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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


thatguy: we lost to the mets in the first round? nevermind, that show sucks.

We need to get a ruling on whether "Beerleaguer Bankruptcy" can be utilized to cover a single discussion issue by a poster, as opposed to a poster's complete scope of work on Beerleaguer, as originally intended. Any lawyers?

Bill: Sickels had them 24th as I recall and I suspect mid 20s is probably the consensus.

May is the top prospect and he's still got some command issues he needs to work out.

BAP: You can't have Kratz without Goosewurst.

Shockingly, Dave Cameron listed Jonathan Papelbon as the worst FA signing of the winter:

Though it should be mentioned that on his "10 Best List", he put Reyes at #2 or #3 overall so take it with a grain of salt.

clout: Sickels had them 24th as I recall and I suspect mid 20s is probably the consensus.

Pretty much this. We made a bunch of big trades the last few years and we've failed to draft enough impact players to make up for that.

Re: Beer*Leaguer Bankrupcy.

bap, as an attorney you should be well aware that there is more than one form of bankrupcy: Chapter 11 - reorganization, and Chapter 7 - liquidation.

Are we going to have two form of BL Bankrupcy?

11: Reorganize and continue to post.

7: Total apology and site ban?

I consider my posts to be agricultural in nature...I'd like to file for Ch 12.

I was under the impression that BL Bankruptcy was when, in the middle of a discussion, you realize that your argument is taking on water and has been for a while (the position in which I just found myself). It's at that point you can declare BL Bankruptcy as a way of admitting you were completely off-base and don't want it being brought up in future discussions. Example: Unless MG declares BL Bankruptcy on Joe Nathan, he will be castigated throughout the year when he fails with the Rangers.

I guess it can work both ways, thought: for instance, if last year you said something like "I think Michael Martinez will be a pleasant surprise for the Phils in 2011," at the end of the season you can declare BL bankruptcy and your prediction is stricken from the record.

Lawyer bashing for its own sake is tedious. We need lawyer jokes.

Like, what's the difference between a lawyer and a hooker?

re: baseball iq

Jay McLaughlin, Phillies Baseball Information Analyst, is considered the best baseball mind in the org. Apparently with the Phils since 1984 after being the stat guy for Univ of Delaware's baseball team.

He lost to the Mets, so... should be up anytime now.

"I consider my posts to be agricultural in nature."

Is this a manure reference?

Oh, for the 3 people who never heard it before, a hooker will stop screwing you if you die.

As I understood BB (Beerleaguer Bankruptcy), it was supposed to be an all-or-nothing proposition. For example, if Jack declared BB tomorrow, and Ryan Howard were to hit 75 homeruns in 2012, no one would be permitted to chide him about his past anti-Howard posts, since those posts have been annulled, as if they never happpened. On the other hand, if Dom Brown were to make the team and hit .321 with 28 homeruns, Jack would not be permitted to gloat, since his pro-Brown posts never happened either.

If BB were argument-specific, the system would be subject to abuse. People would simply be able to declare BB on every topic on which they were ever wrong, and no one would ever be permitted to play "gotcha." What fun would that be?

I think it's more fun to declare Mets bankruptcy.

What about an option for a temporary BL Bankruptcy that has a 1-2 week statute of limitations on individual arguments? That is, after two weeks your statement is set in stone unless you apply for full BB.

PECOTA came out today. FWIW.

Iceman: I like the idea, but we need to run it by the governing board of the Beerleaguer Elite.

I think we need to form a working group to discuss it further.

BAP: I would never declare BB as long as my Howard position is alive. That position alone will more than pay off for everything else I've been wrong on.

BL Bankrupcy?

We need a new thread header. This thread is BL Bankrupt.

I think a thread about the dork who brought great shame to the organization by losing a trivia contest to a Mut is in order. Actually caught 10 minutes of that show the other day. It was pretty good. I didn't know that the contestants were team employees though. The two I saw were representing the Cubs and Cards. The Cubs guy was unimpressive, and the Cards guy was a complete moron. They should have sent LaRussa. He's a jenius.

