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Sunday, March 04, 2012


Willis' deal is not guaranteed. If they release him during ST, he get 45 days pay of the $1 million its not a big hit to let him go.

~from the last thread~

NEPP: I think it's a long shot, frankly, that Willis makes the team, and have been one of the few making that argument for the last couple of months. He has no control, and he can't get righties out. That was enough for J.C. Romero to stick around for a couple years, but that's because he was our only lefty. Now we have Bastardo.

If the team was willing to go with one lefty when it was Romero, I don't know why they wouldn't be willing to go with one lefty in Bastardo, who is far better than Romero was.

Now, I do happen to think the Phillies SHOULD carry two lefty relievers. But if Willis can't show anything, he doesn't make the team just on name alone. They need to find a decently effective lefty to pair with Bastardo, who should start the year as the main 8th inning guy until Contreras is back in the mix there.

Andy, will Tyson Gillies be a STRIPPER today?

Jack, if the truth be told, the FO probably agrees with you regarding Willis, otherwise they would have guaranteed his deal.

The prominence being given to Gillies this ST is starting to make me think of the emphasis put on the Dominator at the beginning of Werth's walk year...Vic had better start worrying.

escort bayan bursa ef wer we

AT, I am of the belief that the Phillies plan was to have Gillies ready to take over for Vic. Because the last 2 years have been marred by injury, no one really has much of an idea as to whether he's going to be able to make the jump to MLB.

To make it up to Gillies (who was acquited), the police will offer him car service to and from the game today.

Seeing some of the overreaction to the first real game of spring training yesterday in the last thread was hilarious.

Usual suspects in some cases as well.

Spring training means relatively nothing.

Good call truth. I said same thing. The only thing that sucks about today's game is the yes network coverage on MLB network. The t Mac of the al. Mike Kay.

Pence is disgusting.

Yo hunter save some for reg season. Dom brown nice stroke

Dom Brown is going to make this team.

Yeah, very nice follow-up from Dom. At least RFD hit into the outfield today, heh.

I love Brown's speed. Offense and that speed is what will get him to the major leagues. He just needs to be average with that glove and he will be a force

Martinez still sucks.

Also, clout has to be partying today with Tuffy playing.

from what I've heard, Qualls gave Doc some pointers on this Yankees lineup before the game.

Mini Mart shows off his "versatility" once again.

Michael Martinez is such a bad baseball player.

Annnnnd error on Mini Mart!

Martinez likes to lick sweaty game used baseballs and jockstraps

pinero not looking too sharp..

make that 'Pineiro'

Brown is looking good early.

Walking in a run is a surefire way to make the team- way to go.

nice running by brown - with mayberry's double following a failed steal by brown

glad he tried.,, we really need davey lopes..

Didn't see Brown's caught stealing. Bad decision to go? Good throw by the catcher?

Given that every Dom Brown play must be examined under the microscope, inquiring minds need some analysis.

What channel are you guys watching this on?

I'm convinced Michael Martinez is not an actual baseball player, and he has either tricked the Phillies with fake scouting reports as part of some elaborate scheme, or he is currently in possession of compromising pictures of someone important within the organization.

Scott and Larry are pretty convinced that, according to Manuel, Mayberry will get the bulk of the time at 1B while Howard is out, which is strange because everything I heard prior to ST made it sound like Wigginton was earmarked for that role. I like Mayberry there myself, although I tend to think he's a little stronger in LF.

galvis and tuffy --> after giving a BB to mmART, why swing on the 1st pitch?

discipline gentlemen discipline

Jack- it looked like Brown got a decent jump. The catcher made a good throw that skipped right to where Cano's glove was against Brown's leg. It still looked like Brown may have been safe. Just good execution by the defense.

Epi, I'm hoping that by some miracle the reason why Mayberry will be playing 1B is because Brown will be the everyday LF. A man can dream, right?

Brown continues to look good, and RFD gets that first hit out of the way... I hope we keep seeing them about as much as we have been.

3rock- MLB network has it on but it is the Yankees announcers.

Martinez is one of the worst 2B I've ever seen in the field.

Y is MM still playing 2nd base? he svcks..

Mini-Mart already in mid-season form.

Martinez is AGAIN the worst 2B I've ever seen.


