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Saturday, March 10, 2012


I heard his lawnchair is day to day so Utley hasn't been able to get out there to take infield.

Only Rollins, Galvis and Martinez have seen time at SS so far this spring, which seems to be approaching an answer as to whether the Phils have anyone else in competition for the 2nd bench infielder spot behind Wigginton.

Please, baseball gods, let Galvis start the season with the big club at the expense of Martinez. It can't possibly set back his development too badly if he's getting a start whenever Utley/Rollins sits one out. He could even replace Utley late in non-competitive games...

I would bet that any UT infielder on our roster will get a minimum of 300 PA in lieu of Utley/Rollins.

That's plenty of "development".

I was reading about chronic patellar tendinitis. Apparently, it can be surgically corrected, and I'm sure Utley has looked into it.

I just have to wonder why he has opted to go the route he's taken.

Is it really that bad that he'll be 'day-to-day' the rest of his career?

Perhaps Utley had top-secret surgery on his knee. He hasn't even taken grounders yet, right?

awh: "I just have to wonder why he has opted to go the route he's taken."

Not sure if you read my post from the earlier thread but the patellar tendinitis is a problem, not THE problem. The tendinitis can be dealt with through muscle-strengthening exercises to take the load off the tendon and by stretching (as well as surgery if the problem is related to misplacement of the knee cap.)

Utley's big problem is the chondromalacia. That is the erosion of the cartilage on the underside of the kneecap. It is irreversible. The best you can do with surgery is shave some of the rough patches of cartilage off, but there's no guarantee that doing so will lessen the pain. That's why Utley and the team decided against surgery.

Any word on Brown's hand injury?

nice 4-6-3 dp started by galvis backhanding to rollins on a ball off blanton's leg.

That would make it a 1-4-6-3 DP, no?

true. but according to jw both galvis and rollina are playing ss so it was a 1-6-6-3 dp.

Galvis has really looked great at 2B so far.

Haha, good point bullit. And yeah, I like Galvis at 2B too. I don't know how good of a career move it would be to stick him on the big club's bench vs. giving him a year of development in AAA, but it's nice to be excited about a UT IF prospect.

galvis could get all the development he would need with the big club this year if chollie worked it correctly. minimart can develop no further. he an example of the "peter principle."

Minimart can't carry Galvis's glove. It's hard to believe that Galvis can't carry Mini's bat.
Rube : Mini was here all last year. You can't be blamed for a screwy rule 5 pick. Do everyone a favor and LET MINI GO!

can galvis play 3rd base?

Galvis hasn't played 3B (or, for that matter, 2B) in the minors. Just one inning at the former. Also, Martinez and Galvis have pretty similar offensive numbers in MiLB: .683 lifetime MiLB OPS (.806 at AAA in 33 games) for Martinez vs. .613 OPS (.678 at AAA, also in 33 games, oddly) for Galvis.

On paper, Martinez and Galvis are very similar players, except the former plays anywhere from 4-7 positions (depending on how you count it), hits with a tad more power and has a full year's experience in the bigs. Of course, Phillies fans will note that the latter is seven years younger and has not yet driven fans crazy with offensive impotence and defensive slop for a full season.

If the Phil's are going to carry a no-hit, speedy middle utility infielder let it be Galvis. He has more range and is much more fluid around the 2nd base bag.

Blanton looked decent. Change up looked sharp and even threw a couple of decent curves today. Counted only 4 fastballs all day. Blanton is going to give up his share of hits. Probably only be able to throw 100 pitches or so but this version of Blanton looks like a solid mid rotation guy. Been the most pleasant surprise in camp so far.

Blanton's stuff looked good today, yeah. Elarton seems sharp up there as well. I'm skeptical about these reclamation projects, but I'm rooting for Elarton in resurrecting his career. He seems like a good dude, and a little starting depth is always nice.

as much as i hate the idea of Martinez being on the team, i think its very short sighted bring up Galvis as the last man on the roster right now.

Let the 22yr old build off his first respectable offensive season as a professional. The 2012 World Series favorites aren't desperate for such a small marginal upside in the form of their 25th man.

