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Monday, December 19, 2011


Stop the presses.

Section A1, baby. Front page. Above the fold.

Player, GM say pleasant things about contract they just signed.

According to ESPN, Jimmy turned down more money from the Brewers.

Hate to say it, but that sounds like face-saving to me; if Jimmy had been willing to stay in Philly for fewer years and less money all along, he'd have been resigned before the winter meetings.

Following the other thread--more and more do I think that the missing piece is Chase Headley--this is why:

1: We all want to see an offensive upgrade at 3B when Polanco goes; however, extending Hamels will be the number one priority in the 2012 offseason, and we'll have pretty much zero cash left for David Wright or someone like that.

2. Headley would be a cost-controlled third baseman for a couple of seasons; the infield is fixed through 2013 and the outfield (except for Vic) is also in place. This would solve the problem mentioned in (1)

3. San Diego acquired Yonder Alonso and a top-ranked first base prospect in the Latos trade; should they want to move Alonso to third (right now, I don't see why they acquired both) Headley becomes expendable.

4. Reportedly, the Padres will probably trade Headley anyway; earlier it was rumored they'd want "the moon," but after their haul in the Latos trade they might settle for a smaller return. I'd offer them Dom Brown, a pitching prospect, and one, possibly two PTBNL-type prospects.

5. Think of the freaking cool Jimmy + Ryan + Chase X2 shirts we can sell.

Most importantly in all of this, and I don't believe I'm blowing it out of proportion at all, is the fact that RAJ is now in full on Smug Mode, complete with Smug Beard. Gonna be a great 2012 season, especially.

Trust the beard.

AT, Jimmy did say that if the vesting option is exercised, the Phillies contract is more money than the Brewers' offer.

I liked how Jimmy spoke of Jayson Werth's contract (when a reporter asked about watching teammates sign for big bucks but not necessarily good teams): "One bad year doesn't make it a bad decision. Of course, they won't beat us." That kind of swagger, delivered with a broad smile, is one of the things I like about Jimmy.

I think it's a pretty fair deal for both sides, happy to see it.

On the negative side, Jimmy's still envisions himself as a leadoff hitter as long as he his legs are healthy.

"Headley would be a cost-controlled third baseman for a couple of seasons."

Sort of. If you have to trade away, say, Brown & Worley to get him, then you've just traded away 2 guys who are considerably MORE cost-controlled than Headley -- one of whom is already in your starting rotation, the other who is supposed to be your starting left fielder by 2013.

The goal of "cost controls" is to enhance salary flexibility and, given the likely cost of filling the 2 vacancies (or future vacancies) you've just created, the end result of that trade would likely be considerably LESS salary flexibility, instead of more.

If you're the Phillies, the only way you make that trade is if you've really soured on Dom as a prospect. I don't think they've reached that point, nor should they have.

There's reports that the Phillies will hire Ed Wade as a scout. They're going to find out years from now that Wade drew a check from the Phils during his gig in Houston.

Ok so your 2012 line-up (BRH--Before Ryan Howard):
1.) Rollins
2.) Victo
3.) Utley
4.) Pence
5.) Mayberry/Nix
6.) Wiggity/Thome
7.) Polly
8.) Ruiz

And your 2012 line-up (ARHR--After Ryan Howard Returns):
1.) Rollins
2.) Victo
3.) Utley
4.) Howard
5.) Pence
6.) Mayberry/Nix
7.) Polly/ Wiggity
8.) Ruiz

That is a 100 win team right there....and I am not even joking!

Scotch, we're sure that he'd have absolutely NO control in any actual business matters, right? Like, even if RAJ took ill for a week, they wouldn't even ask Wade in passing for his thoughts on anything personnel related?

If so, fine. Toss him a bone.

I don't think Headley would be cheap, but he'd be a more affordable alternative than Wright or any of the other potential free-agent third-base upgrades available next season (we don't even know if Wright will be available, at that--his Mets contract has an option.

I would NOT deal Worley for Headley; with Oswalt (presumably) gone, we need Vance and the Big Three--I don't want to see Blanton and Kendrick as fourth and fifth starters, which also gives us no decent backup options in case one of the Big Three gets hurt. Brown, one of Biddle/Pettibone/May, possibly Schwimmer or Aumont, and a low-A prospect is more the package I had in mind.

I think the Phils have soured on the Undominator, or at least no longer consider him "untouchable;" remember that Rube supposedly used him as bait for Oakland when he was trying to get Gio Gonzalez. In any case, with Pence and Mayberry in the corners, our outfield doesn't need Brown; it's the infield that needs to get younger.

Hmmmm....main thing i got about that is i hope J-Roll has a prenup...

AT: Who plays Center in 2013? If Shane walks and Mayberry succeeds as an everyday player, that leaves nobody to man Left Field. I think it'd be nice to keep Dom around.

Chase Headley is a very light hitting 3b. I think Polly on one leg can put up those numbers too...

noname: Not sure where you're getting that he's light-hitting, or that Polanco could equal his numbers. There were only like 6 or 7 qualified 3rd basemen who posted an OPS better than Headley's .773 last year. And that was in, probably, the worst hitter's park in baseball. Away from Petco, he hit .330 with an .864 OPS last year. For his career, he has hit .303 with an .805 OPS on the road. Polanco has bested an .805 OPS exactly once in his entire career.

a fair deal for both sides.

Scotch man,
I believe Gillick recruited Ed Wade as the ultimate sleeper agent.

Now that Rollins is signed, I'd like the Phils to make two more changes to the roster before the season begins.

One, add a strong utility IF, through trade, if necessary, to fill in for Polanco, Rollins and Utley. Those three are likely to miss 70-100 games combined; I don't want to give Valdez that much playing time; and Wigginton's versatile glove is a negative at 3B and 2B.. My choice is Maicer Izturis, who is versatile and has a good glove and a useful bat. When Howard returns, a roster move would be necessary.

Two, re-sign Roy Oswalt if the medical reports are acceptable. He should be much better than Blanton, Worley and Kendrick. If Oswalt is re-signed, one of these three should be traded.

It can happen i doubt it. Resigning Oswalt will mean a big contract. No one will want Blanton without some salary relief. Even then is questionable. I dont think he will fetch anything more than a B rated prospect. So then the Phils will take on Oswalt contract and a good chunk of Blanton's. Kendrick and Worley are both cheap alternatives for 4th and 5th. I think RAJ will probably pull one of his low risk and high upside shenanigans and sign another potential candidate. However, anything is possible so we'll see.

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