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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Pretty sure I could bang out a .140/.238/.172 clip in Triple A. Maybe I can get a gig in the minors.

"Sardinha, 32, will be most remembered for banging out three home runs..."

With all due respect, I suspect that actually Dane will be largely remembered for this:

Now's the time for Tuffy to solidify his spot.

Sorry, BAP, Goosewurst>>>Kratz>>>Schneider

He didnt do to bad of a job for basically been a 3rd stringer.

Considering that his career major league numbers are as awful as anyone who has worn a major league uniform in my lifetime, and that even his career minor league numbers are absolutely atrocious, it's really pretty amazing that he leaves with a career Phillies OPS of .706 -- .89 points better than Brian Schneider. Not that I'm saddened to see him go -- especially since it brings Erik Kratz one step closer to the Phillies' roster.

Yea im only counting his time with the knew he wouldnt be back once they got Kratz and had time to acclimate him

Sardine, Kraut and Goosewurst? Damn, I'm hungry.

Classic move by the Duke who looks like he is doing a ton of dumpster diving in his 1st offseason as the O's GM as suspected. O's fans better used to seeing a lot of different players this year.

Tell that to the A's fans.

I am still wondering if "Caribbean Clincher" is a solo act or something worthy of an AVN award for a young lady just entering the peak of the business.

Michael Schwimer a Yankees fan? Scroll down to the last question ...

When did the Phils can Sardine?

Sometime in October he elected to be a free agent. The probable reality is he knew he wouldnt be back since the Phils had Kratz, where looking to resign old man Schneider.

They should just outright Scwhim...he's dead to me.

re: schwimer

thats the lamest thing i've ever read, schwimer is a douche. What professional athlete writes into some internet blog mailbag about some stupid 'fanhood' question. Even more lame is how the preceding paragrpahs whines about how much the reporter has to spend on bridesmaid dresses.

And its definitely him because he's been sending messages to the writer on twitter, upset that she doesnt follow him. Here's to hoping Chad Qualls dominates this spring.

Here's the thing: You dont HAVE to go to every single bloody wedding you get invited quit whining.

Good one Goody.

Let's not use the term "bloody", as this is a family blog.

Maybe I read it wrong, but the way I read it, Schwimmer said his love for the Yankees has "disappeared", but he still "loves the Giants."

I just thought the Schwimer thing was interesting in that he would actually write in to someone with that, and actually sign it "Michael S."

I went to the Schwimmer link and enjoyed reading the Eli Manning article, then I hit the wedding article and hit the back-up button, then the forward button to read the Schwimmer question. I don't begrudge him for rooting for the teams he rooted for as a boy with his dad. That's the very reason I am a Phillies fan despite now living in New Orleans (rooting for the Saints instead of the Iggles) and working in Houston (but rooting for zero Texas teams), although I enjoy going to Astros games, probably less so in 2013 when they become an AL team.

Apologies if this has been posted already, but Keith Law came out with his Top 100 prospects.

76. Trevor May

That's it for the Phils.

Other notables:

6. Travis D'Arnaud (ouch)
46. Jonathan Singleton
59. Anthony Gose
78. Jarred Cosart

Also, Law ranked the Phil's farm system #25 in baseball. Not too surprising given the amount of prospects traded recently but still.

The good news is that our fellow division foes aren't stacking up that great either. Other NL East farm rankings:

16. Atlanta
21. Washington
22. Mets
28. Miami

He could be a Cowboys/Lakers/Canadiens/Yankees fan for all I care, its the principal of a pro athelte asking some chick internet blogger for advice on how to be a fan in the forum of a public 'mailbag' that is offensive.

Jim: thanks for post, that might be the lowest I've seen ATL in awhile.

Jim: Interesting to see May move ahead of Cosart. May definitely had the better season last year, but given Cosart's younger age and his better secondary stuff, I would have assumed Cosart was still considered the better prospect.

Reading the blurb, it sounds like scouts are worried that Cosart's delivery won't hold up in a starting role and that he might need to be moved to the bullpen.

In all seriousness, I could care less which NFL or NBA team one of our prospects likes. I did find it funny that he would write in like that but based on the reporter's photo, I'd probably write her too.

We really care about a minor-league pitcher's internet habits? Really?

What is wrong with you people?

***that might be the lowest I've seen ATL in awhile.***

Unfortunately for us, that's because several of their former top prospects are now MLB regulars (Kimbrel, Freeman, Heyward) and they traded a couple for Bourn.

***Reading the blurb, it sounds like scouts are worried that Cosart's delivery won't hold up in a starting role and that he might need to be moved to the bullpen. ***

That has been said about him since we drafted him.

