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Friday, March 23, 2012


Hopefully we can still get something decent in trade for Brown at some point before the deadline.

Theriot is still our best option to plug a hole. Hopefully the Giants cut him today.

If you replace Galvis with Theriot, not one thing would change. This team would likely be in the exact same position. Theriot was never anything special, as he has always been a below average player, but over the last three years, he's been garbage.

His line over the last three years:

.275/.329/.341 (.670) 80 OPS+

I'd actually bet we could get that from Galvis this year, and since Galvis is a far superior defensive player, trading for Theriot would be a waste of time and resources.

Hopefully Brown will be a mainstay in the middle of the Phillies' order for many years to come.

I think Brown's bat is major-league-ready right now, and I think he would be more productive at the plate this year than Mayberry, Nix, Wigginton, Podsednick and Pierre.

Defensively, Brown should be able to provide us with Manny-like comic relief. Unfortunately, for those of us who like to laugh, I think Brown's defense will improve to Ibanez' level, which is not funny.

The Phils' starting pitching is not deep. I would not trade Blanton, Worley nor Kendrick unless the team was able to pick up a better starter.

My solution to the Phils' becoming weaker offensively is to double down on the pitching.

brown will be back by the all-star break. i don't have any confidence nix will be helpful.

Brown has more value to the Phils if he can be an average defensive LF than he would in a trade.

I would trade Blanton or Kendrick if Oswalt would sign for an incentive laden contract.

Considering the offensive challenges this team will face, I will find it highly surprising if Brown isn't back as early as May or June if he puts up even halfway decent numbers at AAA, regardless of whether he improves in the field. The Phillies put up with the subpar range of Burrell and Ibanez for the past however many seasons, and they can live with Brown's deficiencies if he ever starts making up for them with his bat.

What I want this year:

I am rooting hard for Brown to be in the lineup everyday at some time this year, and sticking and being our RF for many years to come.

I am rooting for Galvis to hit well enough to stick at 2nd base and be ok at the 8 hole.

I am rooting to trade either Blanton or Kendrick for a utility infielder to spell Rollins and Poly.

I am rooting that our big 3 pitchers all stay healthy all year, and all give us 220+ innings.

I am rooting that Pence will not have a big comedown from last year.

I am rooting that Howard is able to be in the lineup by mid-May.

If all those things happen, I can't see how we don't win the NL East going away.

If the Giants cut Theriot, its because they think he has nothing to offer and this is a club that has middle infield issues of its own.

Why in the hell would he then be a good option for us?

You do need a 6th starter. If Blanton were traded, our 6th starter would probably be Misch. You could do worse, but he's a pretty big drop-off from Blanton or KK.

The questions, as always, are: (1) What kind of player would be get in return for Blanton; (2) How much salary could we shed by moving Blanton; and (3) How important is that would-be savings to our ability to make mid-season trades?

I rather doubt that trading Blanton would yield us a player of any consequence. What he'd yield us is salary savings of, say, $5 or $6M. What we don't know is: if we keep Blanton, and a $6M player were to come available who could really help us, would ownership be willing to spring for that player? If the answer is yes, then there's no reason to trade Blanton unless we get a significant player in return. If the answer is no, then it's probably worth trading him for salary relief alone, even if it puts us one injury away from having Pat Misch in our rotation.

RedBurb, exactly. If Brown can just learn to play average defense in LF, he should be a very valuable player.

***brown will be back by the all-star break. i don't have any confidence nix will be helpful.***

Nix signed a 2 year deal...he's not going anywhere.

If the phils do trade blanton, i'd rather see them eat the money and get a good piece(relative of course) for them in return as opposed to salary dump for garbage. If it's a sunk cost and all.

@NEPP - Nix might not be going anywhere but it doesn't guarantee a starting job. he'll end up a bench guy.

Nix signing a 2 year deal has nothing to do with Brown's future status. That's like saying they would keep Bastardo in the minors because they had Dannys Baez. If he can show he can field his position admirably by the all star break, he'll be here. His potential offense is too valuable not to be.

