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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hopefully that's the last time I read "Pierre (DH)" this year.

This lineup is encouraging me to take the dry cleaning and run errands today.

Miggy Abreu, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Cole is pitching 4th again only this time behind Worley so he can pitch the home opener? Can't get out of that 4th spot.

Have a bit of a knot in my stomach about the Utley press conference. He's not the type of guy to call the press in to make a statement about how things are going to be better, he seems more of an "actions speak louder than words" type person. Nor does it seem logical to do it just to tell people he's working on it, the docs are on top of it, he'll be back as soon as humanly possible, just not sure when, yada, yada.

Don't know what it is, but I think it's going to be bad.

I am imagining Hector Luna and Miguel Abreu doing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets Mini-Mart's semi-spliter-free spot on the end of the Phils bench.

kitty, give ita rest.

BTW, th elink on the right to the article

"Worley retires new grip after rough start"

clearly explains that Worley was tinkering with different grips yesterday.

In short, even though it's post Clout Day, you can probably toss out the results of his outing yesterday.

I have a few thoughts on Miguel Abreu at shortstop. Anyone care to hear them?

That infield sounds dreadful, and Pierre is not a DH kind of hitter. But it's good to see how those guys can field the IF positions (We know Galvis is good) and to give Pierre the ABs. Glad it's only spring training.

I read that Charlie Manuel didn't even see Chase yesterday. You would think Chase would have sought out his manager to say hi and check in. I think he must not be happy with the prognosis he received from the specialist. Don't know whether it will be retirement or surgery, but like everyone else, I doubt it will be "There's still no great option, so I'm going to wait a while longer and expect to start playing in May."

So Pierre hasn't hit, has looked crummy on the basepaths (2 SB, 3 CS), and shaky in the OF this spring with a terrible arm. Sounds like a great reason for him to win the last roster spot.

Podsednik has hit & looked great on the bases. Montanez has hit, bats right-handed (which this team actually need off the bench), and is vastly superior defender to either one who actually can plus above average in RF with a strong arm.

Sounds like Cholly is the one pushing for Pierre too since has said a couple of times that 2-3 weeks in spring isn't enough to evaluate a player.

BAP: Yes. Bring it.

Why WOULD Pierre win over Posednik if Posednik has outperformed him? Guess I'll mosey over to that Zolecki piece to see what he says about it.

Brett - They can send Pods down to the minors, but would have to release Pierre.

Juan Pierre is the type of player who does just enough well to give him a roster spot, and enough things badly to hurt the team once he's on the roster.

I applauded the Pierre signing when they made it. He's a guy who usually works the pitcher and puts the bat on the ball - unlike a lot of our "all or nothing" hitters. However, he's been outplayed this spring. He should not make the team. If tryouts don't mean anything, why bother having them? If Pierre makes the squad, Charlie is evaluating with Juan-colored glasses. Just another example of "veteran" players getting the nod over the kids even though the vets have proven they're declining and/or have little upside.

Murphy's column yesterday is what I do think is going to happen at this point:

Let's look at the bench as it stands for Opening Day:

1. Laynce Nix LHB/LF/1B

2. Jim Thome LHB/1B

3. Brian Schneider LHB/C

4. Right-handed OF/INF TBA

5. Utility man TBA

"Lou Montanez might be the guy to start the season. He has played good left field defense, and he has hit the ball well. Or maybe the Phillies bring in another right-handed bat via trade or waiver claim.

The point is, they appear to need to fill a roster spot with a right-handed bat. Which means one less roster spot for a player like Podsednik or Pierre. The Phillies are clearly going to keep a utility man, even though that utility man probably isn't in camp right now (Pete Orr is the only true utility guy in camp, and he bats left-handed)."

So much for the improved bench this year at least at the start of the season. Kind of sad the Phils are looking at 2 waiver-wire players potentially to round out their Opening Day roster.

Thome (over Gload) is going to be the only upgrade. Nix is useless vs. LHP and a poor PH option. Schneider was washed up last year. 2 waiver wire types or Montanez/Luna.

J96 -- I wrote a long tirade yesterday afternoon, devoted exclusively to the topic of playing Miguel Abreu at shortstop. If I repeated it, I think a few of these posters might call 911 to have me committed to the insane asylum. Hence, I would just direct you to my comments in yesterday's thread.

"Juan Pierre is the type of player who does just enough well to give him a roster spot, and enough things badly to hurt the team once he's on the roster"

He hasn't even done that this spring. In every facet of the game, he's stunk.