***6. Travis D'Arnaud (ouch)***

If it helps, just go look at Roy Halladay's numbers the last 2 years. That helps me every time I see another glowing report on d'Arnaud.

Hey, no need to worry about our farm system. This guy was our #1 pick last year.

If that picture doesn't inspire confidence, I don't know what does.

Best power hitter in the draft according to some scouts.

NEPP: Ha, he better be.

NEPP: Re: D'Arnaud, that good feeling about Halladay is mitigated a bit if Domonic Brown ends up flopping. From everything I recall, D'Arnaud was a late swap in to the Halladay trade for Brown. Thought the original ask from Toronto was Drabek, Brown and Taylor.

Granted, I believe Brown was ranked as the #1 prospect at certain points by some of these "experts" so you never truly know.

Incidentally, my favorite part of Law's writeup on D'Arnaud:

His defense, always solid, improved this year with help from his manager in New Hampshire, SAL FASANO, who worked with d'Arnaud on game-calling and footwork.

The mustache strikes again!!!

Looking forward to Larry Green is Fat jokes.

Too bad the Phils don't draft more slender athlete types.

I recall TOR asking for d'Arnaud repeatedly as they wanted to draft him the year we did but we beat them to it. They asked for him the first time we tried for Doc at the deadline in Jul 09 too IIRC.

Hewitt looks like a track star...he's gonna be unstoppable!

Law is very skittish about young pitchers with awkward or "violent" deliveries, and usually projects them to be relievers in the long term because he doesn't believe those deliveries can handle the strain of throwing 100+ pitches on a regular basis. That said, I'm not surprised at all that he would bump Cosart down, as he probably sees him long term in a relief role and relief prospects just don't have that much value.
As for D'Arnaud, he looks like he could be a future All-Star, but if the net total gained on the ML level by Toronto from the Halladay trade is just D'Arnaud, the Phils won that trade going away.
And as long as Green maintains his athletic ability and can play the OF well, I don't care how fat he is. The problem for fat corner OFs is that they become 1Bs or DHs as they move up due to their inability to handle the OF.

Lets all pick a player coming out of high school and suggest he won't be good so we can be extra smart when they dont pan out, everyone can play!

Schwimer bought his own autographed baseball on Ebay, and met the seller in a Toys R Us parking lot to yell at him for selling his autograph. He's a douche.

First of all, it's Greene not Green. Second, he has tremendous strength and is a physical specimen adn was considreed ht best power hitter in HS.

It's true that his competition consisted of itty bitty schools in the backwoods of Georgia. It is also true that his knowledge of the strike zone is very crude. It is also true that he is very slow and his arm is just average.

But with proper instruction, it is possible the tools he does have can be converted into baseball skills. At age 18, he is just beginning his journey. I think by 2018, every Phillies fan will know his name.

Chris in VT: I will be very surprised if Greene plays more than half a season as an outfielder. Not sure you can teach speed.

Yeah, misspelled Green by accident sorry.

And for those who might mock Greene's selection, answer this question: Name the prospects in the Phillies farm system who have legitimate 30 HR power potential.

(did it again, doh.)

***Lets all pick a player coming out of high school and suggest he won't be good so we can be extra smart when they dont pan out, everyone can play!***

I like this game...there's approximately a 95% chance of winning!

I liked the Greene pick...both of them actually Tyler and Larry.

Clout: Greene is about it, unless you believe Dom Brown can hit 30 HRs one day (which certainly isn't out of the question).

But that says a lot more about the state of the Phillies farm system than it does about Greene.

Anyway, I was really only making a crack at the Phils farm system and noting that that particular picture is humorously less than flattering. You can find plenty of better ones where he looks like a legit athelete.

I really have no idea how Greene will pan out, and am hoping for the best. Clout is right that he has massive power potential. The issue with drafting 1B-only prospects who have no tool other than power is that the power HAS to be real, and it has to be massive. Hopefully Greene's will be.

While we're talking Phillies prospects, despite May's ranking as the only Phillie on the list, I think Jesse Biddle will turn out to be the better major-league pitcher.

Klaw's top 10's Phils prospects

1. Trevor May, RHP (76)
2. Jesse Biddle, LHP
3. Jonathan Pettibone, RHP
4. Sebastian Valle, C
5. Freddy Galvis, SS
6. Brody Colvin, RHP
7. Larry Green, OF
8. Julio Rodriguez, RHP
9. Maikel Franco, 3B
10. Perci Garner, RHP

How can anyone mock the Greene pick that he hasn't really even played yet?

He's a big, strong kid who has a ton of power potential but has to literally really play the game including judging the strike zone.

Basically drafted him because they moved Singleton who is one guy I was really bummed they move in the Pence trade.

