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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Carson, as I've previously mentioned, I'm not concerned at all about Hamels. He'll be re-upped shortly into the season. I suspect that a deal is probably about done, in principle.

As for Savery, how can you not pull for the guy to get a cup of coffee with the big league team? What a story. I have realistic expectations for him, but I actually think that he can be a key piece in this bullpen, especially with all of the uncertainty surrounding Bastardo. I'd love to see this kid make the roster.

Cespedes goes deep in 2nd career game.

Whats the deal with Jorge Soler? He just disappeared back to Cuba?

Soler is meeting with the Pope.

If I were Kratz I'd have my agent getting me out of this organization,asap.Either that or getting a hit man to take care of Schneider.What a joke.

Utley in a lawn chair sighting!!!!

ESPN has their own version of this game on too.

You could hear the beer guy go "9.75" on the crowd mike.

Goosewurst is still with the team?

If they keep records for the least inspiring spring training performance in major league history, both Wigginton and Nix must surely be making a strong run at that record. Mayberry too.

Hamels v. Hellickson in a Spring Training game, against these lineups is the exact kind of game that casual fans deplore. This one might go 10 at 0-0.

Polly flashing the leather a bit. Nice to see.

Honestly its no big deal if Stutes begin the year on the DL. Question is whether Contreras is ready to go & if Bastardo is 100%.

get the contract ready, rube.

If every player Wheels though had a chance to make the club actually made the club, the roster would have to be expanded to about 75 dudes.

Hey Wheels, they're all in Spring Training because they can do SOMETHING at least moderately well, we get it. Get a clue.

Rowand released by Marlins.

I forget where I read it, but Contreras is apparently going to pitch only minor league games for the rest of ST. The explanation was that, if he appears in a major league ST game, then his eventual DL stint could not be made retroactive to a date earlier than that game. If he doesn't pitch another major league ST game, then he could open the season on the DL & would be eligible for activation after 5 days.

This strongly suggests to me that he is going to open the year on the DL -- though I'd be fairly surprised if he's back within 5 days.

"Rowand released by Marlins."

The answer to the upcoming question is no.

bap, except for one game ithe last couple of years, I haven't seen Rowand play.
In that game his batt appeared to have slowed.
Since you're in that area and ostensibly see more SFG games, could you comment on that as well as give us an evaluation of Rowand.

I don't have a big problem with keeping Schneider over Kratz:

1. Phils' pitchers are comfortable with Schneider
2. Schneider hits left-handed, so Ruiz can rest against selected righties
3. Kratz would not improve the offense significantly, if at all

Kratz' last 3 years' OPS in AAA:
.807, .875, .838

The major league equivalent version of the same 3 years:
.675, .729, .700(est)

Brian Schneider's last 3 years:
.627, .729, .502

However Schneider sees RHPs almost exclusively.

Kratz vs. RHPs (MLEs):
.589, .681, unavail

Schneider vs. RHPs:
.656, .820, .539

Source for MLEs:

awh: I'm not a scout and don't claim that I can watch a player play and render a meaningful opinion. But I do know how to read someone's Baseball Reference page which, in the case of Rowand, is enough.

"The major league equivalent version of the same 3 years: .675, .729, .700(est)"

Those major league equivalency projections are very useful tools when they're accurate and very useless when they're inaccurate.

Schneider's done. He was last year. The only strength he brings at this point is his familiarity with the staff.

Wooo thome!

bap, it's hard to argue with that.

Did anyone else's heart sink when Jim Thome made that play?

i don't think thome would have gone back on the field for anyone but chollie.

schmenk, that .539 OPS last year against righties: if that's what you're getting out of Schneider this year, I'd much rather go with the unknown quantity. Imagine that even if Kratz were to match that pitiful OPS against RHP, his youth and athleticism would translate to his defense and baserunning alone providing more value to the Phillies than anything Schneider brings to the table.

By the way, that argument I made about choosing Kratz over Schneider...I feel like I made the same argument last year several times about choosing Brown/Mayberry over Ibanez.

brian's ears were burning.

The first Beerleaguer Reverse Jinx of 2012.

Fatalotti, would probably agree, although there is still the handling the pitchers aspect.

But I expect more than .539 OPS from Schneider vs. righties. .600-.640

"brian's ears were burning."

Hah! I just saw that on Gameday. Funny.

Ed Wade Googled the Phillies' record in games started by Schneider last season for Charlie, & Brian's future w/ the club was assured.


I don't understand why more teams don't run against the Phils especially when Halladay/Lee/Hamels are on the mound. None of them have a particularly quick delivery or a good pickoff move.

