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Tuesday, January 10, 2012



I loved the movie "Mr. Baseball" btw. I wonder why more guys don't go to Japan. I bet Brandon Wood would hit 60 homeruns in Japan and dine on whale sushi every night.


***Accardo, 30, spent last season with the Orioles and has also pitched for Toronto and San Francisco, saving 30 games for the Jays back in 2007.***

So...much like Danys Baez, he's got Closing experience.


Not sure I understand Accardo except as a pure Spring Training body. A righty reliever who doesn't strike guys out and walks guys? Sounds like Iron Pig filler to me.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Amaro could sign Accardo to a guaranteed 2-year deal.

So now we can judge him fully: was John Bowker the worst Phils acquisition of the last ten years?

It's a sly attempt by RAJ to drive Lidge's price down. [sarcasm]

My confidential sources in the FO have us giving Jamie Moyer a 3 year, $36 million deal...thus, they had to open a spot up on the 40 man.

Unikruk: In terms of return on the investment, Freddy Garcia has to be the winner of that contest. Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd for 1 win by Garcia.

In terms of simply the worst player to play on the Phillies in the last 10 seasons? Bowker is certainly in that conversation.

Michael Martinez is on Line 2 for you, Jack.

NEPP: I don't count Mini-Mart.

He didn't actually play on the Phillies all season, right? That was all in BL make-believe land. I can't believe that was reality.

hmm. so I looked up the average salary in Japanese baseball and it looks like it's around $40k. . . more than the minors I guess, but much less than the majors. Also, I bet the cost of living is higher near the Giants' Tokyo stadium than in Zebulon, NC near the Mudcats' stadium.

That's it. I quit.

Considering a steak costs about $80 in most Tokyo restaurants, I'm guessing you're correct in that assumption.

Bowker and Mathieson just wanted to play on the Pacific coast no matter which side.

hm. that$40k number doesn't make a lot of sense since I read somewhere else that top stars make around $5m. That would mean the bench players are making about $16 a piece. Maybe gobaystars knows because the internets do not.

Paging gobaystars...

The number I saw for average was from 2004 and it was 39 million yen (about $382K at that time) The lowest salary on the team shown was 8.7 million yen ($85K)

And that's 8 years ago.

I did see a $40-60 K number thrown out there for Japanese Division 2 players (their minor league) so maybe that's what he's referencing?

I was looking at this site

But when I go click through to their total team payroll chart here:

I get the feeling that they are missing a zero on the first chart. So, $400k a year to play in Japan is better than the chicken feed you get in the minors. Plus I would think it'd be pretty cool to live in Japan for a couple years.

By all accounts, Japan is supposedly a good way to make some $ (the fans are passionate about the game). I can't imagine anyone making just $40K a year on a pro-team, especially the "Japan's version of the Yankees."

Best of luck to him, but at the same time, good riddance.

re: Mayberry at 1B

I think he will see time at 1B when Nix is in the lineup. Nix plays a good outfield, and while I wouldn't say he's better than Mayberry, its probably a toss up.

Bowker will supply the missing zero.

Will Bowker's spot on the 40-man roster be filled with an outfielder or a relief pitcher?

Did Bowker even put a ball in play?

I remember a hard hit grounder to the right side.

This is one of those rare transactions where both parties (player/team) are better served. Bowker makes a larger paycheck in Japan with a chance to reinvigorate his career. Maybe even get a little notoriety if he really hits.

Phils open up a roster spot on the 40-man roster better spent on another player who might actually help the MLB club next year.

Lots of ex-Phils still on the FA market including Oswalt, Lidge, Madson, and Ibanez. Figured Oswalt was only going to get a 1-year deal but it looks like his base is going to be quite modest. Maybe even $5-$6M.

The top stars in Japan (e.g. Darvish, Ogasawara, Nakamura, etc.) generally make in the neighborhood of $5 MM, although that's been going up given the weakness in the exchange rate.

Bowker is probably going to make somewhere in the $1 MM neighborhood to become Yomiuri's big foreign bat. Guys with more experience in the bigs will make more, but that's the highest starting point you're going to find for a AAAA guy like Bowker.