Yeah sifl, I would love it if Brown turned out to be MLB-ready this year as well, but the greater baseball minds have convinced me not to hold on to that dream and to settle for Brown in '13.

And poor Martinez is really sucking out there.

bla i don't have MLB

Y is MM on an MLB roster?

He honestly would have trouble making our AA roster.

Martinez is not having a good day defensively. That was about as poorly as you can play a groundball.

Martinez is the worst. Rollins staying healthy might be more important than chase staying healthy.

Martinez has muffed 3 routine plays so far today...I think he's had 3 balls hit to him all day.

Why don't we play over/under with errors Mini Mart will make today...

not exactly a G-GLOVE infield..

RISP - phils don't score

then the phillies infielders give the yankees 2 additional outs and they capitalize.

i know it's ST. still

***Why don't we play over/under with errors Mini Mart will make today...***

How many plays will he have to make?

Should be the same number.

I'm not convinced that Martinez breaks camp with the roster. I know that he is going to primarily be your short stop most likely should Rollins go down so there is a very good chance that he breaks camp with us.

The only reason I'm not entirely convinced is that I wonder if the Phillies would be tempted to use Wiggy as a back up shortstop to give Rollins off days here and there. He did play 9 games at short two years ago. Clearly he is not going to be a defensive wizard out there and you obviously don't want him having significant time there at short. But I could see them using him sporadically and if Rollins goes down long term than you would call up Martinez.

Before anyone says anything foolish in response- please note that I said it clearly would not be a full time thing for Wiggy and that he would not be ideally your best defensive option.

They can cut MiniMart loose right? I mean Orr is going to bust out soon, this is his season, right?

that is a patient at bat..

Can Galvis play second? If we don't see Galvis as a future everyday player, why not have him as a backup IF?

Orr is way better than mini mart which goes to show just how bad mini mart is

TTI, people were furious with me for suggesting Wigginton play SS a few months ago. I tend to think he's more of a 19th inning emergency guy in that spot. I'm more hoping that Orr, Frandsen or Galvis (especially Frandsen) might beat out Martinez as the second utility IF.

Would Polanco be a better SS option than Wiggy? I know Polanco played short here and there a lifetime ago. I assume he wouldn't be great. I just don't know what Wiggy can do at short. Mini-mart probably makes the team.

now there were two great ab's (NIX/WIGG)

gobaystars: Possibly. I think the larger point you and I are getting at is that there are some outside the box options if the Phillies go that route. You would have to know that you are bringing in guys who will struggle defensively and would be a steep drop from Rollins. However, they would be better offensive options than Rollins and may not be such a huge step from Martinez defensively.

Only one game for Polanco at SS in the last nine seasons. I tend to think he could pull it off every now and again, but I think I'm one of the few people who thinks that.

Nice play by Galvis.

Yeah. The I think either guy could play a little short but we'd get into trouble if Rollins was hurt for 3-6 days where it isn't worth putting him on the 15 day DL but you don't want to run someone like Polanco or Wiggy out there for a week. So they sort of need to have a "true" sortstop on the roster all year. I think we both jsut wish it wasn't mimi-mart.

Triple A is loaded with middle infielders who are better than Mini-Mart. Plus there will be cuts by other teams. I don't think Phils would have to search hard for a replacement.

Putting Rollins on the DL, hahaha? you know they have let him try to work through all injuries at least 18 days first.

THEY are too anxious to swing.... geez

Should be an error...

weak call on that as a "double" for Martinez.

is it just me or does that pitcher have crazy-looking left leg movement?

jimmy who?

Man, is every outfield fly in this game going to be an adventure...

Even the caught ones going straight to the glove are going to be an adventure, apparently. Sigh... hopefully that'll stop.

Good velocity by Aumont.

That Dom Brown fly ball drop was inexcusably lazy. How can someone be that bad in left field?

That was a pretty weak drop.

Wigginton as a SS? No way.

Clout's right. If Mini Mart continues to show this level of ineptitude defensively, real strong chance the Phils either pick some up who gets cut or make a minor trade.

Thing is he sucked last year in spring training too. Made several errors and looked horrible in OF & subpar at 2nd.

If he makes the roster again, it will be perplexing. Versatility be damned.

Got brought up by several posters here when Qualls was signed but investing $1.25M in Theriot (defensive shortcomings and all) would have been a much sounder investment than Qualls at $1.15M.

