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Monday, January 30, 2012


First they can't resign Pujols now they must shed payroll to sign the American Harvester. Oh the woes of the lowly Cards.

I'd much prefer Oswalt wind up in Texas than St. Louis. The Cards are scary enough with Wainwright, Carpenter, and Garcia at the front of their rotation.

Since baseball heaven provided sanctuary to Philly's outcasts (Drew & Rolen), I often delight in their infrequent struggles.

So Kyle Lohse being tied for the second highest paid player on your 2012 payroll is a bad thing? Who knew.

Did Il Padrino just use the "S" word in describing the Cards? Remember what happened to a certain poster last year when using that in connection with the Braves?

Figured they would add the additional WC this year because the owners just couldn't pass up the money. Looks incredibly like they will.

I wonder who will be 'Mr. November' this year in the WS.

The owners need more money to fund Ryan Howard's contract.. I'm sorry. I just had to get in on the "fun" because I really find it tedious to compare and contrast other people's money. Pitchers and catchers can't come soon enough.

Oogie: Agreed. This is a dreadful time of year. I had an idea that since two all-star games were played on the same day yesterday, maybe they all should be. Even baseball's game. They are all hideous and useless so maybe they can all come on litterally the worst sports Sunday of the year. I know this is a bastion of baseball zealots, but even the baseball ASG is lousy. I loved it as a kid because back then you didn't get to see all of the players all of the time like you do today. If I wanted to see Al Kaline play that was just about the only chance I would get unless it was 1968. Oh well at least the game "matters" now. End of rant. Back to my cave for more hibernation related activities. Wait, that last sentence may be an oxymoron.

Other than that the game "matters", which I wish weren't the case, I actually think the baseball ASG is the best of the main four, and still a good show. Although I wouldn't mind if the HR derby disappeared immediately.

Since it's the sport with least contact, it's possible for players to perform at close to their highest level without fear of injury.

Anyway, 20 days til pitchers and catchers (first workout 2/19), and only 13 until the Mariners show up. For some reason they start a full week before anyone else.

Full schedule here:

Mariners play in Japan to start the year I think.

Been a real run on veteran LOOGYs the last few days. Duke, Wheeler, and Miller all getting minor league contracts. Only guy really out there is Rhodes who decided he wanted to pitcher another year. Don't know if he will get a guaranteed MLB deal at this point though. If not, he will likely retire.

LOOGYs went real cheap this offseason. Oliver was the only LH reliever to get a good deal (1 yr/$4M from Blue Jays) and he really isn't a LOOGY given his overall effectiveness the last few years.

Sherrill had a really strong year. He only got a $1.1M deal with the Mariners. Willis has some nice upside incentive potential but his base is only $850k.

Others came in at less than $1M. Mijares got $925k from the Royals (slight overpay). Romero got $750k from the Cards.

Amaro did a pretty nice job of reading the FA market there & striking a deal for a guy who is more likely to help this team than a veteran retread like Miller or Wheeler.

Bullpen deal that is hurting them is Contreras is $2.5M with the $500k buyout.

Too bad they didn't have that money to go after a utility infielder like Theriot instead.

Or Lidge & Theriot > Contreras

The Cards owner is ricidulously cheap when you consider the following:

Brand new stadium
Massive fanbase spread across a huge swath of the Midwest
Awesome attendance

He's a cheap, cheap bastard.

lorecore, didn't know about Seattle and Oakland starting in Japan - thanks.

Interesting that Oakland's P&C's report the following weekend like most other teams.

Burrell retires

I like the baseball All-Star game a lot. I try not to miss it. I am an Eagles fan but have never and have no interest in ever watching the pro-bowl "game". I only have a passing interest in the Sixers and Flyers so I have very little interest in the NBA & NHL all-star games.

Nice career for PtB. Contreras' contract is just another illustration of how our GM, who was smart enough to go to Stanford, continues to give out contracts that are 1-yr too long. The guy is 40+ and will not help this team.

As far as a Loogy goes, the stiff qwe got in the Valdez trade will be given every opportunity for that role, I fear. Another big mistake.

Joe Morgan's daughter goes to Stanford. Future GM material there.

DPatrone - Nah. He's a depth guy whose nothing more.

I take the opposite view about baseball's ASG. I think it SHOULD be an exhibition. I think using it for home-field advantage in the WS is way too arbitrary. I doubt the all-star from a losing team (say, the Astros) gives a damn about who gets the home field cuz HE sure isn't. Where's the incentive for the players on teams that are 20 games out by the ASB. Mathematically, theyre in it, but they no better, and prolly don't give a sh!t.

should read,KNOW better

MG/DPat: Big Truck will be worth more than $2.5M this year, and possibly even more than his whole $5M deal.

Chad Qualls in the house 1 yr. 1.15 million. Nice move

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