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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


While we all know Martinez sucks at everything, we might not all know Wigginton sucks at almost everything as well. Watching him anywhere but 1B this spring should help educate.

Seeing a "Starting Lineup" header just made my day!

Thank you, Phillies and Jason!

Will this be on tv anywhere?

Or on radio?

From what I understand Hope SE, the game will be on 94.1 and 1210 this afternoon.

Phillies schedule on their websites lists the tv for each game. This one is not on TV.

Great positive outlook on wiggy wow. He's a lot better then what we have had and I am pretty sure he will get job done at various positions. Let the man play and anyone with half of a baseball brain will be able to see how he is. First spring training game let the fun begin. I am really looking forward to D brown and John Mayberry. And all the pitchers with cusp of major league ready arms.

If I read that BurnettBlantonAbreu deal from the last thread correctly, don't the Phils benefit from it falling through? I mean, if the Yanks get Abreu they lose interest in Ibanez and the Phils don't get that draft pick (unless someone else signs him).

I am curious how the money end would have shaken out in the Burnett deal that didn't happen. Supposedly, the Yankees were willing to eat nearly all of Burnett's salary for major league ready talent and, they still ended up eating $20 million for 'some dudes' from Pittsburgh. We know that A.J. Burnett would have provided much more value to this team, today, than that draft pick does. The question is whether he's a significant upgrade at no. 5 over Joe B. So, there's that to factor in the calculus of how they would benefit.

The Cardinals sign 30 year old catcher Yadier Molina to a $75 million five year extension. That seems dumber than Ryan Howard's contract. Has the baseball world gone mad?

JW - I even forget some of these guys even got invites into camp including Purcey and R. Valdes.

Monday will be interesting to watch the big showdown between Herndon vs. Sanches for possible last bullpen roster spot.

Molinas have a good track record of going to the World Series.

As long as Utley and Polanco are ready to play 140+ games and Chooch 120+, then I could care less about them not playing much in spring training.

"Utley and Polanco, in fact, might not see much game action until close to the halfway point of the exhibition season."

Good. Given that players train pretty much year round now, spring training is a waste for established starters especially veterans. Like they really benefit from ABs vs. a bunch of guys who will be in the minors or looking for work this year.

I could care less if Utley/Polanco/Chooch don't see any playing time until Clout Day.

Let them see 7-10 days of ABs vs. MLB-caliber pitching to getting their timing down for the start of the season.

I was trying to get to the 94.1 radio broadcast online, but I was blocked on my work's network. If you're like me, you might want to check out the Seminole's website... looks like they're broadcasting it, too (and I can break through that):

What are numbers that Mini Mart and Wiggigton give this team with their likely 500+ ABs they will get combined this year?

.230/.300/.370 with about 15 HRs sound about right?

Lake Fred - Molina's extension seems dumber than the Howard extension? I don't think so. Molina is the best defensive catcher in the league, a premium defensive position, and a steady offensive performer. He's the equal of Chooch at handling a staff. Either he or McCann has to be considered the best overall catcher in the league. And he's been healthy.

We all know the pluses and minuses of Howard.

There is always injury risk at catcher, but I think they decided to tie up the best catcher in the league at a reasonable for MLB rate.

The Cardinals sign 30 year old catcher Yadier Molina to a $75 million five year extension. That seems dumber than Ryan Howard's contract. Has the baseball world gone mad?

Hopefully there's enough Mini Mart this spring for them to realize they need a better utility option on the bench.

I rarely endorse anything "the hook" writes, but I agree with him about Wigginton. He certainly isn't as good as he used to be but I don't really understand the widespread belief that he'll be a massive bust. I mean, it's POSSIBLE that he could go into steep decline at age 34. But his OPS over the last 3 years has remained steady, between .714 and .731. Even if he declined to the .700 range, he'd still be a much better hitter than either Mini-Mart or Valdez (and possibly even Polanco).

To be sure, his 3rd base defense is not very good. But I suspect we will find that it's not a big deal. 3rd base only gets 4 or 5 chances per game, on average, and even a bad fielder still makes more than 90% of the easy plays. We had Greg Dobbs as our backup 3rd baseman for several seasons. His defense was also pretty terrible but I don't remember it being a major problem. He only became a problem when he stopped hitting.