If anything, Nix will get a couple months to show he sucks, Howard will return and Mayberry will take over LF permanently.

In that scenario, Brown is still in Lehigh.

bap - I would think Austin Hyatt or possibly Tyler Cloyd would get a look as the sixth starter prior to Misch or Bush. The Phils have a track record of giving spot starts to homegrown talent over journeymen starters (Happ, Kendrick, Worley).

I see your point however. You don't just trade Blanton to trade Blanton, as some fans have suggested.

Yeah, there's no way Brown stays in AAA until September. He'll be on the team midseason, as either injury or offensive ineffectiveness will force the Phillies' hand.

NEPP, I have yet to be convinced Mayberry will be a viable full time starter. On the other hand, I have yet to be convinced he won't be, so here's hoping.

Buy low and sell high. You're paying attention. You're a winner.

Buy high and sell low. You're not paying attention. You're a loser.

RedBurb: If they needed an emergency starter today, I think it would be Misch. 2 months from now, there's a good chance it would be Hyatt (assuming he pitches well at AAA).

If I had to make a prediction on what I thought Mayberry will give them this year, it would be something like .250 AVG/.320 OBP/.430 SLG (.750 OPS), 15-20 HR, 50-60 RBI, 15 SB and plus defense in LF.

I would be very happy with that and I'm guessing so would the Phillies.

here's my thoughts, for what its worth.

They say Howard will be back by mid May but I doubt it, I'll be happy if he's back before September. I'm also counting Utley out til then.

Mayberry / Wigginton / Thome will be the mix at first, with Nix / Mayberry in LF. Wigginton will end up taking some starts at 3B with Polanco seemingly always getting banged up. I think Mayberry will do well this year, so he'll end up in the lineup stuck at first base. Which leaves Nix in LF, and I'm not confident on what he can do.

So with Howard and Utley out for months, the lineup will need offense, and the most immediate upgrade will be Dom in LF over Nix

That's my thinking anyway. I could be way off and y'all can LOL at me in June.

phillies vs yankess on my teevee at 1 on TCN. :)

I bet MG helped out John Finger on that "Monitoring Ruiz's Playing Time" article.

Catching up with some previous threads it is absolutely amazing that some posters here still think Cuddyer could play every day at 3B or 2B.

Some people can't let go of their fantasy no matter how strong reality contradicts it.

Excellent analysis by JW on the bullpen situation and why KK may not be expendable.

Add this to the list of reasons: It is possible that Qualls and Herndon could be much worse than the Phils think.

"Catching up with some previous threads it is absolutely amazing that some posters here still think Cuddyer could play every day at 3B or 2B."

tru dat.

RSB: The flaw in your argument is that Brown's problems have nothing to do with range. He's already got more range than Burrell or Ibanez.

The problem is that Brown does not possess the fundamentals to play LF at the major league level. He doesn't position himself well, doesn't take good routes, doesn't set himself well to throw and doesn't reach balls he should reach. Ibanez and Burrell for all their slothfulness and lack of range, did have the fundamentals of the job down pretty well.

Dom just needs to get lots more PT in LF to get himself correct. I think he can do it.

DN's Murphy asked Charlie about batting Chooch higher in the order. I wonder if Murph reads Beerleaguer?

I won't repeat Charlie's answer because we already know it.

clout, there is no reason other that a psychological deficiency (mental block, etc.) that Brown cannot learn to adequately play LF. There is zero evidence of such a deficiency, therefore, all he needs to do is apply himself and spend time doing it.

BTW, I've always wondered this:

Why is last season the first time we really heard about Brown's defensive deficiencies? I don't recall really hearing about his being a poor RF where he played there in the minors. At the very least there wasn't nearly the kind of emphasis that there is nowadays.

Another thing that baffles me: The love for Ryan Theriot.

these first 5 yankees are all hitting below the mendoza line. does worley know that?

clout, on Qualls, we agree.

