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Friday, January 13, 2012


This story will shortly get "bumped" for Kyle Kendrick.

Oh good, a KK thread!

Now we can spend the next couple of days discussing whether he can be a successful MLB pitcher.

Should of kept Vogelsong. Go KU!

Padilla can also pinch hit from either side of the plate.

Weitzel, I've been to several Nicaraguan winter league games, all in Leon, which is a large-ish city in the northwest near Chinandega, Padilla's hometown.

I never got to see him, but I did brush up on my Spanish reading by following the league in the local papers. Stats and boxscores were regularly printed, so I'm sure the internet can help you locate numbers from Managuan papers.

Incidentally, being a Philadelphian in Leon around 2003-2005 led to lots of friendly conversations about Padilla - local boy made good and so forth.

Never liked Padilla, a genuine head case if there ever was one.

I would feel better if we locked up Cole.

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