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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I thought calling Brown up was the right move last year, though it looks less so in hindsight. So, I wouldn't fault the Phils for it. With the composition of the roster this year, he has no spot regardless of how he does in the Spring. He needs to go to AAA, keep his head up, and work on his game. He and the Phils will benefit if he does. He could still end up with the big club in the event of injury or ineffectiveness of Nix. If he does, it should be to play regularly, not to ride the pine in place of someone like Pierre.

I don't think Brown has any chance of breaking camp with the Phils. I think the Phils want Brown to go to AAA and prove he can handle LF defensively. People are just making crap up to talk about, but I'll eat my hat if he breaks camp with the Phils.

If Brown makes the club being "better" isn't enough, he'll have to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen and to be honest, he's not even going to have that chance I don't think. I'd even write him down to be among the first cuts just so he gets ABs.

Financially, if the other options prove to be competent for this year then thats just another season of service time saved on DOM. My bandwagon was already geared up for the longhaul.

I think Dom's defense requires a bit more than mere "honing". One cannot hone a skill which one does not possess.

I still believe in Dom, but as JW points out, the Phillies have stacked the deck against him making the big league squad. And, that's fine. He should have to prove he's ready. If he light's up AAA the way he did every other level, he might force his way up sooner rather than later.

Since this thread is sorta about prospects I'll repost this from the end of last thread:

Baseball America put out their top 100 prospects. May was the only current Phillie on it at 69. As for former Phillie pharmhands:

d'Arnaud: 17
Singleton: 34
Gose: 39
Cosart: 50
Villar: aprox. 101-110 (according to chat)

Would have a very solid system if all those guys had stayed, but I'd take the certainty [and star power] of Halladay, Pence and Oswalt over those prospects all day long.

[Also they said Soler would be #43-ish on the list in the chat.]

But, but, but... Jason Heyward.

The below is projected wOBA from Bill James (1st) and RotoChamp (2nd) from Fangraphs for 2012:

D. Brown: .356, .344
L. Nix: .323, .327
Yaberry: .327, .332

Brown is a fantastic athlete and can work out his defense on the fly, especially with ML quality coaching watching him. I know this discounts the mental factors at play with Brown but if he starts the year hitting well I don't know any good reason he should be in AAA with those guys getting ML at bats ahead of him.

Zoomer: I think the Phillies owe it to themselves to see what they have in Mayberry. Fool's Gold or the real thing, who know's at this point? How Mayberry & Brown play this year will probably be a big part in determining what to do with the more expensive Pence & Victorino. Nix is a bench player, his production is of little concern re: Brown, who the team still wants to be a starter.

Biggest part of the story that JW missed, Brown was sporting a faux hawk. discuss:

I'm not suggesting that Dom Brown will ever reach the same .310/.410/.500 level, but I fully expect Brown's career to be as unappreciated in Philadelphia as Bobby Abreu's.

Taking pitches and drawing walks, while incredibly valuable skills, are of little interest to the huge WIP contingent of the fan base.

DH: a lot of the Abreu animosity came from his fear of the wall and the rumored refusal to bat leadoff. Whether those were the right calls or not, made it seem like he was a me-first sort of player.

Though Pierre and Podsednik could well be gassed, they are the first line of defense between RAJ and the Dom Brown panic button should Victorino pull a quad or Mayberry fall apart. I, for one, hope the regulars stay healthy so that Brown can have close to a full season in left at AAA--something tells me he'll get ML-quality attention there for his defense. Brown is about 2013.

Much as I love Vic, if I have to choose between keeping Hamels with a 2013 outfield of Pence, Mayberry, Brown and losing Hamels because we can't afford to keep both...I want Brown to be a regular next year, with better D and more maturity. I don't see that happening this year unless a lot of things go wrong. And if those things do go wrong and Brown is called up, what if he starts out 7-40 with 17 Ks? Sure, small sample size. I would still believe in him, but this would dig the hole that much deeper. No thanks.

When I went to games in the Abreu era, we used to have bets on how many innings Bobby could keep his uniform pristine due to a lack of diving or sliding. Oftentimes, he kept a pristine uniform all night.

NEPP: it sure is a good thing we traded him. It directly led to the current team's success. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Clearly...the man was a clubhouse cancer.

Aaaand Bobby Abreu makes his appearance.

But, Dom's been working with Gary Sheffield.

So, there's that...

I feel like there are better hitting coaches for Dom and his l-o-n-g, extended swing than someone who had ridiculously quick hands and took steroids...

Brown wasn't terrible last year at all. He was terrible in the minors after he was sent down but who cares. Brown should have stayed up and he should be on the roster now.

Dom looks like a drunken giraffe in the outfield. The last thing he looks like is a ballplayer. I know he played football and is a terrific athlete. He just doesn't ever look like he will be able to chase fly balls effectively. That has to be a worry.

Hunter Pence looks equally giraffe-y and gets it done quite well.

I love all the inane snippets that abound the baseball universe especially during Spring Training..bytes like Matt Gelb's report on Dom Brown that had Gary Sheffield saying that Brown "has the talent to succeed in the Major Leagues." I know my faith in Brown just went into evangelical orbit.

We know the kid has the talent..that's why he's had a coupla of looks at that level. That's why he was once Baseball Prospectus' top farm hand. That's why he's still being discussed. No, he's waaaaayyyy past the "has the talent to succeed" stage.

He's in the Nike "Just Do It." stage.

True lorecore. But he at least runs directly to a spot where the ball is likely to land. Dom not so much.

Any of you guys score tickets to the Kraftwerk shows at MoMA?

Bobby Abreu's real problem was his outright refusal to grow four inches taller and play third base.

I know nobody will read this buried post but I wonder if Brown would still be better staying in RF.
Brown has enough trouble fielding in RF rather than adding more issues by trying to learn LF. Brown still has a great arm and is lefthanded so RF is a better spot for him.
If Pence is kept he could move to LF easily as he did in the 2011 All-Star game. I highly doubt Pence would care where he plays.
I do not know the research on how many balls are hit to LF vs. RF to know if Brown would get less action if he stayed in RF.

As an Iron pig regular, believe me it is not about hitting. Brown has to run out ground balls and learn to field. Those of us in Lehigh Valley would welcome his starting again to learn these skills in Reading. You should have seen him in August. It was sad. Hope he makes it!

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