For comparison, Matt Murton made 100M yen his first year in Osaka (about $1.2 MM in today's exchange rate), but worked a 2 year, 400M yen contract on the basis of his great first year. Bowker will likely start lower, given that he's never been an MLB starter like Murton was.

Yakyu Baka ( is a great resource on the Japanese game for those who are interested. Here's the salary chart for the Hanshin Tigers for 2011, one of the higher-payroll teams in the league.


If you can get Oswalt for 1 year 5-6mil do you take him back?


You could then trade Worley in a package to get a 3B.

"If you can get Oswalt for 1 year 5-6mil do you take him back?"

Without question, but being as it puts us in luxury cap territory, I'm doing whatever the hell it takes to get Blanton off the books.

You guys have mentioned mini mart being the worst, or one of the worst players?

How talented was the rest of the 2011 Phillies team, especially the pitching, to have won 102 games with someone like that occupying a place on the team and getting 234 PA?

Utley and Polly being hurt spread lots of PA around.

Orr - 104 PA
Valdez - 300 PA

That's 638 PA to infield bench players.

Oh, and good luck to Bowker, though we hardly knew ya.

Hey Jason, if he makes it out of ST, will you commit to an Accardo jersey this year? It would be look real sweet hangiong next to old Danys in yer closet.

Bowker put six balls in play and whiffed 7 times for a total of 13 futile plate "appearances". He might be the worst signing ever, but he will never reach the depth of loathesomeness I attribute to Adam Eaton.

This, of course:

"Bowker will supply the missing zero.

Posted by: Meyer "

is hilarious.

Bowker just never got a chance . . . another young guy buried behind the old and decrepit roster that comprised the first place Phils.

Bowker was terrible, but he simply didn't have enough PAs to qualify as worst Phillies player of the last decade. And, if he'd been given the same 234 PAs that Mini-Mart got, no one can seriously believe that his stat line would have been worse.

Mini-Mart, OTOH, is a strong candidate for worst Phillie of the last decade. But allow me to make a case for an even better candidate: Eric Bruntlett. Bruntlett's career OPS as a Phillie was .10 points higher, but he played in an offense-oriented era so his OPS+ was actually 4 points lower. Also, Martinez is fast and plays competent defense at 2nd & 3rd base. Bruntlett was slow and was a disaster wherever you put him.

BAP, I was going to comment about how quickly you've forgotten about Abe Nunez.

Then, I pulled up Captain Rain Delay's Baseball Reference stats to compare the two. Egads!!

I've been hoping that Oswalt would get resigned for a year to give the four aces one more shot to lead the team to its rightful place as champions. But if anything, at this point it's just a romantic dream...

Worst Philly of the last decade? Don't forget Nate Robertson, he of the 54.00 ERA in a Phils uniform. 10 batters faced, 6 ERs. I think that's the highest ERA from the last decade, with Adam Bernardo of one start for the '06 team and a 36.00 ERA coming in second.

Adam Bernero, sorry. It's been a while.

Bowker is hoping to be Red Devil Part Ni.

I am sorry to be away so much these days but I am pretending to be a professor these days for approximately 45 yen a semester.

I am also waiting for Ibanez to sign so I can change my name appropriately.

Bruntlett scored 2 game winning runs in the World Series.

That alone precludes his entry into the worst ever contest.

Looks like the Phils are focused on only a 1-year deal for Hamels. After 2012, kiss him goodbye. A la Werth, they had way too much time to lock him up but don't appear to be leaning that way.

My thinking is that the Phillies are fools not to lock Hamels up but instead let him go after this year. But I suspect that when they signed Lee, they decided to put their eggs in a basket with him and Halladay.

Seen that Hamels is coming off surgery they are probably not willing to extend him long term. That is until he has a few innings under his belt at least.

DomP, has it ever occured to you that, perhaps, just perhaps, Hamels and his agent would like to test fre agency?

That is possibility #1.

The other possibility is that Hamels and his agent have requested a Cliff Lee (or close to it) size contract in any extension talks.

There will be many discussions here about what size contract Hamels will be offered if he hits free agency.

Many have pointed to contracts like Weaver's as comps, but if Hamels risks free agency as opposed to the security of an extension he's likely to get more - and he knows it.

Luis, you bring up a good point as well.

Didn't hamels have both hernia surgey and "loose bodies" cleaned out of his elbow?