Beerleaguer Bankruptcy:

Its like the stock market. You have more 'hits' than 'misses' you are doing pretty well with predictions. You make a historic call and you can ride that sucker for 10-20 years.

As for a guy like Nathan, my prediction is going to look pretty bad there if he is only topping out at 91-92 on 4-seamer in camp & messing around alot with that cutter.

Spring training can tell you a hell of a lot just not in the box score generally.

Of the guys I am most interested in seeing in camp this spring and how they look during games:

1. Polanco - Is he making hard contact and spraying the ball down the line or in the OF gaps or hitting a ton of weak flys/grounders
2. Blanton - What's he throwing and what velocity is it at
3. Bastardo - Location on his fastball and how his body language is if he struggles a bit with his command who he looks after he gets hit in his next outing
4. Stutes - Any progress on his slider
5. Wigginton - 'Stiff warning' Does he look like he is done or potentially useless this year offensively/defensively.
6. Brian Schneider - Also a 'Stiff warning' candidate

I guess you could add Utley too. I won't though. Couple others too including Contreras if he gets back on the mound and some of the younger arms in camp who are competing for 1-2 spots in the pen. Maybe add Galvis and Brown too.

Biggest threat should the Phillies stumble next year will be the Braves. They've got a ton of pitching and a pretty good lineup, especially if Jayson Hayward returns to form.

How about a thread about the idiot who "found a loophole" to the Nats geographic requirement by buying a 5-game pack that includes 2 Phils games? Way to really stick it to them, genius! Good luck unloading those other two games, BTW.

More than 9K tix to Phils games on the secondary market already. Like I mentioned a few days ago, the only ones who really profit in this are the D.C. locals who have no interest in these games (or whose wallets trumped any said interest, anyway). At least the Nats got some publicity and sold a few extra tickets. I guess they win in all of this in a way, too.

Step 1: Deny fans of nearby superpower team the ability to buy tickets to games in your city.
Step 2: Riled up fanbase finds numerous loopholes in system and buys tens of thousands of tickets to "stick it to them"
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

Hmm...sounds like the Nats plan worked pretty well. They're probably laughing all the way to the bank.

"You make a historic call and you can ride that sucker for 10-20 years."

I'm all-in on Erik Kratz. I can only hope he turns out better than the time I bet it all on WorldCom.

Yeah, that publicity the Nats got probably amounts to several blog comments.

I think the whole Nats lock out Phillies fans thing is borderline genius. It's basically a challenge to their own fans (yes both of them) to buy more tickets to erradicate the red horde from up north. It also has the added benefit of pissing off said horde thus making us want the tickets even more. They cynically are fully aware that we will get our hands on tix if we so desire. And the biggest benefit is it helps to create a rivalry where none existed. I think it was brilliant. And those who are pissed off about it needed to switch to decaf. Who gives a sh!t.

Phillies Wall of Fame Nominees

Jim Fregosi?! One great year and not another year above .500. Plus he has the personality of a grumpy, crotchety old man.

Lawyering, Ticket loopholes, TV rights, and clarification on "Beerleaguer Bankruptcy" - the last 2 or 3 days in a nutshell. I don't blame JW for not posting more threads, they'll all just spiral into this inane chatter (which is still fun, but certainly nothing noteworthy). At least in a few weeks we can graduate to meaningless Spring Training results and it's implications on the 25th roster spot. Personally, I can't wait to pick apart the split squad rosters!!

Suffice it to say, however, that I'll take this inane drivel 7 days a week (and twice on Sundays) over lowbrow crap like Wing Bowl.

I went Schilling 1, Lieberthal 2, Hayes 3 on the ballot. I think Christenson and Reed deserve strong consideration as well.

Dane Sardinha signs minor league deal with the Orioles.

Great Dane is gone, too? South Philly bars better hope that Pat The Bat makes his retirement home in the area, or it's gonna be a tough year for them.

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