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Friday, January 06, 2012


He said bocock.

Man, it really is the winter, isn't it?

I'm surprised to see that Castro is only 26. It wouldn't surprise me to see him emerge as an effective reliever in the bigs for a few years -- we always seemed like the type of player who would scuffle until magically putting it together at 28 or 29, long after everyone had forgotten about him. Then suddenly he's putting up a 1.30 ERA with the Padres or somesuch.

Yeah, he was just a baby when he was with the Phils.

'Down and Out in Queens'

"The New York Mets hired CRG Partners Group LLC, which assisted the Texas Rangers in their bankruptcy proceedings in 2010, reported.

“Mets Limited Partnership engaged CRG Partners to provide services in connection with financial reporting and budgeting processes,” the Mets said, according to the sports website."

Until Wilpon sells/forced to sell, the Mets are going to be irrelevant in the NL East.

A baby who couldn't hit the side of a barn with his pacifier.

This has been the slowest offseason in recent memory. Guess that's what happens when your team is well stocked/near self-imposed salary cap.

Ahhhhh, new thread. Thanka, JW!

Just a quick, probably irrelevant comment.

I have to compliment a couple of guys who posted on this thread.

One, Dan Koch stuck to the topic at hand and posted something relevant to the thread. He did, however, link the URL to his website.

Carson (I'm ass-u-ming it was Carson and not Corey) did the same thing.

So what did I do? Well, I clicked on Dan's name to take a look at his blog, because he engaged in the proper etiquette. I did the same for Carson.

Result: A hit for each.

I'd like to contrast that with another guy who posts here - not to engage in or add to the discussion - but to rudely and shamelessly promote his own blog.

Well done, gentlemen!

Now back to the topic:

DanK, it does seem like 'forever ago' that Castro was with the Phillies. I remember the commentary here, and amongst my fellow Phils' fans, asking what he was really doing on the roster.

If the last 5 years are any indication, the Phils were right to let him go elsewhere.

I haven't looked at the 2006 roster or depth chart, nor am I aware of who Castro was blocking, but, in hindsight (admittedly), I wonder if in the long run the team would have been better served by promoting another prospect who was stashed at AA or AAA that year?

MG, the Mets(Wilpons) have very, very, very serious financial problems. They have hundreds of millions in team and TV network debt due between now and 2015. Add the Madoff mess to that and I'm amazed they've lasted this long.

The problem for them is the franchise value and the brand have taken a hit, and if they did sell or were forced to give up a majority stake, they'd be doing it at a firesale price. Maybe the strategy is to try to rebuild the franchise an d brand value before they have to sell?

IMO, the only reason they haven't been forced to sell yet is that the Wilpon's are generally well regarded personally amongst league ownership and are friends with Selig.

Wow, take a look at the link on the right:

Starlin Castro sexual assault?

Thanks for the cordial shout-out, AWH!

The Wilpon fiasco is going to be an ongoing issue in Queens for a long time. It's amazing how much ownership turmoil is happening in the NL between the Mets, Dodgers, and Astros, which may have put a dent in the activity of this year's free agent market.

Generally, I prefer to keep my hot stove news exclusively to things that directly relate to the field (i.e. free agent signings and trades), because the off-the-field stuff is almost universally depressing. The Braun PED case. The Wilpon disaster. Frank McCourt. And now Starlin Castro, yeesh. I'm really just holding on for dear life until the HOF ballot results get announced.

All I remember about Castro was him pitching in a 14 inning game late in the year at the old stadium in Washington in 06. In 06 and 07 I went down to late September games in DC. They won both in awesome fashion. Good job Model Dictator! Good luck.

At the time I swore one of Castro, Eude Brito, or Robinson Tejeda who stick around the Phils pen as a decent option.

I guess Tejeda eventually did find some success in KC tho.

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