Pierre/Podsednik both off to nice starts. Podsednik looks healthy and showed some nice speed early. I would be fine with either at the 5th OF.

Seems like Gosewisch is ahead of Kratz on the minor league depth chart right now.

Wonder who stays/goes at the first cut coming up in ~10 days.

The myth of signing Theriot continues. There's no way we could've offered him a chance to start, so it wasn't happening. Get over it.

Iceman: Once something becomes a BL meme it never goes away. We know this.

How can you say Mini Mart sucked last year when he posted a sparkling .606 OPS in ST?

I mean...that screams versatile!

Mini mart on roster equals we are in trouble. Kevin F is a lot better, and soon a lot of players without options will be cut. I am sure we can pick up something better. Geez. Horrible in field, and hasn't a clue at the plate. His approach is so horrible I can't watch him

Albiet two runs unearned, Aumont's stat line today is kinda ugly. 4 h. 2 K.

How did he look?

Iceman point - "The myth of signing Theriot continues. There's no way we could've offered him a chance to start, so it wasn't happening. Get over it"

Reality - On the day that Theriot was signed, Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle and several others reported that Brandon Crawford was still viewed as the starting shortstop going into camp despite the recent signing of Ryan Theriot (back on Jan 27-28th).

Theriot's deal is also not-guaranteed and he is competing primarily against Fontenot, also non-guarantee deal, for playing time against LHP at SS. Whoever wins the job gets the roster spot but neither is going to get a ton of PT early at SS.

Bochy just said at the start of the camp a week ago that he views Crawford as the Giants' starting SS right now.

Crawford is by far the superior defensive player & I am sure the Giants want to see if he can hit enough on an everyday basis to stick.

It would surprise me if Theriot is the Opening Day starter since Bochy really like veterans over younger players but he won't be the everyday starter there either nor was he guaranteed anything close to it.

You can debate whether or not it would been enough for Amaro to offer Theriot a guaranteed MLB deal and at least match the Giants' offer whether or not Theriot would have signed here.

Aumont looked like he had good velocity and got the ball out over the plate to just about everyone. A couple of times, they swung and missed, and Brown did something inexcusable on that fly ball, but Aumont did not look great.

There was one pitch that looked like a nasty splitter at about 92. The announcer first thought it was a fastball, then decided it was a changeup. Hard to believe he's seen much baseball.

Great arm. Needs work.

I didn't see the entire game, but that Montanez kid made a highlight reel catch in right field. Who the heck is he? Any relation to Willy?


How much would have it taken to sign Theriot on a guaranteed deal to persuade him to sign here & would he be worth it?

You can make a strong argument that at a price tag of $2M or higher, Theriot isn't necessary worth it either.

Unless Mini Mart is awful defensively this spring, I would be stunned if he doesn't make the Opening Day roster either. No team opens an Opening Day roster without a guy who can play backup SS late in games especially in the NL.

Cholly seems to really like Mini Mart too which mystifies me because he is such a fundamentally unsound and poor player.

Aumont's splitter apparently has potential to be an elite out pitch if he can command it consistently.

This article has Cholly basically saying "Mini-Mart's my guy."

Even if Martinez continues to stink, the fact that he was on the team all last season has automatically made him a "veteran" in Cholly's mind, I think. Cholly probably figures that Fransden, Luna, and other alternatives don't have 'nuff 'sperience when compared to Martinez.

This team's infatuation with MM just blows my mind. I always thought Charlie was being forced to use him by the FO, but now it looks like Charlie is drinking the kool-aid, also.

Wasnt Mini Mart ok a fielder last year it was his bat that sucked or is my memory foggy. Its just 2nd game maybe its just rust.

I don't see any metric that rates Mini-Mart as being anything but bad on defense last year. He seemed to handle 3B marginally well, but he was definitely not a good outfielder, and didn't seem any good up the middle.

The Mini-Mart question is certainly one of the more perplexing of the recent Phillies past.

if they send Martinez down(or preferably take him out behind a clearwater practice field and shoot him), I agree with clout that picking up someone else's scraps is a good route to take.

I don't see them using Galvis yet unless they basically give up on his chances of being an everyday player in the future. Realistically he probably will only be a utility guy, but it'd be foolish to just come to that conclusion with a 22 year old.

Bring back Bocock!

Yo, new thread

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