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Monday, January 23, 2012


I doubt he'll sign with the Phils because he doesn't want to be flipped to the Astros come July.

I wonder if Jack Taschner misses low and away with the taser.

LOL @Bowlcut

Taschner probably made slightly over $3M in his playing career total & now is in a profession that has crazy retirement benefits after 20 or 25 years.

The one positive attribute that Concepcion has going for him, as far as the Phillies are concerned, is age. He's young, basically the same age as a high school senior.

The Phils haven't spent real big in the international market, but if this kid is as good as a Jesse Biddle at the same age, why wouldn't they at least try to get him at around the same price, if possible?

It's all psychological, he wants to put people in jail for the rest of their lives for getting three strikes, because he never could. LOL

Here's a writeup on Concepcion:


"Now, 18, Concepcion is listed at 6’1” and 175 lbs, a thin frame that figures to grow and add velocity to his 89-91 MPH fastball. Concepcion’s secondary pitches include a plus curveball and solid slider and changeup."

Does he look 18 to you?

Gelb just tweeted that Andy Musser has passed away

MG - for a job where you get shot at! Just ask Jeff Stone.

Anyway, given the new restrictions on draft spending I wouldn't be shocked to see the Phillies sign Concepceion or Soler. I think Cespedes is out of their range unless something else happens like an internal decision to let Victorinio walk next year.

clout, no, he does not, but I don't look my age either.

Hoping for a lead post about Musser. He was a very solid announcer in the perpetual shadows of Kalas and Ashburn, and he was in the booth for a long time. Even his detractors can't dispute the greatness of his call of Schmidt's HR to clinch the division in 1980.

I'm very sorry to hear of Andy Musser's passing. He was a voice of my childhood, right along w/ Harry & Whitey. RIP.

"Does he look 18 to you?"

Those Cubans can keep 57 Chevys running like tops... so I'm guessing this chap is around 46.

First JoePa, now Musser. I feel like the innocence of my childhood is passing away daily this week. And these things come in 3's, right? Who's next, Randall Cunningham?

RIP Andy. I'll always have fond memories of laying in bed and listening as a kid.

Skip this guy and sign Soler. Let's go with a bat this time.

I lived in Maple Shade for a year — 1960-70 and would listen to Andy hosting the first-ever sports talk show I listened to. He was better in that freelance environment than as a canned Phillies announcer.

I will always hold him up as a true pioneer in Philly radio sports talk

RIP, Mr. Musser

With the Phillies being in their lofty status of desirable organizations to play for... sharing top billing with the Yankees and Red Sox...I wish they would parlay that into signing just one of the top Cubans/Japanese players who are sniffing around MLB.

Thanks for the memories Andy.
I'll never forget his "He Burried It!" call in 80 for
Mike Schmidt's home run to left field in
Montreal. I also liked how Tim Raines who
I believe was the left fielder didn't even turn
to chase it for the Expos.
I also think that win clinched the division
for the Phillies that night.
Andy poured me a great beer at the Kennet
Square brewfest 6 years ago too.

I kinda like Patrick's free-form poem, even if it's just an artifact of wonky browser formatting.

RIP Musser.

And I hope they sign Geraldo. The Rico Suave puns would be endless.

Musser also had a much more dramatic call of the final out of the '80 LCS than Kalas on TV, though to be fair Harry was more or less drowned out by a hysterically laughing Tim McCarver. (If you've never heard that clip, it's sort of surreal.)

I can see this guy and Bastardo in 2016....washed out of the game, renting a one bedroom in Gloucester county and working the dinner shift at one of the family casual restaurants near the Deptford Mall.
Get my man Soler in here already, sign Cordero for the 8th and pick up Johnny Damon or somebody of that ilk for 1.2 mil for Patrone already.

So many great memories of Harry/Andy/Whitey/Wheeler calling games in my youth. Now it's just Wheeler left. Kind of sad to think that a day is coming where no one I grew up listening to will be calling Phillies games.

Truth Injection,
It's sorta like when people used to say "They killed the wrong Beatle"

mainerob, why limit it to Cuban and Japanese players?

BTW, mlbtr is reporting that the Phils sre interested in Francisco Cordero. Ahhh, I see grandpa is an advocate.

G-pa, IMO Damon won't come here. He's trying to get to 3,000 hits, and needs more playing time/PA than the Phils can offer. It'll have to be someone else, if anybody.

TTI, it is sad, but time marches on. I miss Harry and Whitey too, but the important thing is that when they do retire or go to be with the Lord that the Phillies replace them with someone who is just as enjoyable to hear. IMO, the Phils picked a gem in Franzke - I really enjoy him (and LA's rants about umpires). OTOH, TBag is insufferable. They've GOT to be able to do better than that, don't they?

