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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


But MG's been telling me we all offseason that we can't expect anything from Contreras.

He's still probably right.

JW has caught spring training fever- 3 posts in one day- attaguy Jason.

3-4 posts a day is the regular-season average, 2 on weekends. This offseason was a big snooze, though.

Big Truck has been one of my favorites on the team, when healthy. But one mound session and the Phils are declaring optimism? Boy, it would be great if he is still contributing in Oct.

Feb 22 and MMart the best option as backup SS. Yikes.


This is good news about Contreras. I always enjoyed watching him pitch in games for the Phillies. I had confidence in Contreras. I surely couldn't say the same about guys like Lidge, Schwimer, and Herndon. For this year, you can add Chad Qualls and Dontrell Willis to my "no confidence" list

Feb 22, 1547 hrs and MMart is the best option as backup SS. Yikes.

well hey, a lot a mileage on the arm from a long career starting. he's got his surgery, he'll be in stricly a relief role, and i'd be suprised if has more than 100 appearances all year. If he's actually heatlhy, i think he'll be fine. Whether he's effective all the time or not, is a different story.

Bonehead: I like that. Let's keep a daily countdown on Mini-Mart.

Clout - I'm on it.

Hope big truck and bastardo hold 8th down or 7/8 depending on match ups. If these two are healthy. ( physically and mentally). Nice looking pen

as much as I love Big Truck, the primary setup position should be Bastardo's to lose.

"i'd be suprised if has more than 100 appearances all year."

Considering no relievers get 100 appearances in a season, this isn't exactly a long limb to go out on.

I tend to think Contreras will be a relevant factor in the bullpen for at least parts of the season, though with his age and injury history, you just have no idea. Total wild card.

As far as Dom Brown goes, from a couple of posts ago, people on here know how I feel about the guy. He was 23 in his first full-time role and was league-average offensively. That's very good. His power was missing, but he had also had a broken bone in his hand a couple of months before.

Obviously, his defense was an issue. But the idea that he has been a failure is absolutely insane. Chase Utley spent his age 24 and 25 seasons playing part-time, hitting below league average and re-learning 2B after playing 3B in AAA.

Dom basically got caught in a bad situation because he was a prospect for a team that needed to win now. So they traded for Pence instead of letting him develop. It was the right move for the Phillies, but it wasn't because Dom was a bust. It was because the team needed to win right now and there was a very good player available at that position.

"I've never seen marginal jokes killed over thousands of repetitions like here."

You're missing the point. The repetition IS the joke.

That was a very glowing assessment of Contreras. I know he's signed to set, but perhaps we should temper our enthusiasm about a good 'pen session on the 4th or 5th day of Spring Training.

We have options and for that we should be thankful.

Yo, new thread

When I get to thinking of Jose Contreras's likely 2012 performance, the image that keeps popping into my head is Tom Gordon in his final year with the Phillies. Gordon showed up for spring training injured that year but, after a horrible start, he managed to get himself healthy enough to give us maybe 6 really solid weeks in a setup role. Then his injuries re-surfaced, he started getting lit up and, in early July, he went on the DL for the rest of the year. He ended up pitching 29 innings, with some really ugly numbers -- though for those 6 weeks, he was pretty effective.

That's about what I think we'll get from Contreras this year.

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