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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Translation from Phillies FO speak to English: "Ryan Howard aggravated his achilles taking batting practice and will see his rehab delayed several weeks as a result."

Somewhere Ross Gload just made sure the ringer on his cell phone is on.

If the Phillies' front office professed a strong belief in the force of gravity I would fully expect to begin floating.

If Thome stands on first base and takes throws from the infielders w/o dropping too many, and never even attempts to field a batted ball himself , he is a way option better than Gload.

Wonder if we could get MLB to OK a rules change to allow Jim Thome to field first base sitting on a stool.

Let's just hope that the surgical graft is in tact.

This is a serious injury. Did we really expect Ryno back in May anyway? I honestly didn't expect to see him back before the end of the summer. We want him back 100%. I don't want this to be an issue in 2013 and beyond.

Dragon: I think the MLB rules only state "Players in field SHOULD not use stools or lawnchairs to field position." It doesn't say they MUST not.

"If Thome stands on first base and takes throws from the infielders w/o dropping too many, and never even attempts to field a batted ball himself , he is a way option better than Gload."

I realize you are obviously joking, but I wonder if this is actually true.

Clout or anybody else out there still want to tell me about Howard's great value to the Phils this year?

Oh yeah.

How about that anti doping guy being named Dick Pound?

Not really worried. All the news reports said he was taking groundballs and hit a few homers etc. I can def see why they want to send him back. To look at the repair and test it a little more to ramp up intensity. I don't see him till middle end of may anyways.

On a lighter note:

Great column on the classic 'Homer at the Bat' episode in '92 including some insights into how it was made, wider implications of it, and interesting tidbits about the Simpsons and society in general.

***I realize you are obviously joking, but I wonder if this is actually true.***

I'd rather have Thome on a stool at 1B than Gload out there.

Gload is probably dragging his proverbial "dick in the dirt" right now.

Cholly: "Where the incision was, sometimes they leave stitches to dissolve. One broke through the skin and was hanging out. It was causing a little infection. They pulled it out."

(This post is purely for NEPP. This is your statement that I was agreeing with:
"I think Braun is completely and utterly guilty and that he got off on a technicality.
I do find it amusing that some (like almost all of Fangraphs) are whiteknighting for him."

The rest of my statement was my take on the exoneration of Braun, which seems to be because he was too high a profile, given his MVP award, to actually punish. It was kind of a PR train wreck about to happen. Unfortunately, it kind of makes a two-tiered system of PED enforcement. At this point it's Braun and everyone else. But somewhere along the line some other guys are going to figure that if Braun is good enough to get away with it, mayeb they are too.)

(Of course, there seem to be other ways of cheating which have been selectively penalized over the years. Doctoring balls and bats and stealing signs come to mind, as well as amphetamine usage. So what's the big deal. Braun got away with it, Romero didn't. Probably a lot of other guys got away with it too. And some won't.)

(My point, I guess, was that MLB just lost even what little moral ground it had to stand upon in it's "war on drugs".)

Thanks for the explanation, Andy.

I just wonder how serious the Phils are about getting Thome a fair amount of PT at 1B.

Thoughtful editorial by Doug Glanville inspired by Braun's story.

Good article GBrettFan.

Best lines from it , I think-
"It all leads to a cynical world. Believing in nothing, doubting everything, yet trapped by the instant access we have to information that forces us to make a premature call. "

Random thoughts:
a) If I was in Florida in Feb., and making $25MM/yr., I would have the Dr. come see me, not go to Baltimore.

b)If the Braun case was not suppposed to be public knowledge, how do we know it was the first time an appeal was won?

c) If a main part of your job is to ship FedEx promptly, shouldn't you know the hours?

I'd hate to say it but I told you so when I mentioned Bobby tolan. Howard ain't coming back any time soon.

Are you folks really worried about Howard's "setback"? It sonds like the most minor of issues. It is likely an expected setback. What I mean is we all knew something like this would come up but we didn't know when. Howard will be fine. The Phillies will win the East. You will still be a goob.

DPatrone, didn't you read Amaro's comment? Howard did NOT have a "setback". Seriously, did Bobby Tolan have an infected stitch? All I remember about him was that he had a horrible batting stance that was fun to imitate.

Howard having a "setback", or a slight delay to his return?

Dmitri Young............anyone? :)

Hugh - Remember that Amaro is the guy who points east at dawn and says, "That's not the sun rising over there."

Raul Gp love the dick in the dirt! I used it for lil Roy a few weeks ago. Now you can tag anyone/thing with it. I think that will be my slogan for players not producing this year!

Andy - I remember and don't take anything Amaro says at face value. I was being sarcastic. Nevertheless, I don't find anything alarming in the report that Howard is going to see his doctor.

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