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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Yep. Upgrade at 3b. Please.

We're doomed


JW~ Exactly.

Phans~ That's what I heard on Jimmy from a friend In King of Prussia. Says it's all over facebook & comcast. I can't find it though. Anybody else hear it (3/33??). I expected he'd would have gotten more than that. But guess bith sides figured his only real option was returning to the Phils. If deal parameters are true, then grat job by RAJ.

madson outside in the rain.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to try and go after Hanley first? If RAJ is intent on trading a pitcher why not get a young, talented right handed bat to plug in at short?

Chances Madson accepts arb???

I don't think Hanley will be traded.

Well, the cat's out of the bag that Amaro has big doubts about Polly's bat. Granted, the rumored Ramirez dance seemed to be only if Rollins went elsehwere, the idea of a 3b upgrade is out there.

JW: I agree completely with the premise of this post.

If I'm the Phillies, I'm thinking much less about signing another mid-30s guy to a big deal like Aramis Ramirez, and more outside the box. I would look at the Padres and see if they wanted to deal Chase Headley. I'd see if the White Sox had given up on a guy like Gordon Beckham, who's been a disappointment but was a first-round pick and is still only 25. I'd see if the Red Sox wanted to deal Jed Lowrie.

I would try and get creative and get some younger guys on the cheap to try and take a chance on. But that does not seem to be Ruben's style.

JW nailed it. The Phillies have done nothing to improve their offense, & re-signing Rollins will only add another player to the list of injury-prone, under-performing regulars. As with '10 & '11, the '12 Phillies will only go as far as their starting pitching takes them ... & that won't include a return trip to the World Series.

I think Chase will not continue to suck...he may never be a .300 hitter and a 25 home run guy, but I firmly believe he will have his most productive season since '09.

I feel about the premise this post the same way I felt about the mid-season post when JW decried the Phils as 'boring:' strongly disagree.

I'd love to see them upgrade at 3B or LF, but I don't think it's some kind of urgent need to add offense. Once again, the NLDS is invoked as if it is more representative of the team than an entire 162-game schedule in which they proved themselves to be superior to every other team in the majors. It's foolish and reactionary thinking.

Good to know we've got another 4-5 months of whining before the Phils start winning again and Jack and the like can then shift their focus on why we should be worried that the team will suck in 2014.

Why God...WHY!?!

Iceman: I don't know if you were referring to me or to JW and others, but note that I have never once invoked the NLDS as a catalyst for change.

Gtown and some others may do it, but I don't. I'm firmly in the camp that you build the best team you can, and see what happens in the playoffs.

Any concerns I have are about building the best team in general, and yes, that does include years beyond 2012, as crazy as that seems.

Maybe we can sign Tebow.

The Phillies had a world of injury problems last season. No doubt about it. But does one season make you "injury prone"?

On BL it does.

The Phillies last season lost about 100 PAs from their starting catcher, 200 from their secondbaseman, 50 from their SS, 120 from 3B, and 400 from a competent third outfielder (the PAs taken by Brown and Francisco before Pence arrived.)

Clout: You like the under on those lost ABs for next year?

Also, do you consider Ty Wigginton and Laynce Nix "competent"?

I predict more ABs from Utley and Ruiz next season, less from Rollins, probably less from Polanco, and obviously way, way less from Ryan Howard.

Of course, replacing Ibanez's incompetent PAs will help, if most of them go to Mayberry, less so if they go to Wigginton and Nix.

Surprised Clout didn't point out that Victorino missed close to 100 PAs as well. That one is probably much more important than Polanco and at least as important as Rollins.

(broken record alert)
Despite the issues Jason outlines, and they're all real, in 2011 they still had the highest-scoring offense in the NL after Utley returned in May.

Relative to the league they scored only somewhat less than the 2008 Phils, and from May 23rd on, significantly more than in either '08 or 2010.

% of NL average runs per game
2007 117
2008 109
2009 114
2010 110
2011 107 (full year)
2011 112 (from Utley's return 5/23)

They did seem to struggle against better pitchers, though. Despite that, thanks to their staff, in low scoring games (winner scores 3 or less), they were 30-15.

"significantly more" is overstating it -- they scored more than in 2008 or 2010.