I don't think anyone really knows what Herndon can do. You're right: He could implode. Or the opposite.

well, as LA would say, "we got 'em right where we want 'em."

Down 3-0 after the 1st? Going to be incredibly tough for this team to come up if they are down 3-4 runs early especially with their lack of power.

That's going to be the real kicker with this lineup. No way they are even in top 10 in HRs in NL the first few months of the year.

awh: My theory on why we never heard much bad about Dom's fielding is that he was fine in the minor leagues, where he mostly played RF.

But he played only 35 games in LF in 6 years in the minors. I think the switch to left at the MLB level somehow bollixed him up.

Sell high on Joe ... not sure I buy the argument of needing long men beyond Herndon / Stutes, when 60% of the starters are unlikely to be pulled early. The extra $6M is going to be very handy when Ruben starts his annual dealing for the big prize at midseason

just kidding, mg. that comes from a time that seems long ago.

awh, regarding his defense, this is from Phuture Phillies two years ago:

"Summary: Brown is a well rounded prospect, with the potential for 4 plus tools at his peak, with potential to hit 30-35 HR per season in his prime. He struggled at times in his MLB debut, but it was a small sample of ABs, and he wasn’t getting regular playing time. The only tool that currently rates as below average is his fielding, as he often struggles on routes to fly balls. His arm is above average, and will be a weapon as he gains experience."

clout, you may be correct, but Dom looked pretty raw in RF the games he played there.

Nice throw by Schneider

I think I asked this before but what is the fielding difference between LF and RF? Brown has a great arm so he'd be okay playing RF. Why not keep him there where he at least has had time in the minors? Then move Pence to LF if he is resigned.

Also, isn't defense a talent; not something that can just be taught. Just like taking tons of BP will not make a poor hitter better, why would lots of fielding practice make Brown that much better at judging balls in the OF?

Also since I have no idea how to do the research what is the percentage of balls hit to LF vs RF? Is it fairly even?

Over his 16-year career, Raul Ibanez has committed 33 errors in 1,405 games and 2,487 chances as an OF.

In the minors since 2006, Brown has committed 37 errors in 475 games and 883 chances as an OF.

So, Ibanez has committed 4 fewer errors than Brown, but has had almost three times as many chances in the OF.


PhxPhilly, like everything in baseball, playing defense is a combination of skill and talent. Talent Brown seems to have in abundance - remember 2 years ago he was ranked as the #1 prospect in baseball. As far as skill goes, with defense some have a easy time and some have a hard time.

I don't know Brown, but speaking as someone who had some things come very easily to me I wonder if the relative ease with which hitting came to him cause him to underestimate how hard playing defense would be...

"Also since I have no idea how to do the research what is the percentage of balls hit to LF vs RF? Is it fairly even?

Posted by: PhxPhilly"
Someone may know an easier way, but this link has all of the 2011 NL splits. If you add up the Pulled/Middle/Opposite for RHB and LHBs, you get this:

23% Left side
55% Up the middle
22% Right side

This is for all balls in play, not just those hit to the outfield.

I'll say this. I would much rather watch Brown try to figure it out rather than watch stiffs like Wigginton and Nix bat every 3 innings every damn night.

Me thinks Mayberry will struggle some and hit .250. Thus almost forcing RAJ to call up Brown. I dunno my first impression of Brown at MLB level was he had a certain aloofness to him and not a natural instinctive type on the field. Lets hope they can sharpen that up some so he can become a adequate MLB defender.

Curt: Agreed.

In terms of total zone fielding runs above average (Rtz), Ibanez has a -63 in 1,405 games.

Brown's Rtz in 475 minor league games is -37.

So, Ibanez' Rtz is about -7 per 150 games, while Brown's is about -12 .


doing some back of the envelope math on Dom's error rate.

Let's assume each of those errors represents a ball which would have been an out and instead became a hit. Since he's an outfielder, let's also assume the average hit so given up would have been halfway between a single and a double.

If that's so, then you can estimate how much of a penalty his error rate is costing the extra contribution his hitting if providing.

