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Thursday, February 16, 2012


If RAJ has set his sights on Soler, isn't his track record now established that he gets his man, even if costly?

So, how would this work? Let's say we sign him to a 4-year deal, and he spends the first 3 years in the minors. Would be be eligible for free agency after 1 year in the majors, or would we retain the rights to him for his first 6 major league seasons, as we would with any other prospect? I'd love to sign him, but I sure don't see the point in giving millions of dollars to a guy just so he can play in the minors for the next 2 or 3 years, and then leave.

Please Mr. Middleton screw the Yankees just one more time.

I look forward to the Phillies finding a way in which to sign this kid, only to follow up by letting him languish in the minors until he's 26 or so years old.

If his potential is as advertised, I say risk it and pay what's necessary. We need this

Should have titled this post based upon the photo:

Jorge Soler: Phils' Person of Interest

He looks older than 19.

I bet this is a piece to be used by Mr. Amaro at the trade deadline - when Soler's value will be mythical - would bring us biggest value from some team that has given up and has a third baseman (Mr. Wright maybe). Just a thought.

Oh look, another overhyped prospect...and one that RAJ will eventually trade for an older, established player.

He'd be our best prospect by a significant margin.

If we were to sign him.

There was a report today the Yankees weren't interested in signing Soler.

Perhaps they're only interested in driving up the price for their competitor, as Cashman did to Theo re: Crawford.


Cashman is full of sh8t like a thanksgiving turkey.

Scouts compare him with Stanton at such a young age. Can play all three of positions, but corners prob best bet. Plus arm plus bat not like cep but only 19. Would be 38/39 best prospect. Hope phils get him and put him with 2011 class at A. That would be a nice young team to see what they got in draft. Quinn, greene, Walding, and the other green. Interested to see if they put em at A or extended spring the short season. Also see mickeys debut in Clearwater. As a manager.

Delicious, delicious sh8t.

"That would be a nice young team to see what they got in draft. Quinn, greene, Walding, and the other green."

It's always amusing to me how all these newly drafted players immediately start showing up on everyone's top 30 lists before they've even played a single game of minor league ball. Conversely, the guys like Hewitt and Duggan and Collier, who were the blue chip prospects of a few years ago, and who have actually had 2 or 3 years to build upon their blue chip status, are nowhere to be seen on anyone's top 30 list.

It's almost like the formula for being a top prospect is to be so young that you haven't had a chance to screw up yet.

Soler would have been a Top 5 pick in the draft had he been eligible. Give him what he wants.

RIP Gary Carter. Heck of a player.

"It's almost like the formula for being a top prospect is to be so young that you haven't had a chance to screw up yet."

bap, that, and they have to have "tools".

Sign him. The Phillies' minor-league system is a bit thin on position players.

That's a big kid...definitely not a CF build.

Apropos to nothing: I visited the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Loved every inch, of course, but I think the highlight was the video of Eric Bruntlett's UTP on endless loop. I'm not sure how much time I spent staring at it, but it may have been significant. And, I may have been giggling.

(Link to video at sig.)

Bap it would be nice to see what they have at the A level and go from there. No one said they are all stars already genius. It would be interesting because how they did going outside the usual draft picks and slots. Maybe those players are on your 30 list. Last I checked BL doesn't have a prospect list. Share yours please.

RE: Carter
I always liked him and it's best that we remember him as an Expo and forgive his time on the Mets. Here's a very cool video of the last hit of his career.

Every time I see clips of Montreal I remember how good that organization was for a long time and it is a shame that it never worked out for them. I really feel for baseball fans in Montreal. They were wronged by MLB more than once.
Most of us can remember or imagine what it is like to lose a loved one or have any number of things go wrong in our lives, but I cannot come close to imagining what it would be like to lose my baseball team.

Hard to believe any international player money remains in the budget to sign Soler after the signings of Luis Cruz and the great Hector Luna last month.

Kind of startled me to hear that 3.1 million seats have been sold already. If my math is right, there are about 3.5 million total available.
Wow- and ST hasn't even started.
Another year of beyond 100% capacity is all but guaranteed. Mr. Monty & Rube - the fans can't do much more than that to support your product.

baystars, I grew up in DC - Senators fan - Frank Howard, Mike epstein, bernie and Hank Allen, Eddie Brinkman, Teddy Ballgame as the manager...

I know what it's like.

gobaystars - Yeah but after the strike no one in Montreal gave a crap. Literally killed baseball there.

I went up there several teams to catches Expos-Phils or Expos-Red Sox games in the mid-to-late 90s. Even caught one of Pedro's starts in '99 since it was next to impossible to scalp them at Fenway & turned out to be one of his worst starts of the year.

Almost no Expos' fans and the Phils-Expos games were weren't even 10k in actual attendance. It was great though because you could buy OF seats, sneak down to the lower level seats down the 1B/3B lines, and the ushers either didn't care or weren't around.

By that point, the Expos Stadium was a dump and falling about too. Montreal though is a fun city in summer/fall; phenomenal if you go with someone who speaks fluent French.

Gazette's article on remembering Carter:

If the Yankees don't get Soler, they can always take Cole Hamels as the consolation prize next year.

Awwwww, c'mon kitty kat, don't be a defeatist so soon.

I think the Phillies understand that pitchers as good as Hamels do not come along very often, and he's probably going to get better the next few years as well.

I also think they understand that he's the ace of the future - that is, he'll be the top dog when/if Doc and Lee are no longer here or start to decline (though with Doc I'm not sure I'd bet on a decline antime soon; he's been arguably better from ages 31 - 34 than any other 4 year span in his career).

I also believe that the Phillies are due to get a HUGE boost in revenue when their new TV contract is negotiated in 2015/16.

So, the only obstacle in extending him is, IMO, the lux-tax cap, and how they can fit his contract into their overall payroll.

With the additional TV revenue they'll get 4-5 years from now, they could easily backload a contract and not worry about breaking the bank as far as the team's finances are concerned.

The 2 issues are contract length and AAV.

Are the Phils willing to go with a higher AAV to get a shorter contract, as they seemed to with Lee? Is Hamels willing to accept a shorter contract, because if he becomes an FA, there are many teams - including many in the NL - that would love to have him (Dodgers, Cubs, Nats, Cards,Rockies,Giants). They would boost their own chances and hurt a key competitor in their own league.

The Phillies and 'team Hamels' know this, and if they can't get it done it won't be about the money.

Here's an idea:

I wonder if Hamels is willing to take the risk of a 3 - 4 year deal, something like 3/75 - 78, in order to hit the FA market again in 3 years and get another big payday?

Montreal is a great city...I highly suggest a visit there if you get the chance. Late summer/early fall is the best time IMHO. Though, I was just up there on Saturday regardless.

Rip Gary carter, a met that even most phillies fans could like.

AWH.......I don't think Cole Hamels should accept a shorter contract than Lee especially if it's not about the money. It is always about the AAV and the years and I don't think Lee should have been an exception if they are not willing to do that for a home grown ace that won a championship. I won't even mention Hamels having to watch the team sign a closer for $50 mill and 4 years. If you are going to commit to anyone on this team for the long term it should be Cole Hamels. That being said, I think he walks in 2013 and it may not be on friendly terms.

I never liked Gary Carter and that stupid perm. Sorry to hear he passed, though.

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