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Friday, January 27, 2012



time to talk to them about a possible trade for David Wright

Who cares about the Mets?

Phils like to sign Pierre on Minor League Deal per

Clout-- Just to follow up on Cardenas's defense: You're right-- he's awful 2396 chances with 87 errors (at 4 diff positions) However, Freddy Galvis is only slightly better. 68 errors in 2360 chances at shortstop only. Yet isn't Galvis thought of as being good with the glove?

Don't they already have Pierre in the form of Podsednik?

"Errors" is a terrible stat to measure defensive effectiveness.

Re: Cardenas from last thread:

Beane's hand got forced because he signed Gomes. The 40-man was full up and he had to clear a spot.

I'm guessing he'd look to deal him for a young prospect who doesn't have to be placed on the 40-man. If he can't get one, he may pull Cardenas back and cut someone else who's more likely to pass thru waivers.

Cardenas is a very good hitter who's a very bad fielder. They've given up on him in the INF and are trying him in the OF now. Problem there is he doesn't hit HRs and doesn't have the range to play CF.

That makes him a non-power hitting corner OF with a bad glove. There aren't too many of those guys holding everyday jobs.

It's a shame because, even though he doesn't hit HRs, he's managed a career OPS of .780 (including .791 last season in Trip-A at age 23.)

The guy can flat-out hit and he doesn't strike out much. He'd hit .285 in MLB with a .350 OB.

Read that article last night JW. If Selig wasn't Wilpon's best friend, the Mets would be run by MLB and be forced to sell. Maybe Mrs. Madoff can be a minority investor :) Wright will get traded, but I doubt to a division rival.

DPatrone - Podsednik missed most of last year with the Iron Pigs due to various foot injuries. I wouldn't be surprised if he is done.

Amaro said all offseason he wanted to add speed off the bench. Pierre is that guy. He would be a decent fit as a 5th OF which means the bench would likely look:

Mini Mart

Yo, new thread.

oogie: Great question. The answer is twofold:

1. Minor league infields can be pretty terrible and since the shortstop gets the most chances on fielding hit balls, he's bound to have the most errors. In the minors, especially low minors where your firstbaseman might not be skilled at scoops, errors can be misleading.

2. For a SS especially, range is at least as important as sure-handedness and arm strength. Plus surehandedness and throw accuracy (skills) tend to improve with experience, while range and arm strength (tools) are either there or not. Galvis has superb range and arm strength. Experience should reduce the errors.

If you look at good young shortstops over the years, you'll see their errors decline the longer they play. one who comes to mind is Shawon Dunston. he made 32 errors in his first year as fulltime player. Within 2 seasons it was down to 20 and then into the teens.

I know NT and all, but this really stinks for baseball.

Who in the hell is stupid enough to cough up millions for minority ownership of a poorly run team? When someone is willing to invest such amounts of money they ought to expect some say-so in the running of the club, but they won't get a chance, because the folks who ran the franchise into the ground still think that they are actually wizards of finance.

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