Also just think how many times we had first and second or first and third. With 1 out, and how many times Wilson or Ross rolled that ball over for a double play? Or 1st and second and zero outs. And can't hit a fly ball to at least get runner to third for a chance to tie a game or take the lead. I have enough confidence in him and or lance nix to do a job. Plus even Juan can bunt them both over. This team won 102 with the inability to do just these small things.

Molina and Howard are almost as different as 2 players can be. Molina is a good hitter but a significant % of his value is in his defense. Howard's value is entirely wrapped up in his bat. Molina's younger (and not currently injured) but only has 1 season under his belt of really slugging well (he has a history of acceptable obp). Don't know that the contracts are easy to compare. I guess it all depends on how you value and evaluate catcher defense.

Yea of course we can 'wait and see' on any player. I'm predicting he sucks, thats all. My prediction is just as worthless as anyone else's here, but just stating what i think.

lorecore - No, your opinion is worth more than anyone who says "let's wait and see." Because that's not an opinion at all. At least you're making an evaluation and taking a position. Just like a GM has to do. Rube can't say, "well, maybe I'll sign that guy. Let's wait and see." He has to take a position and make a move or not.

The worst thing about Molina's contract is you could have probably signed him for less than half that money if you extended him before 2011. Look at his numbers in 2010, you could have signed him for about a 5yr/$35M deal and still be accused of 'overpaying'.

Howard was being given $20M by arbitration before he was even in his final year of team control.

Shane Victorino:
"What that statement was saying," he said, "was that I'm willing to give up free agency. A lot of guys won't. In the game of baseball, free agency is what every major league player dreams of. You want to maximize your value, and of course I do, too. But what's important to me is, I want to be here. I love playing here. My family loves the city. I love the city. So when I made that statement, that's what I meant."

BAP: I know you were just throwing numbers around off top of your head, but take a look at what you actually wrote.

You said a 3rd baseman gets around 4-5 chances a game, which is exactly the number of plate appearances a player gets a game as well. A bad 3B makes 90% of easy plays, so thats 10% he misses. That means he's screwing up around once every two games(10 chances).

That would require his offensive game to be 1/10 better. So if say, Valdez has a .300 OBP, then Wigginton would need a .400 OBP just to stay even.

Again i know these numbers were just thrown out there, but it goes to prove how important defense is. Good and bad hitters are seprated by about 50 points of OBP, which equates to reaching base 1 more time every 20 at bats. So a defensive player who can't make at least 19 out of 20 plays that his counterpart could, he better have an OBP 50pts higher to counteract.

That Molina contract is ridiculous. I mean...damn.

I mean, Molina may only be in his Age 29 season but 944 games (881 starts behind the plate) is a lot for a catcher.

Greg: Awesome quote to hear as a fan. Too bad Ruben is going to low-ball the living hell out of him now.

to clarify, i understand OBP isn't the sole value of offense, a players SLG helps as well - i just couldnt make the post as clean when trying to compare fielding opps towards OPS.

I guess Out Of Zone plays would be fielding's equialent of SLG%.

Lore--what makes you say that Amaro will low-ball him? I could see Amaro waiting on other factors--Mayberry & Brown's development, Hamels contract talks--but I don't get the dig on Amaro as a notorious lowballer. Seems he has a reputation for being the opposite when he's intent on signing a player.

lorecore: I AM throwing numbers around off the top of my head, but I'll throw some more around.

First, the real number is probably closer to 95% than 90%.

Second, it's not just about OBP; it's about HOW you get on base. Wigginton and Valdez have similar OBPs, but one guy is hitting doubles & homeruns & the other guy is hitting all singles.

Third, while I accept that Wigginton is a poor 3rd baseman, Valdez was nothing special either. He was solid at 2nd and SS, but he has not played much 3rd base and, when he did play it, he always looked completely out of sorts. If he is better than Wigginton, it's not by much.

I like Shane a lot. I hope he stay's. It's not like all those tool shed outfielders the team drafted are actually panning out. Gillies & James aren't going to be starting for the big club anytime soon. Really, it will probably come down to the year Mayberry has and whether the team thinks he can play center every day.

rhetoric: I was being kind of sarcastic, but i was mainly trying to point out that Victorino expressing his desire to stay in Philly and even forego free agency to do so, gives me the impression that he will accept less money to stay here.

