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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Wow, thanks for the link, lorecore.

Oracle actually ties Jamie Moyer to Glover Cleveland Alexander in 5 links:

1. Jamie Moyer played with Guy Hoffman for the 1986 Chicago Cubs

2. Guy Hoffman played with Minnie Minoso for the 1980 Chicago White Sox

3. Minnie Minoso played with Granny Hamner for the 1959 Cleveland Indians

4. Granny Hamner played with Gus Mancuso for the 1945 Philadelphia Phillies

5. Gus Mancuso played with Pete Alexander for the 1928 St. Louis Cardinals

The Phils should have Byron Evans give Cole a call to discuss waiting for a bigger deal.

Myers, and now Moyer:

Posted by: awh | Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 02:40 PM

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Loved this. Thank you for sharing.

Ah yes. 10 years ago it was Robert Person who was the Opening Day starter. How things have changed.

No discussion of Reading promotions is complete without the Eastern League HR Derby:

I ain't worried about Cole. Next.

I kinda am. The closer to the end of 2012, the more likley i think he's gone.

DH Phils - Great find.

"But we also must ask the question: What's in the water over there in Reading, Pa.?"

The answer is raw sewage since the Fritz Island treatment although Reading Water Authority is lucky enough to draw there drinking water from Blue Marsh.

Sweet mother of God I need to be one of those interns. The crane one. Please. The crane one. Or the trampoline.

From Cole to R-Phils Gone Wild to Raw Sewage in a couple of posts.

God, I love BL.

So Aaron Fultz is the new pitching coach at Williamsport? Good for him. He's a forgotten not bad Phil.

I could see Cole going to another team, too, especially in SoCal. I really hope we sign him.

Shane Victorino just tweeted a link to this:
Shane Victorino, who is on track to hit free agency after the 2012 season, told Stark he’d like to stay in Philadelphia, even if that means signing an extension that delays his arrival on the free agent market.

I'm still staggered by the revelation that there was a player named 'High Pockets Kelly'. Truly, the mind reels. What does that even mean? He had long legs? A lot of money? Or did he just Urkel his pants up to his armpits?

High Pockets meant he was cheap.

As in: Hey Johnny, you're gummin' up da works wit your high pockets. We can't shmooze any dames when you're so tight wit da moolah. Now cough up da cabbage and buy da broads some giggle juice ya mook.

Bowlcut: Absolutely classic!

Felt like I just stepped back in time there. Nice one, Bowlcut!

I think Cole will end up staying. Phils are trying to stay under the luxury tax at all costs this year to avoid paying the 2 year offender tax next year when they go over it to sign Cole. The year years after that the tax jumps to 189 million to make it a little more feasible to fit all the parts in.

This is obviously the one single issue that will determine whether or not MG's 'Apocalypse 2014' scenario plays out.

As nervous as some were regarding Rollins' departure, it will be that times 100 if this goes into the free agency period. And if they refuse to pay, the organization will rue the day they let Cole Hamels walk.

An angle I'm sure Rube and the FO are trying to play is that at his age (28), if Hamels opts to sign a five-year deal this year, he could be in position (assuming he continues his dominance) at age 33 to sign another 4 or 5 year deal, essentially getting 9 or 10 years of big money instead of the 6 or 7 he's apparently looking for this year.

Bowlcut, that was phenomenal.

Good God.

There was a writer, John R. Tunis, who wrote several fiction novels about baseball players circa the 40's & 50's. Players had nicknames like The Kid from Tomkinsville (Roy Tucker), Speedy Morris, Raz Tompson, etc. I think most of them were centered around the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Some pretty nice reading about an era gone by. I actually had a friend (we were about 10 at the time, and these books had been around quite a while) who was convinced these guys were real old timey Brooklyn Dodgers.

One of the novels was "Highpockets".

Also more on topic: Count me as one of those "concerned" about signing Cole. The signs are positive, but I'll breathe easier and relax and enjoy the unfolding season a bit more when the deal gets done (assuming it does).

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