "I'll sit right there until somebody comes and talks to me,...". I would have thought that he'd be a little more engaged in the Utley situation, but maybe he just feels that he shouldn't have to seek out the information - that as the manager someone ought to have the courtesy to inform him.

OTOH, Charlie's main job is to evaluate the players in camp that are on the field and decide with which ones he thinks they should go North. If Utley isn't on the field then he needs to focus on who his replacement(s) is going to be. To a certain degree, Utley only becomes relevant to Charlie when he can take the field, or when Charlie gets a reliable date on his expected return so he can plan for it.

Also, part of the problem seems to be Utley, who hasn't exactly been a fountain of info, and actually asked Amaro not to say anything to anyone, possibly including Charlie.

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