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Monday, January 23, 2012


I could definitely see Ibañez landing with the Tigers now that Victor Martinez is done for the season. I'll be rooting for him.

I remember back when the Phils first signed him, it seemed like a grave mistake to pick him up at 3/$32 when Burrell ultimately went and signed at 2/$16 for the Rays. In the end, I'd say it worked out well enough, and he was one my favorites while here (hang-wringing aside).

As for Amaro saying that they're done for the hot-stove season, as shifty as he's been, I'm inclined to believe him. The only questions now are how they're going to allocate what they've already got (i.e. the Brown question coming out of Spring Training).

"The Tigers, Braves, Rangers and Red Sox, meanwhile, have been mentioned as possible destinations for Roy Oswalt"

Someone is going to get an absolute steal in my opinion. I hope its not the Braves.

Out of those teams, I'm hoping Tigers or Rangers for Oswalt, though the latter seems kind of silly judging by their offseason and current rotation. Actually, I'm secretly hoping he'll come back to Philly, buuuut...

Muuurgh, cool blog.

How did you eind up a Phillies fan in Va Beach?

Ditto that, Muuurgh! I'm kicking myself for missing MAGFest this year, and it looks like it had some great panels.

I could see Oswalt going to the Sox now that they've just dumped Scutaro's salary. I can't see any other reason why they'd move Scutaro the way they did, unless that put them on the good side of the luxury tax.

I wish Oswalt well, but my gut (like Cholly's gut) thinks that he is done. I think his back will just cause him continued problems.

Which be better value:

KK at $3.58MM?

Happ at $2.35MM?

KK...I see Happ getting destroyed again this year.

I'd like to see Roy O. back on a 1 yr. deal
I share the fear that he may be done, but I'm almost always ready to gamble with Ruben's money. He could also turn out to be a bargain.

KK is in his second year of arb. In his first arb year, KK made $2.45M. I bet KK was used as a barometer for Happ's deal.

I don't know that there's a lot to 'fear' if Roob is done dealing. They're still in pretty good shape all things considered.

I agree with NEPP. I think that Happ's psyche was irreversably damaged by being traded from the WFC team to the NL dump, soon to be the AL dump.

JW- sorry, I wasn't clear.
My fear is that Oswald may be done- ie back continues to plague him, etc.
I have little fear that Ruben is done- I think he may be tinkering around the edges, but I don't know if he's ever really done.

Don't think I'd gamble on Roy O and his balky back. Too risky. The only way I would consider it is if I could get him relatively cheap and for one year, and I don't see him or his agent agreeing to that kind of deal.

Haha, thanks, guys. MAGFest just keeps getting bigger and better, Dan, so just mark it on your calendar. It'll be interesting to see who they get in the future though, 'cause while you might be able to stay on par with a couple of names you can't really get better than having Uematsu.

As for liking the Phils... it's a bit of a long story. To be honest (and as short as possible), I was into the Athletics as a kid because of Ricky Henderson but kind of fell off from paying attention to baseball from middle school until after I graduated from college. The last couple years in college I started to get into co-ed softball and remember what I loved about baseball. The thing was, I hadn't watched any games aside from seeing the Norfolk Tides in a long time.

My brother loves the Yankees, so in '09 I watched a few games of the playoffs and was ready to root for them in the World Series when I was just taken by the Phils. Cliff Lee became an instant icon to me, and alongside the personalities and abilities of the other players, they became my team in the resurgence of my love for the game.

Now I'm trying to catch up on all that I've missed (or as much as I can)! I just got the '08 series in the mail, actually, so I'm going through that right now. It's too bad that I can't really understand how amazing that win was for you all, but it certainly is a lot of fun watching the team play. Seeing all of the guys who are still on the team now as their younger selves is making it really cool.

So yeah! That's it. Sorry you got more than you bargained for, haha.

Muuurgh, welcome to Phandom!

Just warning you, it's a tough crew here at BL. You have to follow the Boyscouts' motto: Be prepared!

Really glad when the Phils traded Happ when they did because his value was at a high point & there wasn't anything impressive about his stuff or command.

If he had ever mastered an effective offspeed pitch, he might have turned into a solid starter but my bet is he gets brained again this year with the Astros. Gives up way too many FBs that will turn into HRs in Houston. I would take the 'over' on an ERA of 4.50 this year with him.

Thanks! I've been reading and staying mostly on the fringes since the summer, so I know how it goes here X) Guess it's a good thing I'm an Eagle Scout.....

Happ's Philly departure was "trading while his value is high" poster child. He clearly didn't bring his smoke and mirrors to Houston. I'll actually be shocked if he's not moved to a long relief role, or even demoted in the next season or two.

Simply put, he got figured out by everyone but the Astros.

The 29-year-old left-hander earned $474,000 in 2011 and was eligible for arbitration for the first time after going 6-15 with a 5.35 ERA in 28 starts, including a demotion to the minor leagues. However, the demotion appeared to be just what he needed. In his final six starts he posted a 2.43 ERA. …

Left-handers are late bloomers. As long as he avoids arm problems, J.A. Happ might turn out to be quite a bit better than Kyle Kendrick.

There's another left-hander -- I think he pitches for the Philies -- that got sent down once when he was with another team. The name slips my mind... Clarkson Fifer?... damn, it's right on the tip of my tongue... Anyway, I heard his career turned out for the better.

FORMER PHILLIES 40 MAN ROSTER LHP YOHAN FLANDE was a starter-reliever at Gwinnett AAA (Braves) last year going 8-8, 4.01. He still hasn't made his MLB debut. Neither has Adrian Cardenas, once a Phillies Round 1/2 Sandwich Pick. He hit over .300 at AAA Sacramento (Oakland A's) last year but with few home runs. His teammate at Sacramento OF Michael Taylor, a Stanford Univrsity grad, was once projected as a starting outfielder for the Phillies after a great season (20HR/20SB) at Reading and Lehigh Valley in 2009. After several setbacks he finally had his first cup of coffee in the big leagues debuting with the Athlerics in September 2011.

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