No chance for Longoria except to foul that off. Man that changeup had some real drop on it.

cole was determined to make longeria look foolish in that AB.

MG: cuz they can't get on base period

Any reason why they didn't let Hamels try to finish the 6th?

Looking at Qualls' numbers last year, I'm confused as to why he's already been declared an unmitigated failure of a signing.

Nice job by Hamels/Qualls to work out of a jam there.

Qualls is guaranteed to be a guy that pitches in a ton of high leverage spots early on given Cholly's preference for veteran relievers. Hopefully he is up to the task.

Any reason why they didn't let Hamels try to finish the 6th?

Good question. Sounds like he was on a strict pitch count. 88, I think. By the home opener, he should be on track to pitch 100.

BTW, even in ST, typical Cole Hamels game. 1 to 1 tie for a ND.

Jim Bowden says Phils won't make playoffs, yawn.

Iceman: Some combination of: (1) his not having flashy strikeout totals last year; (2) people's inherent skepticism of any numbers posted by a Padres pitcher; and (3) the timing of the signing, which made it look like a Valdez-for-Qualls swap.

I'm with you, though. He seems like a perfectly fine reliever to me. In fact, if it WERE a Valdez for Qualls swap, it's a swap I probably would have endorsed.

Man, do Nix & Wigginton look like stiffs. The Phillies, as a whole, have actually been doing a reasonably good job of getting on base. But both of these guys have been killing one rally after another.

Ugh. I know it is spring but Mayberry/Nix/Wigginton have been all kinds of putrid (after that inning):

32-165, .194 AVG, 9 XHBS, 0 HRs, 16 BBs, 31 Ks

what say we nix nix and tie wiggington to the RR tracks.

Another year, another year full of a bench that has 2-3 guys who will be out of baseball next year.

BAP, I've officially gotten to the point where I'm only recognizing them as a single useless entity, Nixington. While Nixington isn't as aggravatingly inept as Abe Nunez, he is less than useless at this stage.

Savery time.

Hey Guys,

Wife and I will be in San Francisco, CA for the opening Phillies series against Pittsburgh.

Anyone know of some good spots downtown where we can catch the game? We'll be staying near Union Square.

Preacher: "Nixington" = Brilliant. The name, that is, not the players. They're complete garbage. It's nice how r00b managed to lock 'em down for 2 yrs. apiece.

Let's bring him north, Rube.

3r0ck - Isn't a place that near Union Sq. Kezar's Pub gets a good Philly crowd for Eagles' games/some Phils' games. Near Golden Gate Park.

Jake's Steaks in the Marina will be packed with Phils' fans I am sure. They emailed me something about Opening Day specials.

Thanks, MG!

I've spent hundreds of hours of my life at Kezar's but never thought of it as a sports bar. But that was maybe 15 years ago; maybe it has changed.

There's also Union Square Sports Bar on Mason.

SF's not really a great city for sports bars and I'm not sure you'll have great luck finding one that's showing a Phillies-Pirates game.

"Nixington" is inspired. These guys are completely joined at the hip in my mind's eye. They're like Abbott & Costello or Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum.

To clarify my request to bring Savery north for Rube - bring him north as a LOOGY!! For the love of all that's good, why is he coming back to pitch to 3 straight right handers (the first of which just smoked a double)?

Juan's hit plus Podsednik's K have sealed the latter's fate. In Charlie's inexorable opinion Pierre :: Table Settin' as Martinez :: Versatility.

Ric Romero says "LOOGYS will face RHP around 1/3 of the time regardless of usage"

Schneider looked very Sardinha-esque on that plate block. Bad throw from Wiggy, too. They're lucky they got him.

NEPP, yeah, but that stat is skewed by Charlie's usage of a LOOGY to face entire innings' worth of RH's for no real reason whatsoever.

Nice job by Savery. He's shown enough this spring to merit a job especially if one of the Phils' relievers starts the year on the DL.

bap: definitely tweedle dee and dum. but which is which?

If the Mets offered you David Wright for Dom and Colvin would you do it? Wright at 3B, slide Polly over to 2B, and make two offensive upgrades. Wright comes with a club option for 2013 so you'd have another guy under control through next year.

***If the Mets offered you David Wright for Dom and Colvin would you do it?***

Who is covering his salary in that deal? That's a big factor to consider.

Not that they will, but nonetheless, do you think Wright will return to his earlier 30/100 form?