One name - Dimitri Young - he fixes everything - but we may have to compete with some Japanese teams. He has been relaxing for 3 years and is only 37.

Seriously - do you hang in there for another year or do you make a big trade - Utley? Hamels? My guess the sign the 19 year old toolsy Cuban. I also think D-Brown is traded before opening day.

CJ Wilson is heading to the winter meetings to meet with the Marlins as their offer is "very intriguing" to him.

An eventual rotation of Josh Johnson, CJ Wilson, Mark Buherle, Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco would be pretty damn formidable.

The bigger issue isn't next year. It's 2014 if they sign JRoll to $10M+ annually for 4 years, backload the contract a bit (Amaro staple since he became GM), and have over $75M committed to just JRoll/Howard/Lee/Papelbon in '14 and '15. If Halladay's option vest for '14, they will over $100M committed to just 5 players all who will be in their mid-to-late 30s.

That's when the wheels will come off even if they still have a $170-180M payroll in '14. You can tell that is what Alderson is planning for the Mets. Basically ride out the next 2 years at .500 or so, figure out what players you keep & who will be your staples come '14 and '15, get rid of the last 2 bad contracts you have (Bay & Santana), and watch the Phils' strangehold on the NL East since '07 fade away.

What else will happen in 2014 MG?

clout - Utley only had serious injury problems last year? JRoll hasn't had a leg injury the past 3 seasons during the year that either caused him to miss time or hampered his play? Polanco wasn't a working medical filing cabinet with multiple offseason surgeries? It isn't a serious question of how much Howard will produce this year at all and to a lesser degree going ahead forward from that blown out Achilles?

This is an old and ragged INF that has a litany of injury problems. Doesn't mean it will be terrible but it does mean you can push them to start 150+ G and produce like they have in the past.

TTI - So you think the Phils will be a playoff contender in '14 and '15 if they commit $100M to Papelbon/Lee/Halladay/Howard/JRoll?

Maybe if everything else breaks their way and I mean anything but things never really play out like that.

"They did seem to struggle against better pitchers, though."

Ummmm, schmenkman, isn't that WHY the pitchers are considered "better" - because even good teams struggle against them?

For example, on the whole don't most teams struggle against Halladay, Kershaw, Sabbathia, Lester, Lee, Hamels, Weaver, et. al.?

MG: Where did I say anything about them being contenders? You stated this in your post: "That's when the wheels will come off even if they still have a $170-180M payroll in '14."

That is you trying to speak in absolutes about what will happen in 2014. That's why I ask what else will happen then. Can you see into other areas of life or just sports in that year?

However, I don't think a lot of money committed to those few guys necessarily means they won't compete. It would come down to how they spend the remaining cash and what players they bring in.

This is truly an amazing time to be a Phillies fan! Even the nay sayers are conceding 2 more division titles! That's 7 in a row! 7! Then we may have problems!

TTI: I agree there's no real way to tell. But I think when you recognize that there's very little in the farm system to contribute soon, it's going to be tough to fill in the rest of those spots with guys at a championship-level. But you are right, we have no idea, and anyway, the focus should be on this season.

When I talk about concerns for the future, it's not that I don't want them to win now. It's that I don't want to be a team like the Astros, or Cubs, or Mets, where all of a sudden you go from a top competing squad to a barren wasteland. I'm going to be a fan of this team for a long, long time, far beyond this year. I'd prefer not to relive the 1990s and early 2000s for the decade from 2015-2025. It doesn't change how I feel about the last 6 years, which have obviously been maybe the best stretch in franchise history. But I really would like to see some things that indicated the Phils were really committed to being a long-term successful franchise--namely, investing in developing (and actually keeping) young talent.

TTI - The absolute one thing I didn't want to see Amaro do this offseason was basically resign JRoll/Madson to at least 4 or more years and $10M+ annually a year because it would significantly limit in the very near future what Amaro could do in '14 and '15 financially even with the greatly expanded payroll around $100M.

Instead he signed Papelbon to even larger deal that I thought he would Madson and now faces a significant chance he massively overpaid & overcommitted at the closer position.

