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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Andy Musser wasn't a great announcer. Even he would tell you that he was no Harry Kalas.

But he was a solid, professional broadcaster who played a key role in presenting us with the first Golden Age of Phillies baseball.

RIP Andy, and thanks.

The pre-roll ad on the video is really unfortunate, as it features a guy talking about an unnamed person being "really tough to watch" and a "boot-licker". Not exactly the best start to a video remembering Andy Musser.

hopefully edmundo re-posts from last thread, his #2 is what I believe Musser was known for best - the announcment of a random sample size of stats that did not seem to represent any type of hot/cold streak worth pointing out.

I remember when Larry Andersen first joined the booth, he was doing commentary with Andy Musser on the radio. L.A. was rambling about something or other and wasn't making any sense at all. When he was done speaking, there was a slight pause and Andy says, very gently but succinctly, "What are you trying to say, Larry?" It made me laugh and it's always stuck with me. It seems that everyone appreciated his ability to mentor the up-and-coming guys. I missed him when he retired.

First of all, if Andy is responsible for Sonny Hill they need to bury this fact. The guy is terrible and believes he is personally responsible for creating the NBA and filling the basketball universe with stars.
Second of all, Wheels is obviously wearing his mourning rug. I especially liked how he mentioned as a rank amateur how he acted and sounded unprofessional and "like a fan let loose on the radio". My Wheels, times have certainly changed.
Andy was a good dude for his time.

At lorecore's command:

RIP to Musser, a true professional. Very good at baseball, even better at basketball.

He did have two quirks that drove me nuts though:
1. He thought that irony and coincidence were synonyms. "It's ironic that DeJesus and Sandberg both had two hits yesterday**".
2. He would trot out meaningless stats in a context-free manner. "Steve Jeltz has hit in 6 of his last 9 games". So we were left wondering, is that good? Is that bad? Is it good for Jeltz (you know that answer!)? Did he have any multi-hit games? 12 hits in 9 games would be a hot streak, 6 hits in 9 games would be business as usual for Jeltz.

** I know that can't be a real life example since DeJesus never had two hits in a game for the Phils. :)

Andy was also a beer connoisseur and a east coast rep. for Anchor brewing co. and i like to think he was the reason for CBPark having my favorite beer Anchor Steambeer on tap and in bottles!

I always enjoyed Andy's work. It was solid, and you'd rarely hear a flub. If I recall, he was a runner...from time to time you could pick up a bit of that enthusiasm in his voice as well.

His style was easy on the ears - not overbearing, not condescending. He came across as an enthusiast privileged to be allowed to call the game.

Condolences to the Musser family.

One thing I really enjoyed about Musser is that he always remained upbeat, positive, and light-heartened without bludgeoning the listeners to death with inflated hyperbole or cheesy schtick.

"Musser also had a much more dramatic call of the final out of the '80 LCS than Kalas on TV, though to be fair Harry was more or less drowned out by a hysterically laughing Tim McCarver. (If you've never heard that clip, it's sort of surreal.)."

Anyone have a link to the clip - never heard it.

RIP Andy. I'll never forget his call of Schmitty's HR in Montreal - "He buried it". Yes he was no Harry & not perfect, but he was good enough.

Thanks, Sophist!

Sickels rates the farms:

From TFA:
24) Philadelphia Phillies: There is some interesting pitching but tools guys not developing as hoped.
25) Houston Astros: Gradually improving, and there are several players at the lower levels with a chance to develop. Could rank much higher a year from now.

How bad were the Astros if they have half of the Phils farm system but still rank below? :(

Betemit got a 2-yr deal with the O's. Have to wait & see what the terms were but I would have preferred Betemit over Wigginton (1B/3B who is capable of playing 2B).

"There is some interesting pitching but tools guys not developing as hoped."

Could have been the same comment about the farm system for a bunch of years in the late 80s/early 90s.

Edmundo: It's like you were reading my mind. Stats Musser used to drive me crazy with that stuff and the constant use of nicknames. I always thought Tempe was a city in Arizona. Turns out it was a Padres and Cardinals shortstop. But his call on the Schmidt homerun was phenomenal. Definitely an iconic Philly sports moment. The thing I liked best about it, is you can hear some little jerk off yelp excitedly in the background. Can't imagine what young unprofessional fan turned loose would do that. Other than those two iritations, he did a solid job though. Sorry to see him go so young.

