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Thursday, January 26, 2012


repost: Something between the first week of December and yesterday happened to make the Phils do this deal. It was no secret that tendering Valdez meant he was going to make ~$900k.

I think that someone out there is still available that they assumed wouldn't be at this point in the offseason, and Valdez either was taking up a roster spot or they are looking to upgrade Valdez himself.

The issue is Pence's arbitration number.

Ah yes, I'll be sure to remember these words in July when the Phillies are in 4th place with Rollins and Polanco on the DL.

and i'll add - Michael Martinez sure didnt get better in that same time period.

I have a very hard time believing that Horst had anything to do with this deal. The Reds just happened to be the only taker on Valdez, whom the Phils were trying to dump for an unknown reason up to this point.

So they traded a trustworthy spare tire for a set of fuzzy dice? All to save a couple hundred thousand bucks on a payroll of over $150M?

Too cute by half.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...TWO empty roster spots! Unheard of.

I'm inclined to buy the "clearing payroll to pay Pence and avoid luxury tax" theory, but damn, what a downgrade from Exxon to MM. Galves only plays SS, so it can't be that they think he's ready for the bigs, can it?

Michael Martinez is horrible. He's 29 years old and was not good in the minors (.683 OPS), and was beyond terrible last year (.540 OPSP. He does not belong on any MLB roster, let alone the NL East Champ's.

Horst may be useful down the road, but right now this trade caused a downgrade to the 25-man roster.

Freddy Galvis might be able to field, but based on his career in the minors, I don't think he'll touch Valdez offensively (and that's not saying much).

I'd also like to bring up Brian Schneider's crappy contract. Earlier this week, the much better offensively Chris Snyder signed with the Astros for only $750K (only $350 K guaranteed).

People kept saying "when the Ryan Howard contract begins to hamstring the Phillies from making moves or keeping players then I'll be upset." That time is now.

And I'm not just talking about Valdez being traded because of Howard's contract. I'm referring Hamels likely departure, and possibly Victorino's too. Howard may never be the same player again, and even if he didn't suffer that injury he was still trending downward consistently. His contract is stupid.

I'm a 6'1", 3rd baseman for my office softball team, and I sure hope I can hit a little better than MM. I'll play for cheese steaks and bulls bbq.

If I were anywhere near the Ben Franklin, I'd be climbing it right now.

"Improving utility should have been a priority this winter."

I do think that trading your "starting" utility infielder for AAA LOOGY depth is a puzzling arrangement of priorities for a team with an old, injury-prone infield. On the other hand, the Phillies did acquire Wigginton, who will presumably be making some starts at 2nd and 3rd. I don't know how much Wigginton has left, but he's surely a better hitter than the likes of Valdez, Mini-Mart & Orr & surely qualifies as an upgrade at the backup infield position.

Lidge going to the Nats? Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the newest Phillies killer.....

Is there some 2012 Rule V pick that we dont know about who's guaranteed a roster spot?

If you had 'GMCarson' as the first guy to blame Howard for Valdez's departure, congratulations, you win the pool.

Whose going to pitch in the 19th now?

I blame Ryan Howard's contract for everything. Not just Phillies payroll problems, but also the employment rate in the US, rising oil prices, the cost of rice in China, and the death of 3 of the 4 Golden Girls.

Have we all lost our mind? Come on, folks, this was Wilson Valdez, we're talking about. Wilson Valdez! Remember Tomás Perez? Did we twist ourselves into these kinds of knots for him, even though he was almost the exact same player?

Do you know what the difference is between Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez? According to B-Ref's WAR, nothing. Actually, B-Ref had Martinez at 0.0 WAR last year, and Valdez at -0.2. And Valdez happens to be 34 turning 35, so it's not out of the question that he'll decline.

Utility infielders *suck* at the plate. They've always sucked at the plate. If they didn't suck at the plate, they'd be *starters*. If *either* Valdez *or* Martinez were to get 500 PA next year, that's *really bad*, but it wouldn't really matter which of the two is the sinkhole in question, it's still a sinkhole.

Also, I realize the guy is a fan favorite. I loved his pitching performance last year too. But let's not go crazy in the depths of the silly season here!

They'll play Wigginton at 3B or 2B if Polanco or Utley is out for an extended period. Galvis comes up if Rollins goes on the DL.

Their utility guy will start very occasionally for Rollins if he's out for a day or two; otherwise he's a pinch-hitter and pinch-runner. There are better options than Valdez for that role still on the market - Theriot, Renteria, and Miles, to name three. Orr and Frandsen are also cheap veteran options if MiniMart isn't the answer.

In other words, I look at this as a positive sign. Wilson Valdez isn't the solution to anything except trivia questions about his 19th-inning win.

Up the font to 20 pt. & make it all caps, & I'm in complete agreement w/ JW. r00b's ignorance & the Phillies determination to not pay the luxury tax have finally collided, & the team will be markedly worse off for it.

It's not like the Phils couldn't use another LOOGY type. Valdez's contribution to the team was significant but not irreplaceable. I like the move. Horst is a young arm and while the steady defense and late inning relief of Valdez will be missed, I think the Phils will push on. As far as the offense sputtering without an intact infield, I don't think much can be said of it's performance when Valdez was in it.

You all forget that Valdez sucked for the most part. Someone had to fill in for all the injuries, true. And he did that, true. But couldn't someone else have done a better job? Most likely.

Wow, Ryan Howard is the reason we had to trade Valdez and will soon lose Hamels.

Clout- if the Phils can't retain Hamels, wouldn't Howard's huge money deal be a big part of the reason? Halladay and Lee deserve and earn their money. Howard...

Oh, and the Valdez thing was tongue in cheek, although it didn't come off so well like that.

I can't believe you're among the hand-wringers whom I've been chastising, JW. Is there really only one WV out there? One who is s double-play fungo machine? Is it the miracle relief stint? The strong arm? Surely, it can't be his hitting prowess.

Most of us complained about the MM-WV duo as being inadequate. To be fair, far more toward MM than Valdez.

But, do you really believe that Amaro won't take care of this (what's the opposite of gaping?) hole on the roster? Is there really no one who can be signed or traded for who actually would be an upgrade over an eminently upgradable commodity?

Spring training is partially there for these matters to sort themselves out. What happened to letting things play out?

I'm fine with this and look forward with great anticipation to see what RAJ has up his sleeve.

"Something between the first week of December and yesterday happened to make the Phils do this deal. It was no secret that tendering Valdez meant he was going to make ~$900k."

Now if they can get something useful for Kendrick....

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