You would have thought that after getting about only 5+ good months out of Gordon's 3-year deal and 4 good months on Lidge's 3-year extension that they would have learned there lesson a bit. Instead Amaro double-downed.

I hate the fan who says 'why are you so worried about what happens in 2014 and beyond' too. The effects of resigning JRoll/signing Papelbon are going to come much sooner than later too especially in regards to Utley & Hamels.

Basically with JRoll resigned now and their future commitments, Hamels is done in Philly after this season.

MG, my prediction for 2014 is that by that time Hamels and Worley will top the rotation at #1 and 2, and Halladay and Lee will only be 3 and 4. Dom Brown will be permanently ensconced in LF puting up .280/.350/.550, Pence will be doing the same in RF, Gillies will be the cheap CF who replaced Vic....Bastardo, May, Schwimmer, Stutes and Papelbon will be dominating in the bullpen and while Utley, Howard and Rollins will have declined, they'll have a new 3B named Brett Lawrie who'll make up for some of the decline. Mayberry will be the supersub in the OF and at 1B and will have learned to ply 3B by that time, so he'll get at least 450 AB and slug 20 - 25 HR.

See, it's easy to predict a bright future. :)

schmenkman's talking relative to the rest of the league, awh

Going forward Rollins looks like a much better investment than Utley.

TTI - An absolute no but with a very high degree of certainty? Yes.

I'm kind of shocked that with such a terrible infield, they still managed to win 81 games last year.

With a halfway decent infield, they might have been able to win 100 games, maybe even set a new franchise record with 102 games.



Instead he signed Papelbon to even larger deal that I thought he would Madson and now faces a significant chance he massively overpaid & overcommitted at the closer position.

You would have thought that after getting about only 5+ good months out of Gordon's 3-year deal and 4 good months on Lidge's 3-year extension that they would have learned there lesson a bit. Instead Amaro double-downed.


Please explain MG how the Papelbon situation is completely similar to Gordon and Lidge in this instance.

Also, you advocated spending about half that cash in rolling the dice on Nathan. What makes you think that was a better plan? Is it just because that is what your plan was?

"when you recognize that there's very little in the farm system to contribute soon"

Jack, says who?

Don't some minor league players have breakout years almost every year? IIRC it's very rare for any player to have incremental progression every year.

That being the case, how is it possible to predict what any team's minot league system is going to filter up to the big club 3 season from now?

gobaystars - I do remember last year in spring training that there were reports that even if the Phils for some reason wanted to move Utley that they couldn't because he simply wouldn't be able to pass another team's physical.

Utley is going to be one of those guys who never gets a HOF sniff because his career was cut short by injuries. There really is no getting better from what he has. It is a chronic degenerative condition.

At best, Cholly uses a bit more common sense this year with him, gives him a bit more rest, and when possible earlier in the year shifts him over to 1B/even plays him at DH occasionally in some Interleague games to save a little wear & tear on him.

TTI - Or they could have traded for Street for NOTHING literally or signed Francisco to a 2 yr deal and had enough money left over to sign another veteran FA arm. I would have liked a little more depth in the Phils' bullpen because I hate the idea of relying upon Contreras to fill a significant role next year. Hell, he isn't even scheduled to start throwing again until January. What are the odds Contreras gives the Phils 60+ IP and quality
results next
year? 10%? 20%?

If Madson doesn't get a big contract from the Red Sox, then Amaro f@cked up big time.

The one real positive in the Papelbon signing is that he hasn't had an injury in his professional career. Lidge had a lengthy injury history already by the time he got here in '08 with both his throwing arm and knee & Gordon had one too plus the crazy wear and tear that Torre had inflicted upon him as a Yanks' reliever. Took all of a 3 months for Gordon to break down and he never got healthy again.

The odds were that both Lidge and especially Gordon were going to miss a fair amount of time with injuries. They both did.

MG: Francisco is not that good as a closer and has lost the job twice in his career.

As for the secondary moves Amaro has made (Wigginton/Nix/Thome/Schneider), I generally like what Amaro has done with the exception of resigning Schneider and even he came about as cheap as any team will be able to sign a veteran FA catcher.

People complained about Nix about he's a 4th/5th OF making just over $1M next year. Even if he doesn't work out or fit into their plans for '13, he can be moved next offseason.