Over a full year at Dom's rate, you'd get a line like this (Zips projection): .273/.330/.465 with an OPS of 795. Assuming 150 games played that would mean about 645 plate appearances (est 4.3 PA/games). Subtract from his hitting line a total of 11 hits (error rate X 150 games) and his BA and OBP goes down to about .256/.313, and assuming those hits are half singles and half doubles, his SLG would go down to about .439 for a final line of .256/.313/.439 with an OPS of .752.

In 2011, an OPS of .795 would give Dom the 32nd best OPS in the NL (min 500 PA), and .752 woudl yield an OPS ranked 43. On the Phillies, if he were to play every day he would take ABs away from Mayberry, who is projected (ZIPS) to hit .727 - far below Brown's projection even if you penalize him for poor defense.

I think we can assume as long as Mayberry is able to replicate last year's production, Brown will stay put. If Mayberry struggles, it won't matter if Brown fields with a milk carton, his offense will likely be so much better it will make up for his defense.

I agree that Brown showed a distinct aloofness in the field. What's weird is that I also thought he was a pretty strong and aggressive baserunner, and not overly cautious or aloof at all.

derekcarstairs: You can't commit an error on a fly ball you never get to.

Shane, you comment points out the shortcomings of my back of the envelope math computation, but I'm confident my overall conclusion is sound. I'm sure the FO brass has a number for Mayberry, and if he cannot hit above that number, or if any of the starting 3 outfielders get hurt for any length of time, we'll see Brown sooner rather than later.

Dan - That's an interesting take on the situation.

Mayberry's Rtz in the minors is 23 in 690 games or 5 per 150 games. Brown's Rtz is -12 per 150 games. If we can translate these numbers into WAR, Mayberry is about 1.7 WAR better defensively than Brown.

Viewed in these terms, does Brown's superior offensive WAR overcome Mayberry's superior defensive WAR?

I would like to see both of them on the major-league roster. I'd make Mayberry the primary first baseman until Howard returns. Brown would be the starting LF, and Mayberry becomes the fourth OF.

Brown will be traded long before he ever spends a season in OF for the MLB Phils. The main difference between him and Milledge is attitude. He will never be a regular OF starter for a playoff caliber team. Put the mortgage money on it.


Except that the Phillies didn't get Ibanez in his "prime," they got old, about-to-become-a-DH Ibanez. A better comparison would be to Ibanez with the Phillies. Still not sure that it would come out in Brown's favour, but hey! it might be...


"Me thinks Mayberry will struggle some and hit .250."

Luis, I'm OK with that as long as he hits with enough power and walks enough to get on base.

Also, what he does will really depend on how much RHP he sees vs. LHP, and whether his performance vs. RHP last season can be sustained.

He mashes lefties - always has, even in the minors (in 164 MLB PA he's .299/.341/.604/.945 vs. LHP).

The NL slash line in 2011 was .253/.319/.391/.710

Mayberry's lifetime SLG in 369 PA is .518.

The sample size is not yet reliable, but if all Mayberry does is maintain his SLG while being league average in BA and OBP he becomes an above average, valuable hitter.


Shane - The only problem with your comment is that you are ignoring the fact that Ibanez has a dramatically lower error rate than Brown.

Can Brown be any worse than Ibanez defensively? Yes.

The second set of numbers I presented indicates that Ibanez has been about 5 runs per 150 games better than Brown defensively.

Worley looks like he's had quite a nice outing after the first inning troubles.

Didn't realize we'd be facing Kuroda today. Glad he's out of the NL.

Today is kind of a preview of what I fear with this lineup. Top 1-4 should be 'adequate' and that includes JRoll/Polanco/Vic/Pence. Wigginton is the #3 today.

Bottom of the lineup (5-8) though is going to look brutal at times especially on Chooch's off-days. Today is it 1-11 with a ton of weak contacts and 2 Ks. Mayberry has the only hit.

