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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Platoon Howard and Wiggy at first in '12

Howard is such a good guy.

Boy can you imagine him crawling around the bases in Game 5 of the NLDS if he hit a homerun? That would have been amazing (ignoring that he would be injured).

In today's DN, Dubee says Contreras is throwing "very, very well," using all his pitches and is in great shape.

Over/Under for how many IP he throws this season?

Will the forced rehad harm, or help, his overall swing? Will such time off actually make him rebuild it slightly differently? I'm intrigued. The man has incredible co-ordination and if he changes his approach, he might be a harder out in the long run...

i'll take the over.

According to my Spring Training handbook, "great shape" is two full rungs below "best shape of his life."

I think donc is being too negative. I put the over/under at 30 and I'll take the under.

My sincerest hope is that Howard rushes back in late April, tweaks the achilles a little bit but not enough for him to go back on the DL and then struggles all season long. I'd much rather see that than have a 100% fully healthy Ryan Howard show up in June.

Ryan Howard was pretty funny in his press conference. In fact, I think now that the real tragedy of his generous contract may be that he'll never blow through his money fast enough to have to join the Phillies broadcast team. It would be nice to have someone in the booth with a sense of humor and a voice that doesn't sound like the history of phlegm.

I'll take the over, since he's clearly in the best shape of his career.

Wow, funny and beerleaguer seem to be mutually exclusive terms. I've never seen marginal jokes killed over thousands of repetitions like here.

"I think donc is being too negative. I put the over/under at 30 and I'll take the under."

This actually had me rolling. Essentially, clout's saying "donc is too negative. I'm going to be negative, too, just not quite to the same comical degree."

For the record, I'd be shocked if we got 30 IP out of Big Truck this season.

Willard - Actually, what Clout is saying is that he wants safer odds. He is not being even one scintilla less negative than you. He is one clever dude, chick, android or cyborg. I haven't decided which.

I'll take over on 30IP as well. Big Truck is BACK.

aksmith: telling a joke only a few times is too small of a sample size. You need to tell it over and over again, season after season, before you can tell if it's really funny.

And strangely enough, it turns out nothing is that funny.

timr - You have a point, but I will say that there are certainly things that are funny no matter how many times they are repeated.

Any time I'm flipping the channels and I see Groundhog Day, I laugh like it's the first time I saw it. But maybe that's a special case, because I may indeed be reliving the first time I saw it over and over again.

I don't want to see Howard till at least may. let him stay in fla get that swing down and overall conditioning up to par.

I'll take the under on 30 IP for Contreras as well. It's a shame, he looked damn good last season before he got injured, so getting a few key innings here or there would be great.

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