More from Murphy's column yesterday (which have vastly improved over the past 2 years and I would say he is the best beat writer covering the team now):

"As for Pierre? It's tough to tell. Charlie Manuel likes him a lot. Spend any amount of time around Pierre and it is hard not to feel the same way. But he hasn't had a great camp. Manuel keeps bringing up the 80 runs he scored last year for the White Sox. But his on base percentage was a meager .329. He was caught stealing on 17 of 44 attempts. This spring, he has been caught stealing on 3 of 5 attempts. He has nine singles and five walks in 40 plate appearances. He looks particularly susceptible to hard stuff inside."

Pierre looks a like a guy who is done being able to help a team at the MLB level over a prolonged stretch. He's a 'AAAA' type player at this point who you stash at your AAA club for an injury call up.

Read more:

On the bright side, it looks like Thome playing 1B a couple times a week is a real possibility. Even if they just play him 5 or 6 innings, get him 3 at-bats and then take him out for defense/health that could be a serious boost to the 1B situation until Howard gets back.

If that is going to be their bench for April/May, the late-inning comeback rallies are going to be far and few in between.

One good PH option on the bench (Thome) and th rest who are going to be below-average to terrible PH options.

Nix is a terrible PH option (career numbers):

25-134 with a line of .187/.276/.269 with 2 HRs and 17 BBs/40 Ks.

Nix's 'all-or-nothing' approach at the plate doesn't yield to good results as a PH. He's also a guy that can't hit LHP pitching at all (.181/.235/.271 in 199 career ABs) and really struggles with power pitchers with a good fastball.

More you look under the hood at Nix and the less there is to like about him. He's useful if he is starting in a strict-platoon role but he isn't a good late innings player because of his PH struggles & ability to almost completely neutralize him with a LOOGY or a hard-throwing RHP reliever.

"He's a guy who usually works the pitcher and puts the bat on the ball."

Harkening back to a discussion of a few days ago . . . I submit that the traits of "putting the bat on the ball" and "working the pitcher" are, in the vast majority of cases, mutually exclusive of each other. Wade Boggs and Albert Pujols spring to mind as rare exceptions -- guys who draw lots of walks, see lots of pitches, and rarely stike out. But, generally speaking, if you are good at "putting the bat on the ball," you will not be good at "working the pitcher" since putting the bat on the ball usually means putting the ball in play when you swing -- and, when you put the ball in play, you're probably not seeing a lot of pitches and "working the pitcher."

Certainly, this is true of Juan Pierre, who is no doubt terrific at putting the ball in play but is terrible at "working the pitcher." Hence, his miniscule walk and P/PA totals.

Hale says Utley was in the clubhouse today and if you believe what Gelb said yesterday Utley participated in some type of closed door workout. To me, that doesn't sound like the behavior of someone who is preparing for season ending surgery or planning on announcing his retirement tomorrow.

Podsednick should make this team. He has done nothing not to. If they truly want to take the best 25 men north.....Juan Pierre isn't one of them.

Hamels starting the home opener is such a non-issue, I'm surprised anyone can even muster the energy to object to it.

Inside the Phillies: Time for Phillies to bring back Aaron Rowand?

No. Brookover is the worst columnist who covers the team on a daily basis right now for the local papers and it isn't close unless Marcus Hayes chimes in with his occasional lazy article on the Phils or you get one of cliched, lazy articles from Frank Fitzpatrick.

cut-fastball made this point the other day, and I think he's right: there's actually a case to be made for Montanez as the 5th outfielder. The case is: he's right-handed and, when you've already got Nix & Thome on your bench (plus Schneider, if you count him), yet another LH bat is just one too many. After all, if Polanco's banged up & Wigginton's playing 3rd, who's going to be our starting left-fielder if we're facing a LH starter? Though I like Podsednik, he isn't a guy I want up there if a LHP is in the game. And I don't want Juan Pierre up there, period.

Of course, Montanez hasn't hit much in the majors but he has hit in the minors and the Phillies seemingly like him enough that he's still here. It's not inconceivable he could make the opening day roster.

This has to be the craziest-baseball story I have seen this spring:

"The Rangers are introducing the Great Dane of hot dogs: a 2-foot-long beast that busts the scales at one pound. The Texas-sized dog is also topped with sautéed onions, shredded cheese, jalapenos and chili and served with a side of French fries.

"That's the next ka-pow," Steve Peterson, the president of Fort Worth-based Classic Foods, said as he gestured to a sample of the hot dog. His company produced the meat.

The Champion Dog, to be served at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, will reign supreme over the mere foot long dogs. At a price of $26, the entrée is meant for sharing with three or more people."

Two words - Disgusting mess. You imagine 3 people trying to eat this monstrosity simultaneously? Ugh.

Rangers are serving a bacon sloppy joe this year as well

Looking at this chase thing and I know it can have more serious ramifications to the next yrs roster then ever. Say if chase retires. Then take that money Joe blanton Shane and Cole's money off books? Wow then listening to rube talk he's going to let market for Cole set him self up as well as Shane etc. I really do think all three won't be back. Lots of money and lots of players. One little side note here. If wright gets traded somewhere else. He can opt out. I look for philles to stand pat and wait for him. Lots of CF out there next year as well as SP too.