Madson declines arb. Still have not heard from Raul, less than an hour to go. No news is good news?

There are no simple, easy solutions right now to the Phils' injury-prone infield problems.

Re-signing Rollins is just the best way for the Phils to fill the hole at SS.

Until better options become available, the Phils are forced to stick with the players they have.

In the meantime, the Phils are doing patchwork. Thome, Wigginton and Nix will make up for some of the power lost during Howard's absence.

Since Polanco, Rollins and Utley can be expected to miss at least 75 games next season, the Phils still can use another infield patch. My choice is somebody like the Angels' Maicer Izturis, a high-quality, versatile IF glove man with a useful bat (Wigginton may be versatile, but, since he is poor defensively, he is not a good candidate to fill in for these guys.).

Do team's have to clear a 40 man roster spot before they select a player in the Rule 5? Or can they wait till shortly after the draft? I believe the Phils are at 40 so unless somebody like Bowker gets dropped very very soon is it safe to say the Phils won't be selecting anyone.

The most important thing going into this season is the 2014 team.

"...I really would like to see some things that indicated the Phils were really committed to being a long-term successful franchise--namely, investing in developing (and actually keeping) young talent."

Jack, I want to address the above comment separately:

De Fratus

are all 26 or younger and saw time on the field in 2011.

Who exactly on the roster are they supposed to replace with a younger BETTER player? One of the core players? Pence? Vic? Chooch?

Rollins? He had the 11th highest OPS among MLB SS in 2011, and he's a better defender than half of the guys on the list ahead of him. Replace with who, exactly?

Utley? He still put up the 8th highest OPS among MLB 2B in 2011 - a year he had to come back from an injury.

Howard? In a year many considered suboptimal, he had the 10th highest OPS among all MLB 1B. (Contract value aside.)

In short, they've all been All Star level players, in multiple years, and in case you haven't noticed, it's really, really hard for a young player to displace an All Star - even one who's reached a decline phase.

Why? Well, you see, my dear friend Jack, All Star players - especially ones who make the AS team over multiple years - are usually really, really good players. And, while this may come as a surprise to you, are still good, and in amy cases above average, even in their decline years.

So, I ask you again, which of these All Star level players do you think the Philies should be replacing with better, younger talent - Rollins, Utley, Howard, Vic? Hamels? Halladay? Lee?

Did we get younger yet?

Wilson likely to sign with LAA.

baystars: "...relative to the rest of the league"? What? Please eleborate?


Amaro did have really a tough choice this offseason because he largely could continue on the status quo (resigning JRoll/Madson to long-term deals at large dollars) which would place the Phils in '12 with another very good chance to make the playoffs but would really limit the Phils' financial flexibility moving ahead forward especially after next offseason.

Other choice instead was to resign one instead and use cheaper alternatives to fill the other. It would have given the Phils a slightly weaker chance in '12 to make the playoffs but placed them in a better position financially moving ahead forward with greater flexibility.

I understand why Amaro has wanted to resign JRoll. I never believed Amaro seriously considered for a moment Galvis as a viable option next year at SS. Instead, that meant the Phils would have either to work somehow to clear payroll to make a run at Reyes or gamble on an injury-prone replacement in Furcal who might post similar offensive numbers or fill the position via trade/FA with a stop-gap solution for a year. Either way, the Phils would have taken a hit defensively and likely one too offensively at SS. Even if there were only 1 or 2 other serious suitors for JRoll, he commanded the upper hand with the Phil this offseason.

Now it will be very modest tinkering unless Amaro really is willing to trade away even more of the future for the present by dangling Worley/Brown in a trade. I also would be stunned if they can work out an extension with Hamels either.

I do hope that Amaro really does explore long and hard what he might be able to get for Hamels now too. It would be incredibly unpopular now to trade Hamels and certainly hurt their '12 playoff chances but talking to other teams to see what they will give up before Hamels likely departs via FA next year now is certainly an exercise worth pursuing.

MG, speaking of lefties, I was reading about the Mets' situation and wondering what Johan Santana must be thinking now that Reyes has departed for greener pastures. He thought he was approving a trade to a perrenial contender.

I guess he'll have to be satified with teh money.