You won't see a worse 7-8-9 this year in MLB than Schneider/Galvis/p either. Black hole indeed with no balls escaping the infield a lot of times.

Derek, it all depends on Mayberry. If he can do for a full season what he did for 1/3 of one last year, Brown will stay in the minors. I think it would be a shame to waste such a good OF on playing 1st base. I think Mayberry is a very excellent 4th outfielder, who can play some against lefties, play all 3 OF positions well, and pinch hit. That's really valuable.

But I think this year he's going to come down to earth and will show what everyone assumed to be true before last year - he's not quite good enough to be an everyday OF. If and when that happens, Brown will be at least platooning with him, and will likely take over.

Herndon gave up one of those 'bleeder' runs today that in a 3-1 game late is huge.

Really hope the Phils' middle relievers can keep those type of runs to a minimum but it is the only real chink potentially in the Phils' pitching staff.

Phils should be able to scratch out a run late with a slightly better bench this year. 2 runs is tough and 3 is pretty much going to be insurmountable from the 7th on.

The only way I would trade brown right now would be to get a young established ML third basemen or second basemen. This guy needs to put the extra work in OF. Hopefully ryno can fix that tude and make him work a little bit. Uncle cholly isn't that guy. He has all the tools and that is there. I bet ya this kid his whole life has been way better then everyone else and has "just" gotten by on D. If rube didn't give him up in any other trades y now? With Vic goin to leave. Can see them signing Bourn back and or upton at a rate way lower then Vic. Change of scene good for upton. If John fails then brown in. With this new wild card to more buyers then sellers. Book it

MG: Dude it's Spring Training. You need to relax. Nothing that happens in these games means a thing.

Where is this coming from now that Dom has some sort of attitude? There has never been any indication from the FO or coaching staff that he is difficult to deal with. Nor has he ever portrayed any quotes to the media that showed any signs of an attitude. How is being a bit aloof in the outfield being translated into having an attitude?

"Derek, it all depends on Mayberry. If he can do for a full season what he did for 1/3 of one last year, Brown will stay in the minors."

Dan, I must disagree.

For the FULL SEASON, Mayberry did this: .273/.341/.513/.854

That alone will keep Brown in the minors.

When Mayberry returned in July, in the SECOND HALF of the season he did this:


Had he done that for a full season of plate appearances he would have had the 6TH HIGHEST OPS in all of Major League Baseball and been in the MVP discussion.

I wonder how many people realize just how good Mayberry was in the 2nd half?

There are sample size issues, which is why we all are waiting to see if Mayberry can sustain what he did, or come close to it, for the FULL SEASON.

But keep this in mind: Hunter Pence's LIFETIME OPS is .828, and he's a very good player.

The hook - in my dreams, when Vic leaves Tyson Gillies takes his place.

Jack - Thanks for stating the obvious.

Yeah they don't mean anything but you do start to get a sense of how things will start to look at the start of the season now with regular lineups being used, starters going 6, and non-scrub bullpen pitchers being used in these spring training games. That's all.

I don't care about the Phils' winning/losing these games. I am interested to see how the regular lineup does though against opposing starters through 6.

Redburb, yeah -- I don't get it either.

MG, I really don't care how the regualr lineup does in ST, because time and time again the game of baseball prves to us that what happens in ST has little or no bearing on the regular season.

awh, in 2011, Mayberry had 296 PAs. That is by no stretch of the imagination a FULL SEASON. Howard played a full season and had 644 PAs, so maybe you can call Mayberry's season a half season, but still we must approach a great half season with some caution.

When you consider that of those 296 PAs, 120 were against LHP (40%), against whom he hit .953 OPS ,.785 against RHP, and the average ML faces lefties more like 25% of the time, you begin to see his season was great, but even at that pace a full season he would be bound to come down a little, if only because he was facting righties far more often.

When Brown first arrived at Lehigh Valley, he looked pretty comfortable in right, especially when he had a chance to show off his excellent arm. In LF late last season, he was basket case.

