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Thursday, March 15, 2012


"MG, they already know how mini-mart plays with JRoll."

Mini Mart played 82 IP at 2B last season. He played there sparingly last year in April with Valdez/Orr getting most of the time.

They really don't have a good idea one way or the other how Mini Mart will handle 2nd with JRoll.


"I think Mini-Mart is getting the majority of reps at SS because he is the primary utility INF. Galvis could develop into a nice utility INF in the future, so why not give him the reps now in ST when it doesn't matter?"

RedBurb, exactemundo!

Though that logic seems to be lost on some.


The Phillies management disagree with MG as to when to start getting Utley reps in actual games.

What a surprise!

"They really don't have a good idea one way or the other how Mini Mart will handle 2nd with JRoll."

MG, once again, you are speaking for yourself.

You have no idea what the Phillies' thoughts are on the matter. None.

awh, agreed on Frandsen, I also had high hopes.

You can't draw a conclusion after just 23 PAs, but his .644 OPS so far almost matches his career MLB OPS of .636 in 626 PAs.

Maybe the Phils realize that Freddy's upside is that of a utility INF. Get Galvis the reps he needs to get somewhat used to 2B in ST. He goes to LV this year where he is the starting SS. When rosters expand this year he can be called up and used as a defensive replacement at both SS and 2B. Next year he could open as the team's primary utility INF. And a cheap one at that.

awh - We'll just see in a week. If Utley starts the year as the starter at 2B, it doesn't really matter since Galvis will open the year at SS in Lehigh.

If he doesn't, I bet Galvis is the starting 2B on Opening Day.

RedBurb, stop making sense.

Additionally, it has been widely reported that the Phillies are loking for IF help.

If you are Amaro, do you INCREASE or DECREASE your leverage if Freddy proves he can handle 2B?

Do you INCREASE or DECREASE the pressure on the organization to make a trade for another IF?

There is no way anyone in the Phils' organization including Cholly would have much of an opinion of Mini Mart at 2nd with JRoll based on less than 10 games.

I would love to see Cholly asked though about where he though Mini Mart was best defensively. He did have some strong praise for him last year at 3B when he filled in for Polanco.

schmenkman, my hopes were nothing more than he would push mini-mart down to the minors.

Frankly, that shouldn't/wouldn't be that big of an accomplishment, IMHO.

Y, NT!

awh - Galvis playing a week at 2B increases or decreases the Phils' leverage in a trade? Please.

Your grasping for straws.

I do agree with you about Frandsen's missed opportunity. If he had hit this spring and looked a bit better defensively, there is a good chance he would be the guy the Phils would have tapped to fill in for Utley to start the year if Utley wasn't able to go.

This is one of the funniest arguments on BL in a while. MG has railed against every aspect of Mini Mart as a player, and rightly so (though the complaints are pretty excessive at times). He brings nothing to the table. And now he's wondering why Galvis is getting trained at 2B INSTEAD of Mini-Mart?

I wholeheartedly disagree on the idea that Galvis won't get a pass from people. He would be replacing Mini-Mart- he doesn't have to really do much of anything to hit that low bar. And the guy can pick it defensively. If he does that, he'll be an improvement no matter what he does with the bat.
How can anyone think it's a mystery that Galvis is getting reps at 2B and Mini isn't? He's the better player!

FWIW, projections for Martinez generally have him at .600-.640 OPS, mostly due to an expected increase in his BABIP from last year's .220 to more like .270.

Given that his health issues are not going away ever, Utley should not play one more inning in meaningless games than he has to.

If you must see Utley in action and you must see him now, I suggest you watch video from seasons past.

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