I'd really like for us to get younger too, but I'd also like to know who all these readily available young players are that we should be signing. Save for non-tendered players, about 90% of free agents are over 30. And good luck trying to get other teams to trade away any young player who is worth trading for.

BAP - younger should've come in the form of the Cliff Lee trade...

I suppose I'm happy for the Rollins deal. Part of me though wanted to see a different face leading off, a different bat in the lineup, and someone different at SS. Oh well. Hard to complain about a 102 win team but I'm tired of the same old problems.

And I guess we can write of RAJ's offseason comments about changing the approach at the plate - if he actually wanted a more disciplined approach signing Layne Nix and resigning Rollins (presumably plugged back into the leadoff spot) would've been the last things to do.

We make a pack with RAJ now. We agree to keep buying tickets and merch for the next 2-3 years no matter what the team's record is. In exchange, RAJ will trade Pence, Hamels, Victorino, Halladay and Lee for major league ready prospects. Just imagine the hauls we can get.

circus, I realize walks are only part of the plate discipline, but there aren't many shortstops who walk more than Rollins.

41 players are listed as shortstops in Fangraphs and had 300+ PAs this year. 6 of the 41 had higher walk rate than Rollins.

schmenkman - how many w fewer walks leadoff for their team? I'm fine with Jimmy's bat in the 7 hole, I'm tired of watching him lead off

I'll take the devils we know. The same ones that won 102 games last season. That never gets old.

Hanley? Anyone?

I also agree with the premise of this post. I love that rollins will be back to go after schmidt's hit record, but rube needs to think outside the box and find a way to inject some youth into the starting lineup. also, if not the youth, then some contact hitters more like polanco when he's healthy. guys like furcal and theriot really killed the phils in the playoffs last year. neither one of those dudes are young, but they know how to get on base and hit. the phils need a player or two like those guys. wiggs, nix, and thome are all swing and miss guys off the bench. maybe furcal as a part time player would be nice.

anyways, although the phils lineup is gettin old, i have faith that chase will rebound big this year and be very productive. rollins will get his and hopefully stay healthy. mayberry should be very good as an everyday player and pence might see close to 30 bombs with the park he plays in.

go phils.


CBP is neutral, despite its reputation. It does favor lefties somewhat, but then that means it hurts righties. In fact as Jayson Stark reported recently, Bill James called it the toughest HR park for righties in the NL in 2011.
more here:

I'm not sure what more contact hitters get you, and as you probably know the Phillies were already the 2nd toughest team in the NL to strike out in 2011 (as well as 2010).

I don't believe you should simply emulate the team that happened to get hot and beat you (and which, by the way, the Phillies outscored in the NLDS). By that logic, after the Giants beat them with HRs the year before, the Phillies should have stocked up on HR hitters last year.

Circus - ok. So you don't necessarily mind the signing as much as where Rollins hits.

If it makes you feel any better, studies show that batting order doesn't make much difference in how many runs a team scores.

Also, Rollins is not a prototypical leadoff hitter, but there aren't many of them. As leadoff hitters go, Rollins is average -- he almost exactly matched the overall NL numbers for a leadoff hitter in 2011:

NL avg .269/.331/.401 (.732 OPS)
Rollins .268/.338/.399 (.736 OPS)

I would also rather see him hit 6th or 7th. But if he's more comfortable leading off, and that makes him hit a little better, fine.

I just don't know what people suggest as an alternative. There aren't many SS's on the market and HanRam is not in play. They won't trade him to the Phils. Rollins seems like the only logical choice. At this point I think best case scenario is to just try to emulate what we did last year with 102 wins and hope we somehow stay hot. I like the locker room shake up b/c that always seems to invigorate the club house and perhaps we'll see another trade mid-season or maybe a call up of Brown mid-season will bring that about.

Glad Jimmy is going to come back, presumably. But, that's still just treading water for the offense. An upgrade at 3rd needs to happen, but the team might be able to hold off till the All-star break and ride Polly's 2 healthy months of the season before he breaks down again.