We already have a backup 3d baseman in Wigginton. And, if anything happened to him or Polanco, we could call up Luna, who also plays 3rd. So long as Galvis can play 2nd and SS, he can do what the Phillies need out of their utlity infielder.

The bats attacked this game with playoff-like intensity.

so, b_a_p, where do you stand on the A's to San Jose kerfuffle? Seems odd it hasn't gotten any play on this site. I think there should be a financial settlement / payment to the Giants and let the A's make the move. giants seem determined to eliminate the competition in the market. I'd hope bay area baseball fans would favor the A's proposed move. Keep 162 major league games in the market and, have two teams competing for your dollar.

I was going to watch the game today but real life interfered. Judging from the score and the game thread I didn't miss much.

Hugh: I don't have strong feelings on the business aspect of the A's/Giants territorial issue. But I'd definitely like to see the A's stay in the area.

Blue jays gm scouting heavy B. Maybe ruben can fleece them to get Travis back. Just joking people. If not anything a dump of sal would be ideal. Kendrick in 5 spot, and the bullpen will work it's self out. Pap trucker bastardo, and q.

Mick O: Please note that Tuffy Goosewurst had 2 hits. If you want offense, look no further.

BAP: If I were King of the World, The A's would stay and the Giants would move to North Jersey. NYC metro needs 3 teams again.

Never happen, of course.

Thanks b_a_p, just curious. I don't have strong opinions on the merits of the dispute. I'd have to see the documents and pay much more attention to it than I'm prepared to do out of idle curiousity. If the A's or the City are looking for outside counsel, I've got several theories I'd pursue.

clout, Giants to Jersey, no, Rays to Jersey, maybe. seems the recent spate of publicity is prompted by an opinion piece in the Ny Daily News(?). My assumption is someone with the Yankees and/or the Giants chatted with the author, but, who knows. I think there are big dollars prepared to back a move of the Rays to N.J. Maybe call them the jellyfish.

The Jersey Salps. I like it.

Never never never should have traded Valdez.

clout: If one team has to go, it should definitely be the A's. Granted, from a baseball standpoint, the A's probably have a richer history since moving to the Bay Area than the Giants do. But the Giants have a much bigger fan base and one of the nicest stadiums in baseball. Plus, San Francisco is one of the major cities in the U.S., whereas Oakland is just that other city across the Bay from SF.

But I'd like to keep both. The Bay Area can easily support 2 teams if they both have nice stadiums & owners who are committed to winning. SF has both right now; Oakland has neither.

The A's are a hobo franchise so, maybe they'll show up somewhere East of San Jose. However, the suggestion that, if one team has to leave or die, it should be the A's is ignorant. The Giants continued presence in the Bay area, instead of a perpetuation of their previously pathetic existence from the 70s and 80s in the baseball purgatory of Tampa, is largely attributable to the A's conceding Santa Clara County to the Giants (gratis). If the Giants succeed in killing the A's by blocking their move, karma should kill baseball in the Bay area. The next quake should destroy the park at China Basin.

"Oakland is just that other city across the Bay from SF." So is San Jose, and it should be able to host a team if it wants to. Oakland has already lost but, it's fans shouldn't.

As a resident of a city bearing the ignominious distinctions of being the largest city in Appalachia, the Crown Jewel of the Rust Belt and the Gateway to the Midwest, I reject the notion that the cabal to which the owners of the A's and Giants belong has the power to deny San Jose the opportunity to host a professional baseball team.

Hugh: From what little I know about the subject, I think the Giants are being totally unreasonable with regard to territorial rights. Nonetheless, having spent the last 40 years in Northern California, and the last 20 in the Bay Area, I can tell you quite definitively that, if the Giants left, there would be widespread despair across the Bay Area. If the A's left, almost no one would even notice.

That said, I'd prefer that they stay. If I want to take my 7-year old to a game, knowing that he'll probably want to leave after 4 or 5 innings, I'd much rather plop down $10 a ticket and take a short BART trip to the Coliseum, as opposed to forking out $75 a ticket, having to take an hour-long BART ride to SF, and then having to walk another mile just to get to AT&T Park.