Then again, what do I know. I was bummed they moved Taylor instead of Brown. Taylor has been injured & largely done squat since they moved him with only brief flashes he could be a MLB player.

That's a terrible Top 10 list too. Galvis at #5? Guy you drafted last #1 already at #7? Franco (a guy with is below average/terrible defensively at 3B and has no power at 3B) is the #9 best prospect in the system? Yikes.

Appears that Derek Lee is still available as a Free Agent. I'd rather see him than Wigginton or Thome at 1B.

Prospects still have huge risk but D'Arnaud being able to stay a full time catcher will make any offense he gives a luxury. I still think Singleton will be the best of the Phillies drafted prospects in the current Top100.

FWIW: Didn't Conlin say Franco was his #2 or #3 in the system?

In re the 30 HR question, has the BL contingency soured on Rizzotti already? I thought that after Galvis, he was the next "answer."

Conlin has proven over the years that even though he's seen a lot of prospects, his evaluation of them means very little.

BB - Conlin liked him a lot. Asked a family friend who is an independent scout in Mid-Atlantic who covers Penn League up to AA. He's semi-retired now in his early 60s.

He always said that Penn League is basically a league where the kids are almost exclusively related on potential & not production given their age & lack of professional experience.

Kind of hated covering these games because it was hard to really evaluate the talent because so subjective since most of the players are kids who are 18/19 who aren't mature physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Said it was also much more interesting to cover AA but all good prospects end up passing through that level & the quality of pitching is so much better because the guys start to have legit MLB-caliber offspeed stuff.

Franco supposedly got on scouts' radar because he had a breakout season at Williamsport but the guy who saw him several times at Williamsport thought he was miscast as a 3B. Really strong arm but not great hands/reaction at 3B. Offensively, he has zero speed and little power which isn't a good combination for a 3B.

I'm reading the news feed on the side and can't listen to video at work- what's the deal with the Utley/Zito trade? That was actually being talked about at one point? I'm guessing that was an Ed Wade creation.

Iceman - It was. Wade was saving at one point the Phils could have had Zito but it would have been Utley/Madson/Bourne.

Funny how a lot of Wade best moves ended up being the non-moves he made including the infamous potential Howard-Benson trade in '04.

Sounds like Franco projects as a batting practice pitcher.

From's Jon Mayo:

It may take awhile for him to get there, but Franco (#9) as a finished product could be an elite-level player at the hot corner. He profiles very well at the position, with the ability to hit for plenty of power down the road, especially as he develops better plate discipline. He’s a solid defender as well, with a strong arm and good range. Be patient, Phillies fans, because the payoff will be worth it.

I am always mystified at how defense is evaluated at the minor league level. Villar is one of the guys who was somehow labeled as a plus defensive prospect beside the fact that he was terrible at every level defensively.

One of the funniest things I ever heard him describe certain scouts as 'fluffers' who cover the Penn League because they speak in such glowing terms of guys who are 18 with some really ridiculous hyperbole/comparisons.

This kid is going to be the next 'Barry Bonds' or 'Roger Clemens.'

He always enjoyed going up to the Cape Cod league because you see kids have to use wood bats for the first time in many cases on a regular basis & to see how they respond to living on their own in a situation where it is easy to get distracted with off-field distractions (drinking, women).

That's gotta be the fun part of being a scout. Going to AA/AAA games isn't as much of a challenge,

Beard - Yeah you have to love being a scout/game to do it because the pay generally stinks for regional scouts, you have a ton of travel & miles on your car to a bunch of non-glamorous towns, and the accomodations & food are kept to a bare minimum to keep your costs down but you keep get a scant per diem.

The guy I know lives in Reading now so that works you well for him since he can catch a ton of games at Reading. Since I have moved back to the East Coast a few years ago, I generally end up going to at least 1 R-Phils game with him & my uncle.

Watched baseball for a long time and considerable a fairly knowledgeable fan but you realize how much you simply don't see especially in a pitcher's mechanics/delivery when watching the game with someone who has done evaluating it for a long time. Regional scouts too still play a really critical role in evaluating players because even today getting a ton of video readily available on the lower leagues to comprehensivly evaluate players is tougher to come by due to costs.

MG - Franco has no power? He was 18 playing in a league with players much older.

And terrible defensively? That's the exact opposite of what i heard.

It was Kip Wells for Howard which the Pirates reportedly turned down. And to give Conlin his due on assessing prospects, no one was more vocal at the time to find any possible way to keep Howard than Conlin.

Schwimer bought his own autographed baseball on Ebay, and met the seller in a Toys R Us parking lot to yell at him for selling his autograph. He's a douche.