No good 3rd baseman are free agents next year either (Youk and Wright have options). In fact the only good infielder coming out is Erik Aybar who is ok, not great, but will be only 29. Phillies could look to sign him away from the Angels and move Jimmy over to 3rd. Not the best solution. . . . but not a lot of options either. 3rd is like short, not a lot of great players there right now. How bad is Edwin Encarnacion's defense at 3rd?

"...but rube needs to think outside the box and find a way to inject some youth into the starting lineup."


Ryan, did you read my post od 11:35 last night?

Contracts aside, who, just who in this youth movement you advocate, is going to beat out Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, a healthy Ryan Howard or Carlos Ruiz? Who?

The OF has gotten lot younger. Pence is only 28 and has essentialy replaced Werth, who's 32 (31 his last year here). Raul is gone - replaced by [probably] Mayberry who's a full 12 years younger. Vic is now the elder statesman in the OF at the grand old age of 31. If Mayberry starts in LF (when Howie returns), the average age of the OF will have gone from 33 in 2010 to 29 in 2012.

As I noted above they've bringing up younger pitchers and seeing what they have (effectively clinching the division by Labor Day allows a team that luxury).

But again, who are these mystery players, these youthful warriors, who are going to arrive and send 4/5 of the infield packing?

Rollins? See above. Despite his flaws (which all players have) he's still one of the top SS in MLB.

Utley? Ditto at 2B.

Howard? When hitting and healthy he can carry a team like few others in MLB.

Chooch? Hmmmm, an excellent defensive catcher who pitchers love working with, who put this line up the last 2 seasons: .292/.385/.414 with an OPS+ of 117. He's a borderline All Star who maybe 5-6 guys in MLB could replace.

Polly is in his last year here and WILL be replaced by someone younger.

Replace them with who, exactly?

Gillick mentioned team speed as a need? They must have a plan.

@ awh: "So, I ask you again, which of these All Star level players do you think the Philies should be replacing with better, younger talent - Rollins, Utley, Howard, Vic? Hamels? Halladay? Lee?"

Great post, sir! I do most of my posting during the season (Fatalotti?) in the heat of the battle; thus, I tend to go game to game and comment on the highs and the lows of each one rather than looking at the bigger picture. As inveterate Phillies fans, we are witnessing the gradual and inevitable decline of once-great players, who, you remind us, have performed at the highest level over the majority of their careers. So, when we see that Rollins' range, for one example, has diminished a step, we tend to forget that, even in decline, he is still one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball. Same with the other "declining" stars, as you have pointed out.

Still, this is a very solid lineup that certainly requires new and young blood here and there (see Hunter Pence), but is not a candidate for a major overhaul, nor even a minor re-do.

The pitching is still strong and it will carry the team again this year, as it should and will going forward.

At first glance, I was disappointed that the meetings resulted essentially in Rollins' re-upping with the team, but you remind us (me) that what we have is a very solid nucleus going into the 2012 season and beyond.

Great insight.

I guess I'm wondering the same thing awh is wondering. Who exactly would everyone like to replace?

It seems like the only guy on the list is Polly. And when the alternative of Aramis Ramirez came up, even though he would be a MASSIVE upgrade, some said he was too old.

What is this obsession with youth? I don't care if they're hobbling out there with canes or, in Utley's case, a lawn chair. They won 102 games last year with a half a season of Pence and (what the BL consenus would call) an incompetent LF. Again, who are we replacing?

mainerob, word!

Nix is better than Francisco
Thome is better than Gload
Ty is better than Martinez
Those are the changes we have made so far... we also have probably said goodby to Lidge,Raul,Little Roy
Utley and Rollins will be solid for the next few years... maybe not with the MVP buzz they both have had at points in their past; however, solid. VIC and Pence are solid. Roy,Lee,Cole,Vance are solid. Blanton will be here next year. Kyle is solid long relief and spot starter, and solid pen for sure. So you got 4 roster spots that have some potential for change... Howard will be 1B when healthy, and he is actually the person who's performance i am most concerned with. Maybeerry will be a sold LF if we don't move him to 3B, which would be great if he could make that change. Ruiz is here and solid, at least for another year. So 3B! Polanco fits super sub position perfectly. However, we have to have Valdez to back up ss, so that would give us 4 back up infielders...not going to happen. So, if we can't move Polanco, our roster is set, otherwise that is the only position to upgrade.