Could you imagine the A's going full circle and coming back to Philadelphia?
Not going to happen, but it was great, as a kid, to have two teams in town.
I was a Phillies fan, courtesy of the Whiz Kids & my father's affinity for the Phils.
But the A's had the prouder history and the Stadium named for their fabled leader.
Exhibition games "City Series" were the interleague play in that era.
Long time ago.

Bubba, my grandfather was an A's fan and my father adopted the Phillies sometime in the 40s. They're both gone. Glad to see a post from someone who remembers when they co-existed. My nostalgia for the franchise is slight but palpable. My affinity for the PHillies is lifelong. Still, if the Phillies tried to stop the A's from building a ballpark in North Philly, and wouldn't accept any compensation to step aside, I'd side with the A's. I can't see the other side of that argument.

Hugh- I think the arguements would be numerous, the legal in-fighting nasty, and the whole issue of baseball's status in regard anti-trust layed open in a media era that is much different than when it was first decided.
Could happen that way in the SF area dispute before it's over.

Disclaimer- Layman's opinion on a board full of legal professionals after having consumed some of the beverage for which this forum is named.



"Nonetheless, having spent the last 40 years in Northern California, and the last 20 in the Bay Area, I can tell you quite definitively that, if the Giants left, there would be widespread despair across the Bay Area. If the A's left, almost no one would even notice."


And I can tell you from having spent over 40 years as an A's season ticket holder that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Having worked with rabid North Jersey fans (of various teams), some of the losers who trickled down to South Jersey and wear decomposing Franco jerseys to CBP and various other expats who ended up above exit 9 and either accepted the Mets or Yanks (mostly) as their adopted teams, I have to believe a new squad introduced to North Jersey would never become accepted except by those who are too broke to make the trip into the city and afford parking or trains or the even more sad and pathetic who cannot get tickets to the Yanks or simply want to be a sore thumb contrarian who wants to start crap wearing an Elizabeth Stink-Rays (I am copyrighting that) jersey at the local pub.

Hoboken Ho's ???

The Bridge and Tunnel Schmucks Who End Up Pissing in their Dunkin Donuts Travel-Mug Three Times a Week Rays. Just so they can better relate. Good marketing strategy.

The man knows No. Joisey!

BAP: If I were King of the World, The A's would stay and the Giants would move to North Jersey. NYC metro needs 3 teams again.

Never happen, of course.

Posted by: clout | Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 05:25 PM"

Actually, clout, the real answer is to move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn and re-create a NY rivalry.

Then, they could move the A's to LA (They pay for the priveledge) and create a crosstown rivalry with the Angels.

The Wilpons dream was to own the Dodgers, so you work a swap using monies from the dodgers sale, A's move to LA (and the Giants kicking in for the priveledge of having the entire market to thameselves), and let someone else clean up the Mets for the good of the game.

Realignment in the NL gets you divisions that look like this:

PIT (re-create cross-state rivalry)

all are within a few hours of each other.

ATL (actually further West than Pittsburgh)
FLA (their fan base sucks so who cares which division they're in)

HOU - they used to be in the West before so send them back

It puts a third team in NY and evens revenue streams out a bit.

It also creates a very financially healthy A's franchise for the first time in a long time.

It could work out. After all, it's all about the money.

awh - Except Houston is an AL team.

Of course, if they put the team in north NJ, there is about a 50% chance they'd call it NY anyway.

This is at least encouraging:

But when it comes to this team’s backup shortstop, Freddy Galvis is the guy. He will just be playing 60 miles away in Allentown.

“Oh, yeah,” Amaro said when asked if he considered Galvis the team’s backup shortstop. “If something happens to Jimmy, he’s our best option for an extended period of time.”

Jack -- This:

“Oh, yeah,” Amaro said when asked if he considered Galvis the team’s backup shortstop. “If something happens to Jimmy, he’s our best option for an extended period of time.”

was an interesting sound bite. However, replace "Jimmy" with "Chase" and there's no ready answer.

That's why opening the checkbook for Pabelbon still feels like gilding the lily. This team has immediate needs at first and second base, and we dump $50mm on a reliever.

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