I always remember Ashburn saying "black cat Andy" after Andy would seemingly jinx the team with a stat.

I read a good article yesterday with Ashburn quoted as explaining that Andy's lack of ego was essential to the success of the crew. It struck me as a not very hidden jab at Wheels.

I read a good article yesterday with Ashburn quoted as explaining that Andy's lack of ego was essential to the success of the crew. It struck me as a not very hidden jab at Wheels.

Not an apples and oranges comparison, MG. Betemit is getting a 2-year major league deal with a third year vesting option (not team option).

Phils are paying Wigginton $2M for one year and have a team option ($500K buyout) for next season.

Sophist - Yeah it was reported he initially got a 1-yr deal. Still if it is something like 2 yr/$5M, I would have rather seen the Phils go with Betemit than Wigginton.

***How bad were the Astros if they have half of the Phils farm system but still rank below? :(***

I think they were 30th last year...they had ZERO farm prospects when Ed Wade took over.

Andy Musser was a true professional. He didn't irritate the listener, unlike most announcers today. I think Whitey Ashburn's comments about his lack of ego explains it. Rest in peace, Andy.

I read where J.D. Drew may retire. I think that Ruben ought to talk him out of retirement and sign him as a bench player, where he should remain...on the bench. They should only play him during home games and only as a pinch hitter, so that when his name is announced, everyone should boo loudly. Then Cholly should change his mind and substitute another player for Drew and sit his no good kiester back on the bench.

The Drew hate amazes me. He did what many of us wanted to do at the time, call out Giles and Gang for being cheapskates (and holding the city hostage to get tax payer money).
It wasn't like he asked to drafted by the Phils then held them up. He told the FO not to draft him, didn't he?
It seems like we should celebrate Drew (and Scott Rolen) rather than hate them.

Edmundo, Rolen got offered more money by the Phillies than any other player up to that point. They had a plan to get a new stadium (which has worked out pretty well, BTW). They always said they would spend more money when able, and as it turns out they've been good to their word.

Rolen hatred is based on more than that, and more than his desire to see the team competitive. He didn't like Philly, and made it painfully obvious. That's why people don't like him.

Personally, I don't hate him or Drew. They're history, so I simply couldn't care less. If other fans are so bothered they can't let it go and have to boo them, then that's their perogative.

I'd rather spend my energy cheering for my guys.

I agree on the Drew hate. He told the Phils not to pick him, and they still did. Their fault, not his.

So, in a way, JD Drew caused the Front Office to take a hard look in the mirror, and perhaps may have indirectly driven them to change their tight-wad-like ways? Perhaps we should put him on the Wall of Fame.

Frankly, I don't have a strong opinion on him one way or the other. I always had him in the same camp as Eric Lindros, except Lindros got over his premeditates hatred for the city and made a name for himself. Of the two, Lindros is more likely to not have to pay for a beer in Philly, whereas Drew is more likely to have to wear a helmet to the bar.

Rotoworld reports Fielder to the Tigers on a 9 yr deal.. Thank God hes in the AL

Fielder to Tigers. 9 years 200 million plus

Edmundo, I think you are totally off base with Drew. If you had said that Scott Rolen "did what many of us wanted to do at the time, call out Giles and Gang for being cheapskates (and holding the city hostage to get tax payer money)," you'd be right. In my opinion, Rolen is the person we as Phillies fans owe the most thanks to, as he did embarrass the ownership group with his comments, and after he left, everything turned around, even before the new stadium was built.

Drew, OTOH, told the Phillies, "Don't draft me unless you;re willing to pay me $10 million." To that point, no draft pick had ever been paid more than $2 million. And he signed for $8 million a year later with St. Louis. So he was a fraud, as it didn't take $10 million to sign him anyway. Why didn't he take the Matt Harrington route and tell the Cardinals to stuff it as well? It would have been insane for the Phillies to pay that much to sign him, and I'm glad they didn't.

Until last year, Strasburg's signing bonus of $7.5 million was the highest draft bonus ever, and his guaranteed contract of $15.1 million was the highest paid to a draft pick. To put Drew's demand in context, imagine if Gerrit Cole, last year's #1, said he wouldn't sign for less than a $37.5 million bonus and $75.5 million guaranteed in all.

That's what Drew's demand was the equivalent of for the time. He deserves every boo (and battery, but reasonable minds may differ on that point) he receives from Phillies fans.

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