Prologue to the following post: If Jack thinks MG needs to chill, wait 'til he reads this tirade -- which, admittedly, is pretty far removed from anything that actually matters to the Phils' 2012 season. It's just an expression of my general bewilderment about some of the things they do. For example . . .

I realize he isn't ever going to be on the active roster, but is it fair to wonder what the hell is the deal with playing Miguel Abreu at shortstop? He has played exactly 4 games of shortstop in his entire minor league career -- and 3 of those games were 6 years ago. Oh yeah, and he made 2 errors in 10 chances in those 3 games. And, with his sub-.300 minor league OBP, it's not like there's any conceivable upside to seeing if he can play SS.

I get that spring training is a time for playing the scrubs and experimenting. But if Freddie Galvis and Jimmy Rollins both broke their legs on March 31, Miguel Abreu would still not open the season as either our starting or backup shortstop, because he ain't a shortstop and there are guys available on the waiver wire, or in the low minors, who are. As it stands right now, I have no idea who WOULD open our season at shortstop if Rollins and Galvis got injured before opening day. But, whoever it is, that guy should be out there right now, playing the garbage time innings at shortstop that are going to Miguel Abreu.

What's the point of experimenting with something that has literally 0 percent chance of helping the team or leading to any useful knowledge? Experimenting by playing a non-SS who can't hit at SS is like bringing Danys Baez out of retirement and seeing if he can play 3rd base. It just makes no flipping sense.

Yo BAP, you need to chill the eff out, man.

Cot damn..

derek: Yes, if Ibanez can get to it, he's less likely to drop it, statistically. But how does his range factor into his defensive value? What if Brown's speed and range can allow him to reach enough flys, that Ibanez could not get, and stastically catch enough to make up for the extra percentage that he might drop within Ibanez range?

Lets say the Pete Mackanin is so good with the fungo that he can precisely place a fly ball to any square foot of the outfield at will. He gets Brown for a week or two and does precisely that, hit it randomly to each sqft of LF. Brown has to start from the same spot each time. Then he gest Ibanez and does it again. Who has more catches?

I thought they traded Abreu for CJ Henry? How's CJ doing, BTW? Posters here loved him.

"awh, in 2011, Mayberry had 296 PAs. That is by no stretch of the imagination a FULL SEASON."

Dan, duhhh, who said it was?

"...but still we must approach a great half season with some caution."

No sh8t. Sherlock. Why do you think I posted this?: "There are sample size issues, which is why we all are waiting to see if Mayberry can sustain what he did, or come close to it, for the FULL SEASON."

Dan, you obviously missed my point.

Mayberry doesn't have to repeat what "he did for 1/3 of one last year" - he only needs to repeat what he did for the whole season - an .854 OPS.

That, alone, will keep Brown in the minors.

All Brown needs to do is get his fielding skills up to a point where they are no worse than Ibanez(admittedly a low bar) and he will be back.

could someone please pass the Valium and Bourbon to our good friend, bap?

He definitely needs them.

awh, I don't want to get into a flame thing here. I obviously mis-read you post when you stated

"Dan, I must disagree. For the FULL SEASON, Mayberry did this: .273/.341/.513/.854"

My point was that Mayberry is very unlikely to do for a full season what he did for less than half of one last year.

awh - "MG, I really don't care how the regular lineup does in ST, because time and time again the game of baseball prves to us that what happens in ST has little or no bearing on the regular season."

Overall spring training numbers - No for several reasons especially earlier in camp.

I would love to see if though if there isn't at least a decent positive correlation between how regulars hit say the last 7-10 days of camp when they are facing starters for 6 innings & MLB-caliber bullpen pitchers and their performance in April.

I am surprised there is a bit more uncertainty about this roster than I would have thought going into camp.

Podsednik should make the team but Pierre's out in his contract gives him an edge to start the year with the Phils.

Unsettled who takes Mini Mart's spot & if they open the season with an extra positional player or instead go with a 7-man bullpen.

Even in the bullpen, things are a bit unsettled. Savery/Diekman/neither? Does Valdes possibly sneak on to the roster with a solid camp?