I always thought that the LF on the Schmidt HR was Warren Cromartie but I'm probably wrong. Regardless it was a great call by Musser. I remember his games. It was 01 and he had planned to do his last game at home but when the last weekend in Atl counted he went.
Did he do the game alone the night Ashburn died or was that Tekulve or did I imagine that? Anyway, I always liked Musser.

I always thought Musser did better work calling basketball. I grew up liking his Sixers work better than his baseball broadcasts. I actually think baseball was too slow for him. He didn't seem to be that good at banter. He sounded like a very nice man..

We've been blessed with some great sports broadcasters in Phils.
Sorry to read about the passing of Andy Musser.

Maybe some of you older guys can correct me if I'm wrong, but was there a time when the Phillies had different crews for Prism, Ch 17 and WOGL radio?

TTI: I miss By Saam and Bill Campbell.

By Saam was awesome even when the team sucked.

The Phillies had separate crews for PRISM, Channel 29 (later 17), and SportsChannel before everything more or less merged into Comcast SportsNet in the late '90s. They didn't keep the radio guys separate from TV the way they do now, although the cable crews were just on their respective stations exclusively. There were as many as 7 or 8 on the broadcast crew in the mid-90s, I believe, and that's when they started cutting back on Musser's air time. For most of the '80s it was Musser and Wheeler on PRISM, with Garry Maddox replacing Musser in the middle innings. Those guys did a good job and even had their own brand of chemistry working - sure, it wasn't Harry and Whitey, but it wasn't bad. Musser moved to SportsChannel in 1990, working with a steady rotation of former players - Jim Fregosi was briefly one of them before being hired as manager in 1991.

Thanks. That's what I thought I remembered. I know I have an early 90s yearbook somewhere that lists everyone. Harry, Whitey, Wheels, Musser, Maddox and Tekulve. Who else? I couldn't remember if Sports Channel showed games or if they just showed text only games highlights all the time. A text only sports channel!!

I miss moving broadcasters from radio to TV on 3 inning intervals like they used to do.
I know the national guys do all 9, but for local teams mixing the "sounds of the game" adds interest. 162 games of the same guys is bound to get old.

And thats not even considering how much more entertaining our radio guys are than our TV crew.

I just want to be honest and how do you say? Went to prom with Lucille Ball, before Desi, of course, but I am only 17...I mean, 18.

Actually this is my favorite video of that Cespedes HR.

He woke the turtles!

RIP Andy Musser. He wasn't great, but he was darn good, and sometimes it's hard to appreciate darn good when it's sharing the stage with greatness. I remember him mostly from the seemingly endless down years, when to be honest many of the games were barely worth watching, but we watched them anyway. Glad he had the chance to see it all swing full circle again.

For those of you who are too young to remember such events, here's a link to Andy Musser's most memorable call. I remember once hearing him explain that the "He buried it!" line was completely unscripted, & even surprised Musser himself, as he hadn't ever made such a call before. Kind of quaint, esp. in the era of canned SportsCenter schtick.

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Quick Jeff Stone story for you...I happened to be up in the Boston area in July of 1989, at which time Jeff was winding up his career playing for Pawtucket, the Bosox's AAA club. We went to a game at McCoy Stadium there, and didn't Jeffy go 5-for-5, slapping line drives to all fields? I think he literally had hits to each outfield position. It was a SCARY good performance, and you had to wonder which might have been with this guy. As an aside, also in the lineup for Pawtucket was Rick Lancelotti, who I had played against in high school!

PRISM and Sportschannel, those were the days.

also, I'm a bit confused by some posts that are in reply to something raul's grandpa writes. Does that mean people actually read his comments? Talk about a long offseason.

RIP to Musser, a true professional. Very good at baseball, even better at basketball.

He did have two quirks that drove me nuts though:
1. He thought that irony and coincidence were synonyms. "It's ironic that DeJesus and Sandberg both had two hits yesterday**".
2. He would trot out meaningless stats in a context-free manner. "Steve Jeltz has hit in 6 of his last 9 games". So we were left wondering, is that good? Is that bad? Is it good for Jeltz (you know that answer!)? Did he have any multi-hit games? 12 hits in 9 games would be a hot streak, 6 hits in 9 games would be business as usual for Jeltz.

** I know that can't be a real life example since DeJesus never had two hits in a game for the Phils. :)

I caught a foul ball off the bat of Jeff Stone at a Reading game. Pitcher-Tommy Greene.

Ow Lorecore, that makes my penis hurt.

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