Posted by: Bowlcut

Bowlcut: have a link to that, that's pretty douche-y. Though it might just come with the name then since David Schwimmer is one of the biggest douches in the universe.

that guy - Besides the 5 HRs in 461 minor league ABs, he isn't that physically impressive either. Even in his break out year, he hit 2 HRs in 54 G (202 ABs) at Williamsport.

If he shows that he can handle the pitching at Lakewood this year, he needs to at least double-triple that power production to be considered an average power prospect at 3B. Your not talking about a 2B/SS prospect where hitting 3-4 HRs is no big deal.

MG: You're judging Villar being "terrible" defensively based solely on error totals. As bad as errors are as a judge of defense in the majors, they are so much worse in the minors. You have no idea the quality of the scorekeeping at those levels (the scorer is usually some guy out of the stands), the type of errors he's making, or any other relevant factor.

If the scouts say a guy has the tools to be a plus defender, I'm going with that over minor-league error totals 8 days a week.

By average potential at 3B at the MLB, I am talking at least ~15 HRs in a full regular season.

MG: Our current 3rd baseman will likely hit 5 or less HRs this year.

I'm with you on the position generally, I just find it kind of ironic given that we have the worst power-hitting 3B in the league.

I actually think it's pretty funny that Schwimer did that. If you've ever tried to get a baseball signed as an adult (I wanted one for my nephew) and been waived off because you're not a kid, then you'll realize just how much these players hate signing stuff, knowing it will end up on ebay the same day.

I've seen adults pay other people's kids to approach ballplayers so they can get an autograph to sell on ebay. It's pretty sickening.

But there is one strange part to this story. Schwimer is a good guy, as witnessed by his blogging for Phuture Phillies, but who in the world would actually pay for his autograph? Wasn't there an Abraham Nunez autograph available?

MG- I watched MoneyBall the other night and learned from the Billy Beene character on that film that scouts were to mocked and ignored.

Jack - I agree that errors at the minor league have little/no value but it does mean something when you committ them by the truckload year-after-year at various minor league levels.

He's been below average/terrible defensively at every level though including with the Astros though. At what point do you scrap potential and say nah he just isn't going to be a good glove at SS.

Bubba - That's bullcr@p even with the A's organization today I bet.

The art form is being able to take those scouting reports and marrying them with statistical models/SABR-stuff that has emerged.

Imagine that every organization follows a somewhat unique approach on how they evaluate prospects.

What surprised me through a work-related project was just little teams invest and track injury prevention at the minor league level especially at the lowest levels besides a basic trainer and raw pitch counts.

How many 18 year olds in the NY penn league show instant HR power? Doubles are more of a leading indicator of power potential.

He was 14th in the NY penn in doubles. And all but 1 of the guys ahead were 20 or older.

Doesn't sound like he has plus speed so I don't think he was legging out these extra base hits.

The power potentinal is there.

MG- Agree- at it's best it is a combo of number crunching , observations and knowledge of the game that get's it there.

Listening to ESPN working from home:

- Stark reported that Phils are adamant about trying to move Blanton and will try to move him in spring trainign regardless of not they can resign Oswalt. Just wanted the cash off their payroll.

- Olney reported that Johnson is adamant that Harper start the year with the Nats. If he has a decent spring trainig, it's hard to believe he won't be the Opening Day starter.

"I did find it funny that he would write in like that but based on the reporter's photo, I'd probably write her too."

NEPP, tru dat.

That Guy - No many but his numbers were modest. I can see why people are excited about him a bit due to his relative/doubles production.

He still isn't a guy that woudl be ranked on many organizations top #10 lists. He shows better power & plate disclipine this year at Lakewood & he is a legit top prospect.

He was a bit overmatched in Lakewood but his only HR came off of the #2 pick in the 2010 draft...fwiw.

Jack: "Greene is about it, unless you believe Dom Brown can hit 30 HRs one day (which certainly isn't out of the question).

But that says a lot more about the state of the Phillies farm system than it does about Greene."

Exactly right.

I think Stark just copied/pasted the exact same "RAJ adamant about unloading Blanton during ST" report as last year. If not, he could have and saved himself some time.

Bowlcut: have a link to that, that's pretty douche-y. Though it might just come with the name then since David Schwimmer is one of the biggest douches in the universe.

posted by: mm

It was part of his Phuture Phillies blog. They've since killed that part of the blog and all of the comments of people laughing at him.

I believe he'll miss people asking for his autograph, adult or not, when he's working in the plumbing section of Home Depot in a couple of years.

His autograph can't make a baseball worth much more than before it had his autograph. Some guy certainly isn't living the good life from selling Michael Schwimer's autograph. In my opinion, he should just shut up and enjoy the attention while he can.

where is my lover, he must be in somewhere we've met ^-^

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