A player's newspaper quote surely won't turn the tide of a GM's master plan of negotiating player contracts for the future, but you gotta think Ruben would prefer to hear a player profess his love for Philly rather than say he cant wait to hit free agency (like Werth did).

bap: fair, won't argue any of that. I just think his strong point of power is on the decline, .416 SLG in Coors Field? No thanks.

Wow, is that a touch of optimism I detect in BAP's Wiggy train of thought (albeit, probably more just based on the relativity vs other current options, but still)?

Hope truly does spring eternal for everyone this time of year.

That said, I'm sure he'd agree that this particular lineup inspires zero confidence, even against a college team.

Hyatt 1-2-3 1st.

Thanks murrgh for seminoles link.

So i wonder if this the year Mini_Mart turns it around? Lol...Besides his ability to play multiple positions adequately i guess what is it about this guy that Cholly and Rube salivate over. Do they think they can teach him how to be a better hitter. None of us will probably know. Maybe something they see in him that we dont. Im guessing that they can probably get him to at least hit at around the Valdez level and make him a serviceable hitter.

Lore--yeah, I think it's good news for Amaro but probably not anything he doesn't already know. Vic would probably love to sign an extension today at less than market value, knowing that he could be the one squeezed out of future plans.

That said, he's smart enough to know that a less than full-market value contract here in Philly, where he's probably worth millions more in annual endorsements than he would be in a new city, will end up keeping him very comfortable. He's probably just answering a question honestly and trying to make himself appealing to the fanbase, thus keeping whatever pressure he can bring to bear on management to keep him. I'd just be shocked to see Amaro engage contract negotiations with an expensive veteran outfielder when he may have cheaper options in the future and a pressing need to save his bullets for Hamels.

If Mini Mart hits .250 this year with a .650 OPS, I would be thrilled.

My guess is that he is somewhere slightly north of the Mendoza line at .220 or so with a ~.600 OPS.

MG, I think I'd actually even take the under vs. your Mini Mart projection.

WP - That's possible but his BABIP was unusually low at .220 in large part due to his .144 BABIP on grounders. With a little more random luck, he should see a few more grounders sneak through.

He's still going to be a rotten offensive player though. Just a question if he is poor or among the worst in MLB this year again.

Game is being broadcast on 1270 The Team. I was able to pick it up on my iPhone.

I know it's probably just paranoia, but my preference would be to see the Phils firm some things up with Cole before any official Dodgers sale/announcement commences.

Just seems like there's always a run on marquee free agents when a new regime comes into place and promises to turn a team around. I don't want Cole to be a consideration in any of that with an L.A. team.

0 baserunners thru first 1½, Hyatt likely done with 2IP 2K.

Between innings, the seminoles accouncer just lays the mic on the desk and wanders to the adjacent room and talks to others, haha. this > TMAC

* 3K for hyatt. and I should have said this > WB Mason.

lorecore, I know it's still early in Spring Training, but I'm willing to go on the record as saying that this Seminoles announcer (whose name I don't even know) is roughly 20X's better than TMac.

Granted, it's a small 2 inning sample size, but I stand by this assertion.

Wigginton grounds into a Double Play. #bringbackvaldez.

hook: "how many times Wilson or Ross rolled that ball over for a double play? I have enough confidence in [wigginton] or nix to get him over"

First Spring AB - Wigginton GIDP.

Dom Brown swipes a bag. What CAN'T this guy do?

What I find so peculiar about the Phillies' infatuation with Mini-Mart is that it's not like he's some kind of defensive whiz. He is pretty good at 2nd, ok at 3rd, passable but well below average at SS, and laughably bad in CF. There are dozens of utility infielders who fit that same approximate profile, but who can hit .230 and lay down a bunt. Heck, even Pete Orr meets those criteria.

Maybe Mini-Mart will break up the no-no

BAP, yeah, but none of those guys were Rule 5 guys, with a whole bunch of egos riding on their relative success/failure.


Thanks for the first spring game to get your point across. Yeah these games are so important. I was making a statement of you knew all the times exxon was up you knew the dp was there. As bap said you get a guy with the chance tO hit a double or homer. Let the spring play out.

Goosewurst special, double off the wall.

hook: haha i know dude relax, that was just too good not to post.

The Hot Stove is about severely over-reacting to rumors and trade speculation.