Bastardo hasn't thrown since Sunday and is still 'day-to-day.' Contreras probably isn't going to open the season with the season with the Phils. Potentially leaves a few spots open beyond the locks (Papelbon, Qualls, KK).


Mayberry proves he can put up an OPS of over .800 for a full season.

Pence matches his lifetime OPS of .828.

Dom gets called up and hits as expected, with an OPS over .800, and doesn't butcher up LF.

Victorino has another good season with an OPS that puts him in the top 4 in MLB among CF, again.

Who do you keep?

MG, the Yankees "A" squad played the Twinkies today.

Today's game was against some regular, but also a lot of backups and some guys that won't be on the MLB roster.

I don't place much credence in it.

per Gelb:

Utley returned to camp today. He did some sort of workout behind closed doors. Amaro said no update. Utley will talk Sun.

awh - if what you describe occurs, you let Vic walk (after offering him arbitration) and keep the cheaper talent, with Mayberry in center, Dom in RF and Pence in LF, use the money saved to either bring back Cole or sign a 2B

I am hoping very much that Mayberry does what you predict. I had no idea he had a season like last one in him, so let's hope he's a late bloomer, like Vic, actually.

Whoops, I mean Dom in LF and Pence in RF, of course

With Bedard named the starter today for the Pirates on Opening Day, this is what the Opening Day lineup will be (barring further injury):

SS JRoll
3B Polanco
CF Vic
RF Pence
LF Mayberry
1B Wigginton
C Chooch
2B Galvis
P Halladay

Aaaaaand in other slightly relevant news; rumors are beginning to swirl about Utley and a brewing press conference in order to...(drums rolling)......ANNOUNCE HIS RETIREMENT.

Wow. Now, consider that the source of this snippet is a lot of Twitter speculation. Still, the small percentage of probability of this with regard to this dogged malady Utley is beleaguered with has me uneasy. Could it be so? My better sense has me unconcerned in any real way but it's not like these rumors are involving Victorino, Rollins or even Howard...

My point is this; imagine if there was mostly truth to this rumor. What would that be like?

Cold and calculating business perspective:

Utley retiring instead of undergoing micro-fracture surgery on his right knee helps the Phils immensely.

All of a sudden the Phils would have nearly $15M in pay with in additional payroll this year.

No longer have to be worried about moving a Blanton to make a move now if they want to.

I would love to see a Reynolds trade get done if Utley does retire before the Opening Day.

big, just reading the first sentence of your last post brought chills down my spine, which is to say, just imaging the possibility of Chase Utley retiring before the season starts doesn't sit well with me.

I can't imagine how I'd react to the actual news of such a situation.

Here is a question regarding Utley too and the microfracture surgery:

Given that is right knee is what would presumably need the surgery, what would be done for his left knee which it was revealed for the first time this spring also had a severe case of patella tendinitis?

Ugh, replacing Chase Utley with Mark Reynolds...

What a kick in the nuts...

I found a story about Utley's retirement. Seems to be a done deal - click my name for the link

MG, if the left knee is just patella tendinitis, and he were having surgery on the right knee for the chrondomalacia, I'd imagine that the year of rehab could be used to do stretching exercise for his hamstrings and glutes (since therein lies the source of most petalla tendinitis issues), and it would be manageable.

If the left knee is "only" patella tendinitis, it's an issue, but not a grave one.

"Yo BAP, you need to chill the eff out, man."

Fat: Playing Miguel Abreu at shortstop in a March game is precisely the kind of event that will pass unnoticed unless someone on Beerleauer works himself into a good froth over it. For the sake of the history books, if not Miguel Abreu himself, I took it upon myself to be that someone.

Fat, admittedly, that was my aim. Hopefully, the worst thing about this upcoming address to the press by Rube and Utley will be to announce that he'll have surgery and possibly be back by September...something along those lines because I have a hard time dealing with, not to mention, buying the notion that Utley, at 33 years, is done.

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