Iceman, agreed on your point, and bot to rehash this debate but yes, ARam is a big upgrade offensively. Overall still an upgrade, but he loses a good chuck of the advantage on defense.

Then your defense is diminished at at least 3B (and possibly SS, depending on who you get), and the FO has made it clear they want to maintain the defense to support the pitching staff that they're spending so much money on.

DPatrone: "That's what I heard on Jimmy from a friend In King of Prussia"

Death, Taxes, and news from DPatrone's sources every offseason.

We should change our names to the Philadelphia Mystery Team

2014-Astros become first team to switch leagues and win WFS. They field a complete Ex-Phillies team and during the playoffs utilize a different all bat no glove DH each game- all acquired from the Phillies during trades of 2010-2011.

we got us schneidah
and the infamous laynce nix
who needs an infield?

MG: "you think the phils will be playoff contenders with $100M spent on doc/lee/papelbon/jroll/howard in 2014?" Yes, 5 teams makes the playoffs and any team with Doc/Lee is an automatic contender.

"You can tell thats what Alderson is planning on"

Then please explain why he didnt trade Jose Reyes for prospects that would be mlb-ready by 2014?

General Question:

Who gets final say Ruben or Gillick? Is Gillick still on the payroll? I feel like his opinion matters more at these meetings, haha.

And besides, even if they drop...errr...I mean "climb" down another three eighths of a run per game in 2012, like they did in 2011, they'll only be dropping a little bit below league average and will probably only get passed by, like, two more teams.

So while it may be a big deal climbing from second to seventh, it's not that big a deal climbing from seventh to ninth.

I still say they should package some (actual real prospect) dudes (maybe along with Blanton (hah!), Kendrick (mini-hah), or Worley to SDP for Headley and send Polanco to a team in need of a second baseman. And one condition in J-Roll's contract be that he change his name to "Chase Rolley."

I'll add NL rank to this little table from above:

% of NL average runs per game, and NL rank
2007 117 1st
2008 109 2nd
2009 114 1st
2010 110 2nd
2011 107 7th (full year)
2011 112 1st (from Utley's return 5/23)

Gillick is the psychic guru that Ruben asks for advice and then does the complete opposite.

uh oh.. Slusser says Blue Jays and A's want to add a "mystery team" to the trade talks re: Gio.. Beane wants 2 mlb ready prospects and 3 mid-level.. Mystery man Rube can find 3 mid-level(ha ha) prospects and maybe we'd end up w/Mark Teahen?

Good stuff...nice deal for Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Orange County Angels Anaheim Los Angeles or whatever they are currently called.

Nepp--260 mill is a nice deal At least when Albert's 38he'll be a DH while hitting 285 w/ 21 hr... Welll... Who cares? he's out of the NL and any amt of money he got was well-deserved

Does this mean Cards are now "in" on J-Roll?

No rule 5 pick by Phils. Screw Pujols, that's real news.

The Phillies are now trying to replicsate the success of the 2009 New York Yankees World Champs, one of the oldest championship teams in recent memory. By that I mean that the Phillies are trying to coax one more excellent season out of their aging veterans to win one more World Series before their "Window Of Opportunity" closes. What they should be doing instead, is acquiring young major league-ready talent and gradually working young players into the lineup,rotation, and bullpen so that they can "expand that window".

good point by awh. there's really no one in the phils lineup even worth replacing with youth. all are still very capable and work well together. i guess i'm just sad to see their core gettin older...pence and mayberry though are both in their twenties still so that in itself counts as a youth movement considering it would otherwise be raul and werth (39 and 32 respectively). good post man.

trade for hanley

capable and work well together. i guess i'm just sad to see their core gettin older...pence and mayberry though are both in their twenties still so that in itself counts as a youth movement considering it would otherwise be raul and werth (39 and 32 respectively). good post man.

Benjamin Werth!
The baby was expected in September, and the couple is having huge problems because they didn't "do the deed" to match up with a baby in December!
Uh oh!
I don't think anyone's shocked.

still very capable and work well together. i guess i'm just sad to see their core gettin older...pence and mayberry though are both in their twenties still so that in itself counts as a youth movement

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