Spring Training is all about severely over-reacting to meaningless games and small sample sizes.

The regular season is about severely over-reacting to every single AB/pitch and blowing it out of proportion.

Late September is for debating the merits of playing regulars vs. resting them for the playoffs (i.e. the annual "momentum discussion").

Basically, baseball in itself in the digital era is all about over-reaction, but it still beats the hell out of every other conceivable alternative viewing/listening option.

Galvis with the big arm from the hole.

I like this FSU radio guy much better than Wheels or McCarthy. Innocuous vs. obnoxious.

Freddy Galvis flashing the leather, "showed good range on backhand and strong throw".

hook: Wigginton moves the runner from 2nd to 3rd - so there ya go, small ball at its finest.

until DOM pops up and strands the runner, of course.

Howard sidelined for a few days (at least) with an infection.

I've been busy the last couple days but did anyone mention this article? Apparently Ryno had surgery to clean out an infection in his achilles area.

FSU radio guy does a great job of actually giving some good background/stats. I feel like this is something that gets lost in most TV broadcasts, since they can just flash it up there visually for a few seconds.

Something to be said about a good single man booth broadcast.

Is this FSU broadcaster a free agent, or can Rube work out a deal for him?
Does T- Mac have a full no trade clause?

Forget the budget Rube , this is important!

Savery time.

Good there are others who can't stand T-MAC lol

First overreaction of the 2012 season: even with the many reserves who are playing, how the hell can a major league team have 0 runs and 2 hits, through 5 innings, against a college team?

Savery blowing the no-no

"Good there are others who can't stand T-MAC"

Rumor has it TBag's mom listens to the radio broadcast.

Our worst fears realized? Impotent offense!!

Reality check: Was Ryan Howard hospitalized (to facilitate IV antibiotics)? If not, that's very good news.

It's my guess he does not don a Phillies uniform until after the All Star break. Perhaps that's for the best -- MRSA and other such infections can be fatal.

"Get him to the plate, docs." Just as soon as he's not less than 100%

cut_fastball - Even conservative estimates have him back by June. You are saying he won't be back until mid July at the earliest?

Scotty Pods with a based loaded infield single, 1-0.

Good she realized how much he sucks then.

Ah yes, the BL doctors are coming out.

Kratz knocks in a run, BAP's hero comes thru, his offensive worries are over.

The "Gameday" comment thread on is hilarious. It makes Beerleaguer look like a sea of optimism.

Watch out Wiggy! Luna goes deep for 6-1 lead.

Gillies has two steals, two runs scored, a hit and an RBI.

Luna's my boy!


I'm just really excited to be listening to a baseball game.

Mayberry 0-3. Looks like those who predicted his regression this season are correct.

Offensive juggernaut. 109 wins? Wait, I think I forgot to take my meds this morning.

J-Roll 0-2. Looks like those who thought we should have just gone with Galvis were correct.

donc, actually, you're a bit pessimistic.

'At this pace' (God, I hate that expression early in the baseball season), the Phils would win 162 games.

Yeah they are the 2008 plus fans not the 1989 fans. Gillies will be number three prospect after this game.

'At this pace' (God, I hate that expression early in the baseball season), the Phils would win 162 games.

From your keyboard to God's ears, Preacher Man.

What's the prevailing report on this Rosenberg kid? Clearly he's good enough to get a ST invite. Does he have a promising future at all?


we're going extras!

No extras unless the Phils score (-5) here, right?

Valdez is missed already...

Game over phils win.

Rosenberg is a fringe prospect turning into org filler.

WP - He's a non-prospect at this point and a good chance he isn't picked up by again. One of those guys who looked like he had a legit shot as a middle reliever, got derailed by injuries in 2010, and struggled initially last year & got converted into a starter since the Reading rotation need one come mid-season.

BedBeard: I thought everybody on here was lawyers.

McCarthy's new favorite call: "It's another Luna Landing!"

best parts of game:

Phils agree to play bottom of 9th even though they are winning, so a Florida State pitcher can pitch his scheduled inning, and he uses his opportunity to plunk Gillies in the hip.

at least two Phillies hit in todays ball game and not one named Utley...

Just for the hell of it, the Phillies should bean Reyes and HanRam when we play Miami this year...I mean, that's close enough for getting back at FSU, right?

NEPP, me likey!

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