I'd think that his best days are behind him, and maybe slightly over the 10/60 guy he was last year. At $13-15m/yr, I'd rather have Polly or some youngin' hit 10/60 for a third of that like he's doing now.

sneed, no way. "under control" at $15M is not that attractive, while Brown will be good and cheap for several years. And when Utley returns, you have a $4.5 M a year "supersub", and a butcher at 3rd.

Never mind that it would go far over the luxury tax threshold.

Wright's really been a lousy 3B the last few years defensively. He's a guy that should be shifted to 1B but then his numbers aren't nearly as impressive.

"definitely tweedle dee and dum. but which is which."

I dunno. Maybe we can simplify things by just packaging Nix & Wigginton together in a swap for Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum.

2011 MLB OPS

OPS (3B) - .705
OPS (1B) - .796


OPS (3B) - .741
OPS (1B) - .800


OPS (3B) - .756
OPS (1B) - .845

Wright hasn't put up the power numbers the last 3 years you expect out of a 1B expect in '10.

To be fair, Wright was an .830-.850 OPS hitter in the last season he was fully healthy (2010). He was injured last year and it showed statistically. He's been a terrible defender for the last 3 years though so you'd have to move him. Put him in LF and he's a plus asset probably.

But not at $15 Million.

The fact that Tuffy is still in Spring Training means he's a step ahead of Kratz?

Wigginton, Schneider & Pierre in the bottom of the ninth.
Just how you would draw it up, Rube.

2009-2011 OPS+
David Wright: 124
Ryan Howard: 131

Pierre with a vintage Juan Pierre slap single to the opposite field. Not quite as impressive as the Pods walk-off, but it was a "big spot" (so far as big spots in meaningless games go and all).

Pete Orr drive in a run? There was a reason he didn't even attempt to move his foot there.

Pete Orr doing his best Utley impression not even attempting to move and taking a HBP (that doesn't score the run). But hey, at least he didn't GIDP, right?

No run, MG. Not sure why he didn't move except to prevent the inevitable "sub-optimal" outcome.

lunastic !!

Luna delivers again. Curious to see if he or Montanez will be the RH bat off the bench the Phils take on the Opening Day roster.

I for one am looking forward to year of lower-scoring, well-pitched close games.

Luna with the walkoff single, scoring Tuffy! Just like we'll see all season.

Greatest thing Bruntlett ever did was get beaned in the WS.

And just to further the Luna legacy, that hit was right through a 5 man infield. No small task. BAP must be smiling.

Schneider's comment about looking forward to getting up to Philly in front of the fans leads me to believe that he's never visited Beerleaguer.

"A National League scout doesn't think the Phillies are that scary once you get past Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. "Other than those three pitchers, they're not very good," the scout told Andy Martino of the New York Daily News."

Regardless of the validity of the statement, wonder if this is the same scout that started the Halladay is washed up rumors a week or two ago? And who is this mystery man? Why won't he reveal himself? :)

WP: It's hard to smile on a day that Erik Kratz gets sent back to AAA but, yeah, I was glad to see Luna deliver again.

He really ought to make the roster.

Schnieder with the 2B to start bot9th, he did it all today. The beerleaguer jinx is in midseason form.

The scout then said, other than Cabrera, Fielder, and Verlander, the Tigers are not that scary.

OK. Blanton, Worley and Kendrick are not very good.

Wright's been hurt a lot. I'd want to make sure he was still the player he was in 2010 & 2008 and not 2009 & 2011 before giving up on Brown.

Scout is just making a point that if one of the Big 3 goes down (especially Halladay), this team is really in trouble.

I don't see what is so dramatic or insightful about that comment.

Per Todd Zolecki - Phillies selected Juan Pierre's contract, putting him on the 40-man roster.

Juan Pierre made the team. Let the whining begin.

Juan Pierre has made the Phillies.

Pierre made the team?

Clearly RAJ was just waiting for him to not make an out in the 9th of a Spring Training game.

Pierre's time with the team should answer the question burning in everyone's mind since last spring- "What would have happened if the Phils kept Luis Castillo?"

Montanez told he won't make the club. Sorry MG.


"Schneider hits..."

You lost me by putting those two words in the same sentence.

"Montanez told he won't make the club. Sorry MG."

Odds dropped to incredibly remote. Just a question if the Phils carry a 6-man bench or not. If not, he has not shot.

I think the majority of us saw this coming from a mile away since Scotty Pods is under team control until June 1, while Pierre would have been released if not on the MLB roster.

Uggh, guess its Pierre over Pods then. This should be a great season for Beerleaguer, as there are going to be all sorts of maddening personnel decisions that favor veterans over youngsters and guys Chollie inexplicably likes over guys who perform statitically better.

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