Miggy Abreu is making the team, and hes probably better than Martinez.

Andy - about Pierre v. Posednik. Thanks, I'd forgotten they could send Posednik to the minors.

Can we release Pierre in May or June if he's stunk and call up Posednik then?

MG - Dad near StL took us to a minor league game - the Grizzlies - where he touted the Grizzlyburger, which is a hamburger that uses a glazed donut for a bun. Supposed to be tasty, but I can't say, not being willing to try it.

Pierre has the edge over Pods onlt because he has an opt-out clasue in his contract. I don't know what the drop dead date is. Pods can be optioned to the Minors. That's the only reason. Pods has had the better Spring but they don't want to lose Pierre.

As Jonesman says, it would be a huge boost to the team if Thome can start at 1B once or twice a week.

Believe it or not, but at age 41, Thome is still as good or a better hitter than almost everyone else on the roster. He has a 140 OPS+ over the last three seasons, which is just sort of stunning.

I promise Juan Pierre will run the Phillies out of a rally in one of the first games he enters in April, if he makes the roster.

Rube had the worst winter of any GM on the planet. Shot his wad on Paps, then filled the clubhouse with garbage.

Giants just announced that Ryan Theriot is available. Ruben had got to make a deal for him. A perfect fit for the situation.

Why you got to be so mean to my cousin, yack?
-Jean Pedro, Juan Pierre's cousin

Back to back HR's for Orr and Galvis off Aceves.

Where did Shane get hit at? Geezzz

Victorino got it on the leg. He seems ok. Phillies are smoking Aceves.

Feel bad for Madson having to get Tommy John surgery. Maybe the Phils bring him back at a discount next year?

Very bad for Madson and the Reds. That's one respect in which the Phillies got lucky, made the right call.

Lmfao rube said that's y I got pap I knew madson was cooked! Drew storen on DL with elbow. Could brad I play for the best team lidge take closer role???? Chipper on DL knee surgery. Lomo and Stanton say knees still hurting. We are not only team with injury bug.

Crazy, crazy about Madson.

Hamels starting the home opener is such a non-issue, I'm surprised anyone can even muster the energy to object to it.

Posted by: Bowlcut | Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 12:02 PM

I'm surprised that anyone would object to it at all. i think it's a great honor for the Phillies to bestow upon Hamels that they would actively change the pitching rotation so that he could pitch the home opener. I think it speaks volumes about how much they appreciate what he's done for the organization.

Giants just announced that Ryan Theriot is available. Ruben had got to make a deal for him. A perfect fit for the situation.

Posted by: Rich | Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 01:52 PM

So, are we actually going to see posts like this once a day until Theriot is no longer available. UPDATE: Ryan Theriot is GARBARGE! If that wasn't clear enough, I'll make it clearer. Theriot is COMPLETE GARBAGE! Waste of resources and time to bring him on the squad. In fact, I'd bet a good deal that Galvis outperforms Theriot this season.

Too Bad for Ryan. I wonder if the Phils knew his are might be hurting him. With pitchers though, you never know. Next pitch could be their last.

I'm also wondering if maybe RAJ get Theriot from the Giants. Wonder if he knew about the opt-out clause in Theriot's deal and decided to wait to see if the Giants release him. Stark says Barves interested too because of Chipper's injury. Too bad about him too. He should just retire now.

I believe Utley will opt for surgery. I sure hope he doesn't announce his retirement. The rehap regimen doesn't seem to be working. Thoughts on all of this anyone?

Dontrelle Willis just walked the bases loaded for the O's - no outs yet.

RAJ's a genius -- sure shoots to hell all my whining about Papelbon. Damn glad to have the former Bosox closer on board. Come to think of it, isn't it true that Madson rarely hit 95 late last season?

Regardless, Mad Dog was a hell of a battler. He overcame his anger/anxiety issues to become a pretty terrific closer. Scary to think how good he could become if Tommy John gives him another 2 mph or so on his fastball and he keeps his cutter and signature changeup.

Can you really compliment r00b for magical foresight if the $44M offer actually happened?

"Pierre has the edge over Pods only because he has an opt-out clasue in his contract."

That's really a pretty stupid reason to pick one guy for the team over another. Other than making bad contact, there is, quite literally, nothing which Juan Pierre brings to the table that Podsednik doesn't do better. You don't need to watch 2 full months of Juan Pierre on your regular season roster to figure this out. You can just Google both their names, look at Juan Pierre's godawful numbers from the last couple of years, and compare them to the numbers from Podsednik's last healthy season.

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