The other way to look at it is this:

1) Name the 5 best left-handed SP on the south side of the age of 30 in MLB.

2) Does Hamels belong on that list, and if so, where does he rank?

3) How many of those pitchers are going to be FA's at the end of the upcoming season?

WP: Sad but true. When Abe Nunez was with the Phillies, I thought we had finally found a player whose crappiness could never be out-done. But, in the 4 years since Nunez left, we've had Eric Bruntlett, Juan Castro, Pete Orr, and Michael Martinez. Every single one of those guys makes Abraham Nunez look like a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

The link to 2009 NPB avg salary is skewed very low because it includes guys in the minor leagues. If you look at

You'll see that there are about 70 guys listed per team.

awh, That's true. It's entirely possible Hamels wants to be a free agent. I wouldn't be surprised.

I don't get the sense of urgency to lock Hammels contract up this off season- don't we have all year to do that?
Am I missing something?

AWH~ Of course. The most likely scenario though is that they'll try to move him before he hits FA. I've thought all along that they wouldn't want to have 3 pitchers making 20 million +. I've just never said it. Chances are his agent wants more right now than they're willing to pay & I can't fault either side. The Mariners may try to move King Felix. I wonder if the Phils match up there.

Bubba~ Yes we do. But the same thing could be said of the Werth situation too.

Bubba: closer Hamels gets to FA, the higher the price gets.

If the Phils valued Hamels at a price, but can't extend him because they can't afford that price - then Amaro spent his money unwisely.

Or the phils might just value Hamels lower than what he is holding out for, and he was going to FA regardless of what the Phils current financial commitments are.

And its pretty unfair to judge with hindsight and all, but *if* Madson signs significantly less than Papelbon and they really do want to extend Hamels but can't - then Amaro has one upped his coup of Rameriz/Aumont/Gillies as his worst move as Phillies GM.

Madson to the Reds.

Lorecore: Amaro does have a knack for identifying the commodity that has a glut on the market and then making a move to lock it up at a premium price only to watch other's wait and sign comparable assets for less (see Ibanez, Howard, & Papelbon)

Free at last, free at last...

Bad news for those, like me , that were holding out hope that Madson would somehow stay with the Phils.

According to Jon Heyman of, the Reds and Ryan Madson have agreed to a contract.No word yet on the terms, but if it wasn't obvious enough already, the Reds are going for it in the National League Central. Madson, 31, has a 2.89 ERA over the last five seasons and saved 32 gaves in 34 chances for the Phillies last season.

Lorecore~ They didn't re-sign Madson due to the leak of the proposed "deal" for him by Boras. Not because they didn't want to. The Phils never "negotiate" through the media & I'll bet RAJ was real pissed at Boras for that ploy. That's why he called Madson to apologize.

And because of Boras ploy and the fact that Madson only had 1 year of closing experience, no team was gonna give him the $$ Boras wanted for him.

Did RAJ act hastily and overpay for Papelbon. Yes, I think so. But that is not the reason they didn't spend sinificant money on any else than Rollins. They just will not go over the cap and that's that.

The way RAJ values pitching, it's a shame he probably gonna lose one of his big 3. But hindsight is always 20-20. We could have gotten 3 relievers for the price paid to Papebon as has been pointed out. But who knew the market would turn out this way?

Many have said Howard's contract is and/or will be an albatross, and it may be, but at the time you couldn't blame RAJ for doing it at the time.

What we can say or believe is that the contracts for Raul, Polly, Blanton, & Contreras were 1 year too long. That plays just as big a part in their money situation as does Howard's contract etc.

RAJ knows he made some errors here. The problem is he can't plug all the holes in the team if the owners won't let him. And even if they would, he probably feels what some players got o the open market was more than what they deserved. But that's what FA does. And no, you can't build a team that way. The Eagles proved that.

But when you have no position players in the Minors ready to step in and precious little to trade what else can you do?

And somebody tell me, please, I understand the relase of Bowker, but to free up a 40-man roster spot for someone like Accardo, how does that help except for Monor League depth?

Madson to the Reds

Only a 1-year deal. but a good move for them.

"A la Werth, they had way too much time to lock him up"

The best example you could come up with illustrating the dangers of